Reviews for Dragon Age 2 (NA)


An epic if somewhat tedious adventure.

actionjohnson | Feb. 5, 2013 | See all actionjohnson's reviews »

Dragon Age 2 is a very fun action RPG. I say "action" because while the first Dragon Age was a more traditional dungeons and dragons style RPG, this game is much more fast paced and revolving around button mashing. That's not to say it can't be played more traditionally, it just holds more focus towards the fast paced play style. Luckily the combat is fun and engaging, and the game has a really simple quest structure which lets you constantly be going through missions without having to so much as enter your quest log. It does feel dumbed down for this reason at times, and I often forgot what I was doing or why, but it fit the game nicely. However, this does begin to become a grind after about 10 hours or so and the game is quite lengthy. But the story is interesting and so are the characters. It's fun, it just gets tiresome after a point.