Reviews for Devil May Cry 4 [Legacy]


Nice game

Mavromatis | June 12, 2013 | See all Mavromatis's reviews »

A nice game with good graphics despite its age and it is a good port to PC. But you may still want to play it with a controller for a better experience.


In it's essence this is a Devil May Cry game

kotaku1234 | May 18, 2013 | See all kotaku1234's reviews »

After the huge success that was Devil May Cry 3 one would expect Capcom to continue their fantastic work into the new generation. The result is an excellent game although not as good as the first and third entries in the series. Combat-wise, the series maintained the great combat system implemented in Devil May Cry 3 but with a few tweaks. Playing with Nero is a rather enjoyable experience departing from what we are used to as Dante. Dante may be the stronger Devil and such sweet moves, but playing as Nero is more refreshing using the Buster. Graphically, this is a competent game taking in account the year it came out. There are sweet landscapes and textures but they are not that impressive. The story is good but, the repeated sections left a bad taste. I would personally liked new sets and bosses for Dante. The final battle is absolutely amazing. Finding all the Blue Orbs and attaining the highest grade in every mission will add value to repalyability. There are tons of extra content waiting to be unlocked! This is a very very good all in all. Recomended! Let's Rock, BABY!!!


Can't stop slashing enemies!

CrysisX | Feb. 4, 2013 | See all CrysisX's reviews »

This game is a sequel to Devil May Cry 3 and it's pretty good compared to the previous one. Not saying the previous game was bad its just that the controls were horrible in my opinion. The game features a new character called Nero, a guy with a demonic arm. I must admit his demonic arm comes in handy in tough situations and is pretty much addictive to spam at enemies with it :D On the other hand, Dante still looks cool even though he looks older in the game and is still fun to use. The graphics on this game is amazing for a 2009 game plus the music matches really well when you are fighting with monsters! and no, a controller is not needed :)


Great game

Mrrickniel | Jan. 27, 2013 | See all Mrrickniel's reviews »

You'll love this game the beat 'em up action is great but i should use a controller because i didn't really like the keyboard controls. Dante is still badass and you'll love him (nothing against the new one :P) Most of the beat 'em up games get boring in a while (in my opinion) but in this game it doesn't, i don't know why not but its just a great game with slashing some monsters :D,


A fun and exhilarating ride!

praggi93 | Jan. 24, 2013 | See all praggi93's reviews »

DMC4 is the sequel to the ever so popular DMC3, introducing a new protagonist and an interesting story. The game offers great graphics, fun and exhilarating boss fights and a thrill that keeps you on crushing demon skulls! It's however not the best PC-port I've seen, so i recommend using a gamepad. All in all, a great game worth your money!



puppymang | Jan. 24, 2013 | See all puppymang's reviews »

DMC4 is actually surprisingly fun and a really good PC game but you should be warned that your hands will probably have crippling pain after playing for a few hours if you do not use a controller. The game does not have any sort of mouse control and it'll be all keyboard unless you have a controller. The visuals of this game are really nice and the level design is pretty well done but on the downside there is a lot of back tracking and you might find yourself wondering where to go or what to do for some time until you remember the way back to whatever place you need to go to. Combat is CUHRRRAAAAZZYYY and it's nice that you get multiple characters to play with different play styles and flashy moves but the movement could use a little bit more polishing. Story is a bit cheesy and generic for a japanese game but I think the gameplay makes up for it.


That Greatest Game that could have ever been

ButLeer | Jan. 23, 2013 | See all ButLeer's reviews »

The sequel to one of the most well known and loved hack 'n slash games ever, DMC4 was destined for greatness the moment it was conceived. Taking the gameplay from former games and building further upon it, DMC4 manages to be one of the most complex and deep fighting games ever made. The amount of freedom the player has once they reach a certain level is truly staggering. Unfortunately, it is not PERFECT, as it could have been. Capcom, wishing to make it for optimal sales dates, pushed the development team and cut their schedule in half. What would have been a 2 year project became a mere 1 year. The greatness OOZES out of everything, yet upon hitting the half-way milestone you notice how the team literally ran out of time. Despite being done in only half the originally conceived time, it still manages to be one of THE BEST games ever made. The graphics are still, to this day, very good. The music sets the tone and pace, pumping your blood for those incredible fights and pushing you on. The game engine, MT Framework, is still considered to be a miracle of coding with how efficient it is. Almost any modern PC will be able to run this game flawlessly. The story is rather basic, but interesting enough for anyone who cares. The plot is only there to push you on further on you quest to master the game. While an incomplete experience, it is still head and shoulders above most other games. Are you CRAZY enough to beat this game?


beat 'em up

xydanus | Jan. 21, 2013 | See all xydanus's reviews »

Devil May Cry 4 is typical beat 'em up console game. This time game presents new hero called Nero. Nero looks like typical JRPG character, who has demonic arm. DMC4 does not forget about Dante, who follows things from distance. DMC4 combat feels somehow smoother than in DMC3 and is full of action. Graphics are good and story... well it is bit cornish. Enemies are repetitive but maybe it if curse of this genre where you grind them. PC version is very good. Requirements are low and keyboard-mouse combo works well. Gamepad is not needed.


Backtracking takes over half the game but still good.

ashiva8910 | Jan. 21, 2013 | See all ashiva8910's reviews »

First of all the PC port runs smooth like butter. Capcom's MT Framework really shows how great it is on PC. The combat in DMC4 is fast and fluid and takes practice and skill to master it. If you do manage to master it then you will see yourself pull off some great moves.


An otherwise great game plagued by the fact that the port sucks

owned2260 | Jan. 18, 2013 | See all owned2260's reviews »

DMC4 is a fairly good game, but this port of it isn't too good, there are not that many graphical options, which isn't too bad since the game isn't too intensive, but some gamers might be displeased. It can get very repetitive so if you're not into this sort of game, I would not recommend it.


Best DMC ever??

abelfs | Jan. 14, 2013 | See all abelfs's reviews »

No kidding. This is the best DMC ever made always that you accept the fact that the main character is not our beloved Dante, but Nero. This is a case that reminds to other fantastic games like Metal Gear Solid 2, where you spend the 75% of the game playing with a new character instead of the one you were playing in its previous games. However, the game is fun as hell. Adrenaline pumping, good story, great combat system, and incredible graphics that have aged very well (but I still waiting a DMC with physics).


One of the best "old school" action

Cavalieroscuro | Jan. 12, 2013 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

The "next gen" Devil May Cry is pretty much the same game from Playstation 2 era. Level design and type of action (basically an "action" Resident Evil, in which you must explore various location, finding artifact or power-ups, then backtracking to open a door and proceed in your quest, only fighting a lot of enemies using your blade, your guns or, in this case, your arm) are the same, there's only an improvment on graphic side. The new main character, Nero, is good enough (but it's too similar to Dan'te in Devil May Cry 3), but the new demon burst is too powerful and may disbalance the game. If you liked the other chapter of this saga, you will enjoy this game too, but if you disliked them, it will be not this game that will change your idea.


Good action, very repetetive

kairegister | Jan. 10, 2013 | See all kairegister's reviews »

First thing I notice with this great is "Man this action is awesome" when you start off as Nero. but then you realize "That's it?". Later in the game you play as Dante, which has a different combat system and that's also great. but then it feels like you're just doing the game again but with a new character. Same level, same bosses. The game feel like you do the game, then you do it again 2 more times. Worth it for the action and challenge at a low price, but you might not last.


Good game, but has glaring flaws

Teix | Jan. 7, 2013 | See all Teix's reviews »

I have mixed feelings about DMC4. On one hand... It's the best looking DMC game, with great looking levels and fantastic cutscenes. The combat system that made the franchise famous is still there, and expanded upon with the introduction of a new character, Nero, who possesses some cool moves. The boss fights are fun and well though out. On the other hand... It's an incredibly repetitive game. You will be running around the same environments several times, and fighting the same bosses over and over again. The puzzles can be incredibly boring and annoying to complete, ruining the pace of the game. Overall, it's a good game and worth getting, whether you played previous DMC games or not. The PC port is well done (as opposed to the DMC3 port), but PLEASE play with a controller.


Decent hack and slash

Scorpy | Jan. 7, 2013 | See all Scorpy's reviews »

Devil May Cry 4 pulls no punches. Much like the last few games, it's cheesy, sloppy, corny and repetitive. However, there's an undeniable charm here that just keeps me coming back. The gameplay has not changed a bit. By today's standards, the combat is pretty sloppy. Combos don't make much sense and the physics are pretty lame. Graphically, it's pretty outstanding. Cutscenes are great, as Capcom always uses some outstanding motion capture technology to make film-like cutscenes. The music is standard for the series, a bunch of emo-punk rock with some soft melodic classical music thrown into the mix. It's really hit or miss. Devil May Cry 4 is more of the same for the series, but slightly amped up. The graphics are better, the music is better, the voices are clearer, but the gameplay remains troublesome and tiresome.


Plenty of action

Lekes | Jan. 3, 2013 | See all Lekes's reviews »

The level design is still terrible, but the combat has been seriously ramped up. The skill cap for playing as Dante has been blasted clear into space with the ability to swap between all four stances and all of your weapons on the fly. I frequently find myself watching amazing Dante players doing incredible things, and wondering how many fingers they have that they can do all these things. If dante is too much to handle, Nero is the perfect second choice. It's much easier to bring Nero to his full potential and still feel awesome about it. There's not as much memorable music in this game (Virgil battle 2, how I miss you) and Dante only spends half the time being crazy, surrendering part of the spotlight so you can see nero being a whiny **** for the other half. But overall, if you're a fan of incredibly complex combat, over the top action, and cheesy satire that's so good it's almost self-aware, I strongly recommend this game.


Sloppy hack n' slash

Damuel | Dec. 29, 2012 | See all Damuel's reviews »

To keep it brief, this game basically was Capcom saying 'We're tired of being successful while maintaining elements that worked. We want to be innovative every time!'. And of course, this made the series fall flat on its face, here, with what is quite easily the second worst game in the series. Removing the main character from the past games, Dante is barely seen here till the second half, where you finally get to play as him... while running through the exact same levels and bosses Nero fights. The new main character, Nero, looks strikingly like Dante, but that's where the similarities end. He has no sense of humor, character development, and is generally obsessed with his girlfriend for the entire game. Nero is by far one of the worst protagonists ever thought of. The devil arm is completely useless for combos, it's only good for boss fights and two of the enemies in the game. His arsenal leaves quite a bit to be desired as well. Graphically, thankfully, the game still looks okay, and has some interesting looking areas, but the level design is shoddy, especially with you literally rerunning half the game with a new character. It just really missed the great feel of the castle from the first DMC game. The story isn't anything interesting, as with the other DMC games the story is hardly the focus here and paying attention to it will only lead to cringe worthy moments and cliches. Thankfully, the game is still a decent hack n' slash/beat em up style game at heart, so if you're really aching for one this will get the job done. On a personal level, I haven't tried DMC3 for the PC, but I'd highly recommend it even if it's a terrible port, over this.



Lippe1989 | Dec. 26, 2012 | See all Lippe1989's reviews »

Devil May Cry is a good franchise that will receive a kind of reboot. No one know if it will be something good or a bomb. But thinking about the past, who played the series consider the games good. Particulary I like the Devil May 4 more. I think that combined better the gameplay, the graphics, the story and other things that gives us a good experience. The gameplay is wonderful. You will do a lot of amazing combos. The camera is well placed and there are not something that will bother you about the gameplay. The graphics are very good thinking about the year that was done. Until now I consider that has good graphics. Propably you machine will run it like a charm. It is a different game from this era that we are and one of few games with this style that is really good and we miss. Buy and play it.


Fun game with a delicious gameplay

antonioli84 | Dec. 23, 2012 | See all antonioli84's reviews »

Devil May Cry 4 is an amazing game from Capcom. It is a little bit different from the previous game but not so much. The gameplay improved a lot and also the graphics. It became more fluid even if being a port from video games. We know that sometimes it is not possible and the game becomes disgusting to play but it is not the case. You will enjoy to play as Nero and discover a lot of things and improve your characters during the game. The game is also a little bit repetitive but it is because of its style and I think that is not a thing that disrupts your experience because you will also be challegend and it is very stimulant. If you know the series buy it, obviously. But if you never played a Devil May Cry game, buy it too. You will delight to play the game because it is a kind of game that is missing in this generation. You will not regret!


Can get repetitive.

oginer | Dec. 23, 2012 | See all oginer's reviews »

This game is quite a good hack 'n slash game, with a fluent and solid battle system, nice graphics, very good level design and good music. But it can get repetitive, smashing buttons again and again. There's some puzzles, but they're generally quite easy, and not many of them. Although it's possible to play with keyboard and mouse. a joypad is much better and highly recommended. Nice experience, long game, good visuals, a good purchase. The PC port is OK.


An fun game that's a bit difficult repetitive at times.

fable2 | Dec. 22, 2012 | See all fable2's reviews »

I absolutely love this game. That said, it is not without it's flaws. The story is great. Nero is an extremely engaging character who is easy to like. Add on his 'special' arm and you're ready for some of the best looking combos in video games. Coupled with a driving soundtrack and a good swarm of enemies and combat seems like fun...that is, until you realize just how fast that swarm can attack. Early on, the difficult is never too much of a problem by the end, it is easy to say that most gamers will be frustrated. To top this off, you have to switch in the middle to playing as series protagonist Dante and have to backtrack through the past environments. Backtracking with a new character with a new move set through familiar environments fighting the same enemies is not nearly as much as it should be. Dante has some very visually spectacular animations and some of his weapons are jaw-dropping, but he requires you to learn a different strategy to play as him effectively. Dante does not have a devil arm; he has style changes. These style changes are cool but I found myself missing Nero's devil arm. The game is a challenge but there were only a couple of points where the game feels unfair, particularly a boss fight near the end that goes on for longer than it should. Looking at the game on a whole, it is an amazing game with great characters, a great story, great graphics, and great music that unfortunately suffers from repetitive combat, monotonously backtracking to the same locals you've been to earlier, and some moments of hair-pulling frustration and a relentless combat system that will always challenge, and potentially frustrate, the player.


Devil May Cry 4 - review

carlyle | Dec. 22, 2012 | See all carlyle's reviews »

Funny, spectacular, highly replayable. These, in summary, the three main positive aspects of Devil May Cry 4, which follows the path of his predecessors and uses new technologies to bring even more to the limit situations and passages that remain memorable in the mind of the gamer. You select the level of difficulty between the two initially available, and you are catapulted into the middle of the action and in the role of Nero, Dante's nemesis and also infused with demonic powers that manifest themselves in the form of his right arm, capable of give him unexpected moves and always useful in combat. Just when Black seems to have everything, the game makes a circle and allows to govern Dante, while doing some few appearances before, at some point enters by force in history, with his charisma and above all offering a system of control and different combos. No longer a demonic arm for sockets, but four different styles, customizable and much evil, which makes its use even more fun.


Devil May Cry is awesome!

Angeluzian | Dec. 22, 2012 | See all Angeluzian's reviews »

Devil may cry is an awesome game from Capcom. It's a very good port, but yet demands a controller because it is hard to play with keyboard and mouse, but it is possible. There are few hard games like this out there and it belongs there in the top with Dark and demon souls. The intresting graphics and feel of the game makes it all much more intresting, and the combos and ablities that are avalible works well with the weapons. I highly recomend this game, :)



lok0812 | Dec. 21, 2012 | See all lok0812's reviews »

In Devil May Cry 4, players control the formidable Nero who comes to grips with his newly found power as his beliefs and allegiance are tested. Continuing the legacy of fast paced action synonymous with the series, Devil May Cry 4 pushes the envelope of excellence even further with the inclusion of a new combat system that incorporates Nero’s "Devil Bringer." This new feature has players delivering overwhelming damage to enemies with non-stop combos, while gaining new power for Nero’s right arm. With the PlayStation 3 system's advanced graphical capabilities, high definition visuals and intricate detail come to life as players explore new and exotic locales. Amazing visual effects and dynamic action coupled with a complex storyline, provides the very cool, slick and stylish attitude that only a Devil May Cry game can deliver.


Best fast-paced action game EVER!

Geforcer | Dec. 21, 2012 | See all Geforcer's reviews »

For those of you who don't know, Devil May Cry is an action game with some RPG elements like new weapons, skills and alike. Story is very interesting and has lots of references to Dante Alighieri's "Divine Comedy". Gameplay is simple, yet very addictive - kill all the monsters, solve puzzles, fight a huge and ugly boss and save the day... or something like that. :D This is a must-play game for every DMC fan out there!


Fantastic action

panz3r88 | Dec. 21, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Devil May Cry 4 is really a good action game. In the game you can use two different character: Nero is a character with a strange sword that has a system that allow you to charge your attacks. He also has a revolver that is quite useless because it's really slow. The other character you can command is the main character of the series, Dante and I found it really better than Nero. With Dante you will use various weapons and guns: some of them are quite original, for example you will use a strange suitcase that can become various weapons. The best aspect of Dante is that in Devil May Cry 4 you can switch in real time between the different fighting styles introduced in Devil May Cry 3 and select the best one for each situation. If you have a PC and you love action games you must have Devil May Cry 4.


Old-style DMC

Cavalieroscuro | Dec. 21, 2012 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

Devil May Cry 4 nothing is then an enhanced version of Devil May Cry 3. The graphic is much better, of course, but the gameplay is exactly the same from the PlayStation 2 age. Some easy puzzle, tons of enemies and a boss, a little backtracking and so on. The only new feature of this chapter is that you will gain control of Nero (you can play as Dante as well during the second half of the game) and you can fights your way thanks to the devil trigger. Except all that, it is a "more of the same" : if you loved the other Devil May Cry you should buy this for sure, but if you hate them this game will not change your idea.


One of the best games from Capcom

DukePaul | Dec. 21, 2012 | See all DukePaul's reviews »

Devil May Cry 4 is a very good port, the only thing you need to enjoy it: a controller, because playing this game with a keyboard and mouse is very hard because of the depth control scheme. The gameplay is nonstop action, sometimes with puzzles but most of the time you will be killing demons with combos with the two main characters: Necro and Dante, each one has a unique set of combos, weapons and abilities. If you like the next generation of hack and slash games with frenetic action and a hardcore gameplay and you want to test your limits, this game is perfect for you.