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Insanely fun coop experience!

Oblaque | Sept. 13, 2013 | See all Oblaque's reviews »

I honestly suggest this to any fan of First Person Shooting this game brings a lot to the table Customization, A Great Experience, Shooting,Shooting, more shooting and of course PARKOUR which is basically jumping over obstacles or sliding through stuff and climbing stuff anyways the game is a great and Tremendous change over Call of duty which has had mixed opinions about it but here we have an OLD-SCHOOL "Enemy Territory" kind of game which in my opinion the best style for a action FPS especially when there's multiplayer involved and of course with the PC version having people online to play with I got in 1 lobby and thought to myself gee no lag, no hackers sweet! I bought this game for 5 bucks no joke and it was on sale which had everything in it which I found pretty cool. Yes, I kid you not! This Game is AMAZING my final verdict is a, 89/100 totally a MUST BUY!!!


Good Game, repetitive gameplay

Kevduit | Sept. 10, 2013 | See all Kevduit's reviews »

I played this game for a few weeks, and honestly, I did enjoy the idea of the game. The storyline was VERY well thought out, and the gameplay tactics mixed with the moving styles, such as Parkour and free running, was amazing! There were quite a few levels in the game that featured good old run and gun stuff, but in reality, the game dragged on and the storyline ran out of interesting ideas after the first few levels. The customizations you could do were interesting, but if it were in my opinion, I'd spend less time on the clothing, more time on the concept and story. Bethesda does an amazing job with the character customizing, but this game just didn't feel as though your character really mattered, it was just running around, where everyone does the same thing. The Multiplayer modes could've been a lot better as well. A lot of the game types were too similar, and in all honesty, boring. It could've been a fantastic game with great potential, but It was ruined by over customization, lack of interesting story, and EXTREME lack in Multiplayer. The game was fun for the first few levels, but then I stopped playing because I was bored.


Fun while it lasted

Camo260 | Aug. 17, 2013 | See all Camo260's reviews »

The idea behind this game was very good and it had a unique style of graphics. However, there was never really any difference between single player and multi player, it was basically just multi player by yourself with bots. For me it would have been great if there was actually a single player storyline instead of just the multi player with bots. The challenges could get frustrating at times but playing with friends and running, jumping and sliding all over the place was quite fun while it lasted. The game looked like it would have good customization of weapons and characters but in the end there wasn't much you could do. Overall this was and is a fun game to play around with friends but it will get boring faster then I'd like to admit


Good concept but...

Hunork | July 30, 2013 | See all Hunork's reviews »

It took about eight hours before Brink finally clicked for me. I’d levelled up, grabbed caltrops as a special secondary power and disguised myself as an enemy. Free-running, I was leaping from boxes to banisters and jumping off walls, doing so just for the pleasure of the movement, and heading to my objective: stop the Resistance stealing hydraulic fluid. I was playing on the Security side, Operative class – hacker, disguiser, all-round jerk. Players tend not to spy-check in Brink, so when I arrived at the hydraulic fluid store cupboard, the Resistance didn’t take any notice. Tee-hee! They were being pinned back by the rest of my team and focusing their attentions on the amassing forces. At least four of them were crammed in there. Their Engineer had dropped a turret inside. It was a stupid place to put it: it wasn’t covering the entrance, but was pointing at his own team. I reprogrammed the turret, and in doing so dropped my disguise, but surprise goes hand-in-hand with a sodding great turret. I tossed the caltrops to add to their misery, and the four foes in the room were ripped apart, all dropping to the ground and begging to be put down (which is actually an option). Now, to get to the fluid, they had to make it past me, their own reprogrammed turret and my shrapnel.


Another FPS, but fun

TGAlan | July 7, 2013 | See all TGAlan's reviews »

Just another shooter, I preordered this game hoping it was going to be everything it was supposed to be but there really were not that many new game mechanics in it or they were not utilized as much as they should have been. The Co-Op was pretty fun and some of the challenges were quite frustrating but in a shooter I want it to be a bit frustrating. I played the game for a while with some friends but then kind of abandoned it when it didn't hold up to what I was expecting.


It promised a lot and stayed half

kalil | June 14, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

It's a good game no doubt but much more was expected of him, the ending leaves it wide open you have to play two full campaigns to learn from history. Analyzing see that the controls are easy but sometimes unintentionally give breaks or something strange, what is worst is the dynamics of the missions in which it still one of your choice from the drop down menu did not know anybody, you like hitting shots but you'll be bored of it, missions may be short or long depending on the shit times but has a decent length. It is clear that the best is the multiplayer option. His features, technology well but the truth is that waiting to have annoyed too wanted to be very ambitious but ultimately stayed another indie game. The graphics good but could be better, but the animations are not convinced that the constitution strong and agile is innovative but not quite fit. The sound is fine almost the best game soundtrack without going good, the good weapons effects and voiceovers, some unconvincing but fine. Finally it is clear that innovation is what stands out, wanted to innovate too much and just play that badly hurt but it was a good attempt. In conclusion is a good game not the best on the market of its kind but is fine however, a month before going on sale is expected much more from him. A 7.5 for this innovative and exciting shooter.


A wasted potential of a wonderful concept

spycid | June 11, 2013 | See all spycid's reviews »

This game should have been strictly MP only. The SP part was completely unnecessary and uncalled for. MP would have been more interesting if the game had conventional MP game modes. Trying to add countless outfits and variety of environment, they kinda forgot to add a nice storyline for SP. Don't get this game for playing SP, MP is the only part which is playable.


Great Concept, Fails to Execute it Into A Good Game

thegaminglyfe | June 11, 2013 | See all thegaminglyfe's reviews »

Brink has good graphics and sound and great ideas but the gameplay doesn't live up to make a good game. The controls are frustrating and it is much to easy. The only game mode: attack/defense is boring and repetitive. It's simple, one team races to complete objectives and the other team tries to stop them. This game gets repetitive and boring fast but get it if you want a break from generic shooters.


This could have been something great

sl1ck | April 24, 2013 | See all sl1ck's reviews »

As one of my fellow reviewers says, this was a great idea for a game but it wasn't executed quite properly. It feels like an unfinished, albeit good idea. However his game certainly isn't the abject disaster many make it out to be. I had a lot of fun playing this online for a few weeks until the community died. The customization is incredible, easily the best I've seen in a game. This game just never caught on. I don't think many liked it because it is different and nothing like the COD-type shooters everyone is used to.


Solid ideas, bad execution

Stebsis | April 9, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

Brink definitely has an intriguing setup, you are in an Ark, basically the only inhabitable place left in the planet. It was designed as self sustainable island, but stuff happened and it now has more population than it can handle. Supplies are scarce and two factions are in a war over them. This was interesting setup and it made me want to play it and see what can they really do with this story. The answer is: nothing. Nothing at all. They create this interesting place, history and lore... and do nothing with it. So, you get to choose between these factions which you want to play as, so there's basically two campaigns in the game. Story is barebones, nothing to see there, it's not particularly fun or even rememberable. You can play the campaign in co-op though which I recommend doing if you really want to play this game. There's also multiplaer which sometimes feels like a joke though it's quite fun when it works, but it has glitched and crashed on me so many times. Also, I have to mention the grenades which are just awful, the explosion is like throwing couple of firecrackers. One of the interesting parts the game has is its parkour system, you can jump over stuff, climb walls etc. Sadly this feature isn't used nearly at its full potential but in multiplayer opens up some nice variation. Shooting elements also are solid and guns have nice feel to them. Co-op and multiplayer is what saves this game a bit, it's still a bit boring, but with friend almost anything can get fun. Get this from sale if you want it.


You're on the Ark. What could go wrong?

Guardian412 | Jan. 31, 2013 | See all Guardian412's reviews »

You're on the Ark. What could go wrong? Well, basically many things. Brink is a game which is intended to merge many ideas, from the Counter-Strike / Battlefield type cooperative gameplay with the game mechanics of Mirror's Edge and while the opportunity was there, it has turned to the wrong direction somewhere during the development. The classes you may choose from, regardless they're customizable, are the ones you've seen in any similar games. The weapons are also nothing special, so as the AI and the gameplay which has more faults and glitches than redeeming factors. While the basic idea and the setting is great, - a huge utopistic town, called the Ark -, and it is developed well, the game can't do much with it at all. The game has some minimal story for the two playable sides, the Security Forces and the Resistance, but it is so minimal that it won't grab you, especially not in single player mode. However I have to add, that the game was designed for multiplayer. But if there is a single player mode, and there is, it would be better if it would be more developed instead of being a secondary something what the developers add to the game, just to don't feel the lack of it. If you'd like to play a post apocalyptic game, playing in an utopistic setting, and if you have friends to play, give a chance for Brink as it works there the best. But if you'd like to play a game in solo, its better if you look for a different title.


Interesting ideas

Lekes | Jan. 13, 2013 | See all Lekes's reviews »

Spot on game, Great graphics, amazing play, the AI could use a little more updating though its not as bad as when it was first released, levels = new outfits, challenges = new guns and accessory's. Multi-player is very enjoyable and there is a fair amount of maps, there is no death match which would be pretty fun but it gets you away from all the call of duty bull. Brink is very team based requires some skill which is why people do not like it. At first i'll admit i was not at all very good. After 7 in game hours i have become very good, i love the fact that they added in Parkour (free-running) this is a good turn, and makes the game very fun indeed.


Fun, different but a little short

Prozac | Dec. 30, 2012 | See all Prozac's reviews »

Since plenty of other reviews have already gone into detail about the game's mechanism, I'll just give you a summary: the game is basically ten or so team-based, objective-driven maps that one can either play solo, or with varying levels of humans involved (human vs bots, human vs human). I read a few reviews that said you would need friends to enjoy the latter part of the game, but unless you play Call of Duty exclusively with your friends, that is not the case at all. While you will probably finish both campaigns, basically the ten maps from each side, within a few days, I believe there is enough replay value to keep you going for a good while. The biggest thing I'd like you to know about the game though, is that it has quite a sharp learning curve. The HUD is quite cluttered and there can be multiple objectives at the same time, which can be confusing to people who play FPS games where you're basically held by your hand and led through the story. If you're a gamer, though, I'm sure you'll get used to it quickly. If you're new to FPS games, I actually don't recommend this game. Pick up a more mainstream game then come back to this when you're more well-suited to the genre. There are plenty of customization, especially with the appearance of your character, and one option (body weight) even affects your gameplay: will you be a large behemoth, able to withstand multiple headshots, or will you be a light and agile fiend, able to climb higher walls and run faster. There are also plenty of weapons paired with plenty of customization, but as noted in another review, the weapons themselves do not vary much inside their classifications (one SMG feels like another). Still, the customization does spice things up a bit, although I admit my add-ons are similar across weapons. The four different classes are very nicely designed; they're different enough to be meaningful but different weapons can be held by all classes so it isn't only the soldier getting the kills (he does get a larger variety of grenades, though). My personal favorite class is the Engineer - he can buff his own weapon and install a pretty nifty turret! I picked up a copy of Brink a few days ago off Steam when it was heavily discounted, so I have no qualms about the price. That being said, I would definitely recommend buying the game even at full price, it is quite a lot of fun and is a very refreshing change of pace from the usual Call of Duty or Battlefield release.


Good only in multiplayer

panz3r88 | Dec. 17, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Brink is a first person shooter oriented to co-op gameplay. In the game you must choose between one of the four available class and cooperate to reach the various objectives. If you play in singleplayer the other player that aid you will be controlled by the CPU, but the AI of the game doesn't work really well. If you want to have fun in this game you should buy it and find a group of human players to organize multiplayer matches.


Brink review

carlyle | Nov. 27, 2012 | See all carlyle's reviews »

Brink is a fps that perfectly blends different game modes (single player, multiplayer and co-op). In Brink are told the story of The Ark, a city / island in front of San Francisco where there is a war between the Resistance and the Security Forces, fighting for control of the resources of the city. The real peculiarity of Brink is the breakdown for the tasks of the team. Each belonging to the Resistance or the Security is based on different specializations, or technical, soldier, doctor and agent, the fundamental economy of the game as the main objectives, dynamic within each mission are completed using the single specialization of a class. The accumulation of experience points through the achievement of objectives, kill, successful attacks and defenses allows us to unlock perk and additional capabilities. Each specialization is bringing unique skills, assets and liabilities