Reviews for Battlefield 3: Aftermath (NA) [Legacy]


Great DLC

ROKET | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all ROKET's reviews »

I really like this DLC. Gameplay: same great gameplay from BF3 we all know. Maps - while a little confusing at first - are very nice and very detailed. You get new weapons, vehicles, soldier models, vehicle models and nice new dynamics to the maps. The new Scavenger mode is also very nice and fun to play. You have to watch for the enemy but also watch for guns along the floors marked with blue arrows. Its quite nice. Gameplay can also be very vertical while very urban and tight. These are medium sized maps that have enough space most times for a few vehicles and one or two helis but thats it. I think they wanted to go medium after going small and then huge with the last two DLCs. Welcome addition if you ask me. Presentation: These maps are beautiful and very detailed. Right now people joke of how they have a yellow filter over them rather than a blue but its great. I love how they look and how detailed they are. Verdict: Get it, get it.