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A big letdown but not the worst game ever

britishlad | May 30, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

This game should have been amazing but sadly it isn't. The game has been making in the years and now that it's finally out it doesn't live up to the hype - Here's a list of good and bad things:T The Good: kinda fun to gun down aliens and enemy soldiers, one decent stealth level, cool locations and maps. Lots of references and homages to the films The Bad: Repetitive gameplay; no joke all you do is shoot aliens and pick up a log and then open a door and then repeat (with the exception of one level), The graphics are awful and outdated, the story is bland and uninspired, the characters have stupid dialogue; "any thoughts on the exploding chest issue?" is a perfect example, and the part where two female soldiers are about to fight is just laughably retarded and unbelievable, the weapons are OK when the aliens are about 4 meters or closer but trying to shoot the xenos with these weapons from a distance is a pain in the @$$, there is no suspense or tense moments (except for the stealth level where you avoid a couple of lurkers and then have to evade a big alien), The aliens are dumb; they run at you with their arms wide open and it looks like they want to give you a hug or something and when they do attack, they do some lame claw attack, I even remember walking into a room and bumping into an alien, and when the alien first sees me, he jumps back in fear and squeals, oh yea, and the aliens also squeal like baby pigs with down syndrome. It's not the worst game ever but I only recommend it to the die had fans at a very cheap price! It should be noted that gearbox have released multiple patches which includes slight improvements to the graphics and have made the alien AI more aggressive