Reviews for Disciples III: Renaissance PRE


Another "good" game gets unfair reviews

vvhitevvolf | July 8, 2013 | See all vvhitevvolf's reviews »

To begin, I have played all of the disciples games along with many other turn based strategy games like king's bounty, the heroes of might and magic series and others so I feel I have a good understanding of this type of game. Disciples 3 Renaissance could be called Disciples of Might and Magic because it is a mix of heroes 5 and disciples 2. Disciples 3 Renaissance has added a hex based battlefield like HoMM 5 and King's Bounty. For many people this was unacceptable and the reviews have reflected this. I personally didn't mind the change at all. It's true that D3 could have been better but overall it's a good game. The developers remove the "rod" feature and changed the thief to a "regular" hero as well and his abilities need to be unlocked. The new changes prevented the thief spamming in the game, so I understand why Akella went in this direction. D3 still feels like a disciples game but also has the feel of a HoMM game too. Not a bad mix because they are both good games. With that said the game could have been much better. Akella should have added a lot more strategy on the battlefield, more spells and skills ect. but I just accepted it for what it is and moved on. One great thing about the disciples series is that it always had great artwork and that trend continues. Disciples 3 Renaissance has some good art and character design and is the best looking game in the genre as of the time it was released. It really kept me wanting to see what cool new character or creature I would encounter next. Yes, Disciples 3 Renaissance is different than previous games in the series. Yes, there are a few bugs here and there but nothing too bad. I have only experienced 5 or 6 times where I have had to reload a save because the game got stuck during the battle. Not game breaking at all. I have played for at least 40 hours and rarely had any trouble. In a lot of reviews people say is how awful the voice work is. Yes, there is some repetitive V.O. and I heard so many people complain about the narrator. The guy sounds kind of like a native american Leonard Nemoy. I think the developers should have put some music behind him because it is a bit bland but it's not as bad as people claim. So, if your like me and don't expect every new game to be the best ever and understand that sometimes games have a few flaws but you can overlook them then I recommend Disciples 3 Renaissance and the expansion, Disciples 3:Resurrection to you. Just be aware that the game can get repetitive and you may encounter a few bugs here and there. The visuals are quite impressive and it plays on low end PC's as well. Did you like Disciples 2 ? Do you enjoy HoMM 5 ? How about King's Bounty ? If you answered yes than give Disciples 3 Renaissance a try. Although D3 is not really bringing anything new to the genre I found myself playing the game for hours at a time and enjoying it. That's all I ask from my games and Disciples 3 Renaissance delivers many, many hours of entertainment. I give Disciples 3 Renaissance and solid 7.5 out of 10.


Not really better than the previous

mutsuriini | June 11, 2013 | See all mutsuriini's reviews »

Disciples III is a load of fun, but all that fun is a bit soured by some bizarre technical issues and strange design choices. The UI is, to put it as simply as possible, horrible. Menu buttons are all over the screen and the Load Game screen doesn't even bother to timestamp your saves -- you have to guess which saves are which either by the title of the save or the screenshot. It can take multiple clicks just to access simple options like upgrades and inventory. The artifical intelligence isn't too intelligent. It blatantly cheats -- it fixes percentage rolls during the more difficult combat encounters, and certain units have an automatic chance to hit their opponents despite what the screen tells you. Missile units in particular are prone to a 100% hit rate later in the game. The critical hits mechanic seems to suffer the same problem. It's fortunate that Disciples III offers enough variety to make you want to keep playing. The maps are well done, the monster units are creative and varied, and the overall game mechanics are solid. Graphically, Disciples III is still one of the prettiest strategy games around. The devs obviously put a lot of effort into the artstyle, and this helps offset some of the weirder issues that plague the game. I should also note that DIII suffers from regular crashes unless the latest patch is installed. I really can't suggest Disciples III to just anyone -- only hardcore Disciples fans or dedicated TBS gamers will likely get any long-term enjoyment out of it.


One word.....GLITCHY!

RaidenHayabusa | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all RaidenHayabusa's reviews »

This game falls so far short of the first two disciples games it is embarrassing. The glitches make playing through the campaign almost impossible in the later campaign missions, I lost count of the amount of times the game crashed to desktop after only 3 or 4 battles, finishing this game was the single most frustrating gaming experience I have ever had! The story is vague, uninteresting and the ending to each of the campaigns feels like it was cobbled together at the last minute. Disciples fans will be very disappointed with the new direction the series has taken with this title and I would strongly advise you stay away!


Major disappointment to the fans

karpik777 | May 21, 2012 | See all karpik777's reviews »

The first two Disciples games (and the expansion packs) were great titles which could rival the Heroes of Might and Magic series (and in some ways they were superior) - which are the most known representatives of the genre. Unfortunately, this isn't true in this case - the game doesn't stand up to the newer HoMM titles, and the introduced changes may actually drive away fans of the series (which I am, so forgive me for writing this from such perspective). Why? For starters, whole two races were removed (Undead Hordes and the Mountain Clans aka Dwarves). That wouldn't be so bad IF there was anything to take their place - which isn't the case. Another issue is the new combat system - while the decision to allow us to move the units on the battlefield was a good choice, the massive hp bloat means that the entire thing takes far too much time, with units standing in place and hacking at each other). All in all, the entire thing turned out for the worse - basically the whole thing boils down to "take the possible power ups (also a new feature - places on the battlefield which grants specific bonuses to the unit occupying it) and hack away". Changes also happened on the "adventure" map - the developers introduced places which grant small bonuses to our hero (like the ones known from HoMM) and changed the way we take control over areas of the map (which we must do to get profits from the nearby structures) - instead of planting magical rods which "spread" control, we have to take over specific points - which are usually guarded (and the magical guardians grow in power over time). The graphics aren't bad, but the art style is very different from what we have seen before, and the new concept may not appeal to everyone, while the music isn't anything to write about. All in all, this game definitely isn't nowhere near as good as the previous titles, but if someone wants to try such a game (and one that isn't a HoMM title) it can be worth it - if you can live with this being an average title.