Reviews for iBomber Attack


A good bit of fun for a couple of quid!

alphalegion | Jan. 31, 2013 | See all alphalegion's reviews »

Well, I recently bought this game, as it looked relatively interesting, and seemed to have some good gameplay mechanics, and for the price, I thought you couldn’t go wrong. And some extent, yes, I was correct. It certainly provides a good few hours’ worth of fun dungeon-crawler style gameplay, however you’re a tank. It’s a fairly simple concept, point and click to shoot, W A S and D keys to drive your little tank around, and simply proceed from objective to objective. It’s fairly repetitive at times, but remains to stay fun. By no means a bad game, but not exactly well polished either. - However, for the price, production cost and the fact it’s an indie game, I’d say it was fairly well pulled off. Great bit of fun for just a couple of quid, indie devs pull it off, once again.