Reviews for Ace Combat Assault Horizon Enhanced Edition (NA)



iMichaelCortez | July 26, 2014 | See all iMichaelCortez's reviews »

Good graphics, arcade style and explosive. This game is fun to play when you enjoy exploding your enemies in the sky. This is not a flight simulator, the controls are too straight forward for that matter, but it doesn't lower the fun of the game, not even one bit. I recommend this game to the people that just wants to have fun a blow up a bunch of planes in mid air. The gameplay is worth the price and completely awesome.


Not pretty

lairdjaren | Dec. 7, 2013 | See all lairdjaren's reviews »

I loved ace combat 4: shattered skies. Although in retrospect, it was terribly unbalanced, and yes, you could end up spending 15 minutes barrel rolling, it was beautiful. There was nothing quite lining up the perfect shot after a long chase punctuated by maneuvers based solely on your wits and the contours of the landscape. The 3D tron-like replay of your approach vectors at the conclusion of each mission was the perfect testament to its elegance. In terms of in-game graphics, Assault Horizon easily trumps any other flight combat game I've played. The renderings are sweet, if you have a chance to notice them. Unfortunately for me, I rarely get to. The skies of assault horizon are filled with two kinds of targets. Regular patsies you can shoot down normally and aces. With rare exception, the aces must be shot down in dogfight mode (DF). Most of the time, entering DF means you must closely tail the enemy until you lock-on. You will then enter a locked on mode where you attempt to keep the target from veering off screen. If you can blast them first, you're rewarded with a cool little cutscene as you fly through the wreckage. At the start of each play, getting a kill in DF mode feels real cool and admitted it will generally make each engagement quicker and more decisive. But since every wave has at least a few "aces" and there are multiple waves per mission after awhile it will get droll. Eventually, you will want to try new strategies, but the game stubbornly insist that DF mode be used every time. This is a mistake. Instead of making DF a cool new option at your disposal, it'll start to feel like a shackle. It's like as if you were required to use VATS all the time in Fallout. A couple of times here and there when you want to go arcade-style - awesome; against every enemy worth the time - tedium. Also, while DF mode does have a few cool-looking aerieal tricks, they are primarily initiated by quick time-like events and are cinematically controlled. All in all, Assault Horizon is a quick taut dogfighting sim that looks great and has a variety of new missions and modes. However, it converts its innovations into weaknesses with its stubborn insistence on arcade-style combat. Also, don't play with just keyboard and mouse -- it sucks. Get a controller or stick.


This game is pure action...

JDrakul | Sept. 7, 2013 | See all JDrakul's reviews »

This game is pure action. The gameplay is focused on velocity of the maneuvers and the capacity for aiming with DFM (Fight Dog Mode) that create a cinematographic experience in the game along the story. Also have missions on gunner helicopter and bombers planes. And is really fun in online mode against a human opponents. The graphic are awesome and the music is epic. With joystick is very easy control the planes, but in the bomber plane missions can be a headache. This version for PC have the DLC for consoles that include nine planes, two maps and a lot of skin for our planes. Also a some skill upgrades. Reasons to buy it: Is the first ace combat for PC, is fun and spectacular. My score: Gameplay 4/5 - Online Gameplay 5/5 - Graphics 4/5 - Music 5/5


Mixed Feelings

forgot2shave | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all forgot2shave's reviews »

This game's quality depends on what you are after. As a flight sim lover, I found myself disappointed with the games depth and lack of realism. However, as a video game lover in general, the arcade style gameplay was still very fun. The controls are pretty straightforward and the gameplay consists of "go there, shoot this" for the most part. There isn't much of a story to speak of but noone really expected that. That being said, it really isn't a bad buy for the price. Plenty of fun to be had.


Top Gun dude

suvojit91 | Aug. 7, 2013 | See all suvojit91's reviews »

ACE COMBAT ASSAULT HORIZON puts players in the shoes of a top gun pilot in an international task force. The engaging war drama will span real-world locations, such as Dubai and Russia, and incorporate new categories of aircrafts, including super-sonic jets and the introduction of the attack helicopter, door gunner and more.The game takes place over a number of locations, including: Miami, East Africa, Dubai and the Middle East, Russia (Derbent, the Black Sea, Caucasus, and Moscow specifically), and Washington, D.C. Fictional towns and cities were also used, including Mogadiyu, Carruth, and Belyi Base It's the first game of Ace combat franchise which is released for PC. Ace Combat Assault Horizon intensifies the franchise, escalating combat to the next level with aircraft that are literally torn apart, spewing oil and debris across the sky. Players will engage in combat across the globe, dodging skyscrapers, and turning their enemies into fiery supersonic debris in both single player and online multiplayer. Never before has combat been so fast and in-your-face! Much better than the Hawx. Climb back into the cockpit with Ace Combat Assault Horizon, another installment in the hit Ace Combat series. so if You like jets n all amust buy.



bennettmo16 | June 18, 2013 | See all bennettmo16's reviews »

Much more innovative than HAWX love the graphics and quick cinematic gameplay. A much needed quality jet game for the pc.


Pretty awesome.

GuitarWind45 | June 16, 2013 | See all GuitarWind45's reviews »

Before I say anything, I have not played any previous Ace Combat games before, so this review will be unbiased and such. Right from the start, the game throws you into combat and I was caught off guard, but I had fun in the process. The combat in this game is really really fun with the new Dog Fight Mode. I cannot tell you how many times I shouted in triumph every time I blew someone up and saw their cutscene as they fly through the air helpless and full of bullet holes. The game's visuals are so beautiful, I love the lighting effects that the sun has on the atmosphere. The oil and shrapnel that hits the screen is so awesome, man. This is a man's game. This game is for those who want an arcade flight simulator. This game is in no way realistic at all... but it's fun. Just because a game is not realistic does not mean that the game is bad in any way. There's a reason we call it "game" instead of "life simulator". This game will give you hours of fun that are all well spent. Enjoy this game while you can, because I do not see a market for flight simulators anymore. Gameplay: Great Story: Generic Graphics: Gorgeous Sound: Eargasmic Replay value: Good enough for the price.


It's not THAT bad

lolnuts | June 14, 2013 | See all lolnuts's reviews »

The only other Ace Combat game I've played was the 6th one, and this is my second one. I've been a bit hesitant for a while to get it, but at 15$ I said why not. The graphics are pretty I love seeing the planes blowing up into little pieces of shrapnel, and occasionally seeing the pilots fly out. I play with a 360 controller, and with a bit of tweaking the controls are great. I haven't tried the mouse and keyboard, but I here that it's a clustf**k. This also uses GWFL; a lot of people say they have problems with it, but I don't. Maybe it's because I have an xbox with an account already so it's able to recognize me. All in all I'm sure if you played the other Ace Combat's you'll hate this, but if you just want a good flying action game then go ahead and get this.


It's "alright"

HappyZavulon | June 14, 2013 | See all HappyZavulon's reviews »

This is NOT the ace combat we all know and love, they tried to make a "gritty" and realistic story, that doesn't really work in a series where you tend to blow up huge flying fortresses that can cloak and have a ton of turrets. The combat is not that great since most of the bosses/squad leaders have to be killed using a special on rails quicktime event in which you have to aim with a very twitchy circle and spam missiles while everything is exploding around you, the whole thing is quite nauseating. Also your health regenerates for some reason. I'd say that this game lost a lot of it's charm, it doesn't go over the top as much as it used to and tries to be more serious, but things like regenerating health, turret sections that just drag on and on and quick time boss kills makes this game a mixed bag.


The First Ace Combat to land on PC.

florindo | May 13, 2013 | See all florindo's reviews »

Every long time and hard core fan of the Ace Combat series will admit this is not the high point for the franchise, it was unfortunate that NAMCO chose this as the entry point to bring it to the PC platform. But hey, all the fast paced jet fighting goodness is still here!!! The missions in the single player campaign are solid and varied, while the story is as unforgettable as it can be, you will face a variety of challenges in huge maps which will often having you rushing around to squish every second you can to successfully accomplish the mission. Now, multiplayer, man, it is so frigging good, you get three modes, Conquest, you have to overcome your enemy's defenses to gain the ability to strike their HQ, but it goes deeper and the team that wins in the end is the one that retains better control of the strategic positions. Next comes domination, your standard domination match in which you have to gain and retain control of set points in the map for a given amount of time. Both modes will require you to wage war on both land and ground. And finally, deathmatch, standard issue deathmatch, the most boring for me but also a quick way to unlock the dozens and dozens of perks and skins available. In the end, get it for the multiplayer matches, they are really exciting!


Frenetic gameplay

Lekes | Jan. 29, 2013 | See all Lekes's reviews »

While fans of past Ace Combat games will likely turn their nose up at this unique title, it is for the most part fun to play. The controls are tight, the graphics are well done, the air battles are intense, and the story sucks. I love the dogfight mode, it is a refreshing change of pace and adds variety to the battles. If you are looking for a fun aerial combat game, this one will fill the void quite well. The game is not perfect, but then again, few games are. This one is highly recommended for fans of the genre.


it's good but it's not the AC we knew.

fable2 | Jan. 28, 2013 | See all fable2's reviews »

I gotta admit I was leary going in but the newest Ace Combat holds onto you and refuses to let go without first dazzling you with it heart pumping visuals and grip tightening suspenseful flight simulation. Some purists and mainstays of the series might say it's too different but anyone who has actually played this game must admit it has charm and action bursting from it pores. The new game can control much like the last games, with a few tweaks anyway. Once I got used to the new Dog Fight mode and Attack Mode and the counter attacks I found myself using them aggressively without thinking. Also many of the changes only serve to add even more flare and flash. The series was beginning to get old honestly but this iteration serves to add a much needed shot of adrenaline in the arm to the mildly stagnant gaming franchise. There is no earning money and buying planes like the old games which is regrettable but it does streamline the experience. Vehicles are instead unlocked overtime, this may feel like a cop out to many but the gradual unlocking of planes, bombers, and helos gives it a very upbeat arcade feel that isn't at all a bad thing. The bombing and helicopter missions help spice up and split up the flight segments just when thing might start to get slow. The timing of the gaming is very cinematic and has been done nearly perfect. On some occasions it might seem a bit off but overall the action sequences will often have you gripping the controller tight enough to break it.


Decent port.

puppymang | Jan. 25, 2013 | See all puppymang's reviews »

At first I had my worries thinking maybe this will be a shoddy port considering it's coming from Namco Bandai but to my surprise it has a lot of improvements and i think it truly deserves "enhanced edition" as a title. Aside from having 1080p and 60fps support out of the box also supports a wide variety of input devices (mouse, keyboard, controller, joystick) but some may not function properly as reported by some users on the steam community hub. It should also be noted that this game includes ALL DLC PREVIOUSLY RELEASED ON CONSOLES which is a really nice addition and makes the whole package worth the price (and wait). Now..first thing everyone who gets this should do prior to starting the game is changing the control type to classic and disabling assistance. It's for your own good. After that's done you may carry on as normal and enjoy the game. The HUD is a bit messy and information like speed and altitude may be hard to see because the letters aren't bright enough. The on-rails-dogfighting is a bit silly and probably makes too easy.. unfortunately you kind of have to use it for the story mode (truly wish you didn't) but overall the game can be alright once you disable the crutches. The game itself is nice and the graphics are alright although the story is a bit silly and tries too hard. I recommend it if you're in the mood for some arcade style flying that can also be goofy at times because of all the skins that are included in the game.


It's a nice game

syahrefi | Jan. 25, 2013 | See all syahrefi's reviews »

The graphics itself is good, can't tell you much just watch some youtube or screenshots, i'd like to give it 90/100 score for graphics. And for the game itself, The plot is good at beginning, but at later game its just something "plain". Nothing really special on it Need a quick combat reflex, the air-to-air combat is challenging (or maybe i should replace "challenging" with "hard"). Though it is awesome but i guess if you don't have any controller, you'll suffering.