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Last but not least

Karibou | Feb. 11, 2014 | See all Karibou's reviews »

Here it is. The fifth Elder Scrolls game. After a brilliant Morrowind and a quite annoying Oblivion. So, how is it? Quite good, actually, but far from perfect. Oblivion was the beginning of something quite awful : Bethesda was aiming a new target : console players. And now, in Skyrim, we can see the consequences : annoying ergonomy, made for playing with a gamepad. Using the menu and the inventory is now really bad for someone playing with a mouse and a key (actually, for every normal being). But PC is also the land of modding and tweaking. Lots of mods, made by fans to fix the developper's mistakes. And the game? Well, it's a huge open-world RPG. Lot of action, lot of surface to explore. Quite weak story, but with a well developped lore, letting any player jump into it to discover his darkest secrets. You have 100 hours or more to lose? I have one word for you : Skyrim.


Well done

TheDarKnight | Feb. 11, 2014 | See all TheDarKnight's reviews »

This is a game that is worth the buy, it has an amazing world, story, and characters, It s beautifully made, the scenarios, creatures, and it s an endless game, when you think the game is over you find another thing to do, it s pretty awesome because you don t have one main story, but hundreds of storys, the only problem is that at the end of a time the scenarios start to look the same and your enemies are similar everywhere and you get a little bored fighting them, besides that this game is a perfect RPG, if you have the chance you must buy it, this is a game to complete a collection.


A great action game, but sacrifices some of it's RPG elements!

sas41 | Feb. 10, 2014 | See all sas41's reviews »

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a great Action game, there is no doubt about that, but as a big fan of Morrowind, an older TES game, I think Skyrim sacrifices too much of its RPG elements to be a game, as good. The game has a great modding scene and a great set of base content for you to enjoy, if you are new to the series, this is great game, but if you are not, this might let you down. There is really not much to say about it, it is and Action RPG game with dragons, a really big world, and a good story behind it with many side quests to do and skill trees to go for. Conclusion, it is less of an RPG and more of an Action game, and that is why my score is down, perhaps if it was not an Elder Scrolls game, my score would have been different.


A Damn Near-Perfect Game

koticpaxx | Feb. 10, 2014 | See all koticpaxx's reviews »

Sorry ladies and gentlemen, no witty review titles. I just REALLY needed to put it out there. I've lost many hours of my life playing this game, and I don't think I see a way to end this game. Everybody, Bethesda Studios has done it again! Skyrim has been a f*cking good experience, so good that I don't know where to start. My minds boggling right now, so sorry English teachers/gamers, there will be no proper structure for this review. Lets start. The gameplay of Skyrim is fascinating. The character-customization is deep, and the controls are easy to learn. The story. OH the story, I love it! You are the Dovahkiin (spelt right?) and dragons are coming back to the land of Skyrim, far in the North of Tamriel. It is your duty to cast the dragons back to where they belong, absorbing their essence along the way. The RPG element is brilliant, and I can't get my head over it. With many several choices to set your path in, whether it's story-wise, combat or even with armour (Canadian here), the RPG does not fail to make itself present. The graphics will leave you speechless, especially when visiting places like Solitude (no Superman here) or The Throat of the World. The music is sooo catchy, and adds an overwhelming element to the grand epicness that is Skyrim. All in all, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is a damn near-perfect game (hey! the title). The overall experience is amusing, and you'll find yourself entertained for hours and hours on. With several content, and DLCs that do NOT IN ANY WAY dissapoint, this game is awesome. It does have it's glitches and annoying parts, but that is the sole obstacle that is blocking it from becoming a perfect game. That's how good it is. So, drop everything, get your card and get this damn game. When you get bored with it, download a few modes to entertain yourself, or if you're really invested in this game, get the DLCs. Trust me, every gamers needs this game added on to their collection.


A Damn Near-Perfect Game

koticpaxx | Feb. 10, 2014 | See all koticpaxx's reviews »

Sorry ladies and gentlemen, no witty review titles. I just REALLY needed to put it out there. I've lost many hours of my life playing this game, and I don't think I see a way to end this game. Everybody, Bethesda Studios has done it again! Skyrim has been a f*cking good experience, so good that I don't know where to start. My minds boggling right now, so sorry English teachers/gamers, there will be no proper structure for this review. Lets start. The gameplay of Skyrim is fascinating. The character-customization is deep, and the controls are easy to learn. The story. OH the story, I love it! You are the Dovahkiin (spelt right?) and dragons are coming back to the land of Skyrim, far in the North of Tamriel. It is your duty to cast the dragons back to where they belong, absorbing their essence along the way. The RPG element is brilliant, and I can't get my head over it. With many several choices to set your path in, whether it's story-wise, combat or even with armour (Canadian here), the RPG does not fail to make itself present. The graphics will leave you speechless, especially when visiting places like Solitude (no Superman here) or The Throat of the World. The music is sooo catchy, and adds an overwhelming element to the grand epicness that is Skyrim. All in all, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is a damn near-perfect game (hey! the title). The overall experience is amusing, and you'll find yourself entertained for hours and hours on. With several content, and DLCs that do NOT IN ANY WAY dissapoint, this game is awesome. It does have it's glitches and annoying parts, but that is the sole obstacle that is blocking it from becoming a perfect game. That's how good it is. So, drop everything, get your card and get this damn game. When you get bored with it, download a few modes to entertain yourself, or if you're really invested in this game, get the DLCs. Trust me, every gamers needs this game added on to their collection.


Endless Awesomeness!

Prakto | Feb. 9, 2014 | See all Prakto's reviews »

This game will provide you with endless hours of intense gameplay and rpg. either play the main questline or go off track and complete sidequests. The game reflects back at previous games in the elder scrolls series but it doesnt rely on you to have played them. The so called "creationkit" that bethesta allows extended modding and therefore the game never ends. Simply install a few mods when you've completed everything and the game will feel like new!


Great RPG

jmods5710 | Feb. 8, 2014 | See all jmods5710's reviews »

Skyrim came out in 2011 and has received critical acclaim by everyone. I recently acquired the game and have been playing but there is so much to see and do that I don't know if I can do it all. But... there may be too much. The definitive version of the game is the PC version, as the game improves greatly with mods. The graphics, especially on the PC, are very good and the game looks great even on lower settings. Combat is fun, though it gets repetitive, as with most RPGs, and the story is pretty good. Unfortunately, I cannot praise the game's repetitiveness overall. Many missions and locations look somewhat familiar, especially dungeons, and you might find yourself getting bored quickly. Overall, the game is very good, and I recommend it to everyone.


One of the best RPG ive played

asaf54321 | Feb. 7, 2014 | See all asaf54321's reviews »

158, Thats the number of hours ive played on skyrim since ive bought it 2.5 weeks ago. The game is amazing! You can be what ever you want! from a a mighty paladin, to a dark spellblade, ive also got all the DLCS for the game and i gotta say the storyline is AMAZING. So far ive had like 6 different character, and only with my main atm i have finished the main story quest line. The DLCS fits in very well with the game but every DLC does change the atmosphere abit. For example- the Dawnguard DLC makes the game feel very gothic. IM LOVIN IT. Would recommend this game to everyone who enjoys RPG games.


forget what you were doing fast...

damienjameswebb | Feb. 7, 2014 | See all damienjameswebb's reviews »

so the main storyline is actually quite fast if you burn through it, but the side quests are endless and with the dlc this game is almost never ending. never mind the fact that there is an infinite amount of random encounters and odd things to do and find throughout the game. the engine and graphics were an improvement over oblivion, but it should really be played on a powerful pc. Mid range and laptops CAN do it if persuaded, but you don't really get the whole picture without maxing the resolution. over all its an excellent improvement on the old games and continues on bethesda's legacy of amazing games.


The Best of the Best in Open World

xyz25 | Jan. 26, 2014 | See all xyz25's reviews »

You won't be able to find a game that has more to see, more to do than Skyrim. With hundreds of elaborate quests, The Eldor Scrolls V: Skyrim is the top notch fantasy RPG currently out. I have spent many hours running around in this beautiful world, and I plan on many more to come. The game itself is magnificent, with only the smallest minor bugs and glitches that can be easily surpassed and sometimes are quite comical. There is an extremely large modding community to bring even more gameplay into the project after you have done everything there is to do (which will take you days worth of playing time anyway.) The games visuals hold up to the best current gen, especially if you install many of the graphical mods out there. I don't know if Ive ever seen a game so rich in background, and so fun all at the same time. 90/100


Definatly worth every penny - One of the greatest games ever

w0rdvirus | Jan. 26, 2014 | See all w0rdvirus's reviews »

Skyrim is possibly the greatest game of all time and this is coming from a person who is not an avid RPG fan. I like a few FPS/RPGs like Borderlands, but I am not that big into fantasy. Skyrim changed my mind. I started on the 360 borrowing my brother’s copy because I was bored. I went on to play hundreds of hours. I then purchased the PC version and I'm already up to 76 hours played on that. The PC version is far superior; it is a visually stunning game, just utterly beautiful. This game is worth every penny no matter how much you play. Bethesda created a system where you can constantly level your abilities and once you max one out you can reset it to start the level process over without reset your character level. There really is too much to go into here. You can fight with bows, two-handed weapons like great swords and battle axes, one-handed weapons such as swords and daggers which can also be dual-wielded. You can dual-wield magic or use a one-handed weapon and magic in the other hand. The possibilities almost seem endless. The story is amazing with almost endless side stories where you can become a thief, a werewolf, and so much more. This isn’t even including the downloadable content which adds more of everything. There are radiant quest to keep things going making it one of few games where you just can't really hit the end of the game. You can finish the main storyline, but there is still so much more to do. I have never played a game for as many hours as I have Skyrim and again I'm not even a very big fan of RPGs. This is a must have game, every gamer should have a copy of Skyrim and the PC version is the way to go because of modding. Steam and Nexus have thousands of mods to change almost any aspect of the game that you could want. Buy it, but it now.


great game

runetitan | Jan. 25, 2014 | See all runetitan's reviews »

i have spent so much time in this game. with the help of mods which there are tonnes of you can do any thing. want to be a bard be a bard. the story is great but i have never finished it since i all ways get side tracked and i have put in a lot of hours in this game and still not see all of this game. but for me that also the problem its too big you all ways get side tracked and can never get concentrated in one thing. its also constant world so if you steal something it will never come back. also if you steal every thing in a village and don't get caught they will never act different which breaks my immersion since i love stealing. so once you steal all the stuff in skyrim there will never be any other stuff to steal. even with that its a great game.


Replay Is The Word

chataolauj | Jan. 24, 2014 | See all chataolauj's reviews »

This game has a ton of replay value to it's contents. You can do so much in this game that it's crazy. It's not really the best Elder Scrolls game (Oblivion is), but it lives up to the Elder Scrolls name though. There are a few DLC for Skyrim that really adds onto the story of the game as well. Too bad there isn't a bundle with the DLCs for this game though because the DLCs are pretty expensive. You would think they've been lowered by now, but not really. Still worth buying though.



odtuyurt8 | Jan. 20, 2014 | See all odtuyurt8's reviews »

This game is completely amazing! You enjoy every single moment that you play! Even after finishing the story, you still have many many stuff to do, probably you need more than 500 hrs to finish the whole game. Even if you finish, you can still create a new character and develop him differently and still enjoy!


A very enjoyable and re-playable game.

Ssnowy | Jan. 14, 2014 | See all Ssnowy's reviews »

Bottom line, it is a very good game, in-fact one of the best games I have played. I think that the gameplay is fantastic, the world looks absolutely epic with a simple couple of mods from the steam workshop and the fact you get to choose what "Class" you want to be in every way, shape and form. The class system enables you to be whatever you feel like, I.E. a heavy weapons warrior that conjures his weapons out of thin air or a sneaky wizard. All in all a very good game.


Best Game of All Time

Percyro | Jan. 7, 2014 | See all Percyro's reviews »

This game is just absolutely amazing. From the moment you start playing you will have tons of opportunities to do whatever you want. After the "tutorial" dungeon, you can just leave and kill animals or sneak into towns at night and loot houses. Or you can follow the main quest, do side quests, whatever pleases you. And with that there is so much to do. Hunt, craft weapons or armor, cook food, buy a house, get married, adopt kids, almost anything you can think of. I originally bought this game for Xbox 360 and went to the midnight release, but I had to buy the Legendary Edition for PC when I saw it on sale. This game is worth every penny and I recommend it to anyone, even if you aren't a fan of RPG's. Best game of all time!


one of a kind game

madxskillzxgame | Jan. 7, 2014 | See all madxskillzxgame's reviews »

there is no game to compare this game there is no game with a map like this where you can go where you like and fight dragons and spend most of your time doing other things than the story cause you will realize that the things you can do are endless the mods are amazing to especially if you have a good pc and can get amazing graphics mods and make the game look like it is from the future.


Replay Value!

StormGryffen | Jan. 6, 2014 | See all StormGryffen's reviews »

I remember showing this game to an acquaintance who had not taken a look at PC gaming in a number of years. Her first comments were “Wow, I didn’t realize computer graphics had advanced so far” and, after a while, “So this is pretty much the best game ever made, then?” My response was “Yes.” Not only is the base game engaging, not only is all the DLC incredibly good, but the fun factor and replay value of this game are absolutely through the roof. The engaging storyline and combat system are top of the industry and despite pretty much every play through the game leads to owning a very powerful character, decisions you make along the way coupled with the sheer quantity of things to do in this game make every run through the game feel exciting and worthwhile. If you somehow get bored with the base game and all of its deep and engaging expansions, the mod community for this game is the most active that I have ever seen. You can mod in new adventures, gear, systems, items, whatever you want. Some of the mods out there are arguably as large and engaging as the professional DLC expansions are. I have every achievement in this game with all DLC’s installed. According to my Steam account, I have played this game for 578 hours at the time of this writing. If you’re looking for gameplay value in a fantasy game that, in my opinion, has no competition in the gaming industry - this is it.



haider786 | Jan. 6, 2014 | See all haider786's reviews »

I give the game a 80 because unlike other games there really is not a class system which I do like to have in games like this and the magic itself could of been better other than that the games good. Guess it only didn't make to 10 because of the amount of bugs. The game is AMAZING, but it had a few bugs that really ticked me out during gameplay... Of course that happened close to its release date, hopefully there's been patches/updates for most of those, I'm not sure though. Recomended to anyone still. Its great


Game of the decade?

haider786 | Jan. 6, 2014 | See all haider786's reviews »

This game is just amazing. It took over countless hours of my life. The story is great and so is the graphics. I got a great deal on it (thanks to GMG) This has an extra long story which makes it fun to just keep going. The character customization is mind blowing. This game looks amazing on pc. The mods are the best part. I found myself installing 100's of mods. This made me wanna replay the game again and again. Recommended to Anyone 11/10 My favorite game on PC so far!!



Freako | Jan. 2, 2014 | See all Freako's reviews »

People that is the language for skyrim. It is an EPIC war cry that any skyrim fan should know. Skyrim is a open world game where you start off as an adventurer. Character customization is insane. Willing to spend 20 mins just to get the perfect fantasy character. Go ahead, adjust your eyebrow thickness,height,weight. Any single part of a human body you want to move around at your choice. Storyline is great but i wont spoil. Involves an EPIC dragon. Gameplay is the FPS which means you see your shield and blade. What i love about gameplay is the freedom to do anything. See an NPC you don't like and wanna give a smack to his face. GO AHEAD !! The NPC will scream and the whole village will be chasing you out of the village. See a big monster that you know you shouldn't taunt, walk behind it and poke it. Even though some events are scripted but everything other than that is your own will and freedom to do whatever nonsense you want.



doubttom | Dec. 29, 2013 | See all doubttom's reviews »

It's elder scrolls. Graphics are great. Mods are great. Combat is satisfying and the side quests are so interesting. You have done a lot of this before but not like this. Also you can totally kill those Giants with a dagger, go ahead and do it. I'll wait.


A game that you will play for months

gforcesa | Dec. 28, 2013 | See all gforcesa's reviews »

Skyrim is one of the best open world RPG's out there.Its filled with so much content that you could play it for months if you want to complete every quest.Considering its such a long game,Bethesda has released multiple DLC's that add about 5 hours to each one and every one is as fun as the last one.You can play this game a lot of different ways.For example, you can play with magic and cast fireballs and lightning and be a powerful mage.There are a different variety of weapons like Dwarfen,Iron,Elven,Ebony,Dragonbone,Falmer,Farsworn,Glass and many others.In the beginning of the game you can be well any kind of race you want to.A game that definitely should be in your steam library.The game also supports mod which are hella fun to play and fool around with.


One of the best RPG around... but not so good as Morrowind

Quillan | Dec. 27, 2013 | See all Quillan's reviews »

Skyrim is a typical Elders' Scroll title: big, bold, overcrowded by locations and things to explore and quest to complete. It can takes literally hundreds of hours to explore all, even forever if you start to enjoy one of his most shiny feature, the Steam Workshop Mods support. The main plot is very intriguing, the "main" sideline (war between Empire and would-be-Indipendent Northmen) too, some of the side quests instead are somewhat below the par, but you can find anyway some hundreds tasteful. Respect the past, however, expecially in confrontation with the real Bethesda's masterpiece Morrowind, all the experience is somewhat simplified, more directed to casual and newcomer respect seasoned Rpg-gamers. Inventory, menus and dialogues are more "console-style" respect the past, many aspects are more "easier" to master respect the old UI, also the character progression/skill paths are less demanding in choosing wisely respect your character style intended to achieve. Overall is a must-to-be-played by every RPGs lovers - for more casual gamers it can be overwhelming and maybe they can be somewhat lost facing too many things and possibilities open to their characters...


The Best RPG Ever

faerie241 | Dec. 26, 2013 | See all faerie241's reviews »

I cannot even begin to explain how phenomenal this game is. From the first moment a player sets foot in the open world to the time that they have finished the main plot and shaped the region of Skyrim forever, it is an amazing adventure. The graphics are beautiful even on moderate to low graphical settings, which can be run on a surprisingly low-spec computer. Of course, the best part of Skyrim is the endless number of quests. I have put over 150 hours into the game, and I still have half of the plot-lines left. This game is enormous, and it has something for everyone to do, whether you enjoy assassin-style game play, or if you would prefer to use a sword and shield setup. Ultimately, I HIGHLY recommend you buy this game, no matter what genre of game you prefer. You will love it, I promise.


Possibly the best RPG I ever played

Xeled | Dec. 25, 2013 | See all Xeled's reviews »

When this game came out, I was so eager to play it, I only heard good things about it and it looked really interesting. Unfortunately, my PC was already old, and not good enough to run Skyrim properly. It was a pity, but there wasn't much I could do. Only a few months ago, I finally bought some good parts for my old machine and reinstalled the game immediately. Although there were tons of reviews and critics out already I still couldn't believe what I missed all the time. I played Skyrim for hours each day, couldn't get enough of it - and it kept getting better. Before playing Skyrim I was a huge Oblivion fan, but this newer Elder Scrolls release has everything Oblivion had - but in an upgraded version. Although you would think the games would be quite similar, everyone of them has its own awesome feeling, I would recommend anyone to buy Skyrim (and Oblivion as well, if you like) and play it for a while. You will see what i mean. All in all, you could say this title is most likely the best RPG of our time - something you really shouldn't miss.


Must buy

Rexoto | Dec. 20, 2013 | See all Rexoto's reviews »

One of the best games ever created by Bethesda. From the start you are immersed in this RPG. Spending at least an hour creating your character can give you a sense of utter freedom letting you decide what and who you want to be. Fighting mechanics are excellent and the world is beautiful although I must admit its graphic achievement was indeed over-hyped. That being said, the missions were very satisfying and the gameplay simply amazing. A few bugs here and there but patched. And the mods just make this game a million times better. A must buy. Was worth the money spent back when it came out. Is worth it to buy now at a lower price.


10/10 Should buy.

Rasklart | Dec. 20, 2013 | See all Rasklart's reviews »

I was first introduced to Oblivion when I was around 9 years old, I used to play it with my step dad and my mind was blown, I'd never seen a game like it from that time period and from then on I've been a huge fan of the elder scrolls series and Skyrim is no exception. I've racked up countless hours on this game, there's just so much stuff to do and so many ways to shape your character(s). It isn't one of those games where once you finish the main story, that's it, nothing else to do, there's also a load of side missions which are well plotted. The DLC is also amazing with the addition of vampires and werewolves in Dawnguard and other quests from the Dragonborn DLC and the ability to build houses and such in the Hearthfire one. All in all this is a fantastic game and if you've never played it before, definitely buy it, It's even better on the PC as well with all of the mods you can get.


Elder scrolls is keep getting better

drakso | Dec. 16, 2013 | See all drakso's reviews »

The Elder Scrolls franchise left a huge mark on the RPG gaming scene, and it is continuing to do so by the fifth installment Skyrim. For those 2 people that are wondering what an Elder Scrolls game is, it is one of the best open world RPG game in a fantasy setting. The game is filled with side quests, many main story lines, lots of places to explore and many items and gear to collect. The fighting in the game is a bit simple and weird, and you might run across a bug or two. But overall the game is awesome and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in RPG games.


Skyrim - review

Miredas | Dec. 14, 2013 | See all Miredas's reviews »

Skyrim is a free world RPG game. The story is about you, the ''dragonborn'' is going to be executed for your criminal activities, but when you're about to be executed, a dragon comes and makes everyone panic. You get the chance to flee, and thats how you start your jorney in the amazingly big world of Skyrim. You are able to choose between 5 races, and then costumize your character. You can then choose to play in either 3rd person or 1st person. You level up, like in many other rpg's, you then choose between a various of skill trees to make your character better & stronger. You can choose to be a good person and save the world of Skyrim, or be the evil person and steal other peoples stuff, kill innocent people. In Skyrim you can do so much more than kill and earn, you can pick flowers, steal stuff, and get a wife. I reccomend atleast trying this game, it will be worth it.


Play it your way.

cordin | Dec. 12, 2013 | See all cordin's reviews »

While we talk about Skyrim, i am going to focus on the PC port of the game, because of its higher quality and ability for mod support. My first save of this game was magical i traveled the land and quest would pop up and all was great but the replay value starts to lower as there is not much difference in how you can play, but if you run pc then mods take you away, with all now worlds,quests,npcs,weapons,homes,animals,features,UIs it just makes that game feel different every time you play, and with the up coming elder scrolls online coming why not catch up on some lore before it comes, hey, maybe you might get addicted? Over all i //find that skyrim as a game is great on its first round the game starts to sparkle when the PC port is added with mods to make a great loveable experience.


On PC with mods? This game is basically perfect.

Bokoblin23 | Dec. 10, 2013 | See all Bokoblin23's reviews »

If you have a powerful PC and run Skyrim with mods, this immensely fun and exciting open world adventure is opened up to new and exciting possibilities. That's what Skyrim on PC is about. We all know Skyrim is, broadly, an exciting open world fantasy adventure. We know the setting is extremely rich full of lore and quests. We know that this game gives you amazing value with hundreds of hours of content. On PC, Skyrim is special, it takes Bethesda's philosophy of "do what you want, where you want" to the next level. Change things from the lighting systems to the companions you meet. From the dungeons to new lands - all of this new content and customization for free in user-created mods. All of this is thanks to Bethesda supplying their toolkit they used to construct the game and this is what makes the experience truly special. I cannot recommend a game more when the creators are willing to encourage and facilitate the creativity and ingenuity of their biggest fans. Bethesda has done this with their (already amazing) game and I therefore give this game 100 on principle. Keep in mind modding your game can take some time and can become addictive, it may also corrupt your saves or glitch your game, so please take care - it's often recommended you do one character without any mods, just to see what the vanilla game is like. It's pretty brilliant. Steam Workshop is an easy-to-use source of mods, just beware a lot of content in Skyrim and in mods are NOT suitable for children. Please do the necessary research before buying this game for someone under 18. REMEMBER: Individual mods are not endorsed or supported by Bethesda, these are creations from random people online, please take precautionary measures when exploring the modding scene.


Great game

DivineGlory | Dec. 7, 2013 | See all DivineGlory's reviews »

This game has a ton of new features added from Oblivion, but also takes some away. The features they took away makes the game feel more empty, but thats fine. The story telling of this game is a step down from Oblivion as well, and the main campaign isnt interesting at all, you'll find yourself doing everything but that after you beat it once. Other than that and the stupid glitches, this game is superb for the time of its release. There are plenty of mods and graphics updates to make it look new and everything, The combat is brand new as well as the leveling system so youll enjoy it.


Good job Bethesda, Good job!

HolyWinter | Dec. 7, 2013 | See all HolyWinter's reviews »

While they have had their fair share of the rarely released bad game this can easily be said to be one of the best ever made games. While it is not perfect it offers a large RPG like enjoyable experience. This game alone is just great but it has a HUGE modding community and with mods especially good mods this game becomes a LifeStealer. Before you know it you have racked up over 700 hours! 700!? For real!? I thought that was bad until I saw how much time some people invested into Counter Strike *Cough* over 3000 hours... *cough*. The elder Scrolls series has come a long way since the Morrowind days, in a good way! Hard To Imagine Anyone Not Liking This Game!


Fantastic Game for Anyone

harpiegirl | Dec. 5, 2013 | See all harpiegirl's reviews »

Skyrim is the type of game anyone could play, and there would still be something there for you. You can quest, craft, talk, explore and anything in between. The game itself is great and takes a handful of hours to fully complete. Once you're done with that, there's still so much to do! Skyrim has one of the largest game modding communities, as well as has some of the best game mods. There are several fantastic mods that add at least 10-20 hours worth of gameplay, as well as more diversity, customization and even change the graphics and visuals. Overall great game, the PC version is by far the best version(it also comes with an HD skins pack) overall.


Bethesda figured out timetravel

Argentum | Dec. 1, 2013 | See all Argentum's reviews »

As it turns out timetravel has always been possible, it just required you to say the words "I'll play skyrim for a little bit". First time I did this I skipped forward 7hrs, now I've played this game on the 360 and clocked up around 200hrs without breaking a sweat, but since rebuying it for the PC I realised that that was just the surface. 200hrs?! Just the surface, am I mad. No, no I am not, if I wanted I could go and do a similar 200hrs on the PC version, nothing would be different bar the far better textures and less bugs corrupting my save, however instead I've dived straight into the world of modding, instantly mages and archers become viable skill sets removing the need for me to own a heavy ass shield. I also took on a mod that gave the much missung "Hardcore" mode from NewVegas and put it into the world of Skyrim adding a whole new level of depth to the game. But the best thing is I can fix the broken UI, it was bearable on console but it felt lacking and wasted on the PC. Onto the actual game, even playing for probably the 8th overall time I don't get bored of the story, its gripping enough that you actually want to do it despite all the other wonders that there is to see, and those other wonders aren't obvious - in the good way, they turn up when you least expect it. That city you've yet to been too because its really far north? Well boom, 8hr mission series surrounding the mages guild, Riften seems pretty out of the way I better see whats down there, ohhh sweet I can finally sell of of my stolen shit. Now that is special. Speaking of the thieves guild, its my only criticism - its a much weaker thieves guild compared to Oblivion. Its still a good tale and has some moments, but the in-between missions and general fence infrastructure just isn't as well thought out as it was in oblivion. There are some mods floating around to add depth to that so I'm going to check it out.


Good luck finishing it 100%

siktirgit_115 | Nov. 18, 2013 | See all siktirgit_115's reviews »

The elder scrolls, probably one of the most beloved franchises in all of videogame history. The long loved universe that bethesda created are some people's meaning of life.. The franchise is just astonishing and wonderfull with places for you to explore. You have probably heard of the elder scrolls, everyone has! But if you yet haven't, you have to try it out! The world of the elder scrolls is for everyone to play with! The only problem I experienced with it was that there were only two story related DLC's. If they made more DLC's I would rate this a hundred out of a hundred. but sadly it doesn't seem like it will be more content for the elder scrolls. Make wild monkey love with this beauty!


Absolutely fantastic game!

nebur91 | Nov. 12, 2013 | See all nebur91's reviews »

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is absolutely one of the best games I have ever played. The sheer size and complexety of the world is stunning, it just seems endless. I have spend many hours on this game, yet when I play it feels like less. The game is an experience I will never forget. The story is decent, but it is really the game mechanics and the character building that really make the game what it is. Freeroaming is very enjoyable in this game, and the map is of such a great size that it'll take forever to explore everything. There are bugs present though, but overall, it is a fantastic game.


The Best Open World Game Since Fallout

jordo_123 | Nov. 5, 2013 | See all jordo_123's reviews »

This is my second elder scrolls game but my first pc Game. Some of the main selling features for me was graphics and the amount of Mods available for it is immense. The graphics are spectacular with the hd textures and can even become better if your graphics card can handle it with some (enb mods). As for the gameplay experience it is out of this world, i especially love the bow and sneak attacking enemies and getting those slow-mo cinematic arrow shots when get a critical hit. Although this game is a few years old now it's a must play on pc. The campaign is in a league of it's own, you do what you want when you want. You just want to hunt dragons sure go for it, maybe you want to spend one hour trying to shoot a river jumping trout with your bow (really hard but that feeling you get when done) or maybe you want to go treasure hunting. There are plenty of things to do and places to find, you can even mine ore for crafting armour (one of my favourite features). To Wrap this up the game is graphically amazing, has an intense campaign and lots of activities to keep you from completing the game.


A Fantasy Role-Playing Epic

knoxstar | Nov. 2, 2013 | See all knoxstar's reviews »

Skyrim delves deep into the Oblivion lore, making you the Dragonborn. Combining all types of different games, along with the exploration from previous games, Skyrim allows you to summon creatures, cast magic, engage in swordplay, mix and build and help out the people of the nation. With a plethora of sidequests and community based add-ons, the game can literally never end! Tons of fun.


Impressed yet torn between my joy and my empty wallet

betock | Oct. 30, 2013 | See all betock's reviews »

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the prettiest game i have seen so far. Able to running this on "Ultra" and your mind will be blown for a good solid 3 days. Cause 3 days is sadly all it takes to complete this solo-player game. It was the best 3 days of my life seen through a "gaming experience" filter, though i was left with a feeling of waste. I felt like my hard earned money was slighty wasted, since i couldn't interact with my friends in the game. I could tell them i got this new "shout", and found this new weapon. That was just not enough for me personally since i'm a multiplayer guy. I'll rate Skyrim high since it gamewise was really well made.


What's Beneath Oblivion?

CoillyZ | Sept. 28, 2013 | See all CoillyZ's reviews »

This game is great. I had a lot of fun. The controls are... they are Elder Scrolls controls. I didn't like the graphics. They seemed subpar. I also didn't enjoy the story. The rest of the game is pretty good. If you are just starting Elder Scrolls, play either Morrowind or Oblivion first.


Oblivion and more

MarcoCav | Sept. 27, 2013 | See all MarcoCav's reviews »

With over three hundred hours of gameplay declared, solid gameplay and a variety simply unattainable, Skyrim is the natural evolution of Oblivion, the exact answer to the demands of all the fans. The inclusion of Dragons epic adds a deep and interesting story, while some updates to the game structure guarantee freshness and solidifying the already strong foundation. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is then, ultimately, an exciting and unforgettable experience: at every step something will hit your senses, enchanting you in spite of a technical realization certainly not in step with the times. Simply majestic.


The best in its genre.

rjb789 | Sept. 22, 2013 | See all rjb789's reviews »

Skyrim, put simply, is the best. It merges an upgrade system with a great story and a great sense of mystery which makes you want to explore. The graphics are great but they can be improved even more with mods. Mods are one of the reasons I bought Skyrim. I improved the sounds, the graphics, the NPCs, the missions and so much more! All for free! The game on its own is still great though, the voice acting is convincing and the enemies AI is responsive. There is so much to explore and find in Skyrim. Whether its a new dungeon, or a bandit camp, or a deer which you need to hunt to craft new armor so you can finally go up against that annoying mage that is preventing you from retrieving a tree spore so someone in riverwood can finish a potion to heal their son who got attacked by a bandit. You get the picture. Everything in Skryim is brilliant and I highly recommend it to anyone!


The open world role playing game that defines the genre

gebe | Sept. 20, 2013 | See all gebe's reviews »

Skyrim is the latest game in Bethesdas much acclaimed Elder Scrolls series and a natural evolution of its predecessors. It's more polished, it has less rough edges and it feels more streamlined. What some people may call "dumbed down" I call more approachable, unnecessary skills have been removed and some annoying micro management aspects of earlier game has been dealt with. You no longer have to plan how you should setup major and minor skills from the get go so that you don't gimp your character later down the road. You can also more easily switch focus mid game, going from mage to archer for example, without too much hassle or breaking the save. The story is quite generic and fits the mold of a classic fantasy adventure including dragons and all. This should not be seen as something inherently negative though, the main story is a good one and will keep you occupied for quite a while. In addition to that you have a HUGE amount of side quests and factions to join that will keep you occupied for many, many hours more. Myself I had played about 120 hours before I even started the main quest, and then I had only completed two of the faction quest lines in game. Also, not to forget, you are presented with a huge open world full of surprises to explore as you may see fit. The setting, the world and the narrative content couldn't be better! As if the original content wasn't enough the game has an amazing community supporting it with player made mods something which extends the life of the game many times over.The mods range from the professional to the crazy and there's something to be found for everyone. A great weakness however is the abysmal UI which gives the impression that Bethesda regards the PC version as a second-class citizen compared to the console versions. Something which is very sad since the series has its roots on the PC. However, as a whole, it's an amazing game that will and can keep you occupied for hundreds of hours, especially if you take advantage of the amazing mod support from the community. In short: Skyrim is a genre defining RPG that gets as much love for its original content as its extensive modability. It's a classic and a must play for any lover of open world, first person role playing games.


A generation defining game

Krios101 | Sept. 15, 2013 | See all Krios101's reviews »

This being my first elder scrolls game where I was able to get it launch day I was very excited and having that excitement matched on launch day is an understatement. Everything from the small stuff like the improved graphics and the wide variety of spells available helps to give the game a much more improved experience over oblivion. Upon acquiring your first dragon shout you get a great sense of power and that feeling is kept alive each time you use a shout and with more powerful shouts to find, this game keeps rewarding your efforts of exploration. Walk in any direction and you will discover something and that sense of exploration rewarding is a great one which really drives the game forward. Overall a game you should not ever miss out on and to do so would be a crying shame.


Next Elder Scrolls Game? There goes my life.. again...

Kevduit | Sept. 14, 2013 | See all Kevduit's reviews »

This game was the legendary game that millions of Elder Scrolls fans waited for, the game that would win countless awards for it's amazing storyline, gameplay, and side quests. This is Skyrim. Skyrim is one of my favorite game of all times. It has hours upon hours of side quests (and when I say hours, I mean 100 hours) and the storyline is epic, it'll keep you wanting more and more! The game is completely open to you, every choice you make determines that kind of man or woman you will become, so choose wisely! The world is massive and immersive, with almost no boundaries, you're able to just keep running and running until the Ocean stops you. The Graphics in this game are absolutely beautiful, with full night and day sequences, and a randomly generated weather system, it keeps you feeling as though Skyrim could've been a real place! With almost no restrictions in the least, Skyrim is the game that all hardcore RPG players should buy!


A short review

Lunarsilkdragon | Sept. 13, 2013 | See all Lunarsilkdragon's reviews »

I don't think a review of this game needs to be that long. I'll just summarise this as short as I can. * The dungeons suck. There are almost no unique dungeons in the game. Most of them are no more than a copy-and-paste job, and after a few of them, you feel like you've seen them all. And I don't know why they even bothered to add puzzles. They are always the same, and embarrassingly easy. * The quests suck. Most of the quest are linked to the dungeons I've described above. Often, the quests consist of: Go to this town, talk to this NPC, go to this dungeon, fetch this item, go back to the NPC and give him the item. The main questline is an abomination. It mostly follows the standard quest-recipe. I will give plus points for the finale of the main quest though. It's pretty cool. It's the same with the guildquests. They all follow the same pattern and you won't know the difference between a Mageguild quest or a Companions quest. The Thieves Guild and the Brotherhood is a lot better though. With the Thieves guild quests you actually get to be a thief (except for the last missions where it's just dungeons again). Same with the Brotherhood quests. You actually get to be an assasin in those. * The combat is pretty good. If you compare it to Oblivion, it's way better. A lot more weight to the hits, better archery etc. etc. It can always get better though. * The graphics are pretty good, of course. There are a lot of quite breathtaking views to be found in the game, especially from the high mountains such as High Hrothgar. Although some of the textures are annoyingly low-res, you can mostly ignore it. * The soundtrack is good. It fits the game very well and adds depth to the enviroment and theme of the game. * The story is kinda bad. Not particulary well written, and very cliché. Now for the best part of Skyrim: * The mods make this game much, much better. The active mod community actually improves a LOT on the vanilla game's faults. There are graphic mods, quest mods, dungeon mods, overhaul mods, combat mods, mods that add new and cool gameplay mechanics and yeah...mods for about anything. The score I gave for this game is for the vanilla game. With the right mods, it can easily be a 85/100. I would recommend buying this game, but only when it's on sale. I would say it's worth 20 bucks maximum, and that's only because of the mods.


Fantastical Fantasy!

Jammywolf | Sept. 11, 2013 | See all Jammywolf's reviews »

This game is probably the best game I've ever played. When I bought this game I knew very little of The Elder Scrolls franchise, but since I bought this game I have become the series' aficionado among my friends. There are so many places in the game to explore, that every time I play a portion of the game I find something new. With an absolutely thriving modding community on steam and the Skyrim Nexus you will find many great mods that will undoubtedly tempt you to download them. Anything you don't like in the game, or think should be in the game, can be added with a mod or two. I have played 300 hours and still counting. Graphics: 8, the base game's graphics are great, but can be improved even more with mods. Sound: 7, the sounds are great to listen to, but I recommend, downloading the "Sounds of Skyrim" set of mods, that greatly increase the ambient noise that you hear while exploring. Reliability: 8, there are a few big bugs, but nothing that can't be solved with a re-load or console commands. Replay Value: 10, it would take you thousands of hours to do and collect everything in the game, but none of it is in the slight bit tedious. And even if you do finish the whole game there is a swarm of mods waiting for you to play them. Gameplay: 10, outstanding it is a great game to play and really fun.


A fine RPG with extensive community support

toasteddude | Aug. 21, 2013 | See all toasteddude's reviews »

A great RPG with a large tundra themed world to explore. Plenty of content to keep you occupied, even in the base game. The main attraction is the large number of ruins and dungeons to explore. There is a main quest but it isn't all that fun. The side quests are much better, particularly the Dark Brotherhood quest line. There isn't much depth to lore and story overall, the Dark Brotherhood being the exception. The combat is much improved since Oblivion (where engaging combat was sorely lacking) and a number of different character builds are viable (melee, mage, ranger, etc.) The visuals are fair without mods (but amazing with the right mods). but the game as a whole is much more stable from a technical standpoint compared to some of Bethesda's other games. Be sure to check out the large number of mods which improve the game greatly in almost every regard (visuals, content, bug fixes.)


100 hours and I wouldn't mind playing it again.

Joe56780 | Aug. 17, 2013 | See all Joe56780's reviews »

Skyrim is the latest game in the Elder Scrolls series and in my opinion pulls out some impressive punches on its way. My main concern with Oblivion was that the combat wasn't very fun, albeit it was still addictive. Skyrim improves on combat greatly by adding more variation in and basically having a far more attractive gameworld to explore. You gain skill points as you level up which can improve different abilities to suit your needs, albeit the game becomes incredibly easy past a certain point (still strangely addictive though). If you are thinking of buying this, make sure to check out mods too since they really do add a lot to the game world and some nice tweaks to the games basic interface. If you haven't already, buy this game.


The ultimate RPG.

TheOneRedDevil | Aug. 15, 2013 | See all TheOneRedDevil's reviews »

Elder Scroll V: Skyrim is quite simply put, one of the best games of our generation. The expansive game play can literally have you playing for hours, without following the main storyline. I myself played a good 35 hours alone on side quests without even thinking about the main quest line. A beautifully immersive experience is enhanced by the stunning scenery that follows you everywhere in the game. An additional plus to the PC version are the mods, which you can download for free, that add numerous hours to already, a game in which you can play for days.


A Legend

DanJamesStone12 | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all DanJamesStone12's reviews »

Skyrim is an amazing game, from an amazing developer; Bethesda: creators of classics such as Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 3. I can safely say that Bethesda has outdone themselves once again. Combat was well thought out, allowing you to use bows, swords, axes, magic and so much more- with the ability to level up all your skills to make them deadlier and more effective. It's great fun, and not a walk in the park, unlike some games, Skyrim offers immersive, challenging gameplay that has proven to be hours upon hours of fun. As an open world, free roam game you are not limited to a linear storyline, you can choose to complete the main questline or you can do many side quests to extend your gameplay experience. It is a must buy, and will one day be a classic.


Awesome game!

xSh4d0wXx | Aug. 8, 2013 | See all xSh4d0wXx's reviews »

Even after nearly two years of having this game, I am still playing it on a regular basis. The side quests are amazing in this game, especially quest lines like the dark brotherhood and the companions. The gameplay has been much improved since Oblivion, very noticeably in fact. The graphics are really great, especially if you have a good enough computer to run it on the higher settings. The graphics aren't so good on Xbox or PS3 but it is still playable. The mods on the PC version are just amazing. They really add replay value to the game because there is constantly something new being put in the game!


Bethesda have made an amazing game once again

tomdoughnut | Aug. 7, 2013 | See all tomdoughnut's reviews »

Skyrim: The fabled Dovahkiin, or "dragon-born", emerges in the world land of Skyrim, and he slowly discovers the prophecies which await him. The powers of this once-thought mythic man are unknown to most people of Skyrim, so as the player progresses through the storyline, they attract more attention to themselves, gaining ever more quests and journeys for the player to enjoy. Unlike the preceeding Elder Scrolls games, Skyrim introduces new creatures and powers that the world, both fictional and real, have never seen before. The creatures range from drgons, to trolls, to zombies, to emperors and Bethesda has left no detail untouched as they upgrade the water graphics and gameplay so Skyrim ensures that everyone shall enjoy and love this game. With the addition of Steam Workshop, the player has an infinite supply of armours, quests, characters and weapons to enjoy. 10/10 and a definite buy.


Bethesda's done it again!

Avesomeofthat13 | Aug. 6, 2013 | See all Avesomeofthat13's reviews »

Skyrim is the latest game in "The Elder Scrolls" franchise, and possibly the most exciting one too. To start, the map is huge on this game, and I mean HUGE, it's 2013 and it is still one of the largest maps in any modern video game. The non-playing characters are more intricate too, with more dialogue options and side-quests available from every conversation. You'll find out so much just from talking to the local drunk! In all it's glory, this game is magnificent and one of the best role-playing games on the market - but it is not without it's flaws. For one, the textures have a tendency to blur out, as if there is not anti-aliasing, becoming a mass of grey on the character - however this has been addressed in game updates. Another flaw is the combat system. Blocking does very little on this game, and parrying an attack can be almost impossible using a keyboard and mouse; but never-the-less its a great game.


Beautiful RPG

zipnox | July 29, 2013 | See all zipnox's reviews »

Skyrim is an open world roleplaying game offering loads of exploration possibilities for the adventurous spirit. It's filled with tons of side quests, lore and dungeons to keep you busy for a long time, that is, unless you're only doing the main quest. The main game is actually quite short, but if you allow yourself to get involved with the conflicts of the world, you'll find that countless hours of fun awaits. The aesthetics are great, beautiful areas await and the musical score is excellent. The game does feature quite a few bugs however, and if you're in the wrong spot at the wrong time, the game might break. The combat is great fun and allows for versatility in dispatching various enemies through magic, swords, stealth and more. The game also has a great modding community, providing more free content daily. Overall, the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will give you hours upon hours of entertainment and the game makes up for its shortcomings, no problem.


A game you have to play

gamingus1991 | July 11, 2013 | See all gamingus1991's reviews »

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a game that offers many possibilities, is a long game with a beautiful atmosphere and thantks to the modding community the game is very alive even today but even without mods the game offers a lot of hours playing. As a sandbox game you don't even have to complete the main storyline, you can have fun visiting all the map and doing what do you want. You should buy Skyrim, for me it was the game of last year. Buy it and became a Dragonborn!!


Excellent game

Armed_Psycho | July 9, 2013 | See all Armed_Psycho's reviews »

As a fan of the elder scrolls series since Morrowind, I greatly enjoyed this game and would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of RPG's. The game map is very extensive and full of quests, loot, and even random encounters. While the main storyline itself won't win any rewards in my opinion, the gameplay will defiantly make up for it.Though I enjoyed this game, other long-time players of The Elder Scrolls series may disagree with the enjoyment of this game. I did feel as if the combat and leveling system were dumbed down abit, and Guilds are no longer specialized and can be completed by any type of character play style, but through all that I still would say Skyrim is an experience any person who enjoys RPG's shouldn't miss out on


Very good compared to it's competition

Baconation | July 8, 2013 | See all Baconation's reviews »

Although many will say this game was amazing, compared to the older elder scrolls, Skyrim was not up to par content wise. The graphics are amazing and the comabat/UI is slick. The only thing bad about Skyrim is the story line. It was much shorter than the other games just because of how many resources they put into visuals and other less important things.


Very good, but with flaws...

boyschraverus | July 8, 2013 | See all boyschraverus's reviews »

Skyrim is a great game, I have spend hours and hours playing it. But there are a few gamebreaking bugs... Also the AI is not good if you are a stealth player. Of course skyim also has many positive points, being the great story, and the nice and detailed environment. You can spend lots of time into just wandering around for the fun and discovering new places. All in al skyrim is a very good game, if you can handle some bugs and a sloppy AI system!


Skyrim is great

bkrandycandy | July 8, 2013 | See all bkrandycandy's reviews »

TESV: Skyrim is great, but it was not as great as Oblivion or previous installments. The replay value is very high, however it lacks the feel of a true Elder Scrolls game. Once again, by no means is Skyrim bad; you should definitely buy it but if you are looking for a true ES game, you may be disappointed.


Never Bored

rdl425 | July 8, 2013 | See all rdl425's reviews »

There is always something to be doing in Skyrim; at times, too many things to be doing. I often find myself running to one location and then getting sidetracked by some cave I see off in the distance to just run in a loot it "real fast," and then 30 minutes later I am finishing some epic dungeon.


So many ways to play!

bercilak | July 7, 2013 | See all bercilak's reviews »

I have owned this game for nearly a year now, and have spent over 230 hours playing it since then. Skyrim is the sort of game which many groups of people can love. You can fly through it and finish only the major quest lines, or you can spend many hours doing every single quest available in the game. Can become a mage, a warrior, a thief an assassin, pretty much anything you can think of you can turn yourself into. The availability of free modding software opens up the world to many new quests/buildings/features that were not available in the original game, and even allows you to make your own, which I did when I made an armour gallery to show off all my faction armour sets. Overall I love this game, have never spent an hour in game where I couldn't find anything to do!


A Open World Sandbox RPG that never stops

SethGrey | July 7, 2013 | See all SethGrey's reviews »

Let me ask you a question: Do you already own Skyrim? Yes? Then make sure you have a PC copy and buy one for a friend. No? Then buy it already! In short it's an amazing RPG In a long description it's an Aaaammmaaazzziinnnng RPG. Skyrim is a huge open world RPG where you can say, "Screw you main storyline! I'm gonna go hunt undead and mudcrabs!" You can customize your character in whatever way you want, if you want to play a melee class where you smash faces, or an archer firing off arrows into the fray of battle, or a magical mage that uses it's spells to protect itself and rain down fire upon it's foes. Or you can mixed it all together to create a battle archer master of swords and bows or a Magical Warrior capable of hacking foes to bits or freezing them to death. Or don't even focus on fighting, become a master blacksmith or tricky thief. Skyrim is a world of endless fun and wonder, but that grows even more when you buy the PC version. Why you ask? Well there's one simple answer, mods. You can Mod your game to add whole new areas and NPCs, new armor, weapons, and even new ways to play the game! The fun never stops with mods so buy Skyrim today!


One of the most immersive Fantasy RPG experience.

Reaper219 | July 6, 2013 | See all Reaper219's reviews »

The Elder Scrolls game have always been about exploring, factions and deep story. Skyrim takes the mantle forward and implements new mechanics to enhance the experience. The world is intriguing, diverse and gives so much content, you will spend hours just wandering through the forests and snow-capped mountains and enjoy every second of it. Very similar to the 4th TES game, Oblivion, Skyrim improves on some aspects and more.


Incredible open world adventure!

grunts00 | July 5, 2013 | See all grunts00's reviews »

This installment of the Elder Scrolls series is just absolutely incredible. The variety and options you have when you play are so numerous, its impossible to name them all. You could play as a typical mage, a typical rogue, or a typical warrior. Or you could mix and match and decide you want to hold an axe in your right hand and shoot fireballs from your left. You can mix and match however you want and there's no "messing up a build", so you can level whatever you want and still be satisfied with your game. The area is massive, with hours of quests and side quests. If that's not enough, there's countless mods available, so when you're bored of the vanilla game, add some mods and add hundreds of hours worth of player made content!


Highly enjoyable, but not Morrowind

ConorEngelb | July 5, 2013 | See all ConorEngelb's reviews »

For me, no Elder Scrolls game will ever match Morrowind in terms of open-ness, excitement and strangeness. From the moment you step off the boat and see the huge Silt Strider, that game paints a fantasy world that breaks from typical high fantasy and invites you in. Oblivion was disappointing in this regard: too typical medieval fantasy. But Skyrim goes a long way to make up for that. Caverns full of glowing blue mushrooms and beast races that actually look beast-like are definite throwbacks to Morrowind. After a couple of hundred hours, things do start to feel a little repetitive though. There are only so many dragons you can kill before asking "why?" and wandering off to chase butterflies. Fortunately, the modding scene adds even more to a game that is not lacking much. So, better than Oblivion (because Nords are awesome), but not as good as Morrowind (because giant ticks that you can ride from town to town are even awesome-er)


Not like Oblivion, but awesome.

TGAlan | July 5, 2013 | See all TGAlan's reviews »

Ah, so this is possibly the most absolute over-hyped game of all time. If it didn't have dragons or a dark aesthetic, I truly believe people wouldn't have slobbered all over it. A good game but it's far more retread than anything else. If you played an Elder Scrolls game this is very much the same thing that you previously saw. Which for most is a great thing. The gameplay is refined but still clunky. The graphics are very much retreads of Oblivion, only with snow and more gray. The main quest story-line is still disappointing, short and borderline stupid. However, it is far better than Oblivion's no doubt. It just falls terribly short of its own potential. The music is still strong but a little more moody and they still didn't have the bright idea to make more dungeon ambients and music. So, it falls short is the same areas, as always, but succeeds in the same areas as always too. Town and field music is awesome and the theme is great too. If you loved the side quests in Oblivion, you'll be in heaven here. There's tons of quests. The only problem is that you're left doing quests that mean absolutely nothing because the world is not a persistent one. Your actions, outside of very FEW quests, mean nothing. So, any role playing in this game is largely in your own self-deluded silly head rather than in the game. Which obviously works for most, but if you want to see your actions play out in the game, forget it. Now that it's been a while since release and the DLC is finished and disappointingly lazy, we're left with a game that is different than Oblivion, but not by much. It's a shame that the game didn't pursue to expand on gameplay and quests more. If you want much of the same, awesome. You'll love this game, rightfully so. If you're expecting more evolution and revolution... buy it on sale.


Good Continuation to a Great Series

RavenSG | July 4, 2013 | See all RavenSG's reviews »

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is a great part of the amazing Elder Scrolls series. Some might say previous Elder Scrolls, such as Oblivion, were better than that of Skyrim. Sadly, I must agree. Skyrim was amazing don't get me wrong. It was a very fun game with a beautiful and immersive atmosphere. However, it didn't feel like a classic Elder Scrolls game. Overall, this game is still brilliant and I highly recommend getting a piece of this Skyrim Pie.


Classic Fantasy RPG!

DocNuka | July 3, 2013 | See all DocNuka's reviews »

Skyrim, the 5th installment of the venerable Elder Scrolls series s yet another great fantasy RPG. Although innovation is not this game's strong suit, as only Dragon Shouts are a new concept the game has, it is still a great experience nonetheless. The graphics are great, and the particle effects look top-notch. Skyrim is a massive game, and if you do most of the side-quests you can easily get 100+ hours in one playthrough. This isn't even mentioning the mods, which can double the amount of content in the game. All in all, TES5: Skyrim is a great game that lacks innovation, but is still immensely enjoyable.


So much to do

SuicideRUN | July 3, 2013 | See all SuicideRUN's reviews »

Skyrim raises the bar on what is already an amazing series. I've put in 260 hours and haven't even played the DLC yet. The only down side to this great game is that the NPCs in the villages and towns you help have a very short memory. You save a town from a dragon or stopped a plague they still treat you like a stranger that just arrived.



fiddy187 | July 3, 2013 | See all fiddy187's reviews »

I've never been a fan of RPG games. I attempted several times to get into a number of different ones, including Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Fallout New Vegas. All of which, failed to capture me, and ended up gathering dust. The hype behind Skyrim was huge. Ads on TV, forums online posting in excitement, and word of mouth. All spreading the word of how amazing this game was too be! So much talking, that I began to anticipate the release. Generally, whenever I do get excited for a games release, it turns out to be a let down, as it never lives up to what I want/hope. Thankfully, that all changed the day Skyrim was released. One of the first games I purchased for my newly built PC, I wouldn't wait to turn everything to max, and sit in awe at the amazing-ness of everything. To this point, I was a console gamer, so you could probably imagine the huge jump! The story, the gameplay, the customization, the side quests. Everything is just amazing! I've found myself playing for 8+ hours at a time. I could sit down and begin to play. In what feels like a blink of an eye, it could be morning! I've always found myself saying "just one more quest/dungeon/dragon/etc, then I'll get some sleep" - We all know how that works. Before you know it, it's several hours later! I can stress it enough of immersed you will be in this game! The story starts with you and other prisoners, on the way to be put to death. Just as you're about to be killed, a dragon crashes into a building, and begins to cause chaos all around! You almost instantly are forced to make a choice that will effects the secondary quest. You soon find out, that you're the Dragonborn, and you must save the world. The main story quest is quite long. With the side of the map, and the areas you will need to visit to complete it, you could spend 20+ hours on this alone. However, side quests are where it's all at! The main story is great, but the side quests can range from something simple and pointless, to long, mulit hour quests with great stories. Added to that, the DLC which is available for Skyrim, and you have 100s of hours of gaming on your hands! Mods are huge for this game still. One which stood out from the crowd for me, was the development of an online mod. Not sure if it was cancelled, or if it's finished, as I haven;t looked into in in a few months, but It was a very interesting mod! Lots of improvements were planned, hopefully the mod is still active, and people reading this review can check it out for themselves. Other graphic/performance/visual improvments are also available directly from the steam workshop. Some forums feature some amazing amounts of mods that will more a less make skyrim look real! Worth looking out for some useful mods on the workshop. Still a very active stop. For me, this game was perfection. It was the game I wanted for years. Hours of fun, great story, etc, etc. Well worth picking up!


Hard to compare

hajalie24 | July 3, 2013 | See all hajalie24's reviews »

Unbelievable game. This is my first Elder Scrolls game and it's hard to compare to anything else. First off the area is huge, you could spends hours upon hours just walking around and observing what's going on. Then when you count all the quests, there's just so many that if you decide to do it all you'll have accumulated hundreds of hours. And the best thing might just be the mods, it's hard to describe in words the countless variety of mods available, but just know that you can get a lot of content out of this just by trying out new mods.


Best Elder Scrolls to date!

NaztyFox | July 2, 2013 | See all NaztyFox's reviews »

This takes your open world elder scrolls games to a whole new level. This game is packed with so much content, places to explore, enemies to kill, loot to collect, that you will spend 100s of hours playing this masterpiece. The graphics are amazing and the story is just as good as the others. You will enjoy every minute of this game and you can choose how you want to play. This game is worth the original price so snagging it on a sale is a steal. I highly recommend this game to everyone.



nauter | June 30, 2013 | See all nauter's reviews »

Better in Oblivion in almost every way, however the storylines, particularly the main one could have been expanded further.


Nearly Flawless

doonlaker | June 28, 2013 | See all doonlaker's reviews »

To start off, this game has by far the highest replay value of any game that I've played before, start off as a mage, and maybe later you decide that you'd rather roll a new character as an archer, or rogue style player. the possibilities of customization are almost endless. That being said, I think this game has something to offer everyone who enjoys Adventure style games, and Skyrim is a must have.


Amazing Game!!!

thatsal0tofnuts | June 27, 2013 | See all thatsal0tofnuts's reviews »

While the in-game leveling system might have been toned down from the previous elder scrolls games it is still a very enjoyable experience to play i have put over 500 hours between xbox and pc and am still playing. 2 thumbs up!


Seriously an amazing game.

airmen18 | June 27, 2013 | See all airmen18's reviews »

This game will literally take away a good portion of your time. so many quests and just sooooooo much to do.


Immersive and fun

aumikre | June 25, 2013 | See all aumikre's reviews »

The atmosphere is mouth-watering, the combat is exciting, and the ability to shape your character into whatever you want is unbelievably fun. Many of the questlines are entertaining, though I think Oblivion's were better in some respects. I found myself bored after a while, but that could just be a small attention span. Either way, Skyrim is definitely worth the money--you can spend countless hours playing it and still have much to experience.


One of the best games i've ever played

glad0s98 | June 22, 2013 | See all glad0s98's reviews »

Skyrim has come the game i compare every other rpg game to. It just does everything so perfectly. Even though i think Skyrim's main quest is a lot worse than oblivion's, and quests in general too. But skyrim is still much more immersive and beautiful than oblivion was. I totally recommend this game to every rpg fan out there. And Skyrim's modding community is awesome and huge! Every day atleast 50 mods is released in skyrim nexus. All kinds of mods from better teeth models to full overhauls. this game is just perfect.


An epic experience

silentshade | June 21, 2013 | See all silentshade's reviews »

This is Skyrim, the best game ever in my opinion. I could go on and on about the different mechanics and quests and items and weapons and people and jobs and all of the other stuff in the game but to be honest, it would ruin the game. Skyrim is game you need to experience without previous inside knowledge on it, the simple fact is if you like Elder Scrolls or simply RPG's, no scratch that. If you like amazing games then you must play Skyrim, experience the wonderful world of Tamriel.


An Amazing Game but Oblivion is Still Better

thegaminglyfe | June 21, 2013 | See all thegaminglyfe's reviews »

Skyrim is an amazing game, no doubt about it but it still isn't as good as Morrowind and Oblivion. The game is fantastic though, the graphics are absolutely beautiful and I haven't seen graphics this nice since Just Cause 2. The combat can be challenging or easy thanks to the different difficulty options. There are lots of quests but the problem is that they get repetitive after 20-30 hours. Just like any Elder Scrolls game, the mods are awesome with a great community. The soundtrack fits in with the general atmosphere of the game and is amazing. Yet again Bethesda has created another masterpiece and I highly recommend you get it.


Not quite as good as Oblivion

Eskimoseb9 | June 14, 2013 | See all Eskimoseb9's reviews »

Without a doubt, Skyrim is an immersive and expansive fantasy game, featuring numerous improvements over Oblivion in graphics and combat (which is no longer like swinging swords until you or your enemy die). Magic especially is very entertaining, with the ability to fire dual handed spells a welcome addition. What I think it lacks though over Oblivion is the same sense of character. The landscape of Oblivion was colourful and varied while Skyrim's snowy peaks and duller colour palette make for a more realistic world, but also for a less vibrant one. Quest lines felt smaller, with a lower replay value - I spent 70 hours playing Skyrim and completed nearly everything I felt I want to. By contrast I spent over 100 hours on Oblivion, and still felt there was much left to explore. Skyrim is still a beautiful and epic game, but for the best Elder Scrolls experience, I would still play Oblivion.



Ladyneko | June 14, 2013 | See all Ladyneko's reviews »

...It really is, when you've archieved everything, and done all quests, you can do some quest again and again and.... again. No really, it's a great game I have even brought the album because even the music is some of the most beautiful and well written I've heard in a game.


A Worthy Successor To a Legendary Franchise

Dark217 | June 13, 2013 | See all Dark217's reviews »

When Morrowind and Oblivion came out, both games stunned the gaming world with their sheer amount of freedom and combat. However, both games still retained many flaws. Still, Bethesda appears to be quite good and learning from its mistakes and has streamlined the game experience to be absolutely amazing in Skyrim. Although some hardcore fans may grumble at the changes, I believe (and so do many others) that overhauling the clunky leveling system that forced you to play Oblivion with a spreadsheet if you didn't want your character to become useless was a very nice move indeed. Combat is much smoother, with sword and axe blows feeling more like they should, and arrows not having to "roll" to see if they hit even though you just went through all the work of aiming them. The new perk system is an amazing addition to the series that allows for more varied and unique character builds that allow you to feel tangibly more powerful in the skills you have been leveling, and the sheer number of (pretty good quality) quests and your freedom to do whatever you want makes this game rank a solid A in terms of sheer entertainment value. And when vanilla gets old, don't forget to take advantage of your PC and check out the amazing mods for Skyrim that can easily triple the hours of fun you can get out of this game.


Best game in the series

jackyboi1014 | June 13, 2013 | See all jackyboi1014's reviews »

Some people seem to think that you have to use WASD or the arrow keys in the menus; you don't. The mouse can be used for everything. Other people talk about the graphics being like Fallout 3 or even Oblivion; they're not. Even on Medium, the graphics are a clear step forwards, put everything on max and you have a pretty stunning game that somehow runs smoother than past Bethesda games on the same settings. The people's faces are still a little off, a bit clumsily rendered, but are still the best unmodded faces by far you'll have seen in a Bethesda game so far. So much as been added to the gameplay. The perks really allow you to customize your character in very specific ways, rather than simply doing more damage against creatures who can now take more damage as the game progresses. You can take jobs now, becoming a chef, a blacksmith or a lumberjack. Enchanting and alchemy returns too. The NPC behavior is much improved over previous games. Rather than standing dumbly around and occasionally walking into a wall or tree, as they did in Morrowind, and rather than standing dumbly around and occasionally having in incredibly stilted conversations, like they did in Oblivion, they will now do their daily jobs, cooking, cleaning, making weapons at the forge, carrying lumber back from the nearby forest, and so on. The bard at the tavern plays various songs, actually playing the instrument used in the song, and will take requests from you, even commenting on your song choice ("Only a true Imperial would choose that one!") and receiving applause from any nearby NPCs at the end of his songs. How NPCs respond to you is varies on how you've completed certain quests; one man asked me to deliver an insulting letter to a woman that he'd written in her boyfriend's handwriting, hoping she'd then leave her boyfriend for him. I told him I'd do it, but then went to the woman in question and told her all about the plan. Now her and her boyfriend like me whereas the other guy is always rude to me. Get friendly enough with people and they'll let you stay the night in their house, eat their food and even "borrow" their weapons. All in all, an enormous step forward over previous games, and that's coming from someone who always love what Bethesda's games promised but usually ended up hating what they actually delivered


Quite possibly the best addition to the Elder Scrolls series

MoizMansoorV | June 10, 2013 | See all MoizMansoorV's reviews »

The number of gameplay hours you can sink into this game are virtually endless. The graphics, quests, and the massive number of high-quality user-created content available via Steam Workshop are just a few of the reasons you should own this game. Very highly recommended; GET IT NOW!


Fus ro dah and stuff

Bynn | June 10, 2013 | See all Bynn's reviews »

So, slaying dragons, killing bandits, stealing goodies, getting some nice pieces of armor, those things are fun, right? Add magic, several races with differents abillities and bonuses, a humongous map to explore, too amny quests for a lifetime, beautiful scenery, that's cool, right? Then, add dragons, zombies, skeletons, werewolves, vampires (no, they don't glitter), gods, that's awesome, right? Then, think about you, being a :select your race here: with the soul of a dragon, being able to learn the language of old, containing powerful skills known as shouts to vaporize your enemies, that's sweet, right? Then add amazingly stupid physics. There you go, you just got Skyrim.


The Epic dragon slaying RPG

g_reaper1666 | June 10, 2013 | See all g_reaper1666's reviews »

Although i have not played the Elder scrolls series of games i have played the fallout series (fallout 3 and new vegas). This meant that i decided to chance it and buy the game, i also bought it because i like the idea of being a medieval hero slaying dragons. This is an RPG that in a way believes appeals to your inner child because when you were a kid you always wanted to be like a medieval knight being able to battle dragons. A good feature about the pc version of this game is the fact that you are able to get excellent mods for this game such as the pure waters mod. Bethesda has a history of continuing to support their games long after other game companies do, along with excellent DLC such as hearth fire which allows you to build your own home, Dawnguard which introduces a storyline around vampires and expands the werewolves abilities. as always with Bethesda the path you can take through this game is non-linear and does not force you to take a predetermined route along with the open world of the game. This is much more fun for me for re playability then a game where when you play through it again it is the same thing with this game you can take a different route.


This is not only a game

jazzelmejor | June 9, 2013 | See all jazzelmejor's reviews »

Skyrim is one of the best titles of 2011. Its a great RPG, and it gives you a lot of hours. You can make a lot of things and you have a lot of ways to play. Want to be a warrior? Pick a sword and fight in dungeons and defend yourself with a shield. Want to be a wizard? Learn spells and fight against dark lords or other wizards. You can do a lot of things. If you dont like something in the game, you have a great mod community. A must play for Elder Scrolls fans, RPG fans or if you are new in RPG's, just play this game, you will not regret.


Why not play this

mandrews | June 7, 2013 | See all mandrews's reviews »

This is the first game that made me get all the achievements inc dlc on steam.This beautiful open-world RPG has an endless play time with chance of unlimited replays.It is a very aesthetically pleasing game even with out the free HD texture pack.A game that never fails to surprise me ever time i play it as you can do each quest in hundreds of different ways. Through the hundred + hours i have played this game i don't think i could fault at any point there are the odd gliches (like every game) but they are patched very quickly. IN the end for me it is a 9.5/10 game.


Beautiful and immersive

micasa | June 7, 2013 | See all micasa's reviews »

It isn't the quests, the gameplay or even the visuals that make Skyrim such a special game. All those things are, for the most part, top-notch. What puts this game in a class of its own is the world itself that you play in. It is absolutely brimming with detail, from the flora and fauna to the traversable landscapes to the houses filled with readable books and domestic trinkets that you can bump off the shelves if you're not careful. Lots of these little details might seem "useless" to the core gameplay, however, they all add up to playing in a convincingly alive world. And once you experience killing dragons and crafting your own armor with this "alive" world as your backdrop, you'll feel as though all other games somehow fall a little bit short. The game's only major weakness is the roughshod way in which your character physically interacts with complex terrain. All is well as long as you stride along roads and open fields. Once you start climbing or jumping, however, things start looking unnatural, and you're jolted back into the reality that this is, indeed, a digitally rendered world. This realization is all the more jarring given the fact that, the rest of the time, the game feels so damned real. While the above criticism is my core request for improvement in the next TES title, Skyrim remains an amazing game that I will still enjoy years from now.


Immersive and amazing

TCass29 | June 7, 2013 | See all TCass29's reviews »

This game is incredibly well crafted. Like Morrowind and Oblivion (TES: III and TES: IV, respectively), the worlds are expansive and beautiful with SO MANY books and people to read and talk to to learn about the history and lore of the area. In a single playthrough, this game has over 100 hours of gameplay, easily. The quests are fun and interesting, the enemies are varied and cool-looking, and the gameplay is very well done. It's a great RPG so if you like that style of game, you'll love this. If you're not sure if you're an RPG fan...this is a good place to start.


Good RPG

Compax | June 6, 2013 | See all Compax's reviews »

Bethesda has created the series of Elder Scrolls and each episode it's good and deep experience. In this episode the number of quests and space to explore is way larger than Oblivion, the combat system is improved, but the difficulty level was lowered for welcoming also new comer to this kind of games. Some hardcore gamer can be disappointed by this choice, but an RPG must be a good challenge, but the most important thing is that you feel part of the story and express your creativity in developing and building your character.


Are there still people who have never played this title?

McDoenerKing | June 6, 2013 | See all McDoenerKing's reviews »

Even if you only remotely like RPGs, you have to play this game! It has a huge deeply atmospheric world, which will enchant you. It is a sandbox game with so many characters and stories, that you can't believe that you are "only" playing a computer game. The DLC will even enhance this world even more. So prepare to lose some lifetime for this title but it will be worth it. For gamers, who played previous titles, this game makes them look very very very small. Skyrim is the behemoth of RPGs, so go play it or don't call yourself a RPG-Gamer! ;) Oh and by the way if you now think it is all serious business trust me it isn't, because some quests are so hilarious, that you will fall off your chair laughing. :)



jcyuen7 | June 6, 2013 | See all jcyuen7's reviews »

I held off from playing this game for a long time. Maybe because of the hype, I was scared the game would disappoint. I also had a terrible experience with Oblivion, so I thought the game wasn't for me. However, I started playing for the first time, and the next thing I know, half a day had gone by. Skyrim is an absolute must play for anyone would enjoys the genre. And even if you don't enjoy it, perhaps you too will become captivated by being able to do just about anything.


Words can not describe how good this game is!

ScousaJ | June 4, 2013 | See all ScousaJ's reviews »

Seriously the only game I have ever played that truly deserves a perfect score, but due to the occasional bug (that all games have) I can't give it one. Skyrim is an open-world role-playing game and is the fifth instalment in the Elder Scrolls series. Also my personal favourite in terms of gameplay, graphics, story and replayability. The voice acting is the best out of the five main games and the faces of people finally look less blocky than Oblivion. The setting is much more realistic, dark and grimy than the overly bright setting of Oblivion (but that was still a good setting for the game). The main story is my personal favourite but the side missions are where your hundreds of hours are spent. The thieves guild is better this time (in my opinion) although becoming the 'head' is slightly longer and a little tedius it is still enjoyable. The mage's guild no longer exists and is instead the College of Winterhold but it is basically the same thing. Companions is the new fighters guild but the Dark Brotherhood remains - still my favourite sub quest line. The quest line for the DB is arguably weaker but is still extremely enjoyable. I'm still upset there wasn't a quest like Whodunit? in Oblivion (easily the greatest quest in any Bethesda game) Overall, whilst some of the sub faction questlines may not be as solid as previous series to some, the overall feel and satisfaction I gained from Skyrim is one that no other game has yet to match... Not even Far Cry 3!


Seriously, Get This Game!

ImIxDavidxImI | June 3, 2013 | See all ImIxDavidxImI's reviews »

You should seriously get this game because you can have so many hours of fun. The storyline is pretty good, being about dragons, who doesn't like dragons? The game is beautiful, but you can make it however you want it to be, since there's a great community that supports the game with their mods, the fun can go way more high with mods. Mods that can add more islands, houses, weapons, you name it! Nexus is the way to go. You can be whoever you want! Female or Male, evil or good, you can totally personalize your character the way you want. My personal favorite is the Female UNP body :P If you don't get this game, you are missing out, and believe me, missing a lot.


The Full Elder Scrolls Experience

Hardtarget | June 3, 2013 | See all Hardtarget's reviews »

Skyrim is a proper Elder Scrolls game. That means a massive world, a massive adventure, and a massive amount of hours. The main story is fun, probably a bit more interesting than the previous Elder Scrolls game (oblivion), but the side missions is where the real meat of the game is. Sadly the side missions are not quite as good as Oblivion's but they are still very high quality. The combat is still a bit clunky but Bethesda are slowly improving things and graphically the game looks great. It's definitely a evolution from the past couple Elder Scrolls games but that is not a bad thing. There is almost an infinite amount of things to do in the game and you can level up your character in 30+ different ways. If you like Big and and Massively Open RPGs than this will be a game that is for you, but for some people it could be too much as the game does not do a lot to keep you on a clear path to victory.


Fulfilling of Expectations

Kratzer | June 3, 2013 | See all Kratzer's reviews »

This is obviously a franchise well established by this point in the gaming community and I feel it gracefully adds fun new features to an already great series of titles while playfully rehashing many of the things you would come to expect. The combat animations are still pretty basic and the magic does what it always has, but the big appeal to this game is its classless system which many people are divided over. Instead of deciding if you are going to be a magic user, a roguish type, or a warrior formally, you will just level up whatever you feel like at whatever point. Over time, your character will start to take shape organically and you won't need the archtype of paladin or thief ( these things are somewhat trifling for a game like this anyway). I think it does this well and it becomes, in my mind, kind of like an adventure version of The Sims. I realize that is an odd comparison. It's addition to the Steam workshop makes it an obvious buy.


Good game to play for hours

zeruz | June 2, 2013 | See all zeruz's reviews »

Skyrim is easily described as the ultimate RPG to end all other RPGs, although has been made more casual compare to the previous releases The game is loaded with tons of content (quests, dungeons, items) to keep you inside the magical world of Tamriel and it can be expanded with the community mods. You are free to explore and aren't restricted inside any boundaries. The only playing style is your playing style. The graphics are beautifully detailed and the sound design is incredible. TES: Skyrim is an absolute must have for any RPG fan, or gamer in general. This game is among the best of the best and will keep you playing for hours.


One of the best games I've played in a long time!

Wilcoxn | June 2, 2013 | See all Wilcoxn's reviews »

Skyrim is a fantastic open world game that has a good amount of quest lines for you to follow. Each play through I go through I keep finding more quests that I had missed. Once you have finished all of the main quests and dlc quests you can instal mods off the steam workshop or Skyrim nexus. The gameplay is brilliant and the new leveling up system is alright. The level up system may not be as advanced as prior elder scrolls games but it is good in its own way. All I can say about Skyrim is that it is a must to any gamers game library!


$30 dollars is a bargain for such an amazing title.

sheogorath98 | June 1, 2013 | See all sheogorath98's reviews »

Skyrim is fantastic. Bethesda improved everything from the Elder Scrolls series, and then some. at the bargain bin price of $30, get it right now. Long term fun, and it even adds to it through modding. Buy this game. Just do it.


Its never been a better time to get skyrim

eplymale3043 | May 30, 2013 | See all eplymale3043's reviews »

As good as its predecessor, Skyrim pulls you into the game and refuses to let you go. I wont spoil the story for you, but I definitely recommend you pick this up for PC. With countless amounts of mods, this game is definitely worth the 30 bucks you put into it.


More of the same....

mostnatebe66 | May 27, 2013 | See all mostnatebe66's reviews »

This game can be put simply....gorgeous world with all the same mechanics and story elements of the previous two entries. Skyrim had been one of my most anticipated games since it was first announced. Counting down the days until it was released was tedious and filled with anticipation. The introduction captivated me but afterwards the game began to feel just like Morrowind and Oblivion with a few upgrades to the mechanics. Combat is still the same clunky mess that it has always been. This is probably the biggest disappointment for me. I really wanted combat that felt real, like in Dark Souls. Instead the player gets tricked into believing the combat is better than it is by the periodic killcam. Killing dragons was supposed to feel epic but was more annoying than anything. Dragons constantly flying overhead attacking but never landing. The main story was boring and cared nothing about what was happening in it. The only enjoyable and original story came from the Dark Brotherhood which always seems to be the best part of The Elder Scrolls. Overall the game is entertaining for awhile, but the been there done that feel of the game detracts from the overall experience.


Say goodbye to your social life

onewinged90 | May 27, 2013 | See all onewinged90's reviews »

One thing I can say to this spectacular game: Addictive. Coming back from class and the only game I played at that time was undoubtedly Skyrim. Spent more than 100 hours into it and there is always something to do in Skyrim. The storyline, quests and environment of it is just breathtaking. Why you should get the PC version you say? Because PC is everything. There are countless of mods you can use in the Skyrim nexus site, and you can find everything over there from graphics enhancement to just cosmetic makeover of your armor. If you have a beastly computer to play it, the graphical fidelity of the game does not disappoint. Being an open-world game, bugs are present in the game. Some bugs are minor to quest-breaking bugs, so prepare to save a lot of times. Get it on either full price or sale for the base game, although the price of the DLCs released may be a bit steep, you might want to get the DLCs on sale instead.


Best Open World Game Created

OllyTrolly | May 26, 2013 | See all OllyTrolly's reviews »

Okay, so the title is quite a bold statement - and there are a lot of fantastic open world games - but Skyrim is seriously up there as my favourite open world game of all time. For a long time I was in the Fallout 3 & New Vegas camp, I frankly thought they were a million times better than Oblivion, which I found got boring quite fast due to randomly generated caves and dungeons with little of interest in them, and quests generally being quite uninspired (particularly the main quest). Fallout 3 & New Vegas however, insisted on quite a variation in places to explore and stories for nearly all the places you went in, along with a more satisfying level system. Skyrim effectively took the best bits of both Oblivion and the Fallout games and kicked it up a notch with the graphics, voice acting and scale. Skyrim is an absolutely huge game, and it's bloody beautiful on PC. I can't fathom how many times I've simply stood on top of a mountain and looked over the valleys and mountains in the distance as if I was in the Lord of The Rings or some other fantasy epic. I have played it for 116 hours and I still have plenty to explore, and that's not an exaggeration. This large play time may partly be down to me not fast travelling, but walking around exploring and staring at scenery. The gameplay is absolutely the best Bethesda has conjured up so far, with swordplay being incredibly satisfying, the spells being really cool to use, and the levelling system being a much more satisfying progression than that of any previous entry. The quests also tend to be more varied (although they're still a tad repetitive at times), and the lore of the land of Skyrim is really interesting to immerse yourself in. So I can't stress this enough, if you've enjoyed any Fallout games or Elder Scrolls games in the past, you MUST play this. If you're a fan of any kind of open world game you'll probably love this too. In fact, most people should enjoy playing this, go on!


So much bang for your buck

redskyy | May 24, 2013 | See all redskyy's reviews »

There is just so much to do and experience in Skyrim. The possibilities really feel endless. The world feels so huge and expansive that exploring is one of the most fun parts of first experiencing the game. Outside the main storyline are a variety of side quests and missions, but you can really make your own fun of how you want to play. I also like the diverse gameplay of each class. Melee, ranged, and magic builds feel very distinct and fun. Add on top of that all the various mods and DLC releases, and you have an endless experience if you want it. Skyrim is a great time sink.


So much bang for your buck

redskyy | May 24, 2013 | See all redskyy's reviews »

There is just so much to do and experience in Skyrim. The possibilities really feel endless. The world feels so huge and expansive that exploring is one of the most fun parts of first experiencing the game. Outside the main storyline are a variety of side quests and missions, but you can really make your own fun of how you want to play. I also like the diverse gameplay of each class. Melee, ranged, and magic builds feel very distinct and fun. Add on top of that all the various mods and DLC releases, and you have an endless experience if you want it. Skyrim is a great time sink.



StevieOnline | May 24, 2013 | See all StevieOnline's reviews »

Hands down best game of the year! and possibly even the past decade. The whole landscape is intriguing. The graphics are amazing. To explain the game simply, would be to say that it’s like being in a lord of the rings film, except you have the freedom to go anywhere you want when you want. So many missions to complete and new abilities to acquire The game feels endless and inspiring. Miss this game and you may just have missed the game of the decade. Yes it’s that good!


Great RPG

TheAvenger09 | May 24, 2013 | See all TheAvenger09's reviews »

This is a fantastic addition to the Elder Scrolls Series, certainly an epic adventure with endless possibilities. Overall the atmosphere, the attention to the details, and the vast amount of places and quest will keep you busy for a very long time. Although the game is not perfect and it feels dumbed down in certain aspects when compared to Oblivion or Morrowind. However you can totally customize your experience and fix the stuff you're not very happy with mods. Once you get into the mods you won't be able to go back and play Vanilla since you can improve so many aspects of the game to your liking.



dutchmause | May 22, 2013 | See all dutchmause's reviews »

buy it and you will be gratefull this is the defenitly the best game of 2011. even if you finished the game for 100% (which will take you hundreds of hours) the game has dlc and a realy big modding community. the game itself is just brilliant with giant dragons to slay trolls to kill bandits to destroy and big army against army standoffs. even giants and mammoths are available to kill. then you have huge story plus hundreds of side quests. deadra quests and offcourse replay value because of the skills and playstyles buy it and you will be rewarded this is a 10 out of 10


Awesome RPG!

Zharwyn | May 16, 2013 | See all Zharwyn's reviews »

I love this game game. There is SO much to do! Skyrim was by far one of my favorite games of 2011. It's a beautiful game and with mods it can become even more stunning. The main story is interesting enough. It also has dragons. Lots of them. I love to search all the nooks and crannies to make sure that I don’t miss anything of interest. In Skyrim I found myself straying far away from the main quest, many many times. After completing the main quest I still have a lot of things left to do in Skyrim on my main save. I have been tempted to create a new character and go a completely different route. I’m sure I will have many more hours to enjoy in Skyrim as I tend to pick up the game once in a while and get lost in it. This is a game you can come back to time and time again and get lost in for hours and hours. I picked up the collector’s edition when it was released and I haven’t regretted it once. Even though the game has a tremendous amount of bugs you find yourself looking past them a lot. The game is gorgeous and there are so many ways to shape your character, with modding for the PC, the possibilities are endless!


The mods are what makes it.

simpkinscm | May 15, 2013 | See all simpkinscm's reviews »

The storyline of Skyrim is nothing new: ‘World is under attack, only you can save it.’ That is not to say that it isn’t done well. The story is engrossing and if you inclined, there are enough backstories to fill a library. These things alone would make this good; however, what makes this game amazing is the user-generated content and mods. Because of this, the game can essentially be changed to whatever you want it to be. Think potions are too heavy, make them lighter. Want to have a spell to summon a swarm of crabs, make it. Skyrim is an awesome game that will provide hours (possibly to many) of play time.


Best RPG So Far

adenyyh | May 15, 2013 | See all adenyyh's reviews »

Bethesda has made many rpg games especially fallout and elder scrolls but the newest they had to offer is by far the best they had provided. The UI is simply amazing and the environment design is astonishing. Skyrim also has a lot of side quests which engages the player if he/she wants to sidetrack a little.


Perfect Sequel to Oblivion

gurkleton | May 15, 2013 | See all gurkleton's reviews »

Skyrim really brought out what was good in Oblivion and polished it. Bethesda outdid themselves again. From exploring the new world, to completing an endless quantity of quests, the game will have you roaming all across the world of Skyrim, enjoying every second. Playing any variety of character will keep you entertained for dozens (if not hundreds) of hours. I'd highly recommend this game to anyone that's looking for a fantastic RPG or just wants to pass the time enjoyably.


Fantastic Story and open world game

maddocks2379 | May 13, 2013 | See all maddocks2379's reviews »

Skyrim is the latest and greatest entry to the Elder Scrolls series, you are the dragonborn, the one who can master the arts of the dragon shouts and its your job to hunt and kill the leader of the dragons, Alduin. Skyrim features some beautiful graphics and terrain. The Gameplay is much like Oblivion but fine-tuned (i bored of oblivion and never managed to finish it) Skyrim is a beauty to play till the end


Awesome as always but...

Ksiqno | May 10, 2013 | See all Ksiqno's reviews »

In the technical side, Skyrim is just outstanding. The scenarios and the detail level are stunning, as so is the overall graphical quality. The plot, on the other hand, lacks the freshness and originality that had the previous game, Oblivion. Many dungeons are repeated again and again and the faction quests are either stupid or just not believable (a few quests and you're considered the master of a guild). Anyway, exploring is great and you find many surprises when walking through the roads.


Great game

monahanj1 | May 9, 2013 | See all monahanj1's reviews »

Easily the best Elder Scrolls game to date. A little weaker than previous installments in terms of main story line (most of the better story-lines actually occur as side quests), but it's still extremely easy to get lost in the games world. The level progression is good and feels very natural. It's not like Fallout where you gain generic experience points for killing bad guys/completing quests/etc. Your skills improve the more you use them (e.g. you become better with the bow by using the bow, you become a better alchemist by mixing more potions, etc), and once you level enough of those up, you gain a level which gives you a point to invest in a perk. Perks can do all sorts of things like allowing you to behead your enemies, to slowing down time when you're zooming in with your bow, to improving the equipment you can smith. There is a ton of stuff to do in this game. Hundreds of quests, crafting, building a house if you get the Hearthfire DLC. It's also pretty much endlessly replayable because of the different ways you can build your character and the different choices you can make. All in all, great game, and something I would definitely recommend.


TES is back !

lowg33k | May 8, 2013 | See all lowg33k's reviews »

The Elders Scrolls... Since Arena, no game tried to take it's place, and the reason is that it's impossible to make a better game than AN Elder Scrolls !! In Skyrim, you are Dovakhin, the last dragonborn, a dragon's killer ! And you know the best ? Dragons are back ! Your main objective will be to make them dead again but like in others elder scrolls, you will also be able to make your own adventure. As a result, you'll be able to play Skyrim for hundred of hours without going back to your starting point ! The game is just wonderful and dragon's fights are just excellents, there are also plenty dunjons to explore and stuff to grab ! Skyrim also got a big advantage against is big brothers : A big modding community, you be abble to find whatever you dream of ( from a texture enhancing pack to butterfly'wings for your character ! ) on Skyrim Nexus or even directly on steam with the new Steamworkshop ! Even if as a lot of bugs ( like previous Elder Scrolls and Bethesda Games) Skyrim is for me the best opus of the TeS serie and I put a 100 out of 100 !


They've done it again.

Daveymon1234 | May 7, 2013 | See all Daveymon1234's reviews »

Well, what can be said that hasn't already been said. This game has such immersion to have even unskilled, casual gamers to delve into Skyrim for literally hundreds of hours. I have played Skyrim on the PC primarily, but have also played it on the Xbox 360 as well. In my opinion, it is a far better game on PC as we have the Skyrim Nexus and Steam Workshop, which features thousands of mods created by the people, for the people. Even without the extra mods, this game has so much content that you wonder if it is even possible to complete every single mission, and side quest. Brilliantly done, but it's as you expect from Bethesda.


Single Player RPG Gold Mine

Superfly999 | May 6, 2013 | See all Superfly999's reviews »

If you're a fan of the high/epic fantasy type genre, you should look no farther than Skyrim for your in depth journey of madness. Bethesda has followed up Oblivion (Elder Scrolls IV) with even a more fantastic version of this world. This game will hook you, and keep you from your family and friends for hours upon hours! From all the lore to the battle system to the stealing system, this game will have something for you. You want to be a stealthy fiery beast of a battlemage yeilding a bow of death and destruction? Uhhh, step a few paces away from me, and then COME GET SOMEEEE. This game is just that good.


Amazing open-world RPG

Jeroid | May 6, 2013 | See all Jeroid's reviews »

I have never played Oblivion or Morrowind (Skyrim was my first experience with The Elder Scrolls!), and I'm incredibly pleased with it. It provides you with so many ways to customize the way you want to go about doing pretty much everything (killing,quests,etc). One complaint I would have, however, is that the decisions you make do not affect the rest of the world at all, such as they would in The Witcher 2. One way or another, you end up at the same point in the story as everyone else who's played the game, with very little variation from one gamer to another. However, I feel as though the overload of side quests and locations to explore makes up for this. I have spent around 100 hours on Skyrim thus far, and I haven't even come close to doing all the things there are to be done in the game. I would highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a great RPG, and who's willing to get lost in another world completely.


Awesome Experience!

Nawab2012 | May 5, 2013 | See all Nawab2012's reviews »

Subtract everything you hate about past elder scrolls games, add everything you love, add a better engine that does not crash on you every 10 minutes and is not a steaming pile of bugs, pretty up everything, make the faces cooler and make just about everything better and you have skyrim. This game is a masterpiece, its the game that we have been waiting for in 2011, (Most titles this year have been bad to say the least) This game would deserve a perfect 10 if not for the super lame secondary main quest which is the civil war, you can kill the final boss in one hit, I understand that level scaling is bad in most cases, but in some cases things have to be level scaled. The annoying part is, the civil war is about the length of the dragon questline! this game would get a 9.7 in my book now, thanks to that one little detail, but since metacritic forces me to round up my score, 10 it is! Also, if you really want to complain about the crappy interface of how you painfully select everything and how its built for a controller, do one of the two following things : get a mod, or use a controller, we all have USB ports


Going gracefully through puberty

Phlakes | May 4, 2013 | See all Phlakes's reviews »

In a lot of ways, Skyrim is a natural improvement over the rest of the series. It raises the amount of voice actors from 15 (including the exclusives like Patrick Stewart) to several times that much, makes the expected leap in visuals and sound, streamlines some of the more outdated RPG mechanics, makes combat much more visceral than Oblivion's styrofoam swords and watery magic, and develops a much more interesting world by putting a Nordic twist on the typical medieval fantasy. But in other ways, most involving dungeons full of Draugr, it falls into its own traps that can be as detrimental as the floaty controls and disturbingly wooden characters of the previous game. A quest that would have any other game send you to an interesting location to have a small story play, you go to a dungeon full of Draugr and fight your way to the end, where the magical whatever lies in some coffin. A puzzling amount of crowns and swords find their way into deep tombs, serving only to give you an excuse to go through the Dungeon of the Week with the promise of loot at the end. Some of the streamlining wears down necessary edges- any player can easily become the head of every major coalition in a few dozen hours. The usual RPG stats and health bars set an odd contrast with the more action-oriented combat system, with brutal, one-sided executions coming after you hack away at the enemy for a minute. It's closer to the action side of action RPG (but still closer to RPG universally), but too far away from any of the equilibrium points. Too actiony for an RPG but too reluctant to let itself sit in the middle. Considering how the series has progressed, the next installment might fix the latter, which obviously won't go over well for a lot of fans, but it's at an uncomfortable spot and either side would give it a much more solid foundation. And of course, it's still on Gamebryo. There are huge improvements in character models and animations, and Skyrim itself is full of wallpaper-worthy views, but modern Bethesda still hasn't put out a polished and mechanically sound game. Still, their expertise is world building, and anyone disappointed with the deciduous forests and generic-fantasy-novel aesthetic of Oblivion should be at least intrigued by the uniqueness of Skyrim, and the hundred or so hours that people like to spend in the world are more immersive than the individual parts would make you believe. Also, dragons, there's that.


Definitely a Game of the Year

pgardias | May 4, 2013 | See all pgardias's reviews »

Even if you dislike these types of RPGs, you will find Skyrim to be entertaining. The base game is amazing on it's own, and only gets better with the addition of mods. It will provide hours of playtime without keeping the game repetitive. The fact that the game is open world only makes it better. Who doesn't love an open world game? You can spend a lot of time simply walking around and checking out the land. The fighting is great, very similar to that of the Far Cry series. The bow is my favorite weapon in all the recent games I have played. At some moments, the game can be boring, such as when you have to cross half of the huge map. But the fun you will have makes up for the journey.


Best RPG!

IamAWESOME17 | May 3, 2013 | See all IamAWESOME17's reviews »

Some people seem to think that you have to use WASD or the arrow keys in the menus; you don't. The mouse can be used for everything. Other people talk about the graphics being like Fallout 3 or even Oblivion; they're not. Even on Medium, the graphics are a clear step forwards, put everything on max and you have a pretty stunning game that somehow runs smoother than past Bethesda games on the same settings. The people's faces are still a little off, a bit clumsily rendered, but are still the best unmodded faces by far you'll have seen in a Bethesda game so far. So much as been added to the gameplay. The perks really allow you to customise your character in very specific ways, rather than simply doing more damage against creatures who can now take more damage as the game progresses. The combat still pales in comparison even to The Witcher 2, never mind an actually combat-focused game like Dark Souls, yet it is a lot more satisfying than in previous games, with enemies dropping to their knees when near death or begging for mercy. You can take jobs now, becoming a chef, a blacksmith or a lumberjack. Enchanting and alchemy returns too. The NPC behaviour is much improved over previous games. Rather than standing dumbly around and occasionally walking into a wall or tree, as they did in Morrowind, and rather than standing dumbly around and occasionally having in incredibly stilted conversations, like they did in Oblivion, they will now do their daily jobs, cooking, cleaning, making weapons at the forge, carrying lumber back from the nearby forest, and so on. The bard at the tavern plays various songs, actually playing the instrument used in the song, and will take requests from you, even commenting on your song choice ("Only a true Imperial would choose that one!") and receiving applause from any nearby NPCs at the end of his songs. How NPCs respond to you is varies on how you've completed certain quests; one man asked me to deliver an insulting letter to a woman that he'd written in her boyfriend's handwriting, hoping she'd then leave her boyfriend for him. I told him I'd do it, but then went to the woman in question and told her all about the plan. Now her and her boyfriend like me whereas the other guy is always rude to me. Get friendly enough with people and they'll let you stay the night in their house, eat their food and even "borrow" their weapons. All in all, an enormous step forward over previous games, and that's coming from someone who always love what Bethesda's games promised but usually ended up hating what they actually delivered.


Great sequel

Infiltrator | May 3, 2013 | See all Infiltrator's reviews »

It's sad that so many people can't see past the graphics. Let's look at negative reviews, we see too many comments about how the graphics are "no better than Oblivions". If you don't mind mediocre graphics and a few awkward physics, you'll love this game. I admit, some of the controls are awkward (mainly spell switching, it becomes a pain) but the story is very well done and there's always something to do. I also noticed that people like to complain about how this is the "same game in a new box" well you clearly don't understand how to play an RPG. If you didn't know, there's a GREAT storyline in that quest log so I don't see how you don't have anything to do in the game. The gameplay is much improved from oblivion, but a lot less clunky and easier to control. I'd give this game a 9.5 out of 10, -.5 for graphics/clunky animations at times, but these issues should have no effect whatsoever on how much you like this game


Skyrim: Bethesda outdone

shortfall23 | April 30, 2013 | See all shortfall23's reviews »

I have played every single elder scrolls game, and once again Bethesda has outdone themselves compared to the last game. The world of Skyrim is immense providing ours of outstanding scenery when traveling on foot. The new dragon fights provide an interesting scenario especially when combined with your new ability to shout and effect your world. This game is great, I give it a 9 out of 10


Here comes the Dragonborn

alessio1970 | April 30, 2013 | See all alessio1970's reviews »

I played The Elder Scrolls Series since Morrowind and every time I spend more than 200 hours on these games. Oblivion was a back step, but Skyrim enhanced the experience of a open world game. It's fantastic to play these different kind of avatars: the Nord with his powerful axe and his loyalty to Ulric; the Dunmer with his fire magic, enchanted bows and his rage against nordic racism; the Vampire Lord, thanks to the DLC Dawnguard, with his new blood powers... Somebody says it's bugged, but I was lucky and I had no problem playing so many hours. So I really recommend this game to all open world fans.


Awesome RPG Game

zizu10 | April 28, 2013 | See all zizu10's reviews »

Well I don't have enough words to describe how good that game is, you can feel it from the first two in-game hours. Bethesda has done a really good work with it and it deserves your attention, even if you are not interested in RPG games! I think that this is a must-have title in every gamers collection!! Also, you can find a few mods that it will make it even better with more realistic graphics... (As for the gameplay hours, it'll offer you a lot)


Bringing you back to early RPGs with modern gameplay.

GuardianOfSouls | April 27, 2013 | See all GuardianOfSouls's reviews »

This game really brings me back to old RPGs like Betrayal At Krondor from the early 1990s where you had the freedom to move around the world and do what you want when you want. Of course, The Elder Scrolls series has been doing this since the late mid 1990s and it is good to see the tradition continue. The gameplay itself is probably its biggest flaw. The combat is overly simple and fairly unbalanced. (Magic for example is fairly weak) Thankfully, like almost anything in this game it can be fixed with mods. I recommend using the Nexus Mod Manager and the Nexus for your mods and to only use the Steam Workshop when absolutely necessary. (Some mods do not appear on the Nexus). This will ensure maximum compatibility. The graphics are decent but the size of the world will probably tax your computer. Again, there are mods to improve graphics and textures if desired. Though your character may not be voice acted like Mass Effect, it doesn't take away from the experience and in some places makes it really feel like your personal character. There is always more to do in the game and with mods you will be playing this for possibly hundreds of hours. (246 hours and counting on Steam)


Best one yet

RageOC | April 26, 2013 | See all RageOC's reviews »

I've played ES since Arena and have loved each iteration more than the last. I've always been more partial to Daggerfall since that's the one I invested the most time in. This one was beautifully rendered and the voice acting is great for the most part... you do have the occasional laugh inducer. The AI is pretty good, although you will now and then find your companion running around like one of the three stooges, but I tend to ignore them for the most part anyway. Lots to do and you can invest countless hours.


Fantastic game! Minor bugs.

Greynor | April 25, 2013 | See all Greynor's reviews »

I bought Skyrim expecting the awesome world I would behold, and I was not let down. Skyrim is an amazing game which you can spend hours and hours on. It almost never ends. I have played several RPG's but none which match this. The game wasn't fully tested before release and there are some minor quest bugs. Overall I recommend you buy it :P


Best open world game from Bethesda!

otto158 | April 25, 2013 | See all otto158's reviews »

The Elder Scrolls V is by far best game I have ever played. Bethesda has done a terrific job by creating a game where you possibly can't have discovered everything the game has to offer! Unless you have played it for 250+ hours... Biggest reason I like this game so much is that the game lets you decide everything. Don't want to play the main quest? No problem at all! The game has to offer a wide variety of factions, which will have several quest related to faction's theme. Still in 2013 the game has offer the same as games do today (even more in my opinion). Thanks to the mods there will be new content not only from the DLCs, but from the players also! All in all Skyrim is a beatiful game with so much to do.


The Most Amazing Timesink

potato_fish | April 20, 2013 | See all potato_fish's reviews »

I bought Skyrim when it came out for PS3 as I lacked a good gaming PC, played at least 100+ hours of it. Only stopped due to some frustrating bugs. About a year later, great deal for the PC copy came up on GMG and I snatched it up, and quickly found myself investing almost twice the time into it. Sure the game still has it's bugs, but what can't be fixed with unofficial patches, can be fixed with console commands that are easily found online. And even if you forgo that, there's so much content here you'll still easily get your money's worth


Fantastic Game

Darder | April 7, 2013 | See all Darder's reviews »

I cannot stress you enough on how good this game actually is. As soon as I started playing this game, my mind was filled with mystery, glory, pleasure. This game will keep you playing it for days, weeks, months, maybe even years if you add in mods, which are great additions to the game. Adventure is lurking at every corners and wow, the feeling this game gives you after each play through is fantastic. Recommended to any RPG lovers. Simply fabulous.


A fantastic game, with a few drawbacks.

blackrose | March 26, 2013 | See all blackrose's reviews »

I pre-ordered the game on steam and played it upon release. It blew me away. Beautiful, well crafted, and a lot of fun. But slowly, I started to realize there were some interesting bugs. floating mammoths, being rocketed upwards by giants, and even problems with some quests. To this day, you still have to put effort into getting past bugs, even with the modding tools. Never-the-less it is still a good game. The main storyline is a tad short, but that makes room for all the side quests. I made a character that was a Nightingale, Dark Brotherhood Listener, Companion, as well as other things. The very fact you can make any kind of character you want is a staple in any Elder Scrolls game. The only reduction from a 100 score from me is the bugs. Blatant and difficult to fix at times. But they can be funny as well. If you can stand working around bugs, then this is DEFINITELY a game worth checking out.


Great interactive Game

bradleeh | March 24, 2013 | See all bradleeh's reviews »

In Skyrim, you can interact with just about anything. There are no generic characters. Every character has a personality. You can pick your side in a war that is going on, play as a bandit or law-abiding citizen, and do just about anything. The graphics may not be the best that you've ever seen, but for a game of this magnitude, they are good. The combat system is really simple yet realistic. The game has a great stealth system. Lastly, the skill tree. It lets you choose what type of player you want to be. An up close and personal warrior, a long range archer, or a destructive magician. You can't go wrong buying this game.


More Quality Elder Scrolls Goodness

Endyo | March 1, 2013 | See all Endyo's reviews »

The Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim is one of those titles that you know well before the release date that it will kick the face off of your schedule and bury you in more content than seems should fit on your hard drive. That’s just the way Elder Scrolls games work. Personally, I started with Morrowind as many modern gamers did. We suffered a bit through Oblivion, but knew that we were only at a turning point. One that made the game more accessible and lively and didn’t have you aimlessly wandering a vast landscape based on a jumbled set of journal entries. Bethesda certainly had a challenge laid before them and I’m glad to see they didn’t back down or sacrifice the core qualities that made this series what it is. If you’ve played any modern Elder Scrolls game, starting out in Skyrim is not all that surprising. You know you’ll be designing a character and experiencing a fairly talkative introduction. Of course, Skyrim changes it up a bit by having a ridiculously over –the-top dragon attack event immediately after that, before you even get to pick up a weapon or cast a spell. You’ll find that you’ll have fewer character skill options than you did in Morrowind or Oblivion, basically none, but a wide selection of physical appearance and race options that will have some minor influence on how the game plays out for you. What Skyrim does better than most RPGs on the market is allowing you to dictate your gameplay style primarily based on what you choose to do. For instance, if you pick up a sword and shield, you’ll be gaining skill in one handed weapons and blocking. Whatever armor you choose, you’ll gain levels within that as well. All of which contribute to the overall leveling structure. When you finally do level up, having performed enough tasks with your chosen skills, you’ll be given a menu that allows you to place a single perk point into a perk tree of your choice. It isn’t wholly dependent on the actions you’ve taken to raise your level, but each perk you choose has a particular skill level (for instance 20 one handed skill) that must be attained first. This proves to allow you to do as you choose to level up, but have a bit of freedom in the skills you choose to master and at what time you choose to upgrade them. Using your skills can be a bit of a mixture of satisfying to somewhat lackluster. You’ll find that casting certain spells feels fantastically powerful and significant while other spells and much of the melee combat can get a bit repetitive and seem bland. A few weapons, particularly the two handed varieties, feel quite weighty and give reasonably satisfying results on impact, but ultimately the hours you invest in the game, you most likely won’t even be aware of the weapon outside of recharging the enchantments. Archery can allow for some exciting sneaking sniper-like shots that will make you feel like you’re playing an old Thief game, but as many have found, later in the game this becomes so significantly powerful that you may lose interest in using it at all. One redeeming factor of all of this is that weapons you find and upgrades you can perform upon them definitely make the adventure a little more engaging from a combat perspective. Being able to create what you perceive is the ultimate weapon or armor is a pleasant experience. Outside of direct combat skills and spells, there are plenty of skills associated with old favorites like sneaking, lock picking, illusion, persuasion, crafting, and so on. These are all leveled quite logically, by doing what you’d normally do, and add to the depth of the game. Some of the skills from previous Elder Scrolls games are gone, like athleticism and medium armor, but outside of acknowledging their non-existence, you won’t really miss them unless you found some deep satisfaction in jumping everywhere you go or having that specific type of armor. The skill and perk system is pretty well made in Skyrim and it shouldn’t leave you looking for more even though it lacks the detail of previous games in the series. The more streamlined approach is a joy for anyone who isn’t tied to spending long hours min-maxing on stat sheets and most likely acceptable to those that do and understand the reasoning behind it. An element of Skyrim that I found appealing that often isn’t talked about much in reviews is how well some of the quests are laid out. Some seemingly simple quest could start from picking up a book and flipping through it. Then it may lead to a large arc of tracking down clues, finding specific items, and talking to certain people to get to the end. These are things that aren’t part of the main quest or even any of the side quest chains, just things that happen in the world. It is wildly impressive to me that Bethesda would take the time to invest in decent writing and recording voices and audio for a quest a player may literally never come across. Even after over 100 hours in game, I find new quests of this nature. Quests that are part of the proper side quests and of course the main quest are equal and often greater in quality than these random quests, but that is what one would expect from a triple A title. It’s the little things that really get me going. Quests aren’t perfect though; there are some underlying issues that can affect gameplay. For instance, when I started playing initially, I wanted to get into the game as much as possible, so I turned off quest markers in hopes of having an experience more like Morrowind. However, I found that even simple quests, such as going to a place and finding an object, became incredibly difficult as some objects would blend in to their backgrounds or not be clearly marked in any way. I spend upwards of half an hour running around a small crypt of a few hallways looking for a necklace that was completely invisible to my mildly color deficient eyes. So I’ve spent the rest of the game with the quest markers on feeling like my time was spent being guided by arrows. The caverns and dungeons quests often resolve in are also a bit bland for my tastes. The vast majority are just a twisting hallway that leads to the quest resolution and a “hidden” doorway that leads back to the entrance. For a while this isn’t something you notice, but as dozens of hours are dumped in to the game, it becomes a glaringly obvious issue. I can certainly see the reasoning behind it, as even when navigating the halls of a dungeon set up in this manner, you can easily get lost and turned around for a bit. The walls of a crypt really start to look the similar in the dark. Skyrim is receives equal parts love and disdain for its graphical quality. While it’s a massive step up from Oblivion, some textures can still be muddy and blotchy (even with the HD texture patch) and certain elements seem as though they should have some additional liveliness. I, however, stand more on the side of appreciation for what Bethesda has achieved with Skyrim’s engine. Even on a lower end computer, it can create vistas of a quality that should be acceptable, but it really shines on the Ultra setting. You’ll often be standing on one of the many mountains of Skyrim looking out over a vast wilderness with wispy clouds and blowing snow and you’ll feel the chill of that wind and the bite of that cold. While some of the vegetation is a bit sparse and features to the land seem to wither away as you view them up close, the game shines in those broad grandiose views of what has been created. The characters in particular have come a looooong way since Oblivion’s odd faces with awkward close-ups. Animations are tighter and more realistic and facial expressions actually make you believe these people are conveying emotions rather than being pulled around by strings. However, as appealing as the graphical design is, it is enhanced a great deal by community mods. These will enhance textures, add more vegetation, make people more unique and exciting, and jus t simply make Skyrim better than it is. I added a water texture that makes looking at a lake so wonderful that occasionally I find myself just standing on a dock admiring the beauty of what someone created. Mods, just as they were with previous Elder Scrolls games, are a wonderful and welcome addition to the game. The sounds of Skyrim are of a pretty high quality. Little bits of audio really help with the immersion of the game. Weapons clashing against armor sound just as you’d expect and spells crackle and sizzle with their respective elements and properties. All that pales in comparison to the soundtrack. The score of Skyrim is more extensive and of better quality than many movies. Jeremy Soule has gone above and beyond with these tracks and it helps set the mood for the entire game. Even the iconic Elder Scrolls theme with its soft woodwinds and strings was worked over to include a truly Nordic sounding male choir that just makes it so “Skyrimmy” that you can’t help but think of the game when it’s played. It probably helps that they play it every time you’re in combat – which is often. If there are some particulars about Skyrim that I don’t like, and there are, it’s mostly in elements that dig in like a tiny pebble in your shoe as you go along. Stuff you’d never really notice until you do, and then it’s painfully annoying. For instance, I don’t mind the random dragon attacks, but I do mind that everyone around you, even seemingly incapable citizens of towns leap to help you fight a giant deadly death-breathing beast. Why are they doing this? They should be running away to their homes and hiding like they do in the intro. I mean the whole premise is that dragons have been MIA for thousands of years and only exist in lore as terrible things. Beyond that, there are the issues that happen with the inventory and menu. The menu is clearly designed to be used with a controller because highlighting of objects and text seems to happen independently of your cursor. This leads to often misclicking choices and items because what you have the cursor on hasn’t been highlighted. There are some mods that give you a much better organized inventory, but the issue with highlighted objects is still ever-present and ever-annoying. However, when taken as a whole, some issues can be overlooked and accepted. The game itself does a great job making you feel like you’re part of something living. Maybe not quite as much so as the hustle and bustle of GTA games, but much better than previous iterations in the Elder Scrolls lineage. Skyrim is immensely enjoyable to a point that you’ll have probably invested at least a few dozen, if not a few hundred hours in the game before you finally put it down. The fact that it is so moddable and has a stable of quite well crafted mods already available on top of a decent set of DLC means you can pretty much play this game as much as you’d like. You have a wide variety of tasks and quests all with rich story elements told through text, voice, and in-game books at your disposal. It’s hard to find an open world RPG with so much beauty and detail that isn’t fundamentally flawed in some respect. Skyrim delivers on just about every front and is a must-have for any RPG fan or PC gamer.


The biggest timesink of the last decade

Neohoodman | Feb. 28, 2013 | See all Neohoodman's reviews »

Bigger, better and greater. Skyrim is that in every single way. In development for a long time, you now have the ability to become the Dragonborn and discover the land of Skyrim. Gameplay allows you to choose race and allows you to mix and match combat style in whatever way you choose. Combining magic with melee weapons, it's all possible. Fighting dragons, casting magic, this game really immersed me into the fantasy lore like no other game has before. Thanks to the insanely huge world, improved gameplay since Oblivion and the vast amount of quests, missions, stories, characters, monsters, it'll take you more than 100+ hours to discover every inch of the world of Skyrim.


Great game

youknowwho77 | Feb. 26, 2013 | See all youknowwho77's reviews »

Skyrim is a very good game. The graphics are nice, the gameplay is enjoyable and the story is interesting. It is so much fun to play. The world is so big that you will need months to completely explore every part of it. As you progress you unlock more and more quest, each one of them more rewarding and fascinating than the previous. I recommend it to everyone who seeks a great game that will last long.


One word, three syllables. Amazing.

Xpire | Feb. 14, 2013 | See all Xpire's reviews »

This might be the first medieval game I've played, since I'm not really a big fan of olden, medieval games (and also given the fact that I'm not a hardcore gamer) but this was really something. The graphics were amazing, of course. The gameplay is great, too. I mean, with its open world, dragons can randomly appear while travelling to a destination --That's amazing. The other great thing about this, is that you can do some other relatively trivial things, like reading a book and whatnot. People who've played Oblivion should buy this. Overall, one of the best RPG I've ever played. Definitely deserves its critical acclaim.


Amazing game to play and get lost in!

CrimsonessCross | Feb. 14, 2013 | See all CrimsonessCross's reviews »

I own this game on the X360 and I figured I would get it on the PC. The story of course is nothing fantastic (which is why it isn't a 100 score from me, the world is amazing, the dragons are fun to fight for the most part (i'm starting to think up some interesting encounters in random areas that could be modded in)...and speaking of mods there are TONS of them on steam! It was what tempted me to pick up this game a second time just by glancing through some of them that are for downloading. Can't wait to enjoy this game again :)


A great RPG

Stebsis | Jan. 28, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

Skyrim definitely is a great RPG, only overshadowed by Dragon Age: Origins and Witcher 2 from this gen. The good: Graphics are beautiful and locations are varied even though Skyrim is a northern land full of snow. There're tundras, snowy mountains and a lot greener areas too. The grand mountains are a great sight and you really get the feeling that you really are in a cold and harsh northern environment. Combat is a lot of fun. You get to equip anything you want in either of your hand. Fireball in your right and sword in left? Ok. Conjure sword and lightning bolt? Ok. It's just a shame that there is no real reason to try out different combinations because, well, there really aren't any outside of two fires, ice etc. together create a more powerful spell. It would've been awesome if you could mix and try things out, like electric ice spike that creates shockwave when it hits the target knocking others enemies down. You can enchant weapons and armor though, give them attributes like do fire damage or shield from it, or make them just powerful, but it would've been neat if you could add your spell to the weapons. You also have dragon shouts, words of power, that is dragon language. You learn these words of power and you get dragon powers like breathe fire. The world. Skyrim is a beautiful place, but what makes the game immersive is the world itself and what's in it.Townsfolk are doing their things, working at forge, doing leather works and stuff like that. There are people outside of towns, just wandering around, you meet a lot of characters. The bad: characters themselves. I've played Skyrim some couple hundred hours, but I don't remember not one character from it. Everyone is just so bland, unforgettable, boring. Some quests are interesting and there are lot of them and they're fun to do, but nothing really sticks. Everyone in this immersive world is just so forgettable. Dragons, and this is a big thing because the whole game basically revolves around them. Well, they're kind of mixed bag. At first they're really cool. You hear a roar from the skies, epic music starts to play and you look up and see a dragon swooping down breathing ice or fire on you. It circles around and then crashes down and you approach it with your sword and shield as it breathes fire on you again. It feels epic and makes you feel like a total badass... for the first 10 or so times and occasionally if the dragon is exceptionally hard. There's infinite amount of dragons, and they become so boring after a while that you might just run away from them because you just don't bother with it for the zillionth time. Dragons should be these big badasses of fantasy genre. I still remember when I first time encountered dragon in Dragon Age: Origins. It was so epic and it was hard fight as hell, and I was completely beaten in my first couple of times, and they just got badder towards the end, and there aren't that many of them, maybe like 5. And the dragon in Witcher 2, only 1, is such a badass and greates a sense of terror even though you don't even see it that much. That's how dragons should be, few and they should make you fear them, they are the kings of fantasy enemies, they should be the ultimate test of courage to become a hero. None of that in Skyrim, soon you'll be taking down dragons like chicken from middle of the town. Actually, no, chicken are worse enemies than dragons because chicken has friends, powerful friends. Because if you attack one of them you get a whole effin' town on your back swinging their swords trying to kill you! Chicken are worse enemies than dragons!!! Skyrim is a mixed bag. Some of its main things are a bit boring, but variety of different quests, fun combat system and world where you can lose yourself for hundreds of hours in, and explore and find all of its secrets definitely make it worth your while. It's not nearly the perfect RPG many make it out to be, but damn is it fun. You get more than your money's worth that's for sure.


A gorgeous RPG gem

MalekTaktak | Jan. 28, 2013 | See all MalekTaktak's reviews »

Bethesda strikes again, giving us a fantasy-driven medieval RPG complete with swords, spells, dragons, orks, giants and other evil creatures that solely exist to eradicate you. Where to start? The game features many character classes in the character creator, which you can fully customize from the facial details to the physical abilities. And then that's it: Once you dive in, you'll never emerge back to the surface. Since there are plenty of things to do that await your hero, having a whole world to save from evil dragon overlord domination, you will step in as the Dragonborn, a blessed abnormal human-like protagonist, and you'll be able to fight bandits, craft weapons, tools, potions, learn and create spells, manage your inventory/equipment to survive in this spacious and seemingly unfinishing world, full of secrets, quests, dungeons and unique side-missions that will never bore you. You can choose to be evil too and attempt to conquer the universe, if you do not fear a karma-driven death. There are so many things to do or interact with that you will wonder if the game lives on its own. The graphics are top-notch, although even better with the high resolution texture packs. You will also want to take a look at the modding community who keeps the game alive and kicking, that means infinite possibilities and beautiful, fun or often crazy mods for you to explore on your own. The story can seem too nerdy to fully comprehend, probably cause it is. There are even books you can read telling you additional stories and logs about the setting of the game. Don't wait for a sale, paying full price for this game is really worth it and every DLC you can get for it will make your playthroughs even richer.



sng7 | Jan. 27, 2013 | See all sng7's reviews »

This game is awesome in every way even after hearing all the hype I was still amazed the first time I played Skyrim and that feeling doesn't go away quickly. With it's massive world and endless quests Skyrim keeps you engaged and immerses you in such away you lose track of the real world. This game with it's masses of content to explore will keep you entertained for ages. Skyrim is a must buy.


fun enough, but repetitive

puppymang | Jan. 24, 2013 | See all puppymang's reviews »

Skyrim is fun for about 100 hours or so but it depends on how long it takes you to realize that the game is extremely repetitive and unless you like spending hours and hours messing around mods but not really doing anything then I don't really recommend this game. The gameplay becomes a potion chugging fest, especially when it comes to fighting dragons. The quests are all go to X and kill Y amount of things then come back. The story is fairly boring and forgettable. Side quests are really repetitive and boring. Animations are just as clunky as any Bethesda game. Dynamic snow is hardly noticeable On the bright side the game has improved graphically but not by much and some things are enjoyable like playing as a rogue and stealth killing everything without alerting anyone. But as I said before, it gets old.


A Medieval, low-fantasy simulator

ButLeer | Jan. 23, 2013 | See all ButLeer's reviews »

Have you ever dreamed of being a manly viking lord, with guns the size of car tyres? Well, Skyrim is the perfect game for you. While old fans of the series will find the removal of many mechanics that had been present in the older games, new players seeking awesome fights, jaw-dropping locales, great drama and an incredible destiny will find all they could hope for in the land of Skyrim. The graphics are beautiful, with stunning mountain views and lush forests, you will spend ages simply exploring and enjoying the nature. While Skyrim on the surface is beautiful and jaw-dropping, it won't last very long. But those 40 first hours are definitely your moneys worth.



frothdv | Jan. 22, 2013 | See all frothdv's reviews »

Great game from Bethesda again. The world is huge and there's a lot to do. The introduction really draws you in. Lots of mods to keep the game giving. Biggest complaint? Combat still feels like Morrowind. This isn't bad, but it doesn't give the control and feedback I was hoping for. Probably the best game of this kind, just not perfected.


Must have for RPG lovers

starjack20 | Jan. 22, 2013 | See all starjack20's reviews »

This is arguably the best RPG out there right now. The graphics are simply astonishing on PC, especially with certain mods installed. The gameplay can get a bit dull, but only after a couple hundred hours of gaming you will undoubtedly sink into this game. The main quest line isn't the greatest, but still a decent one. That, along with countless side missions and questlines that are in the game, only continue the development of the world around you. The repetition of certain dungeons involving draugr, falmer, etc. can get pretty old, but this is still a game that all RPG enthusiasts should play in their lifetime.


A great openworld action game, but with lacking RPG elements

reprezent_ | Jan. 19, 2013 | See all reprezent_'s reviews »

Skyrim is one of the best Open world games out there, with every area in the game being unique and got a charm of its own, making exploring ever so fun. The game however, lacks real RPG elements. The story is generic and lacks depth. The characters are not interesting except for a few. I'd say the real fun of this game comes from exploring the cities and the different holds and doing the huge amount of sidequests and doing guild quests. To say it simply: If you are looking for a RPG with a deep and innovative story that will make you reflect upon your choices, don't even bother. But, if you are looking for an enormous, gorgeous and next to a breathtaking world with endlessly many quests to do and places to explore, grab it


Great game letdown by simplistic combat & story

backslashio | Jan. 14, 2013 | See all backslashio's reviews »

Its a shame that for a world that's so beautiful, so engaging with many various quests on offer it fails in numerous ways. For starters, the story isn't particularly strong with a main character that says nothing aside from text prompt choices and the story has about as much in common as it does with Borderlands which is almost non existent apart from 3-4 scenes in a potential 70-80 hour game! Thankfully though you'll spend most of your time simply exploring the landscape and doing many sidequests & dungeons along the way. The combat unfortunately is not so good, long range weapons & magic are fine yet when it comes to daggers and swords you're blindly swinging your arms with no real engagement or skill apart from keeping the enemy in front of your face until it eventually dies. A nice addition to the combat though is that you're freely to switch between weapons/magic on the fly and the more you use a particular combat method, the more skill points you'll get which will unlock powerful attributes. If you can forgive its simplistic story & uninvolving swordplay you're in for a treat! Its so visually spectacular its hard not to be impressed by the amount of effort that's been put in


Gritty New Look with a Familiar Feel

CrimsonWizard | Dec. 26, 2012 | See all CrimsonWizard's reviews »

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is Bethesda's latest game in it's long running series of open ended, high fantasy RPG series. While Morrowind had a dark color palette, and Oblivion used bright colors among the burning portals to hellish lands, Skyrim opts for a more visceral, realistic look. The game's land does a stellar job of a portraying the cold north with nature providing plenty of eye candy, along with the towns and dungeons which evoke a Norse style. Skyrim also takes some lessons from Bethesda's recent experiments with the Fallout series, with perks you can purchase for your skills after gaining a level. I will say though, that because of the sudden difficulty jumps depending on your level, you might find multi-classing your character (a magic knight for example) to be a tougher challenge early on. However, the game also includes the typical adjustable difficulty slider, so you're welcome to ease things up until you're prepared for Skyrim's full fury. Actual combat, world traveling, and game mechanics in all however still resemble Oblivion for better or worse. While combat has some new tricks such as dual wielding weapons, spells, shields, or a mix of them all, the actual fighting and enemy AI resemble the previous Elder Scrolls. Those who disliked such combat, may find Skyrim to be a chore. Crafting equipment and potions, enchanting and strengthening gear, and exploring for far off dungeons still remains in full force, giving the player an enormous array of options to deal with threats besides combat. The actual story of Skyrim while interesting and complimented with more, and better quality voice actors, still falls a bit short with only a handful of truly interesting characters among the massive cast of NPCs to speak to. In the least however, every town area has it's own feel, with the townies having to deal with either the local threat of undead or monsters, or the political situation with the civil war against the rest of the empire. While Skyrim doesn't feel like an evolution to Oblivion, it does feel like a better polished, and richer sandbox RPG than its predecessor. The Norse vibe throughout the game gives Skyrim a lot of charm, and hey, it's pretty hard not to make slaying a dragon fun.



AppleMuffin | Dec. 24, 2012 | See all AppleMuffin's reviews »

Skyrim, as expected, delivers, though there are some things I feel should be pointed out: The AI is still about the same - enemies block and counter, some stay far away and fire off arrows or spells. I did enjoy the town life, however. NPCs actually did things and lived out their lives instead of just standing around waiting to give quests away. The frozen conversation thing is gone too- people are active and move around even when you are in an conversation, something not seen in oblivion. Huge, awesome world, plenty of exploring to do. I still hate the combat though. Take a swing at someone's face and blood leaks out at their feet. Seriously, someone needs to fix the combat. Overall, still a great game. Highly recommended.


Unlimited RPG

panz3r88 | Dec. 24, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim is like its predecessor a great RPG. I found the story of the game better compared to the one of Morrowind or Oblivion, because every element is connected and created a coherent world. The skill tree is well done and during the game you can create a character that is specialized in few abilities or you can try to develop many skills at the same time. The best thing of Skyrim is like its predecessors the game continues to evolve thanks to the mod created by the players that improve the graphic, the gameplay and add new quests


King of RPG's

darknath | Dec. 23, 2012 | See all darknath's reviews »

This is an RPG that will grip you like none other, and never let go. The atmosphere is unparalled, and the art design and soundtrack is beautiful. The immense world will suck you in, and endless exploration ensures that there is always something new to see. This game is highly recommended to any RPG fans, especially if you liked Oblivion!


Mods Complete the Epicness

ND1Razor | Dec. 22, 2012 | See all ND1Razor's reviews »

If you have the machine to run it, drug this game up on mods, texture packs, new areas, new spells, new everything, all for free. The possibilities are endless in skyrim. The game itself is fantastic, freeroam at its finest. Each different type of combat is extremely varied, (try hand to hand of hilarious outcomes). It does loose a bit of juice once you complete the main story but that does not detract from the experience.


One of the best games ever made

Angeluzian | Dec. 22, 2012 | See all Angeluzian's reviews »

Skyrim is without a doubt one of the best games ever made. It's story, it's elements, it's magic, it's combat. I personally believe that it's utterly flawless. It do have some flaws, not as open world as I would like it to and such things, but it doesn't really hold the game much back. If you don't own it in one way or another already, you need to get it as soon as possible, as it's totally worth the price.


Great Looking Rpg

Xibalba | Dec. 21, 2012 | See all Xibalba's reviews »

It is the fifth installment in The Elder Scrolls action role-playing video game series. Skyrim's main story revolves around the player character's efforts to defeat Alduin, a Dragon who is prophesied to destroy the world. Set two hundred years after Oblivion, the game takes place in the fictional province of Skyrim (really great and looking good nordic region) nonlinear gameplay traditional in the Elder Scrolls series the player can explore an open world on foot or on horse, and fast-travel to cities, towns, and dungeons a lots of secondary quests but really shot main story


Amazing game.

nucture | Dec. 17, 2012 | See all nucture's reviews »

This game is amazing for people who want a game they can spend HOURS on and never get bored. There is so many things to do. So many little side quest and items to find and things to kill and places to explore, that you will always seem to have never completed the game 100%. I would recommend this game to anyone who wants to feel like they got their 60 dollars worth on a game. You will enjoy the game so much. It's even on sale today. For 60% off this game IS A STEAL. It lives up to all the hype.


The best

MummRa | Dec. 14, 2012 | See all MummRa's reviews »

I love this liberty in a game, you improve your character in his own way, you can do quests, a lot of them, by the way, you can just kill npcs, steal things, i played more than 200 hours, and still have quests to do, just the base game, not played dawnguard yet Epic songs, great graphics, history, characters and amazing gameplay, best game of all time, i'm sorry Half Life 2


Spend Countless Hours Exploring, Slaying, and Hoarding

wulffman | Dec. 14, 2012 | See all wulffman's reviews »

STORY: It's hard to gauge the story in such an open game. However, the main storyline is quite interesting, as are a number of the side-quest stories. It's quite easy to get lost in such a huge world full of so many characters, quests, and tucked away surprises. Almost everything feels epic, and the few things that don't are still fun too! GAMEPLAY: The gameplay is simpler than previous installments to the Elder Scrolls series. Fewer choices, in terms of armor and weapons, but definitely a good time nonetheless. With tons of spells and special abilities to find and learn, you likely won't get bored of this game for quite some time. VISUALS: The visuals in Skyrim are downright stunning. Scenic views of the distant mountains, beautiful trees up close, and everything in between from giants and mammoths to birds and buildings. Lower graphical settings in this game still look good, but high settings are just breathtaking. I found myself stopping just to look around at the scenery a lot in this one. SOUND: The ambient sound in Skyrim is excellent. Sounds of the wilderness really help the level of immersion for the player. The music is always fitting and almost always catchy - you may find yourself humming or whistling along rather often. OVERALL: Skyrim is amazing despite the few simplifications from its predecessors. The game is tons of fun and exploration is a huge part of that. If you like open world RPGs, I strongly recommend this. If you liked previous Elder Scrolls games, you're quite likely to really enjoy this one too.


A Great Game

Dsc | Dec. 12, 2012 | See all Dsc's reviews »

Skyrim, just like its predecessors, is a great game. The world is mind bogglingly huge. It would take quite some time to explore every nook and cranny the world has to often, if even possible. The voice acting in the game has very much improved since the days of Oblivion, though you'll still run into the phrases that come to be very annoying after you've heard them so many times. Arrow in the Knee, Sweetroll, etc. but the better acting makes it less annoying than in Oblivion. On stuff to do, the game has endless amounts of it. There are hundreds of quests to do throughout the game and there are even randomly generated ones, though they're pretty simplistic. You can travel around and just explore the beautiful open world or you can spelunk through the many ancient ruins or deep caverns spread throughout the world to find all of the loots. The game's plot, admittedly, isn't anything special. Aside from the occasional twist or turn it all plays out pretty straightforwardly. If you play Elder Scrolls games like I do though, the main quest is probably the last thing you do, if ever haha! The best part of the game though, is the modding community. Just like those app commercials, if you want something, odds are there's a mod for that. Want the game to play a bit more like Oblivion or Morrowind? There's a mod for that. Want a mod to completely retexture the game to look even better? There's a mod for that. Want a mod that gives your Fus Ro Dah the power of Chuck Norris? There's a mod for that. Want to stay simple and just fix various bugs throughout the game? Fear not, there is a mod for that. All in all, the game is simply great. If you enjoyed both Morrowind and Oblivion, then odds are you'll enjoy Skyrim as well. That been said, the game does have a fair share of problems, mostly all due to being a typical Bethesda game. Bugs, bugs, bugs. You'll not often run into any gamebreaking bugs, but you'll notice smaller ones throughout the world. As I mentioned before though, there's a mod that fixes a good portion of them, the Modding community is very dedicated to the game.


Given buy

Mirage | Dec. 11, 2012 | See all Mirage's reviews »

This is probably one of the best sandbox RPG's I've ever played. The freedom is great, and the game runs on low end machines pretty well. Even on low settings, the game is beautiful. The voice acting is good, and the quests are good, well written and not that much copy/paste. Of course there is only so much you can do, but many of the quests has quirks that sets them apart, and the dungeons are not copy/paste either. Big plus because you have a lot of races to choose from, and get treated differently by various npc's depending on your race. Also, if you're into the supernatural, you get options in game to become either werewolf or vampire.



masterenric0 | Dec. 11, 2012 | See all masterenric0's reviews »

A great game. Not without it's bugs and glitches, but a excellent addition to the Elder Scrolls series. With the addition of the Steam Workshop and the amazing mod creators the re-playability shoots through the roof.


Overrated, but Fun

gewgles | Dec. 11, 2012 | See all gewgles's reviews »

I got this game as a gift last christmas from a steam friend, and I played nonstop for ~50 hours or so. I enjoyed every minute I played, but at the end I felt bored. This game is no doubt good, but I think there are better games that are underrated such as dark souls. One thing that will bore you in this game is the combat system. It's basically spam left click, inventory, left click, right click and then you're done.


An enjoyable experience, but ultimately a disappointing one

Scorpy | Dec. 10, 2012 | See all Scorpy's reviews »

If you are familiar to Elder Scrolls, you will either love or hate Skyrim. The in-between is where non-Elder Scrolls fans fall. I'd never played an Elder Scrolls game before, and I found Skyrim's lore to be quite engrossing. However, the gameplay itself and story were less than stellar and I found myself not wanting to return to the game. Contrarily to the similar open-world RPG games Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, I had no desire to explore and no desire to truly play this for longer than I needed to. Skyrim is missing that "it" factor that the previous Fallout games had, despite being nearly identical in gameplay and features. If you are looking for an engrossing RPG experience, maybe look the game up before getting it. It's being praised across the board, but I just failed to see what all the fuss was about.



abelfs | Dec. 10, 2012 | See all abelfs's reviews »

The first impression of what is yet to come is when the main theme sounds, a song that you will hear again when you are fighting dragons, experiencing one of the most vibrating moments ever playing a video game. Summery in a few words - "The BEST Elder Scrolls to date". Even those who loved Morrowind and liked Oblivion will LOVE this one. Though some PC specific UI would have been nice. Like implementation of hotkeys. Still the sheer number of content will surprise you....... guaranteed.


Savage but fun fantasy

nairume | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all nairume's reviews »

Skyrim, the newest game in Bethesda's Elder Scrolls franchise, delivers on almost every note. The world of Skyrim is absolutely beautiful and packed full with all sorts of different places to explore and things to do. Combat is more fun than it ever has been in the franchise, and the character development has been streamlined while fixing prior issues that have plagued the games. On top of that, the sound direction in the game is nothing short of fantastic, mixing great ambiance with killer orchestra music. On the downside, some of the quests are still rather generic, leaving players with a feeling of “I've done this before, haven't I?” As long as they can get over a little bit of repetitiveness, Skyrim's world is a wonder to explore and should let everybody live out their viking power fantasies.


A Game That may take you awhile

Mechafury | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all Mechafury's reviews »

Before I start I wanted to say i have played and beaten all previous TES (the elder scrolls) games, that being said i have not beaten this game and still a little over a year after its come out. This Game Is HUGE and honestly there's a lot to do, and you will get sidetracked, I am a huge completionist so putting +300 hours into this game without having barely touched the main quest line makes me feel pretty great. it takes everything that you want in a game, Amazing narrative unparalleled story telling. amazing sound and music design that really pull you in into the land of skyrim, dynamic and fresh combat system. This game is beautiful and must not be missed out! PC PLAYERS - You have got it good with a vast choice a mods to choose from, ranging from epic quest lines, in depth companions, to complete and total Graphical overhauls. There are a lot of mods that help fix game problems and Make the games certain quest more simple. Now that reminds me i really need to play more syrim :)


Jump into the game. Now.

Darder | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all Darder's reviews »

Immersive, incredibly fun, and long lasting. Three characteristics of this game. After the successfull Oblivion, The Elder Scrolls serie is back with this episode. I played over 200 hours into this game, and I still want to play more. This game never gets old. If you get bored with one of your character, which most likely wont happen, just start a new one! The game is complex, and holds alot of quests for you to complete. The bestiary holds some variety, and the graphics themselves are nice to observe. The overall feel of the game is way better than its predecessors, some may argue the game is genuinely better than Morrowind, which was awesome. So much detail has been put into this game. And as always, it is completely moddable. I personally use about 50 different mods on the game right now, and it runs just fine no crashes. If you wanted to immerse yourself into an RPG this year, search no more. This game is the game you are looking for. Defenetely game of the year.



Damuel | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all Damuel's reviews »

A very casual RPG, not really worthy of the TES title. It's open world and that's about the only praise I can give it. The level system has been dumbed down to the point that you have 0 thought to put into how you make your character. The quests are all unfun fetch quests without decent rewards. The voice acting is still pretty low. The world is incredibly dull with boring snowy environments and mostly ugly low res visuals. And of course, as a TES game, it's incredibly unstable and prone to crashing and constant save corruption. The story is awful and doesn't make much sense. For instance, you will meet the boss of the main story (a dragon, surprise) within the tutorial, yet, when he does show up, he goes around attacking random soldiers. It's as though he came to kill you, saw some people and has forgotten you're the only person in the universe that can actually harm him. It's as though a middle school student wrote the plot. Buy it if you've never played a RPG before, have low standards, or never played a TES game before. You won't be disappointed. If you want a good solid RPG with character building, this is going to be a major flop. If you came from Morrowind, hold your breathe, it's an extreme drop in quality and quantity from it.


Overwhelmingly awesome

Irony314 | Dec. 7, 2012 | See all Irony314's reviews »

I got excited about it and all its hype and bought it right when it came out for top dollar; which, as you can see, it rarely lowers from. But it is totally worth every penny. I beat the main quest line in a few days, but thats not at all what elder scrolls games are about. Over 400 quests; I have over 300 hours in this game, and I havent done even 75. I highly doubt I'll ever "finish" it. (I blame at least 75+ of those hours to getting lost in dwarven ruins though...) So my only complaint is also my highest praise; too much content lol. (My real complaint is bare feet; check it out. they're hideous.)


Overall geat game

Woundead | Nov. 25, 2012 | See all Woundead's reviews »

On the good side: Open world gameplay Graphics and style Great voice acting Story Modding The Bad side: Game gets a little easy after a while so make sure to tune up the difficulty Dungeons may get a little repeditive


Vast improvement over oblivion

rstokes | Nov. 25, 2012 | See all rstokes's reviews »

Much like most open ended games this game allows you to do nearly anything you want within reason. Feel free to immediately start the main story line, or walk in any direction instead. The game's quest system will work around what you have done to ensure you are always coming across new things. Truly the perfect game to get lost in as of 2012, its guaranteed to become the benchmark for which action RPGs are judged


THE RPG of the decade.

fable2 | Nov. 24, 2012 | See all fable2's reviews »

Fantastic landscape and a world you'll truly immerse yourself in. Lot's of exploration and quests. You can play for hundreds of hours and still find new things and quests you haven't finished. It's a very ambitious game where all characters have voice acting with a huge and open world for you to move around in. The game is of epic proportions and is almost perfect in every way. What I miss is some more character depth from the NPCs. Bethesda should have let the voice actors play more whacky/cute/memorable characters with a bit more depth. I enjoyed Cicero for example and would have liked to see more of those sort of personality treats in the voice acting and character setup. Marriage could have been reduced to just a few characters and make the "relationship" with the hero a bit deeper instead of just saying "goodbye my love". Another gripe is enchantment being too powerful, it basically renders all loot useless as you can always enchant better gear than what you find by looting..Since it's a wizardry skill they could have made enchantment such that it purely enhances magical skills or adds a magical property to gear including the magical gear found by looting. Overall this game is a must have, must play for anyone who enjoys a good RPG. The only reason I won't give it a 10 is the lack of depth/personality in the NPCs. Just a few more Cicero style characters who really have unique personalities would have perfected the game.