Reviews for The Sims 3: Pets (NA)


Adorable and fun!

Katebirdlover | Aug. 27, 2015 | See all Katebirdlover's reviews »

I remember I was excited when I finally got my hands on this expansion pack, and let me just say the pets are really adorable and I can't help but have atleast a pet or two in every single sims family. Now besides the cuteness overload, the pets can be a bit destructive at times and it's sorta a pain when they destroy things, but it's cool how they can earn or remove traits by their actions and if you scold them or praise them for it. Also I really like the random unicorn that appears every night. Although it is hard to find one sometimes. And while I do agree that this would have been in the base game, I'm kinda happy it's an expansion pack since there's more furniture, a new town, etc. If your an animal lover like me or want some more realism in the game then I highly recommend it.


Makes a Great Addition to your Collection

harpiegirl | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all harpiegirl's reviews »

If you're looking to add a significant amount of game play to your Sims 3 collection, this is definitely one of the more obvious choices. Along with Supernatural, Pets adds a significantly new level of play to the Sims 3. You can make dogs, cats and horses. You can adopt stray animals, including horses and unicorns. It also adds many new interactions(some between humans), objects and venues. If you're someone who loves animals - get this. However, if you played the Sims Pets or Sims 2 Pets, while this is an improvement over that version you may be disappointed that this was not included in the base game after 2 games already having done it. At $19.99 it is definitely of value.You will get much bang for your buck in comparison to other expansions.


Nice Additions, but Should've been in the Base Game

cybrxkhan | June 11, 2013 | See all cybrxkhan's reviews »

Pets does exactly what it says: adds Pets to Sims 3. You can create them when you start out your family, or you can choose to adopt one. Playing with pets is quite a chore, though, as it requires you to constantly watch them like a normal Sim - it's fun at times, but other times it just gets annoying babysitting them and making sure they don't ruin the house or pee inside. However, the variety of pets available is nice - besides the big three, Dogs, Cats, and Horses, there are also those such as rodents, birds, insects, and so on Sims can collect in the wild. All that said, I have to wonder why this wasn't included in the base game in the first place given how pets are an integral part of a modern suburban lifestyle the Sims 3 tries to depict. Like all SIms material, it's best to buy this when it's on sale, and only if you want it.