Reviews for Anarchy Reigns Limited Edition


Good game with some small issues

britishlad | May 22, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

Anarchy reigns is a game that should have been released practically a year ago. With it's final release and price cut I can without a doubt say it was worth the wait. The game is supposed to be an online multi-player brawler in a market full of online multi-player first person shooters; it fulfills it role diligently. The graphics are good but nothing special however the soundtrack for Anarchy Reigns is definitively one of the best things about it. It's comprised mostly of a Hip Hop and rap album with lyrics suited to the overall fast paced action of the game. The music also boast some of the most memorable lyrics I heard in quite a while. Of course, the game-play in Anarchy reigns holds up to the rest of the game as well. While seemingly simple at first, Anarchy reigns hides a deeper combo system that doesn't seem apparent at first; but as soon as you start seeing infinites in one on one cage matches, you'll probably spend some time in the game practice mode. This being Platinum's first online title, some hicks are to be expected. But the online play while fun most of the time, is rather bare bones. The most frustrating features a probably not being able to kick players or even mute them if they're running their mouth on the mic. But when you can get a good team together, the game shines. Despite the issues this is very fun game and worth the cheap price tag