Reviews for Awesomenauts - Blast from the Past Bundle


A pack of awesome skins

aerionmagnus | Aug. 22, 2013 | See all aerionmagnus's reviews »

This pack will unlock skins for Leon, Yuri and Volar and every singe one of them is simply awesome. It's a very cheap bundle with descent content and I like it. And what's even more awesome - upon purchasing this bundle, all three heroes will become playable (if you haven't unlocked them yet, that it). Personally, I think it's worth the money. It's a nice pack and I like it. Skins are very nice too and have nice animations and design.


Sadly, not really worth it.

Gh0st233 | Nov. 13, 2012 | See all Gh0st233's reviews »

Like, pretty much, all of the other skins and skin packs for Awesomenauts, it's not really worth the price, and while the skins are decent, or even good, 6$ seems too much to ask for three skins. Because, for 6$, you can buy a fairly decent indie game, or a game on sale and have a lot more bang for your buck, than a skin pack.