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Nothing Short of Amazing

Sciazs | Nov. 12, 2013 | See all Sciazs's reviews »

Absolutely, indefinitely, positively brilliant. Take the most imaginative, wonderfully designed game that has raised the bar for world design and improve on it. This is Infinite. No one had ever dreamed Irrational to be able to best what was then already regarded as an absolutely masterpiece (original bioshock). This and its predecessors are absolute musts for all gamers. Bioshock infinite comes at you more beautiful, more endearing, more gripping than ever before. Weapons and plasmid skills are bigger and fantastically satisfying. The only ever shooter game to make you care about your escort. The only ever shooter game to actually make you like your escort. Bioshock Infinite pushes the boundaries of story telling and creativity in world design and no one has done it better than Irrational as of yet. The art style is well deserved for its Golden Joystick accolade and the music, reminiscent of the greatest gift America has ever given to the world - the Jazz era.