Reviews for Guns of Icarus Online


Tons of fun

jet300 | Sept. 5, 2015 | See all jet300's reviews »

Flying a ship, firing rounds of rockets at your enemy's, and trying to put out a fire caused by a flamethrower is something your team will experience during every match of this game, and its tons of fun. No it doesn't get boring, No the content isn't limited, and no this game is not a one week/month game. The atmosphere and design is captivating. And this is a one of a kind game, don't miss it.


Unique experience that requires teamwork

Murderbot735 | July 18, 2015 | See all Murderbot735's reviews »

I love this game. It does really require your team to work together, and it's a really unique experience. It can be really intense at times. The airships are superbly designed and as someone who loves steampunk I think this is so awesome. There's many different airships to choose between, and you can also customize which guns they will be armed with and some aesthetic things. There's three different classes: Gunner, engineer and pilot. The gunner has many different ammo types and is supposed to use the guns (no sh!t), the engineer repairs stuff with many different tools, and the pilot pilots the airship. Every role is really fun, and your not really stuck to it. The engineer can for example also use the guns, but his main focus is to repair stuff. Overall this is a great game. The graphics are good both aesthetically and technically, and when playing it together with friends it's awesome.


Nothing quite like it

ScopedEvil | July 5, 2015 | See all ScopedEvil's reviews »

When I think of games I can quite offen name at least 10 games that are very similar to one another, especially when it comes to multiplayer. However the same can't be said for Guns of Icarus Online. It is a very unique game and there is nothing quite like it on my steam list. It's a great and engrossing game and whilst it may seem baffling at first, once you settle in it's a fantastic experience that you really can't compare to anything else.


A niche game, but good

gamma_rad | June 10, 2015 | See all gamma_rad's reviews »

A fun multiplayer game with a strong Steampunk vibe. The game is fairly simple, Airships fighting airships. each airship is a 5 person crew. each player picks a Class, Pilot, Gunner and Engineer. fairly self explanatory, the Pilot has piloting abilities revolving around adding ship movement abilities, whether its for dodging or closing in the distance for the kill. the Gunner is all about bringing down pain with his array of skills. And the engineer is all about fixing,maintaining the ship and buffing the ship so it operates at peak efficiency. Communication is key in this game, especially if you are engineer. Only real flaw in this game is the limited population which tends to dip occasionally making matchmaking a problem during dips.


Teamwork of Icarus!

MalkaLT | May 11, 2015 | See all MalkaLT's reviews »

So, this steampunk styled games takes place high in the sky! You find yourself in a skybattle and your goal is, well, as everywhere I guess - to survive! For this game you will need to have friends, if you don't have such thing and asked yourself what does that mean then I think you can skip this game and consider buying something else. And if somehow you happened to have few friends then you have to get this game at this right moment without any questions and here's why: 1- This game is so awesome and it's a must have game. 2- It's extremely fun and challenging game that will make you rage on your team and now you will have to find some new friends. 3- Awesome graphics and game style, both things are unique and beautiful and will get you just staring at the game for hours. 4- All this teamwork, that so many games need but none of them have. 5- Awesome animations, even if fixing your engine means smashing it with wrench or hammer, and I have no idea how that works, but who said that it can't work!? And finally 6- Price of the game, I mean, come on! you look at price, you look at one screenshot and you feel how much you want it and after buying it you think how could this game be such cheap. So what are you waiting for, just get this right now!


A niche skybattle team game with the emphasys on team work

smilzoboboz | March 7, 2015 | See all smilzoboboz's reviews »

Guns of Icarus Online is an online team skybattle game with the emphasys on team work. You can play either deathmatch or capture point modes on 6 completely different ships with a 4-man crew in 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 team matches. Teamwork is extremely important but since the actualy work is pretty straightforward you don't feel burdened. Since you can choose the guns you're going to use on your ship there are a lot of really interesting and often crazy combinations you can try with endless results possible. Not to mention a lot of vanity items being either sold for a small price or freely distributed to players playing certain matches, along with steam workshop support. One of the things I found extremely intriguing of this game is that bullets have realistic recoil, drop, etc based on their weight, rotation, shape, etc. This makes gunner's job extremely interesting because with different guns you'll have to aim in completely different ways to hit your targets. The same goes for ships, you have mass, aceleration, max speed (simulating air friction) and mostly because of this flying a ship is EXTREMELY fun, not to mention strategies and combat tactics. What about the last class remaining, engeneers, don't they have fun? Yeah they do, putting off fires,trying to repair parts faster than enemy gunners damage they take, etc. Gameplay aside you have extremely well designed graphic, all post-apocalyptic steampunk flavoured with stunning light effects (which you get to enjoy the most, flying in the skies). Not to mention the music, just a few themes but perfectly fitting the environment. Probably not 10/10 is the sound effect compartment, but still not below 9/10. Also, the game uses the Unity3D game engine, which means that it virtually supports any known to man device, and the devs did a good job on that so the game works (with cross platform internet play) on MS Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, PlayStation3, ... This game has (always had) just one big issue, since it's a niche game (actually almost the only of its kind) there are really few players connected at the same time around the world (200~500), still I have to say I never failed to play a match within at most a bunch of minutes from when I started searching for it. So, well, extremely suggested for everyone: you like chess play and such, go piloting your ship; you like to burst things down with huge cannons, go gunner; you don't like chess play and you're really bad at aiming, go engeneer, and keep your crew alive.


Different, but very good, multiplayer game.

Furrek | Jan. 14, 2015 | See all Furrek's reviews »

This is my review for this game on Steam platform: I don't remember when I have played some multiplayer game that is so unique. It's not simply team-based game that you are just scoring by killing enemy but the key to victory is teamwork. Destroying enemy is also important but in order to do so teamwork is necessary. You are one of 4 crew ship member and you playing as pilot, gunner or engineer. It's not like these are locked classes, but you are able to choose what you want to do and what you are good at. What's even more amazing is how great community in Guns of Icarus Online is. Even with low level players, everybody tries to do their best in order to win. I'm not big fan of steampunk and to be honest I had hard time trying to play this game, at first it looked "meh" but I don't regret it, once I tried and I really like this game. It's nothing like any FPS games, MOBA or other genre that are avaible. Guns of Icarus Online is truly unique as multiplayer game.


First game to use steampunk right

cameronb | Dec. 26, 2014 | See all cameronb's reviews »

It's a fun multiplayer game that forces you to actually work together. It is solid game, and I've had some great times while playing for an embarrassingly small amount of time. The strategy and class system is well made, and the game never feels unfair. I would have loved to see boarding, but the developers gave their reasons not to, so this doesn't feel like and oversight. It could do with more story, maps, and variety in general, so it's not going to be my next 100-hour game, but it shows promise.


teamwork is key

shadowsclaw | Oct. 27, 2014 | See all shadowsclaw's reviews »

This game is all about teamwork. If you don't work together, you're doomed. These kind of games I like a lot. You have to work together and communicate with your crew to be able to destroy other ships, so a mic is recommended.


Great team game

884okeoJ | July 1, 2014 | See all 884okeoJ's reviews »

Guns of Icarus is a fun and strategic game that is one of the most unique experiences on the PC right now. The game places a heavy focus on teamwork, so being on a ship with your friends while talking over Skype is the best possible way to play Guns of Icarus. However, playing with random people online can be quite aggravating, as it is harder to communicate and function as a team. This focus on teamwork is a good and bad thing. On the plus side, it helps the game shine when everyone is cooperating.However, it also makes it a slog to play with people you don't know. The graphics are average and the soundtrack is fairly good, but for Guns of Icarus, a gameplay-focused game, those two aspects are relatively unimportant. If you're someone who has other friends to play with, Guns of Icarus is a must-buy.


Why aren't there more games like these?

Sinum | May 5, 2014 | See all Sinum's reviews »

Guns of Icarus Online is...well, pure awesomeness! In GOIO, you can choose to take the wheel as the pilot (and more often than not commander), engineer or gunner. Due to the nature of GOIO, teamwork is important, and this is where the game devs got you covered! First off, they have a built in voice chat function, you press X to chat to your crew (4 people including you), and if you are a captain, press C to chat to your fellow captains. The devs are friendly and the playerbase will generally help you out! Adding onto that, graphics-wise it is made well too. This being a steampunk game, you get a nice filter in the gameplay (as if though it was filmed with an old-fashioned camera) this filter however, is barely noticeable. Sound design is fantastic and fits right in, and last but not least, EVERYONE IS FRIENDLY (almost)! The devs and community ambassadors will gladly assist you in-game and some players will even stick with you for a while. GOIO has a form of microtransactions, however these are entirely cosmetic and give no benefits to the game other than you looking like a bad-ass. Last thing I felt like I had to add, was that in GOIO, your ships are entirely customisable and range from a bunch of classes (my personal favorite being the pyramidion). Additionally, you can customize guns on your ship in the form of loadouts while customization for your character ranges from changing colors with dye you can either buy or gain by leveling up classes to gender, name and class (which you can switch between). I think that ought to be all, this is my first review, so please do not slaughter me over it (also English isn't my first language) All-in-all, the game is amazing, get it, play it, and last but not least: WATCH OUT FOR THAT PYRAMIDION, IT'S RAMMING US!


An Incredible Diamond in the Rough

stevehamner | March 31, 2014 | See all stevehamner's reviews »

A fantastic game to play with friends or friends you haven't met. If you're a steampunk fan, you've got to be playing this game. The combat is paced well and looks/sounds great. The game is steeped in steampunk with gears, steam, smoke, fire, pipes, and other unusual tech. It's easy to learn, and the community is very supportive of new players. There's little to no vitriol between players, unlike many multiplayer PvP games with a similar theme. It also has a burgeoning e-sports presence; check out and you'll see what I'm talking about. :) If I had to pick things wrong with it, the AI isn't very good, so having a ship with AI crewmembers is a real handicap. The game also suffers from occasional lag issues, which can be very frustrating. Otherwise it's pitch-perfect steampunk airship combat, and that's a beautiful thing. It's usually about $15, but it goes on sale for as little as $4 (just keep your eyes open) frequently.


A game designed for teamwork

Darius1 | Feb. 10, 2014 | See all Darius1's reviews »

First of all, try not to play this alone. Because this is very team reliant game, and it's a lot more fun to play with your friends. There are 3 classes. Pilot, Engineer, Gunner. It is a beautiful game, and has nice textures for an indie game. In this game, you have to play your role, that's what your suppose to do. Do not take another person's job, unless your an Engineer. The customization is great, with variety. The community is very good, I haven't experience any negative players so far. I recommend playing with friends because, it would be better and you guys could communicate more. But there is an in game voice chat, and like I said the community is pretty good so you'll be enjoying playing with complete strangers. Overall, a great team game for players who wants to work as a team. You may encounter bugs and glitches but it's just a minor disturbance of the overall amazing experience.


Great Game - If you can find people to play with

Koga1211 | Jan. 16, 2014 | See all Koga1211's reviews »

This was actually a surprisingly fun game, and there's nothing else really like it. There is one other game out there with a similar theme, but having played both I can say they're nothing alike. Anyway, as for GoI, it's a great game, but sometimes it's hard to find people worth playing with. I'd say this game is best played with at least 2 friends, as it's easier at that point to have a decent crew for your ship. Playing with random people IS possible, and there is an in-game voice chat function. But, as with any online game, when you play with randoms, it's not entirely likely that you will get a lot of great teamwork. That said if you end up with a bunch of vets in your squad, it's not so bad, because they know what they're doing.


Great co-op for lovers of steampunk

Neonberry | Dec. 19, 2013 | See all Neonberry's reviews »

Guns of Icarus tries to - and actually does - capture the essence of hot air balloon battles. It is an online game with very heavy emphasis on teamwork. You can choose from three roles: Pilot, Gunman or Mechanic and become part of the four man crew of an airship that is pitted with and against a few others on atmospheric maps. Then the battle starts and people will start to shout at each other, run from turret to engine, engine to other turrets like crazy to mend the ship, put out fires and shoot down the enemy aircrafts. It is hectic at best, but very enjoyable if you play with a good team (some said that it is good only with friends but I would disagree since I met a fair deal of very nice players who helped to improve and forgave my mistakes). The experience is a bit like 3 legged running (the one where two people have one of their legs tied together) - if one person messes up, the whole team will go down. Anyway the bottom line is that it is a very good co-op game with a lot of detail and regular updates (so far) and well worth its price.


Don't pop my balloon!

Raggzie | Nov. 13, 2013 | See all Raggzie's reviews »

Guns of Icarus is great fun to play with your friends. Crew a combat-ready flying balloon with up to 3 other people. Man the captains wheel, take aim with one of the many different types of fire power, or fix broken modules that the enemy destroyed while trying to shoot you and your entire crew out of existance. The game is a really unique steam punk combat adventure. The landscape is really cool in the various maps. Choose your crew carefully and make sure every aspect of your airship is under manned control. The AI function is very helpful if you find yourself under staffed! Take to the sky and fly high. Shoot down your enemy and protect your team mates. May the best ship and crew win!


Good game to play with friends

Highlander9782 | Oct. 16, 2013 | See all Highlander9782's reviews »

This is a great simulation co-op game where each member of the team is very important in there own way. If one member of your team doesn't do there job correctly, your steampunk ship will be destroyed. You can be a pilot, mechanic, gunner. Good graphics for a indy game, definitely play with friends cause I wouldn't trust AI to handle the work needed.


1 of the Best Steam Punk Game out There!

waddlesticks | Sept. 15, 2013 | See all waddlesticks's reviews »

This was one of the best games I've played out there, easy to understand tutorial and usually a great community to play with! Just teaming up with your friends it a great experience for all! Visual wise I'd say this is a pretty gorgeous game (Being an Indie Game) The Audio was great And the Gameplay was amazing. If you have the spare money and enjoy team-games, this is worth your dough!


Great game... If your stupid friends are willing to play it

Raph221b | Sept. 8, 2013 | See all Raph221b's reviews »

I loved the game, but my friends never seem to want to play it again, which is quite sad :( Not very fun by yourself, but as soon as you get a team, the game is a lot of fun, awesome visuals. Amazing coop title!


Great with friend awful the rest of the time.

mooreo1 | Aug. 23, 2013 | See all mooreo1's reviews »

This game has very good tactics to it and when played with friends it gives you a great experience but when you are on your own you are scrambling around with the brain-dead AI and the other people on the ship cannot discus tactics with you.


Really addictive and fun with good players!

Kromper | Aug. 21, 2013 | See all Kromper's reviews »

This kind of game is really rare, you're commanding an airship with a crew, trying to destroy the other team :D It's just awesome and original. The community is also more alive than Air Buccaneers', which is very important if you actually want to play. If you're in a good team, and your crew is experienced and social, you can have hours and hours of fun. But if the crew sucks, then it's kind of a drag. But hey, it's not the game's fault that there are anti-social people around. This game offers a nice co-op experience, lots of action and hours of gameplay together. The price however is a bit too much for what it currently offers, but the dev team is awesome and they add free updates with new ships and maps every now and then. It's almost worth 15€, but if it drops, its a must have!


100% Fun

Adurm | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all Adurm's reviews »

I expected a serious game out of this and it defiantly delivered. With all of the tasks that you do with all of the chaos going on at the same time, you will have some definite gaming to do when you get this game. Not only did I take this as a serious title, I also found out that it is so much fun when it comes to playing with friends. The game takes on the seriousness of a simulator but also the fun of a co-op multiplayer. The craziness of playing online can get insane. I can guarantee 100% laugh out of everyone who buys this game and gets online with a friend. For how expensive it is, I expected an utter disappointment and got the complete opposite. Everyone should jump online for definite fun.


One of the Best Coop Games

noobboy191 | Aug. 2, 2013 | See all noobboy191's reviews »

A lovely game for anyone who wishes to live as a scurvy air dog fighting other enemy airships for the glory of you're crew. It has amazing atmosphere boosted by the nice soundtrack. From sailing towards battle accompanied by a hearty tune to the ominous feeling of vulnerability when you lose site of the enemy in the canyons, just waiting for a sign of the enemy that could come from anywhere. Not even mentioning the intense battles where the beat of the music only matches the beat of you're hearts when every crew member is scrambling to get battle stations as gunners fire on key enemy weapon emplacements to keep enemy fire at a halt and engineers move around the ship to extinguish flames and repair hulls. Finally the pilot who must balance between pushing the offense to a defensive state of getting out of range. Just a word of warning, this is a serious coop game meaning to get the full experience you will want to have some friends or at the very least a microphone to play with or else you will feel left out a bit. Other than that get to you're stations, for there be the enemy. FULL STEAM AHEAD!


Fantastic Coop Airship Game

llamas_rule | July 11, 2013 | See all llamas_rule's reviews »

While it may be a niche topic, this Steam punk set game is perfect for anyone looking to play as a part of a crew trying to keep their vessel afloat against relentless bombardments. With the customization options for each class members of the crew are able to fill their role as they see fit. Literally the only complaint I can give about the game is that there isn't a cooperative adventure mode like the previous Guns of Icarus game that came out a few years ago


A well done unique and original CO-OP game

Oblaque | July 6, 2013 | See all Oblaque's reviews »

A fantastic game where 4-player crews can fight other ships in the steampunk skies of a far off future. My favorite class is the Engineer, where it's your job to keep your ship in the air and put out almost every fire (and there will be fire, trust me). You can either compete with crews by capturing points on the maps or just shooting each other out of the skies. If you're a fan of co-op, steampunk atmosphere, airships or all three, this is the game for you.


Good but leaves you wanting more

Traldera | July 3, 2013 | See all Traldera's reviews »

On the surface this game looks like a seriously deep, highly tactical team PvP game with a huge amount of game mechanics to learn and perfect your skills in. Totally wrong. The game has very very few features. The three roles (gunner, engineer, pilot) and the types of ships/equipped weapons are the only real variations in this game. Yes you can modify class abilities such as ammo types, but due to poor balancing most of these just aren't used. Don't misunderstand though, this game is not a total failure. The lack of depth means it has a very shallow learning curve (you can learn the game in less than 30 mins), and by having no form of unlock via progression system, you have no addiction factor with this game. Overall this means Guns of Icarus is a very capable casual game, something you can pick up and play if you need a short break from something but want to know you can put it back down when the time comes. Controls in the game are basic, no surprises or annoyances hiding in the cracks. The graphics are beautiful, with a strong ambiance in some levels that gives AAA titles a run for their money. One last thing worth mentioning is that this game is still receiving content updates - free of charge - so if you do find you fall in love with it, it'll definitely pay for itself long term.


Cooperation Pushed to the Limits

Phan7om | July 3, 2013 | See all Phan7om's reviews »

This game gives a very enjoyable experience to those who have friends to play with because you cannot just solo this game by yourself. Each ship has a 4 man crew chosen from 3 classes: Pilot, Engineer and Gunner. Each class has items to compliment what their role is and what they do. The Engineer has more slots for repair items while the Gunner has more lots for ammunition to switch to while using the guns. There are also parts to repair on the ship like hull, balloon, engines and cannons. So if a part is destroyed on a ship it will not function. For instance if the balloon is destroyed you must either repair it for risk falling out of the sky, if the engines are destroyed your ship will have a hard time moving unless they repair is and so on. The only thing that keeps this game from getting a perfect is how small the ship battles are. There are simply not enough ships to fit the huge size of the maps and most of the time fighting is simply "Fight at point A" for the whole game.


a great unique experience

MattyLB | May 16, 2013 | See all MattyLB's reviews »

Guns of icarus online is a Title well worth every penny, it combines strategy with teamwork and also has the enjoyment of personalizing your ships that you fight with, your games will revolve around how well your team works with the ship you make, it has quite a few guns to put on the ships and also allows you to customize your character you play as on your ship, it is also a unique consept that works well, this title is a great addition to your PC game collection. the visuals are brilliant for the game, the gameplay is amazing, i would strongly recommend any PC gamer to purchase this game


Guns provides some exciting COOP PVP action

mungchung | May 14, 2013 | See all mungchung's reviews »

This is one game where the metacritics score should not deter you from trying it out. GMG customer reviews are more accurate =) Very fun Coop-PVP which is created nicely (and I'm not a big fan of competitive PVP for the most part). Great steampunk atmosphere with sleek graphics and exciting gameplay. Fun factor is high on this one and goes up a few more notches if played with a good crew or a group of friends. Plus, the players are helpful and welcoming for the most part and the DEVs are very down to earth and involved within the community.


An enjoyable coop game

Vahgrant | May 3, 2013 | See all Vahgrant's reviews »

Get your friends and grab the game, the game is a lot of fun with 3 other friends, there is a lot of tension and the game is really rewarding when you complete your objectives. First of all, it's a game at the first person view, you're on a ship and you're either trying to eliminate enemy ships or to capture goals. Your ship is composed of different parts such as the balloon, allowing you to change your altitude, the engines, to change your speed, or the hull which is the main part of your ship, if the hull is destroyed your ship will be dead. There also are weapons which you can't move that are available for use, if they're dead you only won't be able to damage other ships. So yeah, there are different kind of ships which you can customize before the battle by changing the weapons on it, adding some strategy to the game. The game is based of 3 different classes, the pilot who has some perks improving the movement of your ship, the engineer whose perks permits to repair or to grant bonuses on the different parts and weapons on the ship and finally the gunner who possesses different kinds of ammunition changing the weapons react. Speaking of weapons, they have different advantages and weaknesses, they will have more effects against certain parts on the enemy ship but the will be less effective on the other parts. The graphics of the game are not so good but it doesn't really matter because the ambiance is awesome, the music, the landscapes and the steam punk style makes you feel you're in the game. The game is intense and is a lot of fun, it may be boring if you're playing alone but it's a real joy to play when you're 4 friends on the ship. Really advised for players looking for some fresh and unique coop.


Jolly Co-Operation

MisterMoopers | Feb. 16, 2013 | See all MisterMoopers's reviews »

I was in the closed beta for this game, and well....this game is a lot of fun, especially if you have yourself a great team. You will get some pretty awesome gameplay; intense battles, tight co-operative efforts to destroy other ships while keeping yours afloat, and overall quality fun. It's sad that the Metascore probably drove away quite a few sales from this nice gem. I'd say it's worth every penny, especially if it's on sale like it currently is. Only thing is, the game got a tad repetitive, but most games do after playing them for a week straight :P