Reviews for Far Cry 3: Deluxe Bundle DLC Pack


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zhack075 | Feb. 26, 2013 | See all zhack075's reviews »

This DLC add some fun to the main adventure.

The monkey buisiness pack add four missions and Hurk, a really funny character which loves to teach how explosives work to monkey (and sometimes, tries to defuses them, not the explosives, the monkeys). They are really quick quest but still does the trick.

Lost expeditions are also quick quests but contains a lot of references including portal and a mystery corporation some Ubisoft's game players will recognize easily. Moreover, the environements are great and they last longer than monkey buisiness.

Predator and warrior pack are more cosmetic but since they are included with the 2 missions pack, this is a good deal.

I would recommend to wait for the pack to be cheaper during sales or so, because I think 7£ is quite expensive for this pack, but if you want to add more fun in the FC3 adventure, this pack is pretty cool.