Reviews for Nancy Drew: Treasure in a Royal Tower


Mediocre adventure

barniman | May 18, 2013 | See all barniman's reviews »

Treasure in a Royal Tower is probably the weakest Nancy Drew episode I played. But let's start with the positive: considering it's age the graphics are quite nice, and you get to explore a whole beautifully made castle. They also had some great ideas with the gameplay and it's just as easy to play and control as the other games in the Nancy Drew series. Sadly this is where pros end. The puzzles in this game are mostly rather tedious and there are very few of them, so the game can be finished quickly. The game is filled with empty hallways and rooms, it would've been great if they filled these with some puzzles or mini-games, something to keep the player going. The story is also really predictable and you'll get bored of it fast. Even the voice acting feels really cheap and bad in this game, which wasn't really a trait of the series before this. All in all I wouldn't recommend playing this, unless you're a huge Nancy Drew fan and already played every other game in the series.