Reviews for Gatling Gears (NA)


A Great Twin-Stick Shooter!

thegaminglyfe | June 14, 2013 | See all thegaminglyfe's reviews »

Gatling Gears feels like a 1985 arcade game with a modern feel and some modern features. Lots of players will love this aspect. The graphics are gorgeous and the best part of it is that random parts of the level will break off and fall below. This feature blew me away because I haven't played a game where this just happens randomly. If something like this happens it's always scripted. The controls are easy to use with aiming, moving and shooting your light and heavy guns. There is a 5 chapter campaign not including the prologue. Now onto the gameplay, this game is one of the funnest games I've played in a very long time. The game is easy to get used to and difficult to master. I've spent hours shooting away and blowing enemies apart. It's very addicting. Highly recommended to anyone who likes twin-stick shooters and games that you feel indestructible in.