Reviews for Kingdoms of Amalur - Reckoning (NA)


A great game but only if you don't play it for too long

MadDemon64 | Dec. 29, 2014 | See all MadDemon64's reviews »

Set in the fictional world of Amalur, Kingdoms of Amalur places you in the shoes of a man or woman who has been recently risen from the dead and is now the key to victory against an undying foe. A major recurring idea in the game is that everyone in it, both mortal and immortal, is bound by fate, except for you. Your character is the only one in the game with true free will, capable of changing the destinies of everyone around you. Sadly this idea does not translate into gameplay, as with the exception of having the choice to be whatever class, wear any armor or weapons, or murder and steal (or not), there are little to no choices that ever make you feel like you are in control of the fate of the world. However, what Kingdoms of Amalur lacks in story it makes up for in combat. With the ability to equip two weapons and various spells or abilities at a time, you can go about combat any way you choose, and depending on these choices, you can feel like a god among the countless enemies you mow down. Sadly, this is a problem itself: the game can get too easy, especially if you take the time to 100% different areas. Enemy difficulties are locked by area and there are no random encounters as there are in similar titles. If you 100% an area, you run the risk of having the game feel like it isn’t doing anything to engage you. This is especially true once you realize that the quests are pretty much the standard fare of an MMORPG quest; you either go and kill x enemies, fetch a particular item, or escort an NPC. Add to that the fact that the game has literally hundreds of hours of content, and you will start questioning whether or not you should 100% the game. Kingdoms of Amalur is a decent title. It is not the worst out there, but not the best either. It tries too hard to be something that other titles have done better, and it’s length, one of features touted by its developers, ends up in becoming a detriment. However, if you do not mind the length or samey feel from quests, you should enjoy this title.


So Good

Kveni | Nov. 11, 2014 | See all Kveni's reviews »

This isn't your super open world RPG game, but it's very close. I've put LOTS of time into this game, especially when it was first released, and to this day I'm still playing it. It feels a LOT like Fable or a Third person view in Skyrim, but it's graphics and gameplay are totally unique. The combat system in this game is honestly, incredible, one of the best combat systems that I've ever used in a game. The graphics are very special and unique to this game, because although it looks rather colorful and pretty, it honestly is a pretty dark game in some areas. The leveling up system is awesome, the weapons and areas to go to are amazing, and altogether, this is a very great game.


Wanted to Love It.

tedesco75 | Sept. 15, 2014 | See all tedesco75's reviews »

This is one of those games that I wanted to love but couldn't. The graphics, gameplay and setting are really well done. The voice acting is acceptable and the combat is really fun. So you ask, why the low score? The main problem is the story is really lacking any wow factor that makes me care and so I never really could. It ends up being a boring mmo slog which is fine for some people but I really need a reason to be hacking up the world and this games reasons were not compelling enough. I do not recommend this game.


So far not impressed

Kalmado07 | June 29, 2014 | See all Kalmado07's reviews »

The first thirty minutes have been pretty forgettable and with how vast our pc game libraries grow thanks to GMG and other sites I could easily uninstall this and not think twice. At the advice of friends, they say push on as this is a truly great game. First impression is a very cartooney hack and slash with awkward player movement and painful voice acting. I hope my friends are right and this is a diamond because right now it's more like a lump of coal.


Great RPG

xanthophylle | Feb. 17, 2014 | See all xanthophylle's reviews »

This is probably not the best game ever, but it definitely deserves a try. The universe is rich and diversified, there are a lot of quests to do so you are never bored. The developers wanted to make a MMO called Project Copernicus, but changed their plan to create a singleplayer game in the same universe. Some aspects of a MMO are still in the game (like coloured name for rare object, random loots,etc.), which is great for people who prefers the MMORPG to the singleplayer RPG like Kingdom of Amalur. You can decide the way you play and can mix combat style easily. The only thing I don't really like is the time the mobs take to spawn. You need to wait a long time to see enemies if you cleared a zone, which is not really fun when you need to kill some mobs for a quest. Except this annoying point, the game is absolutely great!


Great Battle System, Backdrop, and Story, but Forgettable Quests

SonoDaten | Jan. 7, 2014 | See all SonoDaten's reviews »

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is a good game for players who enjoy RPGs. The graphics are aesthetically pleasing and the art style is a very refreshing step away from realism. The battling mechanics are without a doubt one of the best features of the game, and it is actually rewarding to think out combos while fighting. The Destiny System also deserves to be mentioned here. It's a phenomenally revolutionary take on the classic "class and specialization" portion of creating a character. Your character's class is defined as a single card selected from a group of cards, and more cards become available depending on where you allocate your ability points. These cards offer perks and new abilities (for certain builds) that are tailored to that play style. There are even cards for hybrid classes! The best part? You can switch which card you have designated at any time. No waiting for a level up or paying in-game currency to have some wizard change it for you--you can change which Destiny you want whenever and wherever. The story itself is rather engaging--as the protagonist is a person without a fate in a realm where the future is a defined path for each being. And if you don't like main quests, there are plenty of side quests for you to do. Like, seriously. Side quests for days. I'm not kidding. These side quests suffer from the idea of "quantity > quality," I'm afraid. The quests are often boring and fall flat when compared to the larger side quests, rendering the quests themselves and all involved largely forgettable. There are also guild quests for those who are interested in that sort of thing. All in all, Kingdoms of Amalur is a solid game and an enjoyable RPG experience.


Out of my Kingdom

CoillyZ | Oct. 3, 2013 | See all CoillyZ's reviews »

This is a good game. I had fun, but I felt like it wasn't the best RPG out there. It made me think of a single-player version of TERA mixed with Diablo. That's not a bad thing, but I expected it to be better. It's still a good game, though. Buy it on sale.


Hack and Slash Mixed With Elder Scrolls

thegaminglyfe | June 21, 2013 | See all thegaminglyfe's reviews »

Kingdoms of Amalur - Reckoning feels like a hack and slash game during the intense combat and like Elder Scrolls during the rest of the game. The combat is amazing and requires skill instead of just remembering combos. The RPG elements have lots of depth and is very rewarding. The balance between the two is perfect. The world around you is very rich and you can really start to see how much detail they put into the game! The graphics are very nice with a great art style. The games soundtrack is perfect for the kind of world that you feel you're in. If you like hack and slash games or RPG's, this is the game for you. If you like both types of games, this is the perfect game for you!


Good first effort

mostnatebe66 | May 28, 2013 | See all mostnatebe66's reviews »

I purchased this game on a whim and had real trouble putting it down. The graphics aren't anything spectacular, the story is basically pointless, and the side-quests are basically the same thing over and over again. Yet this game had me mesmerized for the few weeks I played it. The game feels more like an MMO than a traditional RPG and the skinner box of MMO's is what kept me going. I found myself clicking through the dialogue wheels as quickly as I good so I could find more loot to upgrade. The upgrade system is definitely broken as I was doing otherworldly damage by the end of the game. The combat system is also what kept me interested. I played as an assassin character and loved sneaking up behind enemies and zooming around the map with my various powers. It's a shame that this game will never have a chance to work out the kinks in a sequel, nevertheless it is a fun game.


Enjoyed Greatly

mitchear | May 18, 2013 | See all mitchear's reviews »

I really liked this game. I am hopeful that someone out there will continue with the series. The graphics are really rich and colourful, and when you first begin exploring, you realize that the map is huge. Now I haven't played Skyrim, so I can't compare it to that, but the game is immense. Already I have put in 77 hours of game-play and I haven't even seen most of the world yet. I am a bit of a side quest fanatic, so I try to grab and complete every quest I come upon, so perhaps you can finish it a lot sooner if you skip some of the unnecessary ones. The story is also well crafted and I am looking forward to finding out how my role in the grand scheme of things will affect the outcome. I did find the combat a bit unbalanced at times. Some places I tore through new enemies like butter and other times I felt woefully underpowered. Overall though I give this game huge props. I really hope it gets a second coming.



darksiders666 | April 3, 2013 | See all darksiders666's reviews »

I have been quite skeptical about buying online RPG games. I loved the Elder Scrolls series so my expectations were very high. I recently played Witcher 1 which I liked a lot, but Witcher 2 won't run without being so slow and such mouse sensitivity that I can't stand playing it. I liked Risen, but also found it lagged. This game however, has been AWESOME! It is huge like Skyrim and with lots of things to explore. The game offers many many choices that affect the game in various ways. I suspect it can be played repeatedly in different ways. It plays well on my computer and I haven't had any trouble with lag. The scenery is beautiful and creative. The quests are fun. Downside...lots of loot, not so much carrying room. However fast travel is an option and eventually you get to store some of your loot. I have been playing this game for 110 hours so far and am nowhere close to finished. I love that you can download 2 add ons that seem to be quite big also. Even some of the baddies are cute and part of you really hates to dismember them. Good mix of magic, alchemy and fighting. Tons of options. You aren't stuck reading and reading when you talk to people, just hit skip. It saves often so when you get killed by the big boss monsters you don't have to back track very far. Similar game interface as most RPG games, mix of mouse and keyboard, but easy to figure out. Not super gory which I appreciate. Also good clues about what to do next. It frustrates me to no end being in the middle of quest and having no idea what to do next after trying several options. I really really enjoy this game and recommend it for anyone who appreciates RPG games


Underrated RPG

lok0812 | March 15, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

Open world RPG that emphasize more on actions rather than just button clicking like the Elder Scrolls series. Gameplay is similar to other types of RPG with side quests, mini dungeons, and so on. Combat requires player to chain up combo by timing or holding buttons. Story wise is very enjoyable almost similar to Elder Scrolls that you are given a new life. One aspect that is bad is the camera angle, mobs that are outside the camera can easily ruin your combo. If you are a big jumper in RPG games you will be disappointed to find out there is no jumping in the game. All in all, it might not be as huge as the Elder Scrolls series but it is still definitely worth a try.


Great RPG with very polished combat

Coolicy | Feb. 4, 2013 | See all Coolicy's reviews »

Many RPGs excel in story telling and customization, and this one is no different. What this does differently from other RPGs is how fluid and polished the combat is designed. The animations are top-notch, and the mechanics are innovative. Fighting is exciting and gets even more rewarding as more skills are unlocked. I don't think I've ever seen combat in an RPG so polished and rewarding. IMO it drew the perfect blend between traditional RPG and a hack-and-slash game. The pacing of the game is perfect, even the stealth sections are surprisingly well done. It's not an open world RPG though, and is structured more similar to MMOs with different zones... which can annoying when you have to backtrack for quests. The world and its culture is very rich and detailed, although it can get confusing sometimes as so much information is poured at once. The story is solid, but I don't really feel my decisions having a meaningful impact on the world. Overall, the game was very well designed. I have no idea why 38 studios and Big Huge Games had to close down. There may be other factors affecting that outcome, but it's definitely not because the game - because it rocks!