Reviews for Driftmoon [Playfire]


A hidden gem!

Inc0mp3rtus | Sept. 28, 2013 | See all Inc0mp3rtus's reviews »

I never were a big fan of top down RPGs until I played this game. The quests are varied and extremely entertaining. Combat is balanced and there is a lot of LOOT! The humor is definitely great as well and you'll get a laugh or two out of it. I'm really sad by how this game is not really getting the attention it deserves. If you're a fan of RPGs and looking for something fun and different to play then by all means BUY this game and you won't regret it.


Hidden RPG Greatness!

Plasros | June 12, 2013 | See all Plasros's reviews »

From a gameplay perspective, this was one of the best RPGs I have played in quite a while. No long hikes (but still nice parts of little fighting and more exploring/puzzling), decent loot and most importantly: frequently interesting quests. Objects have to be dragged and interacted with in all sorts of ways like in few (if any) other RPGs. I guess that's why I believe the devs themselves have talked about it as more of an RPG adventure. I also appreciated the atypical monster characters (aside from one direct movie ripoff that was just too blatant). But what bothered me as an anti-religious egalitarian are the conservative values that permeate the game. From lots of holy scriptures, talking about the maker and whatnot to characters so typically girly that one might not even see them in some "well-known sexist" games. One may argue that in that fantasy setting, it would make sense for people to have such a traditional world view. But first of all... if you imagine a fantasy world, you can imagine anything. Secondly, that is precisely what a lot of RPGs have done over the years. AND I especially find it questionable because this game seems to be heavily targeted towards kids. If one was to make a Game of Thrones like fantasy RPG filled with chauvinist a-holes (not that Driftmoon would be THAT extreme but still...) because that's just how that world is and is really more of a criticism of that attitude than an endorsement and one clearly markets it to an adult audience, why not. But in this case... personally, I wouldn't want my children to be influenced by such a conservative world views. But to enlightened, adult RPG lovers, I would recommend it with a grain of salt.


Great Indie RPG

oddweed | Feb. 26, 2013 | See all oddweed's reviews »

I've already poured 10 hrs into this gem. The combat mechanism is too simplistic for my taste, but dialogues and settings are crafted very cleverly. Sometimes it warms your heart, sometimes it entertain you with strange humor. But at the same time, there are some dark parts in this lovely world. If you looking for some unique fantasy RPG, then buy this. You won't regret it.