Reviews for Space Siege


Not bad overall

DanielZo0 | June 11, 2013 | See all DanielZo0's reviews »

I thought the games had some flaws but overall. Enjoyed it very much... No Control setting adjustments.. or quick saves.. But if you look in the manual there is or was a quick save key but is does not work. The addition of W,A,S,D, and the ability to run and shoot could have made this a great game. There were plenty of save stations and the sound was excellent. The graphics and weapon affects damn good.. Shadow Ground was OK but the atmosphere, sounds, and graphics were not as good as Space Siege. You Super Gamers try to have some fun and don't expect everything.


Hack'n'slash in the space

FreeMan85 | Feb. 24, 2013 | See all FreeMan85's reviews »

Space Siege came from the creators of Dungeon Siege series, so the game totally the same. Expect from Ehb it' set in space and the enemies are aliens and cyborgs. And our hero is pre-maded character with voice of his own. The gameplay is a hack'n'slash like, kill enemies, pick up upgrade stuff, level up and learn new skill, find new upgrades. The game has a minor RPG elements about choices there's multiple ending. We have a single companion in the game, called HR-V aka Harvey a little utility/combat robot who help us in the battle. There's another NPC's in the game, but none of them became a companion, like in Dungeon Siege. The game graphics is solid, looks OK, but nothing extra. Colors are vivid, animation and cut scenes are good. The game uses PhysX for additional physic effect, so make sure you installed the latest driver. The game sounds a bit weak, exploding barrels sounds like some tiny fireworks (and looks like), the voice-acting except Seth are decent. The game score is ordinary. The co-op multiplayer mode is long time dead and not working, don't even hassle with it. I only recommend this game if you like some hack'n'slash in space or the sci-fi setting. If you look for RPG check Mass Effect.


Not an RPG, but an action game instead

Guardian412 | Jan. 25, 2013 | See all Guardian412's reviews »

Space Siege is a game which is intended to be unique, had some great ideas, but its a prime example how things may go wrong during development. The game has an interesting scenario; what happens if our colony ship what we have to defend is the last hope for mankind, carrying the lasts of our people. But unfortunately it can't do much thing with the idea. The story starts too slow and while it has many interesting ideas what you’ll learn as the story slowly progressing, most part of the plot is poorly executed. As an action game it works, as its similar to Shadowgrounds; colorful, its full of aliens and action. As a sci-fi its also atmospheric, especially the intro and the setting itself. But as Space Siege is intended to be an RPG, similar to its predecessor, Dungeon Siege, it terribly fails as it became way too straightforward and monotonous to be an Role Playing Game. I recommend this game only to those who love sci-fi and action games, but I can't recommend it to those who want to play an RPG as this game is far from it.


Not so good

Cavalieroscuro | Jan. 23, 2013 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

Space Siege is an action role-playing game developed by Chris Taylor and Gas Powered Game, and is the space "counter-part" of the acclaimed franchise Dungeon Siege. Space Siege takes place in the future, where Earth has been destroyed by the Kerak, an aliens race. But aliens aren't the only enemies, and you will fight worst during your adventure. There are, in fact, three possible endings for the games, but the problems is the gameplay and the game design of each levels. Gameplay is simply boring: you will do the same things again and again from the beginning to the end. The graphic and the soundtrack aren't good enough, resulting this game only a clone of Dungeon Siege, sadly a not-well realized clone. Buy it only if you are a Gas Powered fan, because looking here and there you can find better game then this.