Reviews for Sniper: Art of Victory [Playfire]


Sadly, it's horrible

netnerd85 | Oct. 22, 2011 | See all netnerd85's reviews »

Sniper: Art of Victory feels more like a concept game they threw together in the back offices of City Interactive that later spawned the very awesome Sniper: Ghost Warrior game. I'm a WW2 gaming fan and a City Interactive fan but this title is something I can not recommend. If you have played Battlestrike Force of Resistance then you will notice a lot of the same models and textures and the very horrible Chrome 2 engine. The player is chunky to control and although I didn't notice any bulletproof grass the AI is very crap and rarely a challenge. Save yourself some money and skip this title.


Art of Frustration

Mister_Schmidt | Aug. 28, 2011 | See all Mister_Schmidt's reviews »

This game has it down to a tee. Bullet-proof grass, x-ray vision enemies, and a ridiculous story-line, all add up to make this game a severe disappointment. Its one saving grace is that the guns do indeed look rather nice, although the scopes are a little bland and boring, and often do not make sense. I also enjoy how the wind affects the path of your bullets, as it makes for some interesting gameplay. Despite these good points however, overall this game is at best, an arcade shooter to power through on a very, very boring day.


Bulletproof grass?

mevidek | Aug. 19, 2011 | See all mevidek's reviews »

The fact that the grass in this game is completely BULLETPROOF, this game isn't half bad. Asides from the shamefully poor graphics, repetitively boring and annoying gameplay, and the lack of a point in playing. Instead of Sniper: The Art of Victory, it should be Sniper: The Art of Failure in the Gaming Industry where an Awful Game Like this Should be Banned! I urge you to miss this game, and get one of the better ones out there!


Bullet-proof grass undermines a fine idea but please try again

MisterSlimm | May 19, 2011 | See all MisterSlimm's reviews »

This is a fine idea for a budget shooter providing a unusual, tightly focused experience that, due to it's low price, doesn't feel the need to stretch out or tinker with it's single gameplay mechanic. The atmosphere is surprisingly good with a nice tension coming from the knowledge that if anyone sees you, it's usually game over. The music is good and they avoid the temptation to make the music reflect the number of baddies. Levels are well-enough designed though more choice over routes would have been appreciated (you only really get that in the last level) and it's a shame about the execution in a couple of critical areas. Principally, lining up your shot doesn't necessarily end with the result of a perforated baddie because you can't shoot through some transparent objects or some blades of grass and you can't shoot some enemies that haven't 'woken up.'


Tough life of a sharpshooter

nurz | April 7, 2011 | See all nurz's reviews »

Even though in almost every shooter you can play with a sniper rifle this game is taking job of a sniper to different level. You can customize your gameplay and turn on various handicaps like for example wind affecting your shots. It's not a game for everyone you will need a lot of patience here.