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Harder but better than the original game

britishlad | June 12, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

To make this brief if you enjoyed the original you will likeluy enjoy this expansion pack but be warned it's even harder than the original game. It surprised me with enemies that I cannot challenge at all which made me I run away to fight another day. I loved how they are trying to mimic Dark Souls in many ways which you'll see for yourself if you play the game. The creativity in hiding secrets in this game is astonishing. At one point I had to cling to a succubus in order to reach a high area which was unexpectedly hidden and can not be reached other ways. I can summarize the game into the following points: - finding secrets are so much fun and rewarding. - unique combat system. - challenging enemies. - Alchemy and crafting is so much fun. - Continuously changing party members never gets old. - One of the best character creation I've ever seen. Excellent expansion and well worth the cheap price