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Start of a good series. Not the best example of Adventure Gaming

thekman | April 20, 2011 | See all thekman's reviews »

What this is: A Point and click Adventure game, in the style of the old classics, but without much of that old magic… Graphics: For an adventure game, they’re ok, functional, not bad… mediocre. Sound: Ha HA. Love the voices, they fit in with the game perfectly. They’re mediocre! Multiplayer: Erm. Why did I leave this section in. Course not! Singleplayer: Perhaps I should rename this section to single playthrough? I think it’s worthwhile playing and finishing, but it’s not overly challenging, I must of liked this though as I bought the rest of the series! Puzzles aren’t hard and as such it’s a fair introduction to the genre and it’s an interesting story. Co-Op: Seriously need to take out some of these headings depending on genre! Problems: Short, easy, not really problems, more design choices… Summary: City Interactive specialise in short games that do the job. This is no exception. As an adventure game there are others that are better, as a story, ditto, but as a reasonably fun way to pass some time without taxing your brain too much it succeeds. If you buy it, stick with it and check out the rest of the series (except The Secret Files that’s a Hidden Object game!)