Reviews for Dogfight 1942: Fire Over Africa


dream of aviation

cristiano171 | Nov. 29, 2012 | See all cristiano171's reviews »

Any aviation enthusiast will tell you: World War II was stuffed with crazy aerial encounters. Dogfight 1942 lets you join the fray in a handful of storied locales, from the trouble skies of London to the salty open air around Iwo Jima. Primary objectives always appear with a telltale red targeting box. Mission objectives vary over the course of Dogfight’s three-hour campaign: you’ll intercept German bombers above the white cliffs of Dover, launch torpedoes at Japanese carriers at Midway, and shoot down German V-1 rockets before they rack up a death toll. Mostly you’ll rely on your guns to explode enemy aircraft, but dropping bombs on anti-air defenses and streaming rockets into hidden runways mixes things up a touch. What Dogfight lacks is the true tension of airborne engagement. A lumbering beast like the PBY-5A Catalina controls differently from nimble stars like the P-51D Mustang, but whichever cockpit you’re in, dopey opponents seem unconcerned with taking you down. Even occasional mini-bosses do little more than wheel around like bored hawks, even as you effortlessly keep them targeted by depressing an “Ace Mode” trigger. Even if you don’t use what amounts to an auto-pilot cheat, you’ll never feel like these skies are particularly hostile. You’ll often have to protect ground assets from enemy bombardment during missions. Two offline pals can spend a pleasant afternoon eliminating A.I. flyboys in Dogfight Mode arenas, facing ceaseless waves in Survival Mode, or revisiting missions that allow for a co-op partner. But even those tepid charms feel too much like dull training flights.