Reviews for Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing [Playfire]


Split screen!

Lekes | Jan. 4, 2013 | See all Lekes's reviews »

This is just an all around fun game. While geared more towards family entertainment an individual can enjoy this as well. The tracks are a blast as well as the overall gameplay. Racing controls and mechanics are spot on also. Reminds me of the old days of N64 when games were just a blast to play. The whole family will love it. Especially happy to see split screen on the pc. So many games lack split screen support on the PC while this retains it. People just don't realize that lots of gamers have there PCs hooked up to actual HD TVs with this new invention called an HDMI cable. PCs also have the ability to use 360 controllers, and PS3 controllers, and tons of other gamepads, both wireless and wired. I appreciate developers retaining all aspects of gameplay in the PC versions of their games.


Good, but gimped

nairume | Dec. 10, 2012 | See all nairume's reviews »

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing almost does the impossible and replicates the Mario Kart format to relatively good success. For the most part, the game is benefited by developer Sumo mostly knowing when to crib from Mario Kart and when to strike out on their own and develop a new identity for their own game. When they do go out on their own, Sonic feels fresh enough to where it is its own game from its rival, while still being familiar enough to where fans of one game can easily jump into the other. However, the game is plagued by issues that result from them trying to keep too close to Mario Kart. In particular, many of the game's items do not feel as well adapted for this game, as they seem to only be in the game because Mario Kart did it. Aside from this, the game might still be passible. However, this being the PC version, there is one particular flaw that might ruin the experience for players....there is no online play! Sonic Racing is a very fun game, but split-screen being the only option for multiplayer is a nasty deal breaker unless you have a big enough monitor for your computer to make the experience acceptable for multiple players. As it stands, this is still limited to only three players, which is less than what its peers offer offline and significantly less than what they offer online. Perhaps a sequel that addresses these issues will be just enough to push it over from a solid copy to a legitimate contender to Mario Kart's mascot racing throne.


A companion piece to Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

cavalcade | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all cavalcade's reviews »

You're probably thinking.... "why buy this when the sequel is out?" (Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed). Well, while the sequel improves on the first game in some areas, it's probably best to think of it as a companion piece with both games having strengths and weaknesses. This is a great arcade kart racing game, which should come as no surprise as the studio that produced it (Sumo) is known for getting this sort of thing right. Visually it's spectacular, and unlike the slightly stuttering console releases on an even halfway decent PC everything shifts at a decent clip. Each course is themed around a classic SEGA IP, with both famous locations (from the big Sonic games) and more obscure places turning up (Billy Hatcher and Jet Set Radio anyone?) with appropriately themed music. I never knew I wanted a kart racer that let me drive to Understand The Concept of Love from the JSRF soundtrack until I played one tat did just that. Bliss. The glorious visuals and sound don't detract from some excellent course design. The game has a power-up system and boost mechanic that's similar to Mario Kart Wii, and the course design probably shades the Nintendo title in terms of pushing the player. It's fun to play (on a pad - bring your 360 controller), not overly punitive, but rewarding of skill. It's a more distilled, purer kart racer than Transformed. The latter is a touch gimmicky, with the boating being a little slow and the flying a little under utilised, while the original is more of a by the numbers kart racer. Both are great though. If there are any concerns it's the slightly scattershot problems you get with any kart racer. If you're at the back you get better power-ups. This makes races exciting, but it can be infuriating to be pipped at the line by someone screaming through from the back of the pack because of a lucky drop. It's also, perhaps, a little content light, with some "challenges", a few cups and time trials to do. There's a few bits and bobs to unlock, but you're going to probably be playing this for the sheer joy of playing it, rather than some meta achievement style hunt. But if joy is your thing, then this may well be your game.



Babelfish343 | Oct. 12, 2011 | See all Babelfish343's reviews »

One sentence is all I need: If you love Mario Kart, buy this game! Taking many characters from SEGA's franchises (also some unusual unheard of ones appear as well) and putting them against each other for some power-up fuelled racing is always a formula for great casual racing game. The visuals in this game are amazing, and the 24 game-based tracks are stunning and in my opinion even more interesting than Mario Kart's tracks. Textures, car models and environments are all bright and crisp especially in HD. Music is quite nice too, using familiar music from the original game the racing track is from. Samba de Amigo is one memorable song that got stuck in my head for days! The ONLY downside to this game is that the PC version does not have online play. However, you can play local split-screen but only if you have two different controllers (no sharing keyboard unfortunately) My little sister took over my room in order to play Sonic and SEGA racing on my computer, and for that reason alone this game is one of my favourite racing games too :)


great game, sadly no online mp

soad667 | Aug. 23, 2011 | See all soad667's reviews »

I'm not really into racing games, but Alex Kidd and Sonic were enough to convince me try this one. And i didn't regret it. Amazing visuals, levels are overfilled with every little thing you can imagine. Really, a lot of things are happening in every single one of them. You will love getting distracted in this game. Huge con that there isn't online multiplayer, at least in the PC version. Such a shame, in an otherwise great game. Can't think of anything else that bothered me.


Best Karting Game since Mario Kart n64.

Cronik2k | Aug. 9, 2011 | See all Cronik2k's reviews »

Really good game but be warned the PC version comes with no online multiplayer which is a huge disappointment and as far as I know hasn't had any DLC unlike the consoles. Even so the game itself has loads of tracks, many game modes and alot of items to unlock to make the game last and you can play local multiplayer and its easy to connect ur PC to a big TV and connect 4 Xbox or other Control pads and play with friends or the family with all the obvious benefits of PC Gaming (Better Graphics, Higher/ more stable frame rates etc). The gameplay is very fast and intense with many pickup perks and weapons to use to your benefit, with very satisfying turbo power slides with many character racers to choose from. Just note that you cant run this game in higher than 24 bit sample rate and 4800 Hz bit depth which can be changed in sound options found in control panel. I had just updated my sound card and I couldn't figure out why this game kept failing to launch and this turned out to be the reason. Basically the game is a great play through and still worth it even without the online multiplayer well worth picking up.


Great game, but better on consoles

holmglen03 | May 29, 2011 | See all holmglen03's reviews »

Got this on Xbox 360 orignally and then decided to try out the PC version. It is a great game on both systems with lovely graphics and so much to do, I just prefer contollers to keyboards, but thought it was worth a go. Still recommend this game massively.


Reminds me of the Classic Sonic Racing Games

drakaenae | May 27, 2011 | See all drakaenae's reviews »

I was always a fan of the classic sonic games. Out of all the classic sonic games, I enjoyed the racing ones the most. Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing is an improved version of the classic racing game. With more characters to choose from, more tracks, fewer glitches and better graphics, this game is a must buy for sonic/sega fans.


Great Family Game

Infertox | May 6, 2011 | See all Infertox's reviews »

This is a great game for the family, I first bought it for the wife but all the family end up sitting in playing it. works great with Xbox 360 control pads and if you want to change the resolution above 1024x768 you have to go in the game folder and use the config.exe to change it as there in no in-game video options. Enjoy : )


Super racing game

neir45 | April 29, 2011 | See all neir45's reviews »

Sonic is old game star. Games with him were usually very good but this game is...... FANTASTIC!!! Mamy heroes from Sonic & Sega games, twisted tracks, super bonuses and more. This is great game for playing on one computer in split screen mode. All Sonic fans MUST HAVE THIS GAME.


Better on consoles

rascallion | April 29, 2011 | See all rascallion's reviews »

I have played this game many a time on friends xboxes, and decided to give it a go on the pc. Although the game is fun and slightly crazy, this is one of the few games that I think works better on a console. Although in the PC game there is online multiplayer, I don't think it works as well as when there are four mates all with a controller in the same room, which gives a much better atmosphere. So although the game is pretty and very fun, if you have a console, buy it on there first.