Reviews for Condemned: Criminal Origins [Playfire]


A game that is actually scary??

Jray264 | Jan. 22, 2013 | See all Jray264's reviews »

I feel as though this game didn't get enough attention. It should of because it's probably the only good modern day horror game. Condemned does a lot of things right. Every second manages to be tense and remotely scary because of the great atmosphere. It sucks you in and engages you. You can almost feel the impact as you smack the humanoid monster in the face with a 2x4 and watch as the teeth go flying across the screen. Condemned is very far from flawless though. The game requires you to go on fetch quests to find fire axes and sledgehammers, and the game could be a bit longer. Overall though it's a great experience that every horror fan should go through.



Lekes | Jan. 4, 2013 | See all Lekes's reviews »

This is a great game, really creepy and gritty. While there's only one game mode it is really fun. This and Resident Evil 4 are the only games I've played where I felt uncomfortable, and that is a good testiment to the gameplay. These enemies seem real. They attack with ferocity and your attacks feel like they do a good amount of actual damage to them. The enivornmental weapons are great, no more just finding bullets everywhere, pull down that sign and go to work! A great pick up and absolutely necessary for anyone who likes horror games. A point off for the sort of slow start the game has and the way too-spoon-fed forensic sequences that don't let you figure it out on your own.



dark2025 | Oct. 11, 2012 | See all dark2025's reviews »

Condemned is one of the most atmospheric and creepy FPSs I've ever played. It's full of memorable scenes and features an intriguing story. Sure it may be a little linear, but it's a blast to play nonetheless. The only negative thing I'll say is that the melee combat sometimes feels a little off, but it's not that big of a deal compared to how awesome the rest of the game is. If you're into horror or mystery games then please do yourself a favour and pick up this one.


Greatest thriller

danteveli | Sept. 28, 2012 | See all danteveli's reviews »

Condemned is a title straight from minds of the F.E.A.R. creators. In my opinion its the best game they have ever made. We get into the skin of an FBI agent framed for murder. He is on the Serial Killer X case and wants to bring the bad guy to justice. This will make on hell of a trip for him. Game is and FPP title with brawling using elements from environment like desks and bricks. there is also some forensics to be done with finding blood splatter and stuff like that. Condemned is super creepy with great horror atmosphere. Final level in abandoned house is just a masterpiece. Whats most important, the story is really interesting and the fighting is done well. It may suffer a bit from the age since its over 5 years old but it shouldn't stop you from trying it out.


A very brutal and Scary game

fable2 | Sept. 27, 2012 | See all fable2's reviews »

Masterful brutal street style combat tactics, fitting for the atomosphere it creates. The school level is the most creepy, the abandoned department store ranks a close second. The tension of having to chase down suspects, gather evidence to prove your innocence, and elude the FEDS, can become overwhelming to the gamer, which is exactly what you want, to feel CONDEMNED! They even make your partner disappear, and even get captured at one point, making it all the more frightening and nerve bending to move forward to see what's next. Brainpower is needed along with the right weapon selection, although you have a vast amount to choose from, some (such as a pipe) can be inappropiate against a bigger foe with a machinegun! Choose carefully...... Also pay attention to vital clues that might help in the investigation as to who the real serial killer is.. you will encounter quite a few in your quest towards the truth. The end is very surprising!!!!!!


An overlooked horror gem

Mikester7 | Sept. 27, 2012 | See all Mikester7's reviews »

With the overwhelming popularity of other horror games, many games such as Condemned Criminal Origins I feel were overlooked. If you are looking for different horror games but have no idea about what other titles to go for aside from the usual Amnesia and whatnot, try this game. It has great scares, level design, atmosphere, story and a solid, challenging melee combat system. Almost all of the game you will be getting up close and personal with the enemies due to the lack of ranged weapons and ammo. Overall it is a solid game worth playing for anyone who likes a scare at the offered price. The sequel however probably outdoes Criminal Origins due to its great combat system, so if you have a console, perhaps try that out too (but after finishing this one).


Good Horror Game

Bobfried2 | Sept. 12, 2012 | See all Bobfried2's reviews »

At first I was not sure what to think of this game. I have heard of it. Heard it's supposed to be really scary. So 2 weeks ago I actually bought it since it was only 9.95, and the money was well worth it. You're playing an FBI Agent and have to search for a serial killer who killed your fellow Detectives. With your own Gun. You'll spend most of the time in dark underground settings, searching for clues to find the killer, and prove your innocence. I have to admit, it really scared me at times. The creepy atmosphere, the freaky characters and the brutal fights accompany you throughout the game. All in all it's a good game which has a few (minor imo) flaws. The biggest one being that the game forces you to actually pick up another weapon to progress further. Graphics - 7/10 They're old but fit the game perfect. Gameplay - 9/10 It plays smoothly but combat can feel a bit notchy at times. Story - 8/10 Some people actually think that the story is the biggest weakness, but I didn't think so at all. While I didn't care about proving the innocence of my character, (who is in my opinion not really interesting) it was putting the pieces together to solve a mystery. Give it a go if you like creepy and athmospheric games, and don't mind violence.


Absolutely savage combat

Cooberstooge | Sept. 6, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

There exist a category of games so brutal and shocking, some people just plain won't even look at them in the store, let alone actually buy them. Condemned: Criminal Origins is one of those games, and for good reason. If the spooky environment doesn't get to you, the characters will - and if that fails, there's always the demented, sadistic, and brutal combat to fall back on. The levels you'll play through are for the most part fairly long, and some especially memorable, like the department store - still get the willies when remembering that one. You are guided through them by the layout, so this is first and foremost a horror corridor shooter, and while there's hidden things to find, they usually aren't too far off the beaten path. Graphically, the game is very dark, so the textures don't really need to be that detailed, but they more than get the job done. Condemned has aged quite well, and still looks good on the computers of today. Sounds are well done, and I highly recommend turning off the lights, shutting the door, and cranking your speakers up to get the full experience. Definitely not one to miss, especially if you're a fan of horror games. This title was pretty original for its time, and is still a very good example of how to do horror right.


A good horror game

Zinzun | Sept. 2, 2012 | See all Zinzun's reviews »

This is the first survival horror I played on new (well,now are old,by the way) console (360)'s a surprise.You are a FBI agent and must catch a serial killer...and you must follow him in many creepy places.There are not so many guns,and you will forced to use melee combat (there are tons of white weapon to fight with),sometimes you will switch to detective mode to solve easy "puzzles",but this game will make you scare more then once.Buy it now if you are waiting for the next Amnesia game and wanto to play a very good survival.


Give it a go

StewartX | July 31, 2012 | See all StewartX's reviews »

I really liked this game and in the day I believe it was one of the first FPS games to move away from guns and focus more on melee weapons (like Dead Island). You'd always find a gun but with only a few bullets and ended up beating people to death with the butt of the gun instead! HaHa, good times, good times. If you see it for under $10 give it a go. I'm sure you'll like it. Graphics: 7/10 (Old but still good) Gameplay: 8/10 Story: 6/10 Multiplayer: No


Brutality at it's fnest

jojot | Sept. 2, 2011 | See all jojot's reviews »

Condemned is a good game with an almost adventure game like feeling too it. It also has some pretty well done horror aspects too it as well. There is a decent plot to follow there, but that part that really stands out is the meele combat. If theres one thing games have often tried to do and failed miserably it's get the feeling of swinging a weighty object like a sword or club and crushing someones skull with it. Condemned did an excellent job of conveying the weight and brutality of the combat. Whether using a 2x4 with rusty nails in it or your fists no game comes close to conveying the feeling like Condemned does. Another thing Condemned did a great job of was atmosphere. The game is dark, gritty and oppressing and it really conveys that feeling. The scene with the mannequins in the old store in particular was excellently well done. The story was pretty well paced in it's delivery and the detective minigame helped to break up things and provide some downtime. Over all a great game, and one that makes me sad the sequel was console exclusive.


If you enjoy a scare, try this.

tenaciouscree | June 16, 2011 | See all tenaciouscree's reviews »

I enjoyed this game. I'll give the reasons soon. I'll skip the plot summary as others have mentioned it already, I'm sure. My opinion of this game is this -- the melee combat is very well done and it's just as well because at least three quarters of the time you'll be facing foes with whatever make-shift weapons you can find. My personal favourites were the Paper Cutter and the good ole Axe. I haven't played another game which has executed melee combat as successfully as this (I own Zeno Clash and it pales in comparison). Your character feels weighty -- you move slowly and you can't just pummel the enemies as if your weapon is weightless. Your every movement needs to be considered, and blocking is important rather than optional. The story is well done and not simply an aftersight as with so many games these days. The beginning of the game portrays you being framed for the murder of two of your colleagues, and from then on in you are trying to collect the evidence to clear your name. The city is in upheaval with violent crime rising quickly. Your initial enemies look like bums and addicts, but later on the enemies become much more surreal and 'Silent Hill' like. I bought it when it was cheap on GMG, but at £9.95 I'd say it is worth the money. I got a good few scares (and I'm not easily scared -- the last game to scare me was STALKER, a few years ago). But. It's not perfect. A couple of things that I'd mention would be the fact that you need to collect certain weapons to progress through the game. For example, you're carrying an axe but it won't let you progress until you can find a shovel to break the electronic lock -- this seems quite arbitrary and broke the flow of the game a little bit at times. Graphically it can be quite beautiful (in a dark, twisted kind of way), but the player models stand out as being a little bit less detailed than the environment. I'll guess that it was ported from the Xbox360, and the console's limited resources required this. The character textures are quite bad, to be honest. The environments do look great though and I don't think it's that important an issue. The sound design reminds me of STALKER in the underground sections -- low hums and general ominous ambience. The voice acting is pretty decent too. I could go on, but I'd say if you enjoy atmospheric, moody, creepy games which are best played in the dark (as another reviewer wrote) -- then this is definitely worth a go.


A great game to play with the lights out and sound up

GAMERamble | May 26, 2011 | See all GAMERamble's reviews »

Originally a Xbox 360 launch title and one of the first “next-gen” games Condemned has made to transition to computer quite easily and despite a few minor hiccups is a worthy title from the same people that gave us F.E.A.R. Having heard quite a lot about the game (good and bad) when it first launched I was quite eager to get my hands on it and see for myself if the hype and criticism was justified. You start the game as Ethan Thomas a FBI agent on the trail of a serial killer in a city gone made. Birds are dropping dead everywhere from unknown causes and the crime rate is rising at an astronomical rate. It seems like every junkie, bum and crazy person in the city have all been inflicted with some murderous blood lust and police have their hands full coping with everything. You step into Ethan’s shoes as he’s busy investigating the latest grisly crime scene courtesy of the “matchmaker”. Things take a rather disturbing turn when you discover the psycho might still be lurking about in the abandoned building your inside and you are sent in to track him down with nothing but a gun and a flashlight. From there it’s a roller coaster ride into madness and paranoia as Ethan becomes a wanted man and has to track down a very disturbed individual across several condemned buildings crawling with freaks. If you thought this was just going to be your average run-of-the-mill first person shooter you’re in for a surprise. It’s actually hard to even classify condemned as a first person shooter since there’s so very little shooting going on. Yes you play the whole game from a first person perspective but guns are few and far between and even when you do find one don’t expect to find bullets for it just lying around conveniently in an abandoned building. No instead you have to rely on what’s available for protection and that means ripping pipes out of the walls, breaking off cupboard doors, finding crowbars, 2x4’s with nails sticking out of them and all other manner of makeshift melee weapons. This also means that the fights all tend to be very up close and person which is one of Condemned’s best and worse features. You can expect crazies to pop up out of any dark corner, firstly scaring the crap out of you and secondly to lunge at you in a berserker frenzy. The animations of these freaks is so eerily lifelike that you actually feel vaguely disturbed for slugging them in the face with a shovel. You won’t feel bad for long though as they’ll just stagger back, utter a few curses at you and launch themselves at you anew, or even worse stagger away in search of a bigger weapon to ambush you with around the next dark corner. This is combat like you’ve never experienced it before. With it’s dark condemned buildings as set pieces and bizarre range of freaks to square off against Condemned has a lot in common with games like Silent Hill and The Suffering. Monolith clearly knows how to scare players and through some awesome scripted events manage to make you glance over your shoulder with every sound you hear. The storyline starts off very good and there are some nice twists and turns but seem to lose the plot a bit towards the end and the ending left me feeling very unsatisfied. It makes sense but only just. Graphically the game does very well for itself and share’s a similar look to F.E.A.R. The environments are moody and detailed while the enemies can be quite frightening at times. My jaw dropped a few times at the awesome lifelike animations some of the displayed and there are a few very nice graphical effects to wow you. It’s a testament to the designers that even normal enemies attacking you can scare the crap out of you at times. The audio is another highlight with good quality voice overs and some very nice music to keep the atmosphere going. Once again playing this game in the dark with the volume up high is a must. Condemned unfortunately isn’t perfect and there are some factors that bring the experience down somewhat. Since Ethan is an FBI agent he has some nice CSI style gadgets that he carries around with him but these can only be used in specific areas and even then there’s too much hand holding going on to make it any real challenge. The game is also quite slow paced with Ethan stumbling along at a leisurely pace and forcing him to run only results in a few shambling paces before he’s too tired to continue doing so. The game for all it’s realism can also feel a bit restrictive as you can’t duck, crawl or jump unless you reach specific designated points for the actions. Having said that the whole experience still feels very solid and coherent and doesn’t really detract that much from the game. Although not the longest game out there Condemned still feels well rounded and for those die hard gamers there’s plenty of “achievements” to unlock by searching for hidden stuff throughout the levels. These reward you with extras like concept art and the usual stuff so there might be some replay value. The game also has two different endings but this is only influences by one choice right at the end instead of a series of choices throughout the game. While there’s still a lot that I could say about Condemned the bottom line is if you like suspenseful games and don’t mind some minor annoyances then by all means get your hands on this. While it might not be perfect it’s the ideal game for those who want to experience something slightly different from the genre and don’t mind the occasional near heart attack.


Epic experiance!

xtrench | April 14, 2011 | See all xtrench's reviews »

Wow, what a game! Condemned is one of the greatest survival horror first person shooters that's out there. The more realistic approach to combat with weapons breaking and limited ammunition really puts the pressure on the player to be thoughtful when engaging in combat. The game also features a detective mode when you have to search for clues as well as hidden items that reward the player with additional information regarding the plot. The atmosphere in this game is chilling and disturbing and will have you on the edge of your seat. If you're a fan of survival horror games you should definitely check it out!


Running around, punching Condemned

Jahman | April 7, 2011 | See all Jahman's reviews »

Condemned is a great example of a console port that does not blatantly feel like one. The game is a gritty, dark FPS with strong emphasis on melee combat. Given a wide variety of weapons like fire axe or wooden plank (complete with RPG-like statistics to compare them), only an occasional range weapon with limited ammo and a taser, the games manages to pull off one of the best close combat fighting experience I've ever encountered in the genre. The controls are far from clumsy and executing different strikes, dodging, blocking and finishing your enemies is simply a bundle of fun. The story may be a little slow to progress & a little hard to follow, but in my opinion it is still rather enjoyable. The game could sure use a few more enemy models (as they tend to repeat quite often) and the "detective" parts are simply far too easy. On the other hand, the game also offers a lot of engaging storyline moments and both the "and then he suddenly jumps at you from a dark corner" and “as you hear him shambling down the corridor” mechanics tends to work pretty well coupled with close quarter combat. All in all, if you like intense, fast-paced and brutal combat with a dose of horror and without a feeling of being yet another overpowered army dude, Condemned will surely provide.