Reviews for 7 Wonders II [Playfire]


Now I see it!

darth_careful | Aug. 15, 2011 | See all darth_careful's reviews »

We colourblind gamers usually get a raw deal when it comes to match-3 games. Quick colour matching is usually the key to success, and, with less information to work with, we often can't do it fast enough. Quite a few games get around this by adding a texture to the tile; 7 Wonders II goes a stage further and changes the tile shape entirely. It's not a perfect solution, but the relaxed pace means that at least you have a fighting chance. If you're reading this then you know that colourblindness is subjective, so I can't promise it'll work for you - I have a fairly standard red/green colourblindness and I still make mistakes every so often - but it's the only match-3 game I can play without wanting to inflict pain on the developers. Try the demo and see!


Nice Game

chetancs | Aug. 13, 2011 | See all chetancs's reviews »

7 wonders II is sequel of the game 7 Wonders of the Ancient World. The game is really improved over the old one in all the features. Game has good graphics and Music .The game has two modes regular mode and free play mode. In regular mode we are building wonders one by one. In free play mode we can choose any wonder which is unlocked except the secret wonders which are not available for free play and available in regular mode only. After completing all the eight constructions the game assign you ranking based on your performance. So when I played the game to come up in the ranking I played the game again so replay value is really good we can’t get bored while playing the game. It’s nice game which will entertain everyone.



hotmando1 | July 14, 2011 | See all hotmando1's reviews »

Awesome! Being adapted into other platforms really shows just how popular this is! It's basically for the casual or most hardcore puzzle player. It's not really about winning but more so about just having fun. Sure its similar to other games but it's a puzzle game. All puzzle games feel or look the same to some degree. Some tips and hints are in the game which are always nice. Nothing really innovative though which is a little sad. Still, good fun for friends and family!



robertification | April 11, 2011 | See all robertification's reviews »

My brother had bought this game on his nintendo ds, but unfortunately didn't get the chance to play it that often, as I was playing it the whole time. This addictive puzzle game is fun for the whole family, as you get dragged into it, just to break the highscore. It looks a bit like bejeweled, but it has some interesting historical knowledge, and many levels to play. The power-ups keep the variety in the game. Well, what are you waiting for? Buy this game!