Reviews for Chernobyl Commando [Playfire]


Dreadful game - please avoid!

britishlad | May 12, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

This game is the definition of cheap cash in because If you have tried another game called sniper: Manhunter, you have played this game. It basically uses the engine - some mechanics, character models, guns, sounds, music or textures. Very little has changed and yet somehow, this one manages to be worse and very buggy. About the only "change" is the number of turret sequences. There are tons of them! All with the same gun. Oh, and rather having a different sniper rifle for each setting like in Sniper: Manhunter, they just give you all 3 snipers from the beginning for a total of 6 weapons in the entire game. Why on earth would I need to carry 3 different sniper rifles at the same time?! The enemy respawning in this game is beyond daft. Most of the time they respawn right in front of you! At one point in the fame I killed 30 enemies in one go because they all kept spawning in the same place! I enjoy the odd low budget game but this is simply terrible and not worth you're time