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Unique Stealth Game

Muffinmaster | April 29, 2013 | See all Muffinmaster's reviews »

Dishonored is one of the best games this year (2012). It has its flaws and pros. This game itself reminds me of what I loved in Thief serie: Hiding in darkness or roof, waiting for my prey to walk out of the sight of his friends and then... The beauty of this game lies in simple but complex controls and simple but nice graphics. This game will run on pretty much every PC. (not literally on every PC but the specs on this game are very low) I don't have anything to add because everything else has been said on the other reviews. Is this game worth of 40€, I would say Yes and No. It's only 9 hours (for me) long and don't really have replay value. Is this game worth of 30€, I would say Yes. And Lower than 20€, You should buy it NOW... unless you already own it.


Top Notch

Mcdudebob | April 29, 2013 | See all Mcdudebob's reviews »

This is a game for the true stealth fanatic. With mechanics and immersion that hearken back to the good old days of thief, this game is a definite buy. The one major complaint that I can hold against this otherwise phenomenal game is that it favors a non lethal play through a bit heavy handedly. If you are an old time stealth player, or even if you are not, i recommend you lose yourself in the city that is Dunwall.


Amazing stealth game

Giltonnam | April 27, 2013 | See all Giltonnam's reviews »

A great stealth game with a great atmosphere and and fun game mechanics. Combat in this game is more tactical in that you have limited resources (mana, spell points) so you have to be more strategic on how you want to play each playthrough. The mana doesn't respawn fully (just enough to cast the basic ability) so you'll need to buy mana potions (can only hold 10 at a time) if you want to cast costly spells. The weapons are satisfying to use and in combination with many other game mechanics (sprinting/sliding) you can set up on-the-run traps/ambushes able to take out many enemies at once. This game's story isn't told directly to you like in other games so you must read journals/notes/listen to audio logs and piece together what exactly is happening in the world. Not all game mechanics work well such as putting out light sources since the game is set in a world where they use fluorescent lights that have no possible way of turning off. The game is rather short story/chapter wise (many re-used areas) but the game makes up for it by making each area open-world and having to be strategic on tool selection (weapon/magic) it has high re-playability.


Almost a Masterpiece

blacklightofday | April 27, 2013 | See all blacklightofday's reviews »

This game is an extraordinary experience! The music and voice acting are great, the story is good (true, there are better, but it still very good and does it's job). The setting is a marvelous mix between steampunk and magic and there aren't a lot of games who go for it (only one I can think of is Arcanum). The gameplay is very versatile, but in it lies the major problem with the game. There are a lot of ways to kill your enemies, but there there are practically only non-lethal ways to deal with them (and later on in the game there is one type of enemy on whom one of those doesn't work). Nevertheless, it is a great game which you should try.


Excellent gameplay, pretty good story

varyag00 | April 27, 2013 | See all varyag00's reviews »

Dishonored is the most engrossing first person game I've played in a long time. The combat is deep and satisfying if you choose to go that route, but the stealth gameplay holds up equally as well. The magic powers aren't unique (except for one), but they're implemented in such a way that they blend in seamlessly with the stealth/combat. The story isn't bad at all, either, thought it was a little predictable; it changes in noticeable ways depending on how you play, which is a nice touch. There's anywhere from 15 to 25 hours of gameplay depending on how you play the game, and there's definitely incentives for a replay. I would recommend it!


Top Game

Elstabo | April 25, 2013 | See all Elstabo's reviews »

Well, there is so much that can be said for this game, not only have I played this once not even twice but 3 times all the way through. There is tons to keep you going, trying to gain those pesky achievements. The game play is great the powers add a whole new level to FPS type games. I would say it's a FPS version of assassins creed. Great game would recommend.


Top of the Line

Demadizz | April 25, 2013 | See all Demadizz's reviews »

Amazing Game 9.8/10 easily. * Gamepad recommended * - Awesome story that changes with your actions / Great Voice Actors - Beautiful environments/ gameplay mechanics - Combat/Stealth aspects top notch - Awesome Abilites! Possession / Time Stop / Blink (requires some practice but easily picked up) and more! Word of advice do not rush, take your time on the missions.Story isn't too long but requires another playthrough to see the evil or happy ending. 50% off is a steal. Looking forward to sequels


Truly an artistic wonder.

skyforger | April 23, 2013 | See all skyforger's reviews »

Once ever few years a new IP is born and it takes everyone by surprise. I went into this game blind, with no expectations or hype built around it and took a gamble and, it payed off big time. This game is refreshing, the story instantly sucks you in. The gameplay/combat is amazing, it really is perfect for this type of game. The stealth mechanics are great while being forgiving at the same time. The beautifully crafted picturesque world is a joy you play through and explore as you complete each missions. While the game can be linear at times, it often does offer multiple paths to complete each mission that you may choose to best suit your style of gameplay. The story had me hooked from start to finish, I rushed it my first play through just to see it, then went back and took my time for the gameplay. The characters are very interesting as well, some of the characters can range from crazy to insanely bizarre. Overall the game sucked me in and spat me out, left feeling very satisfied. I would whole heartedly recommend giving this a shot. My only complaint was the textures at times were terrible, like really bad. But the art style made up for it, can be a little dull looking at times though overall a beautiful game.


Stealth has never been so much fun.

Ramboknife | April 22, 2013 | See all Ramboknife's reviews »

When Dishonored was announced earlier this year, I had modest expectations for what it would become. Sure, the trailer was well done and quite impressive, but a great trailer hardly makes for a great game. To go along with humble expectations, Dishonored's developer, Arkane Studios, have only a short track record for making lesser known “cult hits”, so their ability to take on a big budget major release was questionable. It didn't help their cause that they revealed that Dishonored would be a highly stealth based, open world, first person game, a genre that hasn't seen a huge amount of success ever since the original Deus Ex was released over 12 years ago. What Arkane did have going for them was that the game's designer, Harvey Smith, was actually a part of the company who developed Deus Ex. With what Smith had learned from past projects, and with Bethesda Softworks producing the title, it seems likely they were set up for success. Dishonored is set in a fictional stylized version of Victorian London, known as Dunwall. At this point in their history, a plague is being carried around by swarms of rats which are quickly infecting the whole city and leaving death and destruction in their paths. For as devastated as the city is, it still manages to be a beautiful and lush world to explore. Dunwall's aesthetics are very appealing, with a mix between steam-punk and Half Life 2's “City 17” (which is fitting, because the game world was designed by Viktor Antonov, the man responsible for Half Life 2's artistic direction). The perfect word to describe the levels in Dishonored would be “dense”, with countless ways of exploring and completing tasks. You play as Corvo Attano, a royal bodyguard for the Empress. Right off the bat things start to go poorly, when you are a witness of the Empress's brutal murder in front of her daughter, Emily. The men responsible for the assassination immediately set you up for the murder and take Emily, the heir to the throne, hostage. This lands you in jail where you will soon be executed, knowing full well that the people who set you up are actually the ones who are quickly inheriting the Empress's power. However, there are people on the outside who know that you aren't the one truly responsible for the killing, and mastermind an exit plan for you to flee the prison and take revenge. The story ends up being fairly predictable, although I was quite shocked at some of the revelations later on. Thankfully, the game redeems itself by letting you interact with characters that you actually care about. Without being invested in some of these character's outcomes, I don't think the ending would have meant nearly as much, and the plot ends up being the weakest aspect of the game. Dishonored lets you mould specific outcomes by rewarding you for not killing targets and enemies. It's a very simple mechanic: kill lots of people, the higher your chaos rating will be and your outcome at the end will be significantly more savage. The game offers up some non-lethal ways of taking out targets, but the player must seek out these options by exploring the world and talking with characters. As you escape from prison you are teamed up with a group of Empire Loyalists that include former admirals, lords, doctors, and everyday Dunwall citizens. It is from here that you are given the task to hunt down the people who betrayed you, and rescue the rightful heir to the throne, Emily. It is also where you are visited by The Outsider, a supernatural entity that gives you most of your abilities that you use in the game. Some of these abilities include blink, dark vision and devouring swarm. Blink allows you to teleport or reach higher ground, dark vision shows you people through walls and their line of sight, and devouring swarm lets you summon a group of plague infected rats to fight on your behalf. You can unlock more of these abilities by collecting runes scattered throughout the world. The player is also given the choice of using more conventional weapons that include a sword, pistol, and crossbow. These can also be upgraded over time by paying the engineers at the Loyalist base in between missions. When used in combination with the magic abilities, the combat becomes extremely satisfying, making you feel like a real assassin. In particular, the blink ability makes getting around the city of Dunwall incredibly smooth and exhilarating, thereby negating the typical clunky first person platforming that so many other games have relied too heavily upon. With quick load times, going back and retrying a specific section is easy, and makes experimenting with abilities less punishing and a lot of fun. Quite a few of the most memorable scenes in the game don't involve combat at all, which says a lot about the designers ability to take risks and change up the pace. Dishonored managed to surprise me more than any other game from this year in the best way possible. I can find no real reason to complain about anything; the visuals were unique and elegant, the level design was full of options and exportability, and the way it played made me feel like I was in complete control of all of my actions. It lets the player play the game and doesn't feel the need to bog you down with loads of cut scenes or moments that disconnect the player with the world. I found myself being highly engrossed throughout the entire experience, and jumped right back into the game as soon as it came to a conclusion.


An excellent experience.

mitchayel17 | April 18, 2013 | See all mitchayel17's reviews »

From beginning to end, Dishonored keeps you wrapped up in a storyline that truly sucks you in and makes you want to keep playing. The environment will subtly change based on the choice you make, and it is definitely worth multiple playthroughs. If you become immersed like I did, then you will be wanting to save the girl so desperately, that you just might not stop playing until you do! This game gives you tons of choices on how to play and accommodates many playstyles. Excellent game.


Best Stealth, a Tad Short

littlejoe5 | March 21, 2013 | See all littlejoe5's reviews »

This game is absolutely fantastic. The story is compelling, the characters are well fleshed out, the world is immersive, and the core gameplay is simply fantastic. My only serious complaint is the length of the game, it is on the short side. This would normally be a big deal for me, but the rest of the game makes up for this shortcoming quite a bit. If it had just been longer or more open world this would have been a 98-100 for me, easy. Best game of 2012.


good stealth game

balbo79 | March 13, 2013 | See all balbo79's reviews »

The real strength of Dishonored is the gameplay, not a traditional fps, but there are very few ranged weapons. The peculiarity of the implacable killer is to be able to use the special mystical powers that allow him to perform amazing feats. For example, you can teleport on a ledge, appear behind an enemy to take him by surprise, or stop bullets in the air to escape quickly from the scene of the crime. The dark vision is one of the most useful magical powers: with this mode, we can know the exact location of enemies through walls, but also points of interest and objects to interact with to work around obstacles or to clear the area of ​​enemies with simple diversions. Dishonored is new in the gaming world, bringing with them a stealth gameplay that will appeal to lovers of the great franchises such as Metal Gear Solid and Thief. Everything fits into a setting exceptional and visually stunning, that tells a virtual world built to perfection.


Great stealth game

Stebsis | Feb. 16, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

Dishonored is quite unique game in some aspects. It blends action and stealth in somewhat same way Deus Ex Human Revolution did, but a a bit more stealth oriented. You play as some faceless and utterly forgettable character who's accused of murder of an Empress. Story is quite frankly boring and I just couldn't pay attention to it at all because it all felt so cliched and dull. The main character too is just faceless mute person, in a game like this I would've preferred speaking protagonist. It makes you and the character feel like you're outside of the game, not really taking part in it. Graphically the game looks nice, though a bit muddy and everything seems a bit low texture. Character faces look just creepy sometimes. Level design though is great and it lets you complete them any way you want, doing side quests or only main quest, sneaking or swinging your sword and shooting with pistol or kind of combination between these two. You can complete the game in couple different ways, killing everyone or just making everyone unconcious, or, even harder, don't touch anyone else but the one you have to eliminate. Taking the stealthy route and not killing anyone is really boring I must say. You're not given nearly enough tools to sneaking, and even less to just stunning enemies, as you're given to action. You basically have only blink, this kind of magic power that lets you teleport between short distances, for example to get to rooftops quickly. You also have crossbow with stun bolts. And that's about it, if you take any more stealth oriented stuff like letting you see the enemies through walls etc. the game just gets incredibly easy and not even remotely exciting or hearthpounding like a stealth game should feel. Action is definitely the more interesting route and it lets you mix and match a lot more of your powers, as even stealth powers come in handy in combat but not vice versa especially if you decide not to kill anyone. Dishonored is really fun game, not quite on par with Deus Ex Human Revolution in mixing all these different genres as it feels sometimes really unbalanced, but fun nonetheless. It gives you tools to do missions basically any way you want and it rewards you for trying your own things.


Just Amazing

robbin505 | Feb. 13, 2013 | See all robbin505's reviews »

There isn't enough I can say about this game. It is a wonderful stealth game set in a steampunk universe. This is a dark and gritty world full of betrayal and distrust. Plague ravages a population that is ruled by a rich oligarchy. Corvo, the personal body guard of the Queen is forced to watch as his love is killed and her daughter is kidnapped. To make things worse he is framed by the murderous military that staged the coup. The scene is set, now your time to shine. Equipped with powers and weapons you are thrust into a fight for the survival of the kingdom. With cunning and skill this first person action stealth game delivers on some of the best gameplay of 2012 and beyond. Take the time to explore this world and the game reveals so much more than is expected. Bethesda really set the stage for a new type of stealth experience and developer Arkane has a new IP that is bound for a sequel. The stunning graphics really pull the player into a world full of magic, mystery, and of course revenge. Because as we all know, revenge solves everything.


Surprise of 2012

georgecopos | Jan. 31, 2013 | See all georgecopos's reviews »

A new universe with a steampunk vibe, interesting but unfortunately not put in practice like it supposed to be. The story is pretty weak and predictable but the gameplay itself is very entertaining and captivating, the missions can be solved in more ways and those few choices you have during them, offers the game a replay value. The combat is very good, especially the melee part being very dynamic for a fps, but the mission's not very good design doesnt exploit the potential of full out combat. Game also has an unique artstyle but its not sustained by the too-much-old-for-2012 graphics. Dishonored is a game that surprised me last year in in a good way, didnt had many expectations from it even if it was made by Arkane who delivered the great Arx Fatalis; i expected for Bethesda to put its print on the game but it wasnt like that and hopefully will be the same for the future titles from this universe which deserves full exploatation.



Lekes | Jan. 8, 2013 | See all Lekes's reviews »

Amazing game. If this was made in a shinier engine, the stealth was a little more challenging, and the game had a couple more missions to it... it would be my GOTY for 2012 hands down. Sadly I can only give it a 92 as despite having an amazing art design, brilliant gameplay, high replayability (of at least 2x required to see mostly everything), intriguing story/characters, and a nice atmosphere/sound effects/music, the problem with this game is just that it isn't challenging enough... you start the game and the first few levels feel awe-inspiring, but once you realise the terrible limits of the vision of the AI you really are too overpowered for any mission without getting a single upgrade. (And the upgrades are lots of fun, but they make the game become a theme park rather than the gruesome travesty that the story seems to think you are in). Still I highly recommend it.


An amazing new world and a game that dares to be different.

Tensketch | Jan. 5, 2013 | See all Tensketch's reviews »

Stealth and FPS are 2 words that seldom work together. Throw in the words steampunk and magic and you've got something that your mind is telling you should be a mess. But in reality, this game is far from it. One of the first thing I noticed when playing this game is that I got a very Bioshock feel from it, which is fantastic as it brings back all the memories of discovering a new world, one that has equal parts similarities and differences. The gameplay, as mentioned earlier is a stealth based fps with elements of magic and steampunk-esque technology. You'll find yourself utilising everything in your arsenal to succeed. In the first mission alone, you are given the chance to blink (a quick, short ranged teleport) across lamposts, stalking a guard before dropping down and plunging your knife into his back. It essentially marries the good parts of Assassins Creed with Bioshock. It is a difficult game to describe in writing without pictures. My only recommendation for anyone who is on the fence about buying this game is to check the games official youtube channel. The developers have released gameplay videos of them doing the same segment in both a non-lethal and lethal manner. It's what made me buy it and it should help you make up your mind. The only piece of advice I have for this game is to ignore the chaos rating, the game tries to force you to do a passive playthrough with the consequence of a bad ending but unless you are a stealth master with the patience of a saint you will find it incredibly difficult early on. Just play how you like, kill/dont kill who you want and then go for a perfect playthrough when you acquire more powers.


Great blend of games into one

Prozac | Dec. 30, 2012 | See all Prozac's reviews »

This game from the beginning has a very unique style to it, it blends stealth; fast paced combat and exploration (although not open world, more like open zone). After 6+ hours so far, I'm guessing it's about 12-15 at my pace but could be shorter or longer depending on how much you explore and do side quests. Update-I have now put in 37 hours in 2 play-throughs, and all of the above stand. took me about 25 hours the first time doing complete Ghost achievements, 2nd time was just the opposite, and were both satisfying. The game's ending and level design changes due to how you play through a "chaos" hidden ranking, which I thought was a nice touch as my 2 completions had different outcomes and aesthetics in some levels and dialogue. Pros- Each of these are done very well, I have chosen to attempt stealth and I am having a great time with the controls and abilities given to play that way. I have also tried full in your face combat and it is very hectic but in a good way! There are a lot of gear upgrades to spend cash on and abilities to improve as well allowing customization. There are multiple methods of doing the missions and side missions so far, depending on your abilities and play styles; I can see myself already replaying this with a different style and not getting bored. The storytelling is well done, I want to find out what happens and it's great to listen in on people (and how/what they think with your abilities). Cons- The graphics aren't the greatest but fit the art style and demeanor of the game, but could be better textures I think. Gives decent enough options to allow a range of computers to run it but mine is pretty up to date so I can't say how low it can run on. Overall I think this is worth my time x2 play throughs at least, if you enjoy this blend/style of game then it's probably worth the ~60, otherwise I'm sure a sale will show up.


Fantastic steam punk world

Lekes | Dec. 29, 2012 | See all Lekes's reviews »

Ignore all of the people saying it's "just hype" or "nothing new" because I honestly have no idea what these people are talking about. Dishonored offers it's own feel with a taste of cartoony graphics in a gritty steam punk world, with excellent and complex gameplay to compliment it. The story is good and though the missions are linear, the missions themselves are a sort of open area where there are many side missions. If you rush through the game like a lunatic you'll probably finish the game quick like a good number of foolish reviewers...but if you actually take your time and play the game it'll last a fair amount of time, maybe just a tad short. Make sure to note that the "choose your own way to do the mission" holds true throughout the entire game, Dishonored does this extremely well. It's not about making some original amazing breakthrough game that'll make you go insane with astonishment like many seem to think, it's about making a fun game. All in all, no what you say about how original or good it is, it's definitely a very fun game that's worth your time.


Somewhat of a flop

Damuel | Dec. 29, 2012 | See all Damuel's reviews »

Not much to say besides the title. The game just kind of... failed... The story is predictable, the graphics are fairly ugly, and the gameplay is utterly broken. Immediately after leveling Blink, the game becomes horribly easy, with you being able to teleport to roofs and areas no enemies will ever be able to see you at. Not to mention being able to escape combat easily. While I normally greatly approve of leaning in games, this would be the first and only example of a game where leaning was a huge mistake. Completely making stealth a joke, you can lean out of cover and no one can see you. Even if your head is sticking out over a foot from the side of a wall and someone is looking directly at you a yard away they will have no clue of you being there. It just feels dumb. Especially when you can lean around corners and use say, the crossbow. Despite the developers trying very hard to make it unique, the game just feels dead. None of the characters have personality, and the awkward facial animations really make moments that should feel touching or sad hard to not break out grinning. And all this adds up to a small amount of content with very little replayability. There really isn't much the game does well besides a few interesting stealth mechanics that are overshadowed by the incredibly stupid new ones.


THE ultimate modern stealth game

alexxkkapricorn | Dec. 25, 2012 | See all alexxkkapricorn's reviews »

It's been a long while, since I've last played such an enticing game. But ever since I first watched some Dishonored's gameplay vids, I knew I just had to try it. And, man, was it good! The game begins by tossing you on the role of Corvo, the Emperor's body guard. However, due to some evil conspiracy, you are soon thrown into a messy position: you become a fugitive, and needs to find a way to solve everything. Pretty soon, you see yourself involved not only with the regular chase the bad guy scenario, an obscure and supernatural being, The Outsider, grants Corvo powers, supernatural powers that will help him to be a stealthy spy or an atrocious killer. The game is a very wide experience, allowing the player to either choose the less agressive route to succes or perform gruesome murders on his way to victory. With very responsive controls and an intricate plot, Dishonored is, without a doubt, one of the best games ever!


Certainly one of the best of 2012

anonimokun | Dec. 25, 2012 | See all anonimokun's reviews »

Dishonored is a game that hooks you from start to finish, for telling a story filled with conspiracies, and revenge at all costs, is a game that hooks you from the first minutes of the game to the final outcome. I confess that I saw a few games that a story so engaging. The elements of stealth is giving the touch of mastery to the game, rather, the icing on the cake Dishonored therefore play Rambo style here, at least for me, does not make much sense, but that grace has its outset. Here there is also absurd twists in the story and make it even more interesting. Who likes stealth vai delight from beginning to end, spending hours and hours trying so hard to accomplish that feat in the game. The elements of magic are required and innovative, making gameplay very fluid, despite having seen some of the elements included in other games. The arsenal is scarce, but essential, dosed just right, fundamental to accomplish stealth missions. The game gives you a certain freedom to realziar some made ​​without the need to fulfill issues, but at times becomes annoying, since what matters is the main plot. The end game is epic and there are two paths to choose from, the killing or the stealth, without anyone seeing you. The game allows you to it. That is, you pde be a real ghost, just depends on your skill. For those who liked Bioshock, you will love this game.


Arkane Still Has It

AppleMuffin | Dec. 23, 2012 | See all AppleMuffin's reviews »

These guys are the makers of Dark Messiah, a game that was surprisingly disliked by most. I loved that game, and I can still see some of its influences in Dishonored. In DM you had the choice of playing stealhy, with magic, or as a warrior, and in Dishonored it seems like Arkane took the stealth part and revamped it to epic proportions. The game is very fast paced and exciting, and allows for flexible ways of achieving your goal. For example, after assassinating a target, I jumped off a roof to my certain death, but managed to land on a passing guard underneath several stories below me and survive. certainly a great game that deserves your attention. Glad to see Arkane is finally getting the attention they deserve.


Arkane Still Has It

AppleMuffin | Dec. 23, 2012 | See all AppleMuffin's reviews »

These guys are the makers of Dark Messiah, a game that was surprisingly disliked by most. I loved that game, and I can still see some of its influences in Dishonored. In DM you had the choice of playing stealthy, with magic, or as a warrior, and in Dishonored it seems like Arkane took the stealth part and revamped it to epic proportions. The game is very fast paced and exciting, and allows for flexible ways of achieving your goal. For example, after assassinating a target, I jumped off a roof to my certain death, but managed to land on a passing guard underneath several stories below me and survive. certainly a great game that deserves your attention. Glad to see Arkane is finally getting the attention they deserve.


A Soulless Journey Through A Vibrant City

Shrykeabyss | Dec. 23, 2012 | See all Shrykeabyss's reviews »

Upon finishing Dishonored, I felt nothing. Not happy. Not Sad. Nothing. Despite the excellent (if not very challenging) stealth, the sheer number of creative kills, or the painstakingly created city itself, Dishonored utterly failed to draw me in. The reason behind this is, I feel, a complete lack of personality in any of the main Protagonists or Antagonists. They only seem to exist to give details on the next assassination target, while never showing any hint of a personal motive. This lead to me feeling completely un-invested in the story, and consequentially, the potentially great world which contains it. It's a shame, really, because Dishonored had the potential to be a great game. The sub-narrative about how people act when within reach of power has the potential to be very interesting, but falls flat due to the characters lack of personality. As it stands, the game is merely good. It's well worth a look if you find the creative stealth aspects appealing, just don't expect a memorable experience.


Game of the year 2012

Angeluzian | Dec. 22, 2012 | See all Angeluzian's reviews »

By far the best year 2012 if you ask me, It's well polished, the steampunky victorian setting is just amazing. The only flaws I can see with this game is that killing people is more interesting than using stealth, and alot easier. The powers you can use to this steampunky world is also a nice thing to do.


Fantastic experience

ND1Razor | Dec. 22, 2012 | See all ND1Razor's reviews »

This game is a must buy. It gives you choice and allows creativity though not to the extent that the developers advertise but enough to keep you interested. They give you a variety of gadgets, weapons and magic that allow you to make quick work of your opponent or by pass them entirely. The choice is yours and what you choose will decide the outcome of the game. One thing that bothered me was that when I played stealthily though most of the game yet only stated killing in the last few missions the game switches to the dark ending. In any case this game is wicked and I hope to see a sequel soon.


Amazing steampunk stealth-game

Xibalba | Dec. 21, 2012 | See all Xibalba's reviews »

Good and wonderful level design from the Half-Life 2 City 17 creator Viktor Antonov, not very balanced powers, nice use of the gadgets , many and different approching of the objectives and your playing style. the decisions\your playing style in game change the city of Dunwall the only bed in this title is the short playthrough about 6 hours for finish it


One of the best games of 2012

insane11 | Dec. 21, 2012 | See all insane11's reviews »

This is one of the most original games I've ever played. I got it on my Xbox360 and is pure awesome! From the characters to the setting, everything has been well thought out. The story is compelling and the level design is so detailed it warrants multiple playthroughs. The gameplay is the real star of the show though, allowing different approaches to level completion and even more approaches to combat (or no combat). The only negative aspect of Dishonored that I've discovered so far are the graphics. I'm not a fan of the art style (despite having been made by Viktor Antonov, the legendary Half Life 2 visual artist). I would have much rather preferred a realistic visual style coupled with a much stronger contrast in lighting. Instead I have to make due with low res textures and a serious lack of shadows :S But none the less, I'm content with what I have. I'm only 5 hours in but this game has me gripped and won't let go!


Bethesda does it again

blxinxk182 | Dec. 19, 2012 | See all blxinxk182's reviews »

It's like Bioshock meets Assassin's Creed, Bethesda style. Both the landscape and game play are beautifully done. It could be a bit lengthier, and the story was a bit predictable, but still none the less a great buy. Definitely recommend picking it up.


Great game

GalacyTwister | Dec. 16, 2012 | See all GalacyTwister's reviews »

I had pre-ordered the game since I had loved bethesda's previous work The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I was hooked on this game the stealth game play is remarkable. You are able to teleport from place to place without being seen then drop assassinate your target. If your considering purchasing this game I would highly recommend it.


So very nearly an all time greatest game

jonnymroberts | Dec. 16, 2012 | See all jonnymroberts's reviews »

The cartoon-y style of the game works so well with the steam-punk Victorian like setting of the game along with generally amazing graphics (the lighting on this game is some of the best I've seen). The story is engrossing and the control of your character is good. My issue with the game is the length and this is the reason it can't be one of the greatest games. It can easily be completed in less than 5 hours. With promised DLC however, the life span of the game should start to increase to a more reasonable amount.


Greatest stealth game since Splinter Cell

himeko | Dec. 14, 2012 | See all himeko's reviews »

I have not seen pure stealth games coming out lately, but this game seems to revive the genre. It's not just stealth game in ordinary means, but you can also use special abilities like teleporting certain distances, possessing enemies and animals, slowing time, and etc. All these abilities can be combined to further enhance your gameplay. The story is pretty basic, but the detail in the environments and people you meet is great. It's always fun listening on conversations guards and random people in city make. There's a few changes in the gameplay according to how you play though. Kill many people and levels become ridden with guards everywhere, but play stealth there is much less guards/security around. On the bad side, game gives you many abilities mainly for killing others and less on the stealth side. While killing all the guards it is not a great experience. Overall this great stealth game with an amazing background. I recommend playing the game zero kills and making seem like you were never in the levels for the best experience.


Amazing game

auronkast | Dec. 12, 2012 | See all auronkast's reviews »

It gets stealth right, it gets action right, the powers and gadgets are very interesting, it looks beautiful with a very peculiar style, it's pacing is great the story's not too complex but still very very enjoyable, especially the fulfilling revenge scenes. It's clearly one of the best releases this year, in fact it's probably the best I played. The setting's amazing too most of the concepts being created by Viktor Antonov from Half Life 2. It's a real pity that the game is incredibly short even if you do every single side-quest. It doesn't take more than 12 hours to finish the game. And that's really the low point for me, in my humble opinion the game is not worth the 60 dollar asking price. But if you can get a good discount(Like I did on gmg btw.) you should totally get it.


Rich and engaging game, But the 60$ price tag is a little much.

DPhase | Dec. 12, 2012 | See all DPhase's reviews »

I picked this game up when the game had dropped to 20$ during one of the holiday sales, The game itself is rich with story and background, and littered with interesting and diverse characters. On the downside of the that, the total playtime of the game is quite short even on a non lethal play through without rushing and exploring everything there is to explore, which had in total clocked in to about 15 hours. A recent DLC has come out to prolong the games life but i feel that it should of been apart of the base content as what you get with the story leaves something to be desired. Outside of that if you're able to pick the game up on sale by all means do so, At a 20$ price point i felt as if i had gotten my moneys worth and it was and enjoyable game play experience.


Play and Enjoy!

kalil | Dec. 11, 2012 | See all kalil's reviews »

One of the best single-player games I've encountered. The game play is extremely flexible, with huge replay value and almost unlimited approaches to each encounter. This game has many very obvious influences including Bioshock, Half-life 2, Assassin's Creed, and Metal Gear Solid. The dystopian, plague-ridden atmosphere comes across as as believable and engaging. The combat is smooth, but requires some practice as the controls differ from most other games. Also, combat often involves multiple enemies and the player doesn't have much more health than the enemies do. As a Bethesda game, I expected it to be open world (like the Elder Scrolls), but the game is more mission based, with a central "base" where the player gets missions and upgrades, and several "Districts" where the actual missions take place.


Get ready... Here we go!

masterenric0 | Dec. 11, 2012 | See all masterenric0's reviews »

There are many things I expected Dishonored to be, and amazing was not one of them. Luckily I really like to be surprised. The game play is fresh and fun every time I play it. I have no doubt that I will be returning to play Dishonored many more times. Verdict: Buy it!


Cannot recommend it enough.

overburning | Dec. 10, 2012 | See all overburning's reviews »

Arguably redefined the stealth genre, stealth made quick. Player freedom within a level is huge, using the verticality of the level, there is a real sense of freedom in the player controlled movement. Dishonored also has a very distinctive art style, and an extremely well-realised world, with plenty of opportunities for people who are interested to dive deeper into the lore. Silent protagonist however really limited the character development, but still the story was effective if predictable.


Very fun to play!

SenorDude | Dec. 10, 2012 | See all SenorDude's reviews »

Dishonored is definitely worth playing. However I would suggest waiting until it drops in price. Maybe between $40 - $50 mainly because it can easily be beaten in 7 - 9 hours and after that there's nothing to do but replay with a different play style (ie. more killing or more stealth). Hopefully future DLC will be fairly lengthy.


Strange aftertaste

yorshek | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all yorshek's reviews »

Excellent level design and arts but the game have a really bad story and is actually a sandbox experience. There's absolutely no challenge, our character is too powerful (you can one shot each enemy of the game + weird escape with blink) and exploration isn't rewarded well. After a ghost run, I've finished the game in 5 hours in very hard without any powers/upgrades (only blink and knife) which reminds me that's a real problem if you don't like sandbox game and prefer games with real challenge


The hype made me think it would be one of the best, but...

abelfs | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all abelfs's reviews »

Very nice single-player game. I like to give titles of games to see what it looks like, and this will not be an exception. It seems that Bioshock have been "enThiefed". It has a great atmosphere and freedom in the gameplay with variety in the missions, you can complete the game in a lot of ways. However, I saw the story a bit predictible, and I expected a more satisfying sandbox and RPG experience.


Good game.

Darder | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all Darder's reviews »

This is a good, modern stealth game. It is the successor of Thief itself, really. I finished the game once and I can tell that it is a fun game to play. The gameplay is good, assassinations feel great. All the powers you can gain are diverse and fun to use, and they are very usefull. The story line really felt good to discover and the ending actually surprised me. There are some small issues with the game, some characters seem to be stupid, but if you put the game on max difficulty it is barely noticeable. I loved the concept of every missions, and I recommend this game to anyone who likes Stealth games or RPG games.


A brilliant mixture of modern and old gameplay elements

Serio | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all Serio's reviews »

At first, I was skeptical about Dishonored. I thought it looked and sounded too much like your average casual shoot-them-up. Until I watched the gameplay videos, that is. Then I was sold. This game is a brillliant merger between the classical Thief games, with some Assassin's Creed thrown in and some magical elements to spice things up. This is made all the more sweet by the visual style, which is a sort of semi-serious Victorian era steampunk environment, with textures reminding one of an oil painting. Unfortunately, the game is short. Very short. This is why I pull off 15 points. Fortunately, this may be correct in the future through DLC. Nevertheless, a must buy for any fans of stealth games.


Best adventure in a long time!

Lunkan02 | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all Lunkan02's reviews »

I bought Dishonored on the day of the release and I was hooked! This game is what so many of us has been waiting for! So many ways to finish the missions, and replayability is very fun! Since you have your routed way of playing, I would advise you to try a playing style that ain´t your normal! If you are a sneaky person, try to bring som havoc and action! And if you are a gunblazing nut, try to sneak!



jack11101 | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all jack11101's reviews »

I wasn't super hyped for this game but I pre-ordered it after reading about it in Game Informer. To my surprise I found myself amerced in the thrilling plot and marvelous gameplay. Although the story line isn't that long (around 7 hours if you play right through,) you can go back and play it again doing different things and maybe even get a different ending (your actions effect the ending as well as other things in the game.) Definitely a must buy and my favorite game of 2012!


Dishonored is a victim of its own greatness

Scorpy | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all Scorpy's reviews »

I was a huge fan of Dishonored when it was still being hyped. Its art direction, at first, seemed incredible. Its gameplay seemed nice and fluid. Its story, riveting. All of this changes when you actually play. At full price ($60), this game is a massive disappointment. The graphics, although fitting the art style somewhat, are terrible for a game made and released this generation. The game automatically detected by hardware and maxed out all the settings, and at first I thought I was playing on the lowest ones. Although it is admirable that the art direction taken here is unique, it does not justify the absolutely horrendous look of the game. Some might say it suits the watercolor/oil pastel style of the game. I say that's just an excuse for poor detailing and shoddy modeling. The gameplay really shines, however, as I found myself playing far longer than I wanted to. Taking people down, whether it be in a lethal fashion or not, is simply addictive and seamless. The gameplay is as promised, fluid and easy. No qualms here. The real problem this game has is the story. For a game with so much of it, it really doesn't try to immerse you at any point. You're dropped into the game and setting with barely any introduction. What I can only assume are to be plot twists fall flat when they happen to characters you have no interest in. The main character is one-dimensional and (of course) silent. Not a single character has an ounce of personality, and the music is faceless and nearly absent. Wait for this game to drop in price (about $15).


Great Fun

floodshark | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all floodshark's reviews »

I wasn't completely sure this was going to be a game I would enjoy, but I'm glad I picked it up. Best way I think I can describe it is Bioshock meets Assassin's Creed meets V for Vendetta and Deus Ex. The graphics are fantastic, the story and writing were good, and the gameplay was very smooth. My only real complaint about the game is that even on harder difficulties, it is not a very tough game as long as you stick to the shadows and take stealth seriously.


One of the best games this year

CaptainFreud | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all CaptainFreud's reviews »

Expertly crafted. Every bit of this world is filled with lore and it gushes with style. The art style is appealing and the PC version is fantastically smooth. I've played through the game several times back to to back, the fastest I have ever done so with a game. Each play-through felt different. The level design is the best I've seen in a long time. Truly a refreshing, must-have title.


Good game

Sam04956 | Dec. 3, 2012 | See all Sam04956's reviews »

Dishonored was a very good game and I don't really have many complaints about it. Some things though were that it was a little bit short (it took me 9 hours but I wasted a lot of time, and also used stealth a lot which can make it take longer). It isn't too short though, and it also is worth replaying again in a different way, for example if you just killed everyone the first time you played, then it might be fun to try playing it non-lethally the next time and using stealth a lot. The art style, graphics, music etc. are good; no problems there. I have heard people say that the story is predictable, which I will agree with a little bit but it was still enjoyable. There are a lot of interesting ways of fighting people in this game too: you don't just have to use your sword the whole time. An example of this is that if a guard is shooting at you, you can use your slow time spell, and then possess the guard, walk him in front of his bullet, and he will have shot himself. The game is also very cheap on this site at the moment (I got it for about $22 last week), and it is definitely worth it.


A+ stealth game

bobb007 | Nov. 26, 2012 | See all bobb007's reviews »

This is probably the best Bethesda game I've ever played that they created and didn't just re-invent. (elder scrolls and fallout for example) It has aspects like Brink as far as graphics (except better) and like most successful Bethesda releases it has a good story line and fun action. Doing it stealth like, or warpath style are both fun. I like the fact if you play more stealth and kill less the city isn't as dark somewhat the way your style of play impacts you in fallout games.



2c4s | Nov. 26, 2012 | See all 2c4s's reviews »

I never saw the wonderful intricate constructed world a lot of reviewers were dazzled by, instead I attempted to do the achievement where you only kill main targets and don't get powers bar blink and ended up getting so sick of reloading because I was spotted i quit the game and haven't and will not return to it, and that is the only full price AAA game i have ever done that with. Also the graphics are AWFUL, and I'm running it on a decent machine with all maxed settings. It runs great but that's because it has textures you could replicate in MS paint. You may like it, I didn't and wish I hadn't spent the money, but for half price like it is now it might be worth a go.


One of the best stealth games

Sharptap | Nov. 23, 2012 | See all Sharptap's reviews »

This game is really good. One of the gems who come very few years. Coming from Bethesda (publisher of games like The Elder Scrolls) this game is the defenition between Stealth And RPG and you actually like it a lot. The art and the graphics are excellent and beautiful , the story is good , the controls are very smooth and the soundtrack is not bad. You will like this game since the beginning. If you dont like Stealth you can still play this game and go all front with the enemies but it´s not the right way to play the game. It´s really a must buy and everyone should have it. GOTY


Environment & Powers make the game

slowram | Nov. 23, 2012 | See all slowram's reviews »

In case you're in the same boat as I was I want to mention I questioned whether I'd enjoy this game. The text I read about the game sounded great to me, but the videos I saw turned me off the game and typically I find the videos more accurate. Once I got the opportunity to try it out I discovered my concerns were ill founded. The game's graphic style is amazing and it allowing you to chose how to use your powers and manipulate the world put this game in the running for one of my favorites of the year and I think this has been the best year for video games. I do think the $60 price tag was too much for the length of content (only because I'm cheap and expect to find a way to get new games at a hefty discount which I didn't find for this one when it first came out), if money isn't a big concern though the game content for the length is very good (the limited game time will be enjoyable). Also many people probably won't mind playing through again if not stealthing nearly everything the first time and you'll learn a lot about the powers you like and how to really manipulate the environment to your needs during your first play through. I've completed the game, which I can only say about the games I REALLY enjoy. Trying out the different powers on the enemies and environment is a real joy. First time possessing a creature and the first time it's a person is amazing. Then I did so many more times to just see what's capable when doing so. The ability to Leap/Teleport especially across rooftops is a blast and getting to view the enemies in the far distance. There are many tactics you can use and even abuse the world itself to bend it to work the way you want. I rarely felt like there were x number of clearly defined solutions for an area/problem because you can manipulate the enemy into chasing you, take them out, teleport to building tops, hide, etc. and totally disorient the location of the enemies on a mission. I felt like I could think and toy around discovering many possible ways to defeat enemies and get past them. If you like games that give you freedom in customizing your abilities and they being much varied and enjoyable perks, or if you like games where you can puzzle/toy around with the enemies and discover new ways to accomplish missions than this is a great game to get. Like the best of these versatile ways to complete mission games (not on rails), I never felt forced into falling into an outlined solution to complete a mission. Also for this type of game were you can sneak and hop around so easily I never ran into any scripting issues destroying the illusion of a real fantasy world.


A work of art!

jack11101 | Nov. 23, 2012 | See all jack11101's reviews »

This game is by far my favorite out of all those released in 2012 (Including BL2, BLOP 2, etc.) The gameplay is extremely fun and you have a lot of choices to make (You can kill everyone or not kill anyone.) Although the campaign is fairly short you can play it over a few times doing different things without getting bored. The town of Dunwall is gorgeous and you find yourself captivated by the marvelous game mechanics and the thrilling gameplay. You can pause time will a guard shoots, posses the guard and walk him in front of the bullet, un-pause time, and watch the guard shoot himself. If you don't already own this then I highly suggest you buy it!


Refreshing FPS

oginer | Nov. 21, 2012 | See all oginer's reviews »

While the FPS genre is kind of over-saturated, from time to time a game like Dishonored appears, making you want to play it even if you're fed up of FPS games. The art style is outstanding. It's like everything has been oil painted, although nothing special technically, which means it will run on slower computers. The gameplay kind of reminds Deus EX in the sense that there are different ways to accomplish your mission. You can either go killing everything or the stealth way. You generally want the last, since killing has a side effect (I won't tell to not spoil it). So a great game overall, which will bring you hours of gameplay.