Reviews for Aliens: Colonial Marines - Season Pass


3 MP additions and 1 SP addition

bradysam | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all bradysam's reviews »

I was disappointed with the season pass for Colonial Marines. I enjoyed the base game very much, despite it's flaws and enjoyed playing through both the single player and the multiplayer parts of the game. The season pass didn't work for me though, there are 2 map packs included; the Reconnaissance Pack and the Movie Map pack for a total of 8 new MP maps, which are OK. A new multiplayer game model Bug Hunt, which is a basic Horde mode, which whilst fun should have been included with the base game I feel. As well as a new single player campaign; Stasis Interrupted. The new campaign feels even more like a by the numbers FPS, with very basic map design and a bad story, which doesn't really fit in to the Aliens universe. If you can get it for cheap then it's potentially worth it, at the very least for the Bug Hunt DLC, which is fun, especially with a few friends. But the new maps are average and the SP content is no where near as strong as the main campaign. Otherwise it's difficult to reccommend.


A mixed quality season pass for ACM

FreeMan85 | July 27, 2013 | See all FreeMan85's reviews »

The Season Pass offers you 4 DLC: 1 SP, 2 MP map packs and one new co-op/SP mode. It's much cheaper, if you buy the Season Pass, rather then picking up 1-2 DLCs you want. Especially, if you pick up at sales. The Season Pass contains: Bug Hunt: co-op survivor type of game mode with 3 new maps. You can play alone or up to 4 players to survive the waves of Aliens and WY PMCs. Earn credits by killing enemies and spend to weapons, equipment, turrets to survive the 30 waves of enemies. Can be played alone, offline too. Reconnaissance Pack: gives you 4 new MP maps, new Alien fatalities and skins. 3 maps can be played TDM or Extermination modes, the new maps are big and well designed. Off the Grid is the 1 new Survival map. Movie Map pack: gives you 4 brand new maps, 3 of them is them is from the classics movies! Form Alien we got 'Nostromo' a tight and well detailed and designed Survivor map. Can you find Kane? From Aliens we got 'Processor', dark and scary corridors, ready to explode core. Sadly it lacks of facehuggers or cocooned colonists. And From Alien 3 we got Fury 161, sets on the dark and humid tunnels of Furiana. Finally we got 'Exodus' escape mode which a redone map from the campaign, it's set on Sulaco. You must escape from the cryo chamber to the escape pods through the familiar corridors of the classic ship. Stasis Interrupted: this SP DLC is a prequel for ACM and tells the story of Hicks and what happened him and the Sulaco after Aliens. 4 chapter and 3 character to be play you can learn a few secret and get some answers. Micheal Biehn and Lance Henriksen is reprise their classic characters. The Season Pass contains 2 interesting and 2 less interesting DLC, most fans must be interested the Bug Hunt mode and the "long waited" campaign DLC, but with the Pass you can have all of the maps too. It's worth it, but wait for a sale. You get more content then you picking up 1-2 DLCs at a time.