Reviews for Dragon Age: Origins Awakening (NA)


Dragon Age 1.5

romenjack | Nov. 14, 2014 | See all romenjack's reviews »

While Awakening is not big enough to be considered a stand alone game(at least by Bioware standards) i feel it is to big to just be considered DLC. The story takes off right after the game ended and you are now trying to rebuild the Grey Wardens in Ferelden. Then oh no stuff happens and you have to fight Darkspawn. My grates problem with this game is the lack of depth. While the story is there and it is very interesting it just seems to rushed that you never get any time to actually absorb what is going on. Also one of the main villains has almost no introduction and the game just seems to assume that you read the book that tells his back story. The gameplay is just more of the same in origins only with a few new skills an abilities. All in all if you like Origins and want to play more than you will enjoy this. If Origins didnt really do it for you then do not be expecting this game to be the thing that changes your mind.


The Saga Continues

lairdjaren | July 7, 2014 | See all lairdjaren's reviews »

Dragon Age: Awakenings adds a new campaign that packs some worthy additions to Origins. The story is dark and compelling and fills in missing lore about the darkspawn and the blights. Somehow, the darkspawn get even creepier and more sinister. Awakening also deepens the skill tree and item customizations. These tweaks range from critical improvements to Origin's underwhelming archers and two-handed warriors to simply adding new ways to enjoy your player character. While Awakening is not as long as Origins, by no means is it just a one-and-done mission. You'll have several dungeons to fight through and challenging new bosses to overcome. Furthermore, importing a character from Awakening will keep gameplay with all those extra customization options a lot more fresh if you decide to continue your adventures in other dlc like golems and witch hunt.


Worthy enough.

StormGryffen | Jan. 7, 2014 | See all StormGryffen's reviews »

Dragon Age: Origins Awakening is an expansion that adds a lot of content by way of a completely new campaign to continue your original Gray Warden’s adventures. In this DLC, you get to manage the campaign as a Warden Commander – and, like the first time around, your decisions heavily impact the story and ending. If there’s anything negative to be said about Dragon Age: Origins Awakening is that the expansion seems just a bit too short. The story does a decent job of continuing the story, but you don’t have many quests and objectives beyond the very missions that you end up recruiting your new Gray Wardens on, so it felt to me as if the last few people you recruit don’t always get a lot of face time, even if recruitment order is essentially up to you as a player. The story serves as a vehicle for both this expansion pack’s continued adventures and to set up some aspects of the sequels, but all-in-all I wouldn’t rate the story to be as good as the original game’s, despite the fun of being in charge of the new Gray Wardens and getting to recruit new and interesting Wardens. All-in-all though, I’d rate the story as pretty passable, with some pretty unique challenges added gameplay-wise because of the situations the Warden Commander is forced to confront this time around.


Great expansion, but not as in depth as I would like

VeniVichi | Sept. 28, 2013 | See all VeniVichi's reviews »

Dragon Age: Origins is one of my favorite games of all time, if not THE favorite game of all time in my collection. I couldn't help be disappointed by the expansion but I was nevertheless very impressed by how good it was. My biggest problem is that some of the DLC armor you have when you finish Origins can't transfer through to the expansion. Buffing out my Warden in her Commander armor from the Warden's Keep DLC and then arriving in a burning stronghold in her underwear kind of ruins the moment. That is all eventually made up for with the new armors introduced in the game, my favorite being the Sentinel Armor, which reminds me of the Effort set from the Deep Roads. The new companions are fun, though I personally didn't enjoy the return of Oghren (least used character by FAR). The story is rather straight forward, but running the keep as well as taking care of things in a new city and new places was nice, refreshing, and fun. Though the city was really small it still helped keep things interesting. Some of the side quests take a tragically dark turn and it was kind of depressing, and other quests left me confused and frustrated, but as a whole the main story was great. There's no romance in the game, and I like romancing characters, puts some depth into the game, so that was a minus for me, though not a big one. Overall the story was good and the gameplay remains the same with new armors and new companions, most I very much enjoyed. (Though the one I enjoyed the most died straight away so that was disappointing)


An epic expansion to one of the best RPG's of the decade.

actionjohnson | Feb. 14, 2013 | See all actionjohnson's reviews »

Dragon Age Awakening takes place after the events of Origins and continues your characters story where it was left off. Because of the conclusive nature of the original game, starting in the expansion to find everything you fixed fallen apart again is a little bit disheartening but it's easy to let go. Awakening features an almost entirely new cast of characters, and while some of them might not be as interesting as fan favorites such as Morrigan or Zevran, but they still make for good inclusions to keep the game feeling fresh. The storyline isn't as well told as Origins, nor does it have the same level of gravity, but it's still miles beyond it's competitors. It's a story that is easy to get lost in and the choices it forces you to make feel heavy as ever. Though there are missteps with the story and characters, Awakening is a great addition to Dragon Age and will excite any fan of the game return to Ferelden one more time.