Reviews for The Sims 3 Plus Pets (EU)


Great way to get into sims 3

CraftedByHand | Aug. 3, 2013 | See all CraftedByHand's reviews »

The sims has been a long loved series of mine but i held back on sims 3 till a good expansion came out. I then left it longer and longer until this went on sale and dove in. Having pets right from the start i feel really changes how you develop families in your neighbourhood and you always have the extra goals in your head and more items to save up for. The sims 3 itself is a great game and the pets expansion is well worth it just for the different options of animal companions.


Great game and add-on

arolahorn | June 4, 2013 | See all arolahorn's reviews »

I really enjoy playing the sims 3, therefore I can only recommend getting it and trying it. It is a fun life simulation game, that lets you muck about a lot. The characters that you create can be varried with different skills, likes, dislikes and dreams. Soem combinations result in great gameplay! Other than that it offers many choices of what you can and want to do. Sims 3 might not be a huge jump from Sims 2, yet it palys well and looks great. Onto the add-on: If I had to choose on add-on to go with the Sims 3, I would choose pets. Anyone who enjoys pets and animals in general should get this add-on. It is probably the add-on I use the most when playing Sims 3. Overall I think instead of getting the normal Sims 3, you should add pets to it immediately, trust me it will be worth it. For all the people who already have Sims 3, this add-on is really great, I recommend getting it.