Reviews for Mass Effect Trilogy (NA) [Legacy]


3 stellar game for one game's price.

Coolicy | Dec. 3, 2012 | See all Coolicy's reviews »

I would definitely recommend this package for new-comers to the Mass Effect universe. As you can expect from a Bioware game, the universe is diverse and extremely interesting. Each alien race has an extensive history, which can be either studied or ignored, as is with most of Mass Effect's lore. The three games are all great in nature, and the decisions are carried over all the way from ME 1 to ME 3. Despite what some may rave about the decisions Bioware choose to tackle ME3's ending, I've had a great time throughout the whole journey, and was left satisfied with the ending after seeing the FREE Extended Cut dlc. Mass Effect 1 was more about the story, as its combat is definitely closer to an RPG more than an action game. Mass Effect 3 feels like an action game with RPG elements. Mass Effect 2, however, is more like a hybrid between the two, combining the perfect elements of combat and RPG. The story is absolutely amazing, creating moments and fights both memorable and challenging, and partnering your Commander Shepard with interesting allies and foes. Mass Effect 3 is actually my favorite of them all, bringing my encounters from ME1 and ME2 with a full stop. You will build attachments to characters, and will feel strong emotions as they come and go. The trilogy combines all 3 installments of the ME series into one convenient and economical package. If you're new to the ME series, this is a great starting point. If you've played one or two of the ME series, this is a good place to start revisiting the worlds you encounter, and make the meaningful decisions that you missed. If you've played all three games, then why are you still reading this? Buy it!


Great Games, Not GOTY Editions

Squiffy | Nov. 14, 2012 | See all Squiffy's reviews »

I'm mildly disappointed in this release. I bought all three games at launch, gobbled up the DLC and loved every minute of them, so I'm definitely recommending the games. But keep in mind that this is NOT a full package. Mass Effect 1 includes its DLCs. Mass Effect 2 and 3 come with what came in the original boxes; Cerberus pass for a few DLCs for ME2, and the online pass and whatnot for ME3. After that, there's another $40+ in DLC available to buy. In the long run, I suppose it's still cheaper than buying them separately, but if you own any of the games already, I'd consider buying the ones you're missing instead. 95/100 for the games, but -15 points for the incomplete package they were put into. You don't make a trilogy pack and then sell DLC on top of it.