Reviews for Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition


Reminds me of the days of going to an arcade

DeathbyQuigley | Oct. 19, 2015 | See all DeathbyQuigley's reviews »

Super street fighter 4 is a great game. It brings the feeling of playing an Arcade game right to your pc. Yes this game is very hard to master and you get your butt handed to you by the A.I many times but it is worth it. Eventually you get to a point where you can master a certain characters combos and do some serious damage to your opponent. This game takes practice and is mainly for those who enjoy 1v1 fighting style games. The graphics are also very good and very vibrant in colors and whats going on in the background, I own the game and think it plays flawlessly. In my opinion it is best played with a controller of some kind. landing combos on a keyboard can be a bit stressful or difficult at times


Mechanically great, not as fun

sycomantis1991 | May 16, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

Street Fighter IV controls and moves amazingly, combos rarely fail, and the action. Is fast-paced. The problem I have is that you can't so anything unless you've mastered the combos. Which you can't do unless you play on easy, which is so painfully easy, that you don't wanna play enough to get used to the combinations. Overall, I acknowledge that it's a great games, but they're not very accessible. I also still think Third Strike is a superior fighting game in every way.


King of Fighters

KingTed | Feb. 23, 2015 | See all KingTed's reviews »

After years of upgrades came Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition for PC. Excellent fighting game that stays true to the franchise's root, SSFIV is accessible game with a huge learning curve. In this version, there are a ton of characters to play with a great variety of fighting styles. It's one of the best fighting games of the moment, if you're a fan of the genre you should play it.


Hard to Master, Fun to Play!

kbullock | Aug. 25, 2014 | See all kbullock's reviews »

Street Fighter is a classic Fighter, everyone who is involved in the community knows that by now, but even so, it is one of the more complicated fighters that I have ever played. When I say it's complicated, I mean that the combo system is a bit tricky to master. As someone who is really engrossed in Fighting Games, playing games such as BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena, Skullgirls, etc., I find Street Fighter's combo system just a bit...harder to understand. It's a game that makes it impossible to button mash and pull off combos, yet great combos can still be accomplished with ease. The game's visuals and audio are astounding, bringing the game to life, along with the amazing cast of voice actors. Aside from the game's one problem that I have with it, I'd still recommend this game to anyone wanting to get into Street Fighter.


Best fighting game on the PC.

Ghostbacks | July 1, 2014 | See all Ghostbacks's reviews »

As an avid Street Fighter 4 player, I consider this game to be one of the best fighting games currently available. Not only the character roster great, comprised of 30+ old and new fighters from the series to date, but so is the sophisticated combo system that is both easy to pick up yet difficult to master. I wasn’t particularly a fan of SF4’s visual style and initially reluctant to try the game because of it, yet I’ve grown to appreciate the unique look and feel of each characters and stages that the developers faithfully recreated in this title. Like many similar games in the genre, SSF4 was initially released on console systems and then ported over to PC. Luckily, the developer Capcom has done an amazing job, implementing number of customization options for PC, such as support for greater than 30fps and multiple resolutions including 1080p. In addition, the game also supports many controllers out of the box including XBOX 360 controller and numerous fightsticks. Outside of Games for Windows Live, game runs smoothly and the loading time is relatively short, so there isn’t much for me to complain about this quality port. Although brief single player portion of the game is quite good, the multiplayer is where this game truly shines. Thanks to its improved netcode, finding multiplayer matches are quick and reliable. Built-in match setups work consistently for the most part and despite it missing my favorite “championship mode” from a previous title, both ranked and endless mode keep the game interesting and fun. I really like the replay / save feature as well, which helped me to capture and savor those favorite character match ups over the years. Super Street Fighter 4 definitely isn’t perfect and the game isn’t groundbreaking enough to likely persuade those of you who aren’t interested in fighting games. If you hold even a little preference over the genre though, this is good as any place to start. I wholeheartedly recommend this to both casual onlookers and fighting game fans.


An amazing fighting game

jepherz | June 18, 2014 | See all jepherz's reviews »

There's a lot of depth to this game that you don't see or appreciate until you actually give the game a try and realize how hard it is to play and how much there is to know about the game. I was never into fighters before, but once I picked up this game I was hooked. I still don't like most other fighters though. The learning curve is steep, most games are easier to get into even though they require a lot of strategy (mobas and RTS games) where you just point the mouse and click. There's a lot of execution and timing in this game to get your character to do what you want him to do. And then you have to learn more technical stuff like frame traps and mind games as you advance to a higher level of play. I do wish that more of the characters would be brought up to par with the better members of the cast. You don't see many of the characters in serious tournament play. The PC community is also lacking for newbies as the game has been out for many years already. Overall though I have to say I really love this game, but it is hard for me to recommend it because I know many people will try and quit due to the difficult learning curve of the game. It can be very frustrating but very fun and rewarding once/if you could learn to play it.


Word from a new player.

Furrek | June 6, 2014 | See all Furrek's reviews »

So I just recently started playing Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition. There are plenty of characters with multiple styles of play. It's just hard to decide which one to play or master, after few hours I managed to play at least once with all them. There is a special training mode so you can learn how to do combos, but still, most fun thing is of course playing matches online with other players. In 50 matches I managed to win 2 of them, so it's not much but still, every one of them was fun and I learned a bit. To be honest, like every new player (unless you spent hours in training mode) will be "trashed" by regular players, but that's normal thing in fighting games. I do prefer 2D fighting games but SSF4 Arcade Edition showed me that 3D fighting games are not bad. There are also many thing you can unlock while playing - new colors of costumes, titles etc. Also, Games From Windows Life was deleted from this title, that means it's now a full steamworks title - you don't need to log-in to play online, there are also achievements.


One of the best fighting games right now

xarabas02 | May 28, 2014 | See all xarabas02's reviews »

Huge roster of characters, challenges and combos to master. Arcade edition offers even more playable characters than the previous Street Fighter game. Another reason to buy it is that the game is soon transfering to steamworks, ditching gfwl completely so that means better online support and Steam achievements. I also would strongly advise you to complete the story mode few times for valuable experience before venturing into online battles, you will need every advantage you can get


Almost perfect but not quite

abbadoxx675 | April 24, 2014 | See all abbadoxx675's reviews »

Aside from a couple of shoto-clones + Yun/Yang, It doesnt add much to the mix. Some Balance Tweaks have made characters weaker like Honda and Sagat. Good if you did buy SF4 the first time around. Still a good time though and there is still a ton of technique to master/remaster.


One of the best fighting game

lok0812 | Dec. 31, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

This edition of SF4 is by far one of the best fighting game within the genre. The gameplay still remains back to its roots by using different combination as well as directional control to dish out moves. With the new characters added to the roster gave the game much more variety of gameplay with each of its unique characters. Story continues on but not really the main point of the game. Multiplayer aspect remains fun with people with similar latency that can be seen on the lobby to ensure a fair fight. Overall, this is one of the best fighting game on the PC to date.


Complex and Steep Learning Curve

ROKET | Dec. 26, 2013 | See all ROKET's reviews »

I bought this thinking I would be getting one hell of a fighter fix but as a noob to these types of games and as a noob to SF4 I had a really hard time having fun with this game. The game is beautifully made and is packed FULL of content but understand that you will need to spend a good amount of time with the game in order to actually have a good time with it. Gameplay: The controls and systems are tight. I never had any complaints about the responsiveness and smoothness of the controls. The gameplay is also very satisfying when you figure out the different moves. The game also sports a variety of modes and a practice module that allows you to practice your moves. I liked that. It also has multiplayer and TONS of characters to choose from. Presentation: The overall aesthetic of the game is awesome. I love the colors and animations and really liked the different characters. I dont think there was much of a story mode but I didnt really buy it for that. I bought it for the ladder gameplay and playing with friends. Overall a great looking and presented game...even if it couldnt really hold my attention for long. Overall: 75/100


Fun to play

Xillion | Oct. 18, 2013 | See all Xillion's reviews »

When i first played this game, it was hard to get into. I lost a lot of matches online just starting out the game. It's recommended that you should practice offline with bots before going online in order to get a sense of familiarity for the game. After practicing, the game was actually fun. The music is really enjoyable and the story is great. The game is fast paced and is a great starting point for anyone who is looking to try out fighting games. Definitely get this.


A must-have for any fighting fanatics out there

BubbaSquare | Oct. 4, 2013 | See all BubbaSquare's reviews »

The in-depth and extremely steep learning curve may seem daunting to some, but when you go in and perform your first combo-kill on a friend you then get one of the most satisfying experiences in all of gaming. The multiplayer is very much active and competitive online currently, so you should have no worries trying to find a game! This game is all about practice, and as you know, Practice makes Perfect! Keep going at this game. Though you may suck now, know that you may one day be the SSF4 Master!


Can't wait until ultra!

yeneeko | Sept. 16, 2013 | See all yeneeko's reviews »

I've been playing Street Fighter 4 since basically it's release. I've always loved the franchise and it's been growing strong since 3s (Or Third Strike) and it just reminds me of how good Capcom is at making solid fighting games. The game itself is solid - all the characters have their own fighting style, all tweek'd and tuned differently. In Arcade Edition they added 4 new Characters (Yun and Yang from previous series, Oni and E.Ryu) as well as more balance changes from the previous version. The game had been balanced a few times before and this is the final balance change before USF4. If you're wanting to get into fighting games, especially the Street Fighter Series, this is a great Entry level fighter with deep fighting mechanics. It's easy to pick up, there are tutorials for every character (Not including the AE new characters) and practice modes, story modes and the like if you don't like online play. The main reason I love this game is for it's online play. It's unrelenting and challenging, and gives me that challenging gameplay that I crave from a fighting game. You can fight in ranked matches or Endless battles which is a lobby you can have plenty of people fight with you in (Max of 8) in a round robin winner fights all.


Super Street Fighter 4 - review

balbo79 | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all balbo79's reviews »

After the arrival of Street Fighter 4, Capcom team returns with a revised and improved version of the now famous fighting game with the addition of a change in name also to celebrate these improvements: Super Street Fighter 4. The last fighter from Capcom proposes a new correction regarding moves and techniques of the characters and also provides for the addition of less than 2 Ultra Combos for each character, with the ability to choose a character that you have selected the "technical" you want to use . Also taking the old Street Fighter (precisely 2), the title has a chance to try their hand in the Bonus Stage where you have to destroy a car or barrels and try to accumulate as many points as possible in a short time ... But the news does not end here in fact for fans of the series have been re-proposed new characters: Abel, C. Viper, El Fuerte, Gouken, Hakan, Juri, Rufus, Seth, in short, all names worthy of note.


"I'd like some pooound cake!"

PeppaJ6 | Aug. 11, 2013 | See all PeppaJ6's reviews »

The latest and the greatest of the Street Fighter series, players will be ecstatic to discover that in this edition, they will be able to take on the role of Evil Ryu, or Akuma's equally-awesome and evil counterpart, Oni (as if the guy wasn't evil enough already). If you're looking to buy a badass fighting game, I would suggest looking into Street Fighter 4 - Not the original title, however. If you specifically purchase this special "Arcade Version" over the original title, you'll get extra characters as well as access to special moves which won't be found in its predecessor. Play this game and you'll be sure to shoryuken the competition!


The best Street fighter ever.

simodeso | Aug. 8, 2013 | See all simodeso's reviews »

Even if we include Street Fighter X Tekken (In my opinion you CAN'T give blank only as a DLC) street fighter 4 arcade edition is the best street fighter ever. Why? Because there are a LOT of playable characters, immediately unlocked, and some are very very nice to play. Even if there are a lot similar (Ryu, Akuma, Oni, Ken.. ecc ecc) the game is fantastic! It deserve your money, trust me. There are still online players to try to defeat, and each character has a story (little one as always) in the arcade mode.


One of the best out there

EagiZ | Aug. 4, 2013 | See all EagiZ's reviews »

When Capcom released Street Fighter IV back in 2009 everyone was very hyped, long time had passed since the Street Fighter III's release and players were hungry for more. Capcom delivered and they've kept improving Street Fighter IV with Super Street Fighter IV and this, Arcade Edition. Arcade edition offers 4 new characters, but that's not the main reason for purchasing it. The main reason is the online functionality, if you don't have access to friends to play offline with and you like fighting games this is the best choice as of now. Arcade Edition got a good net code compared to a lot of other fighting games to date. The online competition is not best on PC but it's decent. If you're a casual player I'd recommend buying this to PC over consoles any day, since the competition isn't as good on PC. This game offers countless hours of entertainment and if you're a fan of fighting games I really recommend this.


The best version of Street Fighter

iamkyo90 | July 7, 2013 | See all iamkyo90's reviews »

After so many versions of SF, this is the best, or the alpha series or 3 series, fell short of the series SF 2. It has many characters, the music is excellent, and the gameplay dramatically, what do you expect to buy? The online needs to revive, not so busy as before that if.


Great fighting game

CJV | May 27, 2013 | See all CJV's reviews »

This is probably the best fighting game on pc, we should really have more fighting games converted to pc, it's one of my favorite genres. I am not a fan of the previous titles in the series, but street fighter 4 really is a great fighting game and deserves to be played. There's not much else I want to say about this game, don't bother with the normal version of SF4, just buy this version instead. This one has a lot more characters, more attacks, gameplay tweaks and it is a better port than the last one (at least this one seems to run a lot better on my pc).


We need more of these on the PC

Supraballs | May 25, 2013 | See all Supraballs's reviews »

Capcom did a tremendous job with this port and bringing it to the PC was a step in the right direction for fighting games. You know how these games work but is it worth it? I believe it is because the netcode is great for me and I grew up on these games. Street Fighter on the PC is better than no Street Fighter and to me, this is where it all started. The Arcade Edition adds a lot to this game and if you happen to have the first SFIV, you gotta upgrade. Too many additional things that you are missing out on if you don't.


Honest Review

Sarkames | May 24, 2013 | See all Sarkames's reviews »

As someone who has played this for over 200 hours and fought many random enemies online AND has beaten the arcade with multiple characters, I feel like I can deliberate on the game's flaws and strengths and can be a bit harsh about it since it has gotten frustrating at times, but any game that can keep me coming back for over 200 hours is clearly doing something right. For one, the formula hasn't changed much since the classic installments, which is arguably a good thing. The combat is smooth, the blocking is automatic, the characters are all unique and varied, and of course the CPU can read your mind on anything higher than the easy difficulties. Aside from the psychic ability of the CPUs, the single-player aspect of the game doesn't suffer from any flaws aside from perhaps a dull Arcade/Story mode. By that, I mean there's never a difference aside from unique cutscenes for each character and 1-2 special battles depending on what character you choose and if you fulfill the requirements. It starts off easy and you gradually fight tougher enemies until you get to the end and then you beat it and try to surpass your previous score, I guess. That's not why I play this game, though. No.. I play this game to fight random opponents and test my mettle online and that's where over 150 of those hours were placed. There's no cheap juggling to finish the entire fight in one combo, there're no flawed mechanics that allow for virtually untouchable styles and there're no characters that are any stronger than the rest. It takes more than mashing a recycled combo over and over to win, but I will say I've seen a lot of that. Between the special attacks to memorize, the unlocks through playing consistently and the feeling of accomplishment when playing online and having a good fight, this game was well-worth every penny I spent. This game definitely requires a controller or arcade pad. You can customize the keys to your liking, but the keyboard users are at a distinct disadvantage regardless. This game also uses Windows Live, so if that's something that bothers you or you have a mediocre connection and are worried it'll affect online play, then I wouldn't bother picking it up. -90/100.


The classic is back

Jorgel | Jan. 30, 2013 | See all Jorgel's reviews »

Street Fighter has always been as always been a classic fighting game, with unique fighters and beautiful 2d graphics. This fourth edition of the game brings the old and good formula, but with new 3d cell-shading graphics, along with a good gameplay. As always, Sega launched a lot of versions to the game, and the Arcade Edition is the last one of SSF4: there are a few gameplay changes targeting balance to the fighters as well as new fighters, what makes it a very complete game. If you are a fighting game fan and don't have it already do it right always: it is the best fighting game on PC nowadays, and you won't be disappointed.


Superb fighting game

Stebsis | Jan. 29, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

Super Street FIghter 4 is a great fighting game with 39 very different fighters. It's fun to try out different characters and try to find out the ones you like. Graphically the game looks great. Cell-shaded graphics are beautiful to look at and characters and hit animations look awesome. If you buy SSF4 I urge you to also buy a controller, or better yet an arcade stick. It's just bad to play with keyboard, and even with controller it's hard to make some of the harder moves precisely. Arcade stick definitely is a best choise, especially when playing online where the game really shines. There aren't that many fighting games on PC, but SSF4 Arcade Edition shines through all of them. It's fun and fast paced, just get a friend to play with or go online, because just fighting the often unfair or just too easy AI starts to get boring, it's great to hone your skills with AI, but not that fun in the long run.


Very good

owned2260 | Jan. 18, 2013 | See all owned2260's reviews »

Basically the same game as the previous 2 iterations of SF4, but now with all the wonders of DLC. Yeah, it's a great game, but Capcom are clearly milking it, the game does not need 3 different versions. At least they didn't cut off the community by making this version of the game separate online to the regular SSF4.


Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition - review

carlyle | Jan. 10, 2013 | See all carlyle's reviews »

In this chapter there is the addition of fourteen fighters to begin the long list of new features compared to the previous title, all previously unlocked. The heart of the game, as above, can only be the two modes and multiplayer Versus Live. Three new methods have been introduced: Team Battle, Endless Battle Tournament. While the first mode consists of the classic 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 to start the last two players connect to a lobby with up to 8 players will battle two at a time, with the rest simply will watch the battle until they reach the their turn. Endless Battle allows endless clashes between the winner of the clash before, it will play up to their first defeat, and who will book first for the next battle. In Tournament mode instead of up to 8 players will battle in a tournament in direct confrontation randomly generated by the game. The technical sector has remained essentially unchanged from the previous chapter, the changes to the roster of fighters rebalanced and online modes really add a lot of irons in the fire users who come directly from the first version.



nairume | Dec. 23, 2012 | See all nairume's reviews »

Street Fighter is back and better than ever with Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 2012. While SFIV was previously available for PCs, SSFIVAE brings the complete package by including characters previously exclusive to consoles and the arcade, along with a slew of balance changes that completely change the dynamics between each character. Players also will be treated to a quality port that meets and beats the visual and performance of its console brethren, while also offering infinite costume modding possibilities. On the downside, this game does require the usage of Games For Windows Live, which results in a number of networking issues and minor inconveniences. These issues are not all too common, making them rather ignorable. Ultimately, this is a fantastic addition to the library of any fighting game fan and is easily the best option for people looking for a fighter for their PC.


Great Fighting game!

fable2 | Dec. 22, 2012 | See all fable2's reviews »

Defenetly this game is one of the best Capcom had ever developed really, has it grows it's not pack with much surprises but it's a heck of fine game. I'll start with the new and added things in it. It´s still SSFIV but in the arcade edition there where just added new characters like Evil Ryu, Yang and Yun and Oni. There's and Arcade Mode, for getting to know the story of the character you choose to fight with. Training Mode, develop combos or battle tactics for yourself. Trial Mode it's a way to get to know better your favorite character they give you all combos and ticks available for each one. The Challenge Mode included in the trial, more like way to spend time and a classic one actually like, the give you a car and you have to break it before the time ends. Battle Log, where you set your title and some phrases, and get to watch your replays or others. And one i should mention before the Network Mode where all options are typical like any other fighting games and you get to fight players around the Globe. It has a stunning graphic and one (But not easy) command option, that's one of the problems that it's difficult game for people. I find it hard a bit in your way around the arcade. It requires real fighting games experience, lot of quick thinking and time to learn. All characters has its Ultra and super, you can only active the Ultra that its a devastating combo move when your life bar hits a certain point, and you can only activate super when your Gauge bar is all filled up, and for all the characters there are the effect in colour it opens up the more time you spend playing with one character. From all i got this is all for my review.


Finally a good fighting game on PC

panz3r88 | Dec. 21, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Super Street Fighter 4 is probably one of the few fighting game released on PC. This is the last version of Street Fighter, with all the 39 fighters . In the last iteration of Street Fighter there are many improvements that allow to have a better online experience. The game has a good graphic and the commands are easy and intuitive. The main defect of the game is that more or less half of the fighters are clones of Ryu and that there are not many single player modes. If you want to buy Street Fighter 4 you will do it to play in multiplayer


The best fighting game of this generation

Cavalieroscuro | Dec. 21, 2012 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition is, for sure, the best fighting game of this generation. It includes all the characters from Street Fighter 4 and Super Street Fighter 4, plus new fighters like Yun, Yang, Oni and Evil Ryu. The game requires both Steam and Games for Windows Live to run, and you MUST have a pad to properly play it (the X30 one is the best option here). Well, there's nothing to say, just if you love fighting game buy this one because for sure is the best you can have at the moment.


Best Fighting game.

DukePaul | Dec. 21, 2012 | See all DukePaul's reviews »

Capcom bring us to PC the best fighting game of the generation, Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition has an explosive gameplay, easy for the new players and with 39 characters (classic characters like Ryu and Guile and new ones like Rufus and Abel) is the most balanced version. The classic remixes from the old characters are awesome, the facial animations are incredible funny and the light effects gives to the game a unique look. The netcode for the online multiplayer is great, it is like playing with a friend near to you and the options are huge, you can make a lobby with seven spectators, they will wait until the battle ends and then one of them will be your next opponent. I highly recommend this game because is essential in every collection even if you don't like fighting games a lot.