Reviews for Ace Combat Assault Horizon Enhanced Edition


Intense flight arcade action at its best

commanderhavoc | July 22, 2014 | See all commanderhavoc's reviews »

I never have had the chance to play any of the previous entries in the Ace Combat series, but I had an absolute blast playing Assault Horizon. There are A LOT of planes that you get to fly as well as the Apache attack helicopter, a bomber, the almighty AC-130U gunship and you even get to be a door gunner in a few parts of the game's single player campaign. And yes, for all the swedes out there, the JAS-39C Gripen is in here too as one of the multirole fighters you can pick for some missions as well as multiplayer, the plane's computer even has a swedish voice that will say things like "Högre! Högre!" when you fly too close to the ground and others. There's nothing more satisfying then engaging in a dogfight with a really tough fighter ace and then bring him down with a well placed missile and watch him fly out of his jet and then past you. The first time I played through this game on my PS3, I could actually hear all the blood rushing through my ears, it caused quite the adrenaline rush needless to say. If you're the type of gamer who likes to play flight games, but is not too fond of all those advanced or hard flight games, then this is something you shouldn't pass up, especially since Namco Bandai not too long ago switched over from Games for Windows Live to Steamworks.


Not bad

Chrisom | May 9, 2013 | See all Chrisom's reviews »

I've only played one other of the Ace Combat series which I found to be a very good game. I came into this one before seeing any reviews and for the most part I thought the game was okay. I wasn't keen on the dogfighting as I felt there wasn't much skill involved with it, but the storyline was interesting for the most part. Worth getting.


Afterburner reborn

Dean_Demon | Jan. 29, 2013 | See all Dean_Demon's reviews »

As soon as i saw the trailer for this game i thought "AFTERBURNER" as it resembles the SEGA arcade game from 1987 which for me is a big selling point as you just don't get aircraft arcade shooters anymore so the signs are good. This is pure arcade action and no simulation in sight, so it's fast and exciting without having to read a huge manual to just to learn how to fly, at the start of the game as you are flown straight into the action and have prompts on screen to tell you what key does what like direction in how to fly your plane and how to fire your missiles and fire the guns and is all quite straight forward and a controller can also be used if you wish but i prefer keyboard myself but both work really well and the controls are very responsive which is a must for an action game. Graphics really are excellent, they are big and with a great attention to detail, all aircraft are as you would expect so if so if you've ever seen TOP GUN then you will know what to expect here, some nice graphics options so you can play on a big monitor and with some impressive resolutions as well, the physics when you hit something or blow a plane up is very nicely done, i did find some stuttering in places but they may just be day one release issue's but didn't detract from the good performance and experience, everything else in the game graphics wise is a joy to see. The sound i really like especially if you play wearing head phones, the explosions, sound of gun fire and voice acting in the game are very clear, now the music sets the scene perfectly so turn it up LOUD. Gameplay revolves around a story like most games such as Call of Duty and it's all entertaining and there is also a good multiplayer section too so if you want to be the best fighter ace on the planet then this is where you can prove it. This is just such an exciting game and blowing planes up has never been so much fun, this is pure arcade action at it's best and it's like playing AFTERBURNER all over again, i'll give it 85 as it stands and a little higher if there were no stuttering but i'm sure that will get resolved with a patch so happy hunting pilot !!


Not as good as I expected.

zhack075 | Jan. 28, 2013 | See all zhack075's reviews »

I really like modern aircraft simulation. But I want to have fun when I play, that's why I don't play Lock On. I don't want to learn how to pilot a jet fighter, I want to have fun dodging missiles, engaging enemy aircraft. What really disapointed me in this game is that, even if it isn't a simulation, the lack of realism really got me mad. My plane bounce against a skycrapper, got "critical damage" and repair itself few seconds later. Plane react without any realism to. As soon as you engage an enemy in close combat, your plane will make an impossible manoeuver to tail the enemy aircraft. Don't worry, you'll just have to shoot, your fighter will pilot itself during this close combat. Dogfight are quite boring in my opinion. I didn't feel any sensation or excitement. I mean, you defeat one wave after a long and quite boring dogfight, then another wave appear from nowhere... I expected more fun, more excitement but it felt really repetitive to me. Here are some things that I don't like but maybe it is just a matter of taste. Character design is awful. It's the kind of character, you don't know if they are japanase or american because the artists wanted them to be american, but designed them with japanese standard. It's weird to see. Pros : - A lot of Beautiful Planes from various countries - Graphics are nice - Easy to handle - Not many games like that one the market. Cons : - Lack of realism, even for an arcade game... - Character design - Railshooting phase are boring. - Avionic is awful ( plane bouncing, no collision between planes... ) To conclude, I hoped more of this game. I played hawx 1, I enjoyed it but it feels like unachieved and unrealistic to me. Many people told me Ace combat was a great licence with all the thing hawx does not have. I prefered Hawx even if it wasn't a good game either. If you want an arcade action dogfight game with a lot of explosions, maybe you'll like it.