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Creates a more immersive experience

shayhidedark | Nov. 25, 2012 | See all shayhidedark's reviews »

I was around a friends house once, me and three others were all playing call of duty modern warfare 3 on the ps3 and only one of us had the headset on (not me), the rest of us didn't, surprisingly the headset actually meant that my friend did a LOT better than usual. Okay the rest of us couldn't hear so that made this little test unfair so then we decided to go online with the headphones and see if we did better than usual, surprisingly we did as you became more focused and immersed in the game. If I'm honest I wouldn't really spend 75 pounds on headphones because I'm poor :( but if you're like my friend who has a bit more money then yes this could be a good product for you. I can't compare this with other headsets because I haven't used any others but it was still good none-the-less when I did use it.