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A Medley Of Sega's Finest

CrimsonWizard | Jan. 19, 2013 | See all CrimsonWizard's reviews »

Sega's 5th Megadrive Collection features a really good line up with all of them being good, if not great titles. Because there are over 10 titles in the package, I will try and be concise with each game. Beyond Oasis: An vaguely Arabian themed action RPG with some pretty fun gameplay like Zelda, only with breakable sub-weapons and summoned spirits. A really fun title. Dynamite Headdy: A really fun and wacky platforming game with the gimmick of switching out your basic head for differently shaped ones with different powers. Also of note are the really good graphics for a game this old. Golden Axe 3: Unreleased in the US, the third in the basic, but fun beat 'em series vaguely based on Conan the Barbarian and other similar fantasy stories. The green dressed dwarf is put on the sidelines for two new characters, and there are some new level hazards, but it's your basic brawler. Not the greatest of it's breed, but a solid title. Phantasy Star II: At the time of release, RPGs were mostly a sword and sorcery affair in medieval settings. Phantasy Star's popularity arose from bucking that trend by introducing more of a science fiction element to the series with different planets to explore, and monstrous aliens and machines causing trouble. Swords and magic are still around, the story is very basic, and this title had issues with grinding, but for the time it was really good. Phantasy Star III: While the game's Generation system allowed for different combinations of heroes to play out and was more sophisticated than the marriage system of Dragon Quest/Warrior V, the game just feels flat. The graphical style of the game just feels off compared to the previous two titles, and it really fools you at the beginning into thinking the science fiction element was thrown out the door for castles and standard fantasy instead. Phantasy Star IV: Now this is more like it! PS IV is one of the finest RPGs of its generation, boasting really great graphics, a use of cutscenes not really seen in an RPG before, and brings back the science fiction element of the series in full force. The characters are better developed this time around and even banter a little thanks to the chat feature, heavy grinding is no longer necessary, and the abilities and character selection is expanded open in this game. Honestly, the game is full of great ideas that came together for an excellent game and a great cap to the proper Phantasy Star series. Streets of Rage 3: While the game has a graphical boost over Streets of Rage 2, and has a fun new character in Zan, this brawler has some problems. Chiefly, it's issues lie in it's difficulty and your lack of offensive power. Even with two people, you'll find yourself struggling and limping your way to the final level even on Normal. And if you try playing on easier difficulties, you're punished by being able to play through all the levels. A disappointing end to the proper series despite boasting good new mechanics such as the ability to dash, and a rechargeable special attack bar. The Revenge of Shinobi: A fine platforming game letting you play as a ninja who requires precise moves and attacks to survive. The really notable part of this game is depending on the version you have, the bosses will be completely different thanks to Sega of Japan's liberal use of comic book heroes and villains as bosses. While this version was forced to recolor or replace most of them, cartridge versions may boast Godzilla, a Terminator, Batman, or even Spider-Man as potential bosses depending on when your specific cartridge was produced. Vectorman 2: A platformer game where you play a robot fighting to save the Earth from environmental and natural disasters. It plays a little bit like Contra with your main attack being shooting with weapon pick ups scattered throughout a stage. The notable differences from Contra being that you can take more than one hit and heal, but also you have a handy double jump that can even be used as an attack. While the game is a bit tougher than it's predecessor, it's a fine game and maintains the spectacular graphics the first one boasted. Wonder Boy in Monster World: A sidescrolling, action RPG in somewhat of the same vein as Zelda 2. This game uses charming graphics for the characters, has a fair number of secrets to find, and offers up a decent challenge for our swordsman. The story isn't super amazing like most of it's competition of the time, but it has enough charm and fun to keep you entertained. Conclusion: This is a great set, especially with this price, compared to buying them all individually. While a couple of the titles were iffy, the overall set will provide lots of entertainment and shows off the great craftsmanship Sega had back in the early to mid 90's.


Some SEGA classics at a good price

panz3r88 | Dec. 22, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

SEGA Megadrive Collection - Series 5 is another pack that contains a group of old SEGA game. In this pack my favourite game are the one of the phantasy Star series. These game are RPG with good graphic and storyline. There are also some good platform and action games like Golden Axe and Wonder Boy. Beyond Oasis is also a good game, a RPG that has a gameplay similar to Legend of Zelda This is a good SEGA pack that contains a mix of games of different genre, some RPG and some platform