Reviews for Strike Suit Zero Collector's Edition



ryanpaul | Aug. 26, 2013 | See all ryanpaul's reviews »

If you like dog fights in space and alike then this is your game! Best of all your ship can transform into a robot! Combat can sometimes be hard and save points are almost non existent. If you die in a mission then you have to start it again. Tutorials are detailed, controls are responsive, good graphics and it makes you feel that you really are at space.


Great Combat

DanielZo0 | June 11, 2013 | See all DanielZo0's reviews »

Space? Check. Giant ships? Check. Transforming death-spitting robots? Got that too. Chances are that if you enjoyed any of the Ace Combat series or had fun watching mecha anime, you'll lap this up. The first thing that will strike you is the graphics; for an indie offering they are excellent and really lend themselves to the game and it's mechanics. The gameplay is generally good although the difficulty curve will be very sharp for players not used to flight games, but after you clear that initial fence you'll be having a whale of a time blasting down those darn colonists. The story is the usual objective based bibble, "Save /destroy the X to defeat/save the Y", but you can forgive it as the game would suffer if it were dialogue heavy That said the game otherwise is an excellent indie offering that deserves your consideration for being fun, challenging and the only one of it's kind for long time. (*sigh* where did all the mechs go?)


Shooting in space

KellinCore | June 8, 2013 | See all KellinCore's reviews »

good ambience than great camera movements that great but very short history, and play it acceptable campaign is fun and fast


Combat heavy space shooter.

Bigshrimp | March 18, 2013 | See all Bigshrimp's reviews »

This game is very heavy in the combat sci-fi shooter action arena. You get lots of upgrades and they are pretty fun to use. The upgrade system works well with the way the game plays throughout. The graphics and audio are decent and the game can be difficult at times. Some missions are required to be played again to get certain upgrades, so it can get a little repetitive at times. Overall it is a fun action romp that has little bit of simulation mixed with stylized shooting. The story could have better though.


Space combat reborn!

Guardian412 | Jan. 27, 2013 | See all Guardian412's reviews »

Strike Suit Zero is one of the best space games I've played in years. Freelancer type controls; checked. Homeworld like music and story; checked. Freespace like tough and lengthy missions; checked. Battlestar Galactica like battles; checked. Robotech like mechship; checked. And regardless I don't really like mechs, the experimental mechship, Strike Suit One is definitely a fun ship to play with (However its not the only ship, but the only mech ship.)! But this is how an Indie Game should look like in 2013. And its much better than any of the recent mainstream stuff. SSZ is a difficult game and its one of the reasons why the mainstream console warrior reviewers hate this game and giving 40-60% because they can't complete the third mission, so as many of them admitted, while veteran gamers are giving 80-90% for this beauty and with a reason. This game is not for rookies who love to get hints and helps for every enemy, every corner, but it is for space veterans who love the challenge and brutal battles, even in dense flak fire. The game has about 13 missions, which sounds very few, but I can assure you that they're very-very long and some of them are really tough missions. As SSZ's motto says; space combat reborn! And it is so true. Strike Suit Zero is a beautiful, sometimes brutally difficult, but very atmospheric space game and it is highly recommended for those who love the challenge and loved Freelancer, Freespace, Homeworld, Battlestar Galactica and Robotech! I also highly-highly recommend to get the Collector's Edition for the beautiful and atmospheric soundtrack!