Reviews for Dead Space 3 (EU)


A well done Dead Space game

gforcesa | Dec. 28, 2013 | See all gforcesa's reviews »

I love all the Dead Space games but this one is one of my favorites.It has co-op, which means you can play with a friend and get scared while doing so.The horror is still there but, not as much as the first one.The main character is again Isaac Clarke and if you play co-op the other person will play as John Carver.Visceral Games have told a good story with this game.The game's story is ok as well as the previous ones.The gameplay mechanics are about the same as the other games but in this one there is a workbench in which you can assemble your own weapon, of course you have to find those parts through out the game.The other thing is that there are side quests that you could do and earn some money or get a new part for a weapon.The story has some awesome twists that are well done.I would recommend to pick up the game considering it's price at the moment.



runnerx | Dec. 21, 2013 | See all runnerx's reviews »

I've been waiting for it for a good while. After finishing all the story and most side quests i got to say that it felt different then the previous games. It was still horror style that never went away but it focused more on action against human npcs as well something that was not in the first game and rare in the second. Also i don't recommend playing the game first on co op because it sure does ruin the horror aspect of the game. The crafting system was a great idea but the universal ammo was disappointing. Part of the fun from the previous games was to run out of ammo for your favorite gun only to be forced to use something you were not that comfortable with adding to the tension. Overall it's a good game but not as stellar as the previous ones.


The terror is still out there

cuneytarkin | Oct. 31, 2013 | See all cuneytarkin's reviews »

Compared to the first game, Dead Space 3 is a more fast-paced and crazy-packed kind of horror experience. You move in open environments, although you are still being attacked by beings worse than anything you can imagine. I really appreciate the whole weapon upgrade system in here, when you finally get some idea as to how it works.


The space horror just get colder

FreeMan85 | Oct. 20, 2013 | See all FreeMan85's reviews »

The third chapter of the epic sci-fi horror is here, this time is set on an icy planet Tau Volantis and for the first time you can play with your friends against the Necromorph and Unitology nightmare! Many people says they killed the core of Dead Space, I think Visceral just changed a few things. Some get better, some weird. The game feels bigger and more epic, the main campaign much longer and we got optional missions. Which can be done or not, it doesn't effect the main line, but gives a few fragment to the big picture. Plus you can stash new pieces for your arsenal. The new bench function is a real asset to the game. You can build various type of weapons or simply mod the existing ones. Fire, electricity, acid, blades, saw blade, you name it. And you need it, because these Necros a bit tougher, faster and more dangerous then ever. You can search for loots, use the small bot to collect resources. Just to be straight about the DLC thing: you don't need to buy ANY DLC, if you don't want. You can buy resource pack with in-game credits called ration seals. That "credit" collected by your bot and you can buy multiple packs for free in a single playthrough. The other DLCs are bot upgrades or personality pack or new weapons-armors. The gameplay is changed a bit too, Isaac and Carver now can do barrel roll and climb up and down in ladder - like in Mass Effect 3. You can't earn or find credits, only resource and you can make or upgrade weapons via parts or blueprint. It's much more complex now, just like the mini-games and puzzles in-game. And here you will feel this game is setup to co-op, however you can still manage to finish it alone, just it's more challenging. Playing with another player it's much more fun. Plus it also gives new cut-scenes and lines. Feels different when you play alone, you play co-op as Isaac, you play co-op as Carver. There's 3 special mission which only be can done co-op! That missions only reveals Carver pasts and character, you miss nothing, if you play alone. The graphics looks stunning, even if it's run the same PC config as the first game back in 2008. Not use DirectX 11 or PhysX, but still looks great. The facial expression and cut-scenes are top notch again, just like the voice-acting. The sounds and music are masterpiece. Strong, loud and scary. Gives a bit older feeling then previous games, since the space stations and technology are older this time. And the game has 4 game modes. You can play the normal game mode co-op or alone and changing 4 difficulty from Easy to Impossible. There's a NewGame+ for it. There's Classic Mode which can only played alone and no fancy weapon upgrades, it's similar to previous Dead Space gameplay. We got a Pure Survival mode, where you will not find any medkit or ammo, just resource! And finally the Harcore mode, where you can do anything, save, find medkit and ammo, but if you die game over, you must start the game from the beginning, What's the problem with Dead Space 3? Well, it's different not that scary, you can play with your friend and the weapons use the same ammo. But the game much longer then previous ones, has a great weapon benching feature and the various game modes gives a great replayability. If you own the previous games or like sci-fi games you can't miss Dead Space 3.


Dead space 3 is great

rjb789 | Sept. 24, 2013 | See all rjb789's reviews »

This game is brilliant. The atmosphere continues to to steal the show as the icy planet provides a perfect backdrop for the story to unfold. The graphics are gorgeous and really makes the game shine. The combat is also punchy and responsive. My only problem is the absence of scares, the games just didnt make me jump like the first two did. In short, if you are after a less horror based game get this one out of the dead space series.


Dead Space 3 - review

balbo79 | Sept. 20, 2013 | See all balbo79's reviews »

Although at first this game can seem like a classic third-person shooter, soon proves to be a survival horror to which we were accustomed. This time will also change the setting, in fact we will fight no more about spaceships, but rather 'on a real planet full of Necromorphs. Were added very interesting news: complete customization of many weapons, and finding the right components can even be created. The ammunition, this time will be of a single type, compatible with every weapon at our disposal. In addition to customizing and creating weapons, you can change and enhance our suit. On the downside, there is the poor enemy AI and the "transactions" (possibility to buy upgrades with real money, weapons and new suits) totally insignificant. Dead space 3 is certainly an excellent title, which does not break completely from the genus to which we had become accustomed. A game not to pass absolutely, both fans of the series, both those who want to feel strong emotions.


Worth it. Just because of weapon making system!

InBu | Aug. 24, 2013 | See all InBu's reviews »

This game is actually playable only in coop i never played singleplayer because my friend told me that this game is dissapointing for Dead Space veterans, but i enjoyed playing it in coop. You actually play the same singleplayer story with couple of side missions. This game was awsome in one specific parameter - weapon making, it's aweome in game and you will enjoy making new weapons.Overall this game has nice graphics and physics. If you buy this game make sure you have friend to play it with or atleast find someone online. I reccomend playing it with firends because you will get best expierince in this way. It's dissapointing that this game is not on steam, but atleast it's not expensive.


Worth Checking Out!

Plasros | June 18, 2013 | See all Plasros's reviews »

My issues with this game are small but not irrelevant. The game makes everything a slug fest and lots of bullet sponges in the game. The crafting system is decent but much of the game play is dumbed down compared to its predecessors. That said the game is still Dead Space and makes a logical conclusion. The game is much more action oriented but that is not a bad thing. Playing this series back to back reveals a deep story that is well told. While I found 3 to be fun its not a total cake walk. The biggest issue for me is the lack of strategy, especially in the later parts of the game. While it is a fitting conclusion to the trilogy, one is left with the hope that Dead Space 4 will be more survival and horror and less survival. All in all I would say that if you can accept the the story will progress logically with the desperation disappearing a little in each game it will make the story more understandable. To not follow the progression of the story will lead to disappointment. Personally I really liked the game but the game play itself was altered in a way that was not as much fun as the predecessors but was still fun. Also the DLC, while short, is the real ending that should have been in this game. While there is a feeling of conclusion you have to wait until the 20 some minutes of credits roll to know that the ending is not the ending and leads to the Awakened DLC. The Awakened DLC should have been the ending in the game, not what was in the base game. In many ways the DLC redeems the game and sets, in a significant way, the setting for Dead Space 4.


Dead Space 3: Coop-tastic

GarryJones | May 28, 2013 | See all GarryJones's reviews »

Pros: 1: Co-op! Co-op and more Co-op! For the first time ever play with a friend as great evil permeates the wreckage around you. The mechanics for "drop-in, drop-out" is flawless. After playing co-op for 6 hours in a single session, we had no issues with connectivity or drop-outs. 2: Bespoke Weapons! - Many games give you a choice of 10 guns and say "Choose one!". Dead Space offers immense customisation allowing you to create your own gun to the exact detail you desire. Want a shotgun mounted shotgun? No problem! 3:Non-linear enemies. Each foe you encounter has a unique attribute to them. Some shoot acid, some whack you in the face and some shoot projectile missiles! 4: Graphics: The game looks like a 2013 release with high fidelity graphics which help to expose ever increment of detail on the Necromorphs' body. Cons: Perhaps less scary?: The game certainly isn't as scary as the previous Dead Space titles, however I feel this isn't the game but the co-op mechanics. Playing with a friend eliminates the fear however not the "jump-horror" of sudden enemies. I feel this however diversify's the product from a niche market to a more mass market which will improve sales? (If you want more scare, play in single player) Turn the difficulty up: Throughout the game I have encountered an over generous amount of ammo and med-kits on the "Hard Difficulty". Furthermore, by crafting your own guns you can simply create a OP weapon which eliminates any foe. This leaves me feeling like "should I make my weapon less powerful for a greater challenge?" More of the same: There's little deviation from the little previous Dead Space games and if you found the predecessors repetitive then there will be no change here. The game is as linear as before with few new aspects to the game. In conclusion, the game is very similar to Dead Space 1 & 2 with a lot of small improvements. The crafting system and co-op help improve my personal experience with the game and the "optional side missions" is certainly the icing on the cake. Overall I would say this is the best Dead Space game yet and would recommend this game if this is your kind of genre.


An ok game mostly for fans

CamandoSpawn | April 28, 2013 | See all CamandoSpawn's reviews »

I would only recommend this game if you have played the first two and want to follow the story through to the end. If you're new the series then dead space 1 and 2 are much better. 2 is my favorite but its a good idea to play dead space 1 as well. The co op in this game adds nothing I learned nothing new about carver and the game became extremely easy.


Dead Space as Always

youknowwho77 | Feb. 25, 2013 | See all youknowwho77's reviews »

Some people may think that the developers made the game more action typed than survival horror. Well they are wrong. The game has the same survival horror athmosphere like in the previous games. The bosses are still there, the necromorphs are back. Isaac is still the same one that we knew. The only different thing is, that he looks more bad-ass this time. The gameplay is the same. They only added crouching and rolling. This time the store and the ingame currency are replaced with an enhanced bench, where you can craft and combine your very own weapons from scratch, the only thing you'll need are resources which you can find throughout your journey. The story is so compelling and breathtaking as always, that you will enjoy playing the game. I definitely recommend it to someone who likes horror, action, and being a badass.


Big disappointment

ObiBenBinomi | Feb. 10, 2013 | See all ObiBenBinomi's reviews »

I loved the first two Dead Space games. They had some nice horror and more than just once I thought "What the hell???". The story was nice, the visions were creepy. Yes, DS2 fell a little shorter on that compared to DS1, but it was still very well made. To promote Dead Space 3, EA released a video called "A journey through terror - Part 1", where they showed some of the most intense scenes of 1 and 2. If you saw this video: This is exactly what you WILL NOT (!) GET in Dead Space 3. Yes, technically speaking it is a very well made and good looking game. But is it still creepy? HELL NO!!! The sound is very well made from time to time, which builds some tension. But then again, enemies jump out right in front of you. You simply walk through the game and shoot everything that tries to kill you... which is essentially... everything. I do understand that companies want to get new audiences to play their games, so I wasn't disappointed with Dead Space 2 at all, like some others were. But this time I felt like I wasn't even willing to finish the game. I did because I paid for it, but then again... fans of the franchise don't miss anything special. If you're looking for a straight shooter with a very good weapon crafting system, you'll probably have quite some fun with Dead Space 3. But if you're a Dead Space fan because you liked the mood, the story and the shocking events, this one will put you to sleep in no time. Already one of the biggest disappointments in 2013. (If you ask yourself why I give a 70 then: Because technically and from an action oriented point of view, this game does a lot of things right. It's just no Dead Space anymore.)


A good game

Cavalieroscuro | Feb. 8, 2013 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

Dead Space 3, I say this now, is still a good game. Yes, they insert a cooperative mode (where the second player takes control of Carver), but the single player experience is near to a survival game, like Dead Space 1. If you play the campaign with a friend, the difficulty of the game will be hard, there will be more enemies, they will be strongest etc, and play the game with other people (thanks to the drop in-drop out system) is very funny. But the game has several problems too: it doesn't support 1080 resolution, loadings are too long, the plot is nothing special and, sadly, there are some boring parts. Visceral putted in a Hardcore mode, that is pretty interesting: one life, and you must restart the game from beginning if you die (you can use save point, by the way). So, finally, this Dead Space 3 is not a ugly game, but a good one with some trouble you can live on. If you loved other DS games, you will love this one too.