Reviews for F1 Race Stars [Legacy]


arcade karting from the masters, why not?

soad667 | Dec. 5, 2012 | See all soad667's reviews »

I was curious how an arcade karting game from Codemasters will be. Turns out it was worth it. Graphics/enviroments are simple, cute and impressive at the same time, depends on your taste of course. Personally i loved them. Cartoony and detailed, but not over the top, so they're distracting you. What i didn't like about graphics was that there were only two supported resolutions and none was my native. Other person i asked, had other resolutions available to choose ingame. That could use some tweak. There are various powerups that guarantee noone stays behind that much, well except if they are really bad and ignore every single powerup on the level. Controls are smooth, but turning isn't your average arcade karting one. You actually have to slow down a bit on corners, you can't drift and take them at full speed. A nice difference, even if it takes some time to remember that you have brakes. Add some other Formula features like KERS boost, and you have a nice small touch of "simulation" :P there. One bad thing about controls? You can't remap them and the default ones are placed a bit weird. Hopefully they're not many. Overall, a very enjoyable karting game, which suffers only from some minor technical issues in my opinion. Add better resolution support and ability to remap controls and i'm happy. Btw, to be honest, the price is (more than) a bit above what i expected for such a game.


Okay for pc gamers

shayhidedark | Nov. 25, 2012 | See all shayhidedark's reviews »

If you've played the ps3's mod nation racers then you'll know what this game is like, and how bad it is. It's just another mario cart rip-off. Mod nation racers was another rip off of the popular mario cart games yet although it was bad at least it added something new: the ability to create your own tracks but with this game you don't get anything new, instead it just feels boring as there aren't funny or interesting characters, just giant bobble head versions of formula one racers. On the positive side it is like mario cart which is none-the-less a good game, I know this contradicts what I have just said but because t is a game like mario cart, available on the pc is great as some pc gamers haven't enjoyed a mario cart game because all they have is a pc. So it's a bad rip off but if you're a pc gamer that hasn't enjoyed mario cart then I'm sure you'll find some fun with this.