Reviews for Magicka


Unique game genre

StormSonic | Dec. 14, 2015 | See all StormSonic's reviews »

Magicka is an RPG with unique game mechanics and unlike other RPG's magicka got its own way of play so that you wont have to gain exp to level up or collect items that only boost your stats, The items you collect change many things from attack animations to abilities to certain ability powers, Combine spells to create unique powers that blast enemies or even heal you, Collect magicka to unleash devastating spells that can even revive you and your team mates, The world of magcika is full of secrets be sure to keep your mind open while playing, Magicka is best played with a friend so grab someone to play with in order to enjoy it to the fullest.


Lot of references

howard195 | Sept. 29, 2015 | See all howard195's reviews »

I really liked the constant references to other games, movies, books, intellectual properties, etc. This game lets you create almost any kind of spell. There are many different effects you can get from your spell. The tricky part was memorizing them and typing them out in the middle of a engagement. Once I found a powerful spell like the thunderbolt, I used it against most enemies. However, that same spell would not work indoors, forcing me to think creatively. The environment plays a big part in your spells, as to increasing its power or turning it back on you. There are lots of secrets to find and achievements to earn. A very good game that doesn't feel like a waste of time.


Friendly fire has never been this fun

XCOMman | Sept. 4, 2015 | See all XCOMman's reviews »

A fun game to play by yourself, owing to its magic system and humorous setting, and an even better game to play with your friends. In this magic based game you combine raw components to create, without any restriction of mana or similar. It presents the best experience of being a wizard, taming the raw forces of nature, instead of just using preselected skills. The game does offer some special spells, which might require finding a spell book first to learn the correct combination of elements and are activated by a different key, but it really shines in its creation of spells at will. See that goblin with the bombs? Why not hit it with fire? Oh, it's too far away for a fire spray. Add arcana and now you have a fire ray! Fun assured! (Incorrect use of fire ray might cause accidents. Do not use on bombs inside their radius of explosion.) Spells can be launched directly to the target, in the general area around the wizard, or charged into the weapon. And it's always fun to hit your friends "accidentally". "Wow! Did you see my fireball? I got all of them" "Yes, I was there too" "Oh, sorry (I'm not), I didn't see you (I did). I'll cast ressuction ASAP." The game does have some bugs and might be too punishing sometimes, but is a whole load of fun.


Very creative and smooth gameplay

Sceyef | July 23, 2015 | See all Sceyef's reviews »

Combine elements of your choice to form spells. The great thing about this game is that not only is there a huge variety; there are barely any "useless abilities" that you will never use. All spells have a place, and they aren't only used for one specific puzzle like in some games... but that doesn't mean you can use them interchangeably, because you will not succeed in this game. The graphics style is alright, but I love the characters you play as - fully robed faceless wizards with comical and lovable animations.


Pretty fun even alone

Murderbot735 | July 15, 2015 | See all Murderbot735's reviews »

I didn't have a friend to play it with, but it was fun alone too. Combining magic and using it is really enjoyable. The level design is good with some secrets, and the story is pretty funny. The game isn't that well optimized though - considering that it doesn't look too good - and may not work on your computer if it sucks. I would really recommend getting it on a sale.


Best played with a Controller

Castro0001 | June 10, 2015 | See all Castro0001's reviews »

Magicka it's a solid fun adventure and action game with tons of spell combinations, very fun humour with lots of pop culture references. The keyboard and mouse aren't very fluid to play. It's recommended the use of a controller to fully appreciate it. There a lot of expansions, but the vanilla game sustains it pretty good.


Incoming Co-op fun

gamma_rad | June 10, 2015 | See all gamma_rad's reviews »

Magicka is an amazing game. between its funny whacky plot, entertaining gameplay mechanics, and the sheer fun of being a wizard obliterating the enemy this is a solid game. However, what turns it from a merely solid game to an amazingly fun one is the Co-op. Mixing spells with a friend to create bigger stronger spells it so satisfying. Crossing streams never was this satisfying.


Good game, though hard to play

Witchcraft6 | June 9, 2015 | See all Witchcraft6's reviews »

Wow. This game blew my hair back with it's style, humor and game-play, though sadly I had a heck of a time getting used to the controls and spell-casting in general. Having said that, I totally acknowledge that the larger portion of that previous gripe comes down to the individual player: me. Overall, the game has a good art style that's consistent throughout. The humor is very Monty Python-esque with a bit of a Gilbert/Schafer/Grossman spin thrown in... Or in other words, it's quite funny and witty! The plot isn't anything too new, though it's everything that gets the player from the first proverbial page to the last that makes the story fun and entertaining. Loads of DLC content will no doubt keep this game fresh for anyone who's just picking it up. The multiplayer is fun but also wildly frustrating, as the spellcasting aspect of this game brings a whole new level of intensity to the phrase "friendly fire". You have to go into multiplayer being total aware and prepared for how frustrating it can be, else you will lose all friends you play this with. Now, my complaint... Again, I can hear all ye complainers and finger-pointers already, I admit that this game and I are just not a good match. I found the point-and-click movement/aiming controls tied with the keyboard entry spells very cumbersome, and remembering spells on the fly was a challenge I was willing to recondition my neurons for. If you like games which involve a lot of pattern-based controls and/or game play, you will likely do fine with this. Overall, the game has a lot of potential to be a very fun play for many people. It's production value is outstanding. Ultimately, the game and I didn't get along due to the control scheme and I not finding equal ground to meet on, though I will say I don't regret spending a few dollars to find that out.


Unbeatable Local Co-op

Soapmac72 | June 8, 2015 | See all Soapmac72's reviews »

With local co-op now becoming a thing of the past, Magicka sets the bar. With a absolutely staggering amount of combat possibilities, and the fact that most of said possibilities can damage your teammates just as easily as they can your enemy, it is an absolute riot to play with friends on the same couch. The campaign clocks in at 13 levels, with a solid amount of replayability offered by the survival and versus modes. My biggest complaint is that the player with the keyboard has a massive advantage over the players with controllers, but that can be mitigated with practice.


There can be only one

Obsessor | May 27, 2015 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

Magicka bought me with its unique spellcasting. Story is ok, nothing much, but! The way it is presented, as a comedy, with characters speaking a mixture of Swedish and English. With some gibberish. And Vlad who is NOT a vampire. There are also many references to popculture, for example my review title? For those who don't know - it's from Highlander. In Magicka you can meet Conner MacLeod, decapitate him, and get his sword. Oh, and Magicka is probably experienced best in coop. Haven't played it with anyone, even though I own the game for almost 2 years now.


Bring a friend!

Hawknight | May 27, 2015 | See all Hawknight's reviews »

While the game can be fairly entertaining on it's own, the hilarity really shines when you bring a friend along. Whether accidentally crossing spell streams, or just straight up obliterating each other with lightning, the fun never ends. The magic system can be a bit to get used to, and some of the spells are rather complex, but it can be picked up pretty quickly.


Fun, but awkward

sycomantis1991 | May 18, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

This is a really fun game, especially with friends. It's a more light-hearted Diablo-style game. Very creative characters and enemies, a great magic system, and a bunch of awesome DLC that goes on sale rather often. The think keeping it from greatness are the awkward controls. You get used enough to it for it to not be a hindrance, but it never feels overly smooth and I hope the sequel fixes this. If it's a more refined version ofthe first game plus more fluid controls, then I'll consider it the classic that many already see it as.


Magic and stuff

Zozolis | May 15, 2015 | See all Zozolis's reviews »

Magicka – an Action RPG game. You are a sorcerer who is traveling through 13 levels of the game. Of course you use magic to clear the levels from hoards of enemies. Magic variety is huge. The game even has spell combination features so you can create even more spell combos of your liking. You aren’t limited to the use of spells, you can use .other weapons too. All level can be played co-op with up to 4 players. The game is a lot of fun, has decent graphics and is even humorous some times (The machine gun) even though it is a bit buggy.



KingTed | May 15, 2015 | See all KingTed's reviews »

Magicka is an Action RPG full of fun and humor. You play as a sorcerer travelling through each of the 13 levels. There are tons of enemies to kill and the tool of the trade are very fun to use. For as a sorcerer you have the ability to use a large variety of spells. You can use each spell or combine them for different effects. Most of the fun comes from the search of powerful combination. And that system is very clever. But if you don’t like magic you can still use weapons... Even a machine gun! (Full of humor, I said!) The game looks decent and you can even play it in multiplayer. But watch out! There is friendly fire!



KingTed | May 14, 2015 | See all KingTed's reviews »

Magicka is a 13 levels adventure we play a sorcerer who is fighting goblins and other fantasy monsters. The game is filled with humor and the spell system is very clever (You can combine spells for devastating results). And you're not fond of magic there are still a lot of weapons to use. The game looks as good as any game of the genre. Finally, there is a lot of in the coop mode.


Have fun!

eekar1 | Jan. 7, 2015 | See all eekar1's reviews »

The game is incredibly fun and sometimes funny. everything is well made and the battle-system is great, It's just like a hack and slash with elements combination to do magic. The graphics are well for this type of game and playing with friends are just awesome. You can spend a lot of time playing this. You will have fun, will see that it's worth buying! I really recommend for everyone. Buy it!


Fun Magical Game

emptyhaven | Dec. 17, 2014 | See all emptyhaven's reviews »

It's pretty fun to play this alone, but also more fun with others. What I like most about this game is that there's tons of DLC for it that just make it an even more awesome experience. The game already has some pretty good content, but the sheer amount of extra content for this game makes it quite durable and allows it to survive the test of time. I particularly liked the Gamer DLC set. A lot of good references there.


Buggy as hell, but a blast as well

OPGrizzly | Nov. 22, 2014 | See all OPGrizzly's reviews »

If you've got friends with whom you can play this game, then buy it. It's almost as simple as that... ok not quite. The thing is that while Magicka is a great game in concept, the execution (particularly on the technical side of things) is shaky at best. The combat system is clever and dynamic. The humor is witty at times and simply worth a small chuckle at others. The multiplayer experience is perhaps best described as an accidental fratricide simulator. Magicka provides a great time with friends, sure to be filled with raucous laughter... and sometimes tears when the technical bugs come to bite.


Fun multiplayer game

patacon | Oct. 29, 2014 | See all patacon's reviews »

I am the type of person who hates this kind of game but this, I love to play co-op is a very good game, it does not compare to the free to play magicka wizard wars, this simply is another game, the story is very good and very well set, a game with a simply perfect gameplay, and though it sounds complicated, you end up learning the spells, you learn some who were taught and others discovered while playing. It's a great game, my score is 8/10 just for my taste but if you like this kind of game, please buy it.


An original adventure that will never get old

LastNutria | Oct. 9, 2014 | See all LastNutria's reviews »

I know you have played a lot of RPG, but, have you played a RPG where you can make your own spells? if you like the idea, then you need to get Magicka. Magicka is an adventure with a lot of humor, action and friendly fire, you dont need to create your own character, you just need to choose your robe and play creating spells with elements like fire, earth, water... etc. Magicka is a game for everyone, for those who like action, they can buuuuuurn goblins or just throw some heavy stones to the big ogres For those who like science and psychs, they can wet the enemy and then they can just throw some thunders or can create steam, ice and a lot of more things... But dont worry, if you dont like to make spells, you can just go with your sword, axe or even your M60 machine gun and kick some asses But, what about coop? of course this game has coop, you will have more fun killing your friends than killing the enemy (i know it sounds weird but what the hell) By the way, i think this game will never get old, it have everything you are looking for, bosses, challenges, achievements, action, weapons, spells, even humor and easter eggs!!! So, if you call yourself a PC gamer, you need to play Magicka!


Perfect to play online

SeuEdu | Sept. 23, 2014 | See all SeuEdu's reviews »

Good to spend time playing with the guys, besides being very entertaining I once had this game on my steam, but I lost count after I spent Two years without a computer, now I'm already with new computer, I will buy it again more money is missing here TT was one of my favorites to pass the time. Sorry for my english, I'm not American, I live in Brazil then gives a discount for me right ^^. Other than that the game is simply sensational


Magicka Flitters

yngdr | Sept. 9, 2014 | See all yngdr's reviews »

A co-op game, playable solo. Magicka has decent graphics and great spell visuals, with gnome sounding spell-casters. The fight mechanics are clearly created for online co-op play as enemies are stronger and merciless in there attempts to kill you. Fun is had nevertheless. Grab it on sale, but watch out for tons of dlc.


Fun times

Fourclops | Aug. 31, 2014 | See all Fourclops's reviews »

The game is a fun adventure game with tons of jokes, great animation, nice gameplay and a lot of interesting content. Throwing you right away in a tutorial dungeon, it actually lets you have fun instead of nagging you about it. It also has the option for co-op, which makes it a lot better than you'd expect.


Fun magic.

Furrek | July 31, 2014 | See all Furrek's reviews »

With few elements you can create many interesting spells - like lasers, or some fire spells to burn up your enemies (and friends). Why friends? For fun. Even if it's a game mostly for cooperation, you can still fight with eachother and check out who is a better wizard. What's a really shame in this game, are DLCs. There are some that contain a few new and interesting levels, but some of them are just useless stuff. Well, you still can enjoy this game by yourself, or with friends, without buying any of DLCs. I think Magicka is worth buying, but if you like to have "complete" games - then you might want to rethink idea of buying this game - with the price of getting full set of DLCs you can get something more interesting.


War between wizards

hateah | July 26, 2014 | See all hateah's reviews »

That's one of the best MOBA's on steam. The multiplayer has one of the best communityes. There are 3 lanes. You have different abilities, such as lighthings, fire balls, stuns and stuff, you can also buy items in the store as u win games or lose, it gives you points and with that points you can afford a weapon,robe and everything you wish. The movement is same like every other MOBA - mouse and tons of keys combinations are included in the spells. You have to capture your enemy's base points and once u capture 3 of them, you win the game. The pressure can be felt when you see them coming for you and 1 second left untill you capture the point. It has good graphics, really good actually, can't complain about them. The only thing i didn't like are the key combinations for the spells. Everything else is well optimized. It will run on very low end pc's so if you are a fan of moba's that's the game for you.


best played co-op, but single player is possible too

mirta000 | May 20, 2014 | See all mirta000's reviews »

There are multiple things that makes this game a must buy. First one - the comedy story. The game is so humorous that you will gladly face chapter after chapter even if you have no friends online to share the experience with you. The plot is crazy and leaves you questioning "what's next?" a lot. Couple that with some crazy achievements (such as "This is Sparta!") and suddenly the game is worth playing even if you're alone. Second one - the unlimited combinations of spells. You're given runes. Runes to determine how strong the spell will be, what it does, how it casts... They won't directly tell you what they do, because you see the runes are simply elements. It's your combinations that will determine the effect. And the finally - the fun of destroying your friends while playing co-op. Feeling fiendish? Put some fire into that heal spell. I'm sure that your friend won't mind... Oh your friend found that awesome staff! Want to get it for yourself? You know what to do! Consensus: can be played alone for the humour of the story, but best played with friends because of all of the destruction to each other that you can cause.


Magicka Review

Darkpeing | April 14, 2014 | See all Darkpeing's reviews »

The Good: -Good cooperative play, involving competetiveness and teamwork. -Good variation to magic combinations and ways to attack enemies. The Bad: -The game presents a lot of technical issues and bugs. -Actual game mechanics are of a steep learning curve, and you can forget how to make combinations of forget you can do something altogether.


Some Enchanted Evening

Autocyclist | March 7, 2014 | See all Autocyclist's reviews »

It's rare to come across a co-op game that involves killing your team just as much as it does killing your enemies. Embracing 8 elements of magic, use your wits and your keyboard to cast powerful spells and brilliant magics. Utilise special combinations of elements to take down your enemies (and your friends). Planning strategies together is just as much of a blast as going against them, in either a campaign of magical destruction, or one of the many challenge rooms available to play. Especially with the amount of DLC available, Magicka is a nearly endless array of fun and hedonism. Truly a clever and hilarious game. Play alone only as a last resort!


A CO-OP Game that destroys friendships

rockoforto | March 6, 2014 | See all rockoforto's reviews »

This game has it all. Jokes, a great combat system, and hard to play coop. The controls are hard to get used to but you'll probably spamming the same spell over and over again. The story is not that great but playing through it is fun. But the real fun is with friends. Playing with friends can either great teamwork or your utter demise. This game makes you feel like both an idiot and a master wizard.


Slapstick Wizards!

AkiMatti | Feb. 10, 2014 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

This game is a riot! It is amusing just by yourself in single player but it really picks up the pace in multiplayer! Conjuring spells and learning them as you go is part of the fun the other part is just messing around with everything! There are plenty of funny references to other media in the game story and world. It does get pretty tough, too, so there is enough difficulty to be had with this game. Enough about the game, just buy it already, or 4! Play with friends or play by yourself, fun is guaranteed!


What we call a troll game

Mandemon | Jan. 30, 2014 | See all Mandemon's reviews »

Magicka is one of those games you want to have friends for. Trust me on this one, I have tried it both single player and multiplayer and it's the multiplayer where the game shines. Each player takes control of one wizard. Players cast spells by combining 8 different elements together. The results of these elements vary, based on how many elements player uses and in what order. What makes the multiplayer fun is the total lack of friendly fireproof option. Each and every spell is very likely to end up killing you or your friends. Half of the fun is just seeing what sort of insane combinations you or your friends come up with and how they backfire on you. This is often followed by quick revive spell that allows players to bring dead players back to alive. Game might not be most beautiful, per technical standpoints, but it does it's work. It's not ugly and the graphics have their charm. The game is also stock full of humor, Discworld style. However, be warned ye buyer: The game is buggy. It can crash randomly and me and my friends usually have to fight the game few times before we can get into the game proper. However, if you are looking for some co-op multiplayer fun, this the game for you.


Good on your own, even better with friends

GeorgeStorm | Jan. 20, 2014 | See all GeorgeStorm's reviews »

Magicka is an isometric style game where you control a wizard who has control over the elements to destroy those in your way as you set off the save the world (well of course). What makes Magicka special is the ability to combine said elements however you wish, with 8 elements you can easily imagine there are plenty of different spells to keep you entertained. I played through the main story with my brother and it just got better, with friendly fire always on the fights turned into hilarious situations with poor aim often having disastrous consequences for the other player, and sadly rarely for the enemies! It's a very funny game as well without various references and jokes about itself as much as anything, there's a ton of DLC as well which as far as I'm aware is jut more of the same, which is no bad thing!


Really fun game!

Nexxolae | Jan. 9, 2014 | See all Nexxolae's reviews »

This game is just too funny! The game is in solo-play quite difficult, but if you begin to learn the different kind of spells it will be much better to do. Multiplayer is a lot of fun! You just ravage through the enemies, but there will be a lot of them! The game sometimes has a bit of framerate issues, but it is very do-able even when you have a low FPS for some parts of the game.


Great Magic CO-OP Game

Unbenannte | Jan. 9, 2014 | See all Unbenannte's reviews »

The game has a nice concept, and the way you create or cast spells is kind of unique, the game modes actually are very good because you might get bored of one and can pass to the other mode. It has online multiplayer, as well as my favorite future, local co-op up to 4 PLAYERS so yeah its fun. You need gamepads to be able to play 4 player co-op. It does follow a story, but being able to play with family or friends is really worth the $ 9.99. I always try to get games where you can have a nice experience playing local co-op, so I think this is a top notch in that matter and also cheap. So if you come here searching for the multiplayer experience, then this is a MUST BUY. Also it won’t disappoint you in the concept of being a magician and casting unique spells. I give it a 90 because after the tutorial… you lose interaction with the environment, you can’t open doors and stuff like that. P.S There is cheap DLCs to get more of the game. And Magicka 2 is coming out: Magicka: Wizard Wars, I’ll wait on GMG for it =P.


Friendly Fire + Magic

Freako | Jan. 2, 2014 | See all Freako's reviews »

Magicka is an awesome game even without the storyline honestly. Just grab a few of your friends or even strangers come online and start the slaughterfest. Conjure spells mix and match create combinations and find out some weird spells that is super hilarious. Magicka uses the combinations of 8 spells with A LOT of combinations. Also there are spells that are super hilarious like "Exit to Desktop" This spell allows you to kill your teamates or small monsters in an instant. Friend Fire is forever ON. Heal your friend not using some kind of fairy dust you can literally shoot a healing laser beam to heal your team mates OR set up hp mines to explode on your teamates to heal them. It's a really great game and i recommend this game to a pack of 4. You and your friends dont have to play the storyline at all. Just play multiplayer and kill one another shoot a healing beam against a arcane beam to find out what will happen. An endless number of combinations.


Very fun with friends

gforcesa | Dec. 24, 2013 | See all gforcesa's reviews »

Magicka is a pretty good game and it's more fun if you play with 3 of your friends and fool around with the spells.There are many ways you can cast the spells.You will laugh when you die while casting the spells in the beginning when you don't know what you're doing yet.The game is tricky with its mechanics and of course that's more fun.If you go in a little lake your clothes will be wet and if your friends casts a lightning spell he will electrocute and kill you.The way the NPC's speak is pretty hilarious because they talk gibberish and sometimes say a word correctly and talking gibberish again.It's a fun experience you and your friends can enjoy.


Great Fun for Co-Op or Single Player

TCass29 | Dec. 20, 2013 | See all TCass29's reviews »

Magicka is a great beat-em-up style game that gives you 8 different elements that you combine in different ways to create different spells to annihilate your enemies. There are tons of Steam achievements that are a blast to get, there are many, MANY references to be gotten, and there is great fun to be had in this game. If you like this, it has great DLC that is more of the same, but with different storylines and outfits (yes they actually make a difference).


Outstanding Co-Op experience

drakso | Dec. 16, 2013 | See all drakso's reviews »

If you are looking for a great co-op experience, than this is the game you should be looking in to. It is an action sort of game, where you and your friends command a bunch of wizards. There are 8 elements witch you can combine and every combination is representing a different spell. The game has a very funny story filled with a lot of gaming references. There is also an Arena mode and challenge maps witch you can buy as a dlc packs. A great addition to the game is the ability to kill your friends while you are playing co-op ( by mistake or intentionally ). I must mention that there are some optimization issues on some graphics cards and you might experience a very low FPS rates.


Outrageously fun wizard co-op game

commanderhavoc | Nov. 15, 2013 | See all commanderhavoc's reviews »

If you're the type of gamer who prefers to play co-op games with friends or family and also enjoy games that absolutely don't take themselves seriously at all, then you will love Magicka. The game makes fun of all the clichés that you find in almost every single fantasy game out there and the characters speak a really REALLY silly version of the swedish language, which will lead to A LOT of laughter. But the most fun part is that you have several magical elements at your disposal that you can combine to create some of the most devastating spells ever unleashed on your foes, and friends as well since friendly fire is ALWAYS ON when you play co-op and that will lead to even more laughter as you accidently send one of your pals flying off a cliff or make him explode with one of the slightly more volatile spells that you can use. Magicka will provide hours upon hours of comedic entertainment when you and your friends play it, so this is a must buy if you're tired of all the more serious games out there and just want something that makes you almost bust your guts from laughing so much.


Co-op Fun

CappinCanuck | Nov. 15, 2013 | See all CappinCanuck's reviews »

Fantastic title for friends to share. The game has a single player and multiplayer components although the singleplayer is not something worth considering, it's built from a game where the mechanics, maps and spells are made for multiplayer. The online component feels empty without friends though and it's just mayhem that you'll get bored of pretty quickly. The best part of the game is you and your friends blowing eachother up in various types of ways and laughing about it.


Fun to play with friends, but quite buggy. Not for solo

albery92 | Nov. 14, 2013 | See all albery92's reviews »

Bought this game when it was on sale. It was really fun to play as co-op. Quite unique game among other rpg games. But this game crashes so often and lags with the system with AMD graphics card while it runs smoothly with the system with lower configuration with nvidia. And if you are not good at control, you will keep killing other players by friendly fire instead of killing enemies.


A good "RPG" game

MisterRay97 | Oct. 27, 2013 | See all MisterRay97's reviews »

First of all, I'd like to inform that this isn't a serious RPG game, it's something different (I'd call it a 'casual RPG'). The game is crazy and fun at the same time! You can cast a variety of so called "Magicks" with your wand. There are about 8 Magicks and you can create infinitely as many combination of Magicks as you'd like. It also has co-op mode, where you can invite your friends having Magicka to play with you (pretty helpful, in some levels). The graphics are not bad, they're pretty decent. The gameplay mechanics are fantastic. You can catch the game quickly, even if you haven't played any RPG game earlier. The story is good and the characters are humorous. The game is pretty unique and has loads of potential. So, go get this game and also grab a few copies for your friends! Also check out the DLCs, they're pretty amazing.


Great game, better with friends

asbath | Oct. 4, 2013 | See all asbath's reviews »

At firs this looked like another Torchlight/Diablo/isometric dungeon crawler spin-off, but boy was I wrong. The game on its own is fun and takes a lighthearted approach to the generic isometric RPG genre. Combat style isn't new (requiring you to combine different elements), but it's a nice change to the common slash and hack, and requires you to think on your toes in order to find that weak spot. But to really enjoy the game, you need to play it with friends. At first you all start off all serious like, wanting to progress in the game. However, every single game with friends will always end up with you trying to kill each other in the most imaginative way possible. And that's the most fun you can have in this creative little spin-off.


Spell Slinging Co-op Fun

Crazyhowie | Sept. 18, 2013 | See all Crazyhowie's reviews »

Magicka has one of the most unique spell systems you will ever play with. In what seems like an unnecessarily complex and convoluted system, given enough time and practice, turns out to be a deep and rewarding system. It encourages experimentation, and makes you feel like a truly powerful spell slinging wizard... at least on those times when you don't explode yourself or your friends. Speaking of friends, they're practically a necessity. In order to get the most enjoyment out of the game, you'll need some buddies around to offer revives, heals, and support as things get pretty hectic further into the game. These so-called friends of yours aren't always helpful though, as crossing the streams can have unintended consequences that result in plenty of accidental (some purposeful?) deaths. With that said, honestly, It's the most fun you'll have killing your friends by exploding, burning, shocking, freezing, and launching them off the map. The game has fantastic co-op and a versus mode. It's not without it's quirks and bugs, but it's a solid, good time.


Crazy fun!

ktacbui | Sept. 4, 2013 | See all ktacbui's reviews »

This game is complete chaos!!.. with four players it's a massive troll fest between fun which is fun .. i still havent got to finish the game yet due to killing each other. would recommend picking this game up for a "friendly co-op"


Diablo-alike adventure with magic combination style

y1985 | Sept. 4, 2013 | See all y1985's reviews »

This game have a unique feature in magic combination which result in various things. Also, co-op makes the game even better, you can team up with your friends 4 ppl. There isn't much story here just unique magic combination will hook you in the game. The environment is beautiful but not too fancy. I think the down side is I alway s forget the magic combination LOL. Overall the game is very fun even playing single player


What is better than kill monster? Kill your friend in the way!

InbarPerry1 | Sept. 1, 2013 | See all InbarPerry1's reviews »

I was skeptical when I saw some gamplays and trailers, seem like another indie game that everyone will soon forget about it. But... I was wrong. Magicka feature an option to play up to 4 players in the main story and non-stop friendly fire. Of coure the main porpose of the game is to kill the monsters and your enemies and continue the story but when a friend is in-game with you, it's inevitable to do so without throw a huge ball of earth in your friend's face. Just be carful when you do that because he will blue screen the hell out of you! In addition to the friends fun, this game have a cute story with a lot of references and humor that you will always like to hear. I am highly recommend to play this game, don't let some poor graphics change your mind. So, why are you still reading this? Put on your robe and start casting some spells!


Fun with friends

Skyrao | Aug. 30, 2013 | See all Skyrao's reviews »

Magicka is a very fun game and is definitely best played with friends. On your own it is good but when you get a couple of friends to start firing random spells at each other until you all explode into bloody puddles you just want to smack them in the face with a giant lightning bolt.


Another great co-op game.

Xgoesrawr | Aug. 30, 2013 | See all Xgoesrawr's reviews »

This game is meant to be played with friends. You can combine spells and 'accidentally' get your friends killed or you can laugh while they are mysteriously pushed off a cliff. While there were plenty of fun spells to use I felt that certain ones were simply just too strong. I had a lot of fun with this game and recommend it but not for the single player.


Explosively Idiotic fun

Izunundara | Aug. 27, 2013 | See all Izunundara's reviews »

This game is quite possibly one of the greatest ways to blow away entire evenings with a couple of friends over a few drinks. The hilarity inherent to unfriendly fire only escalates when lightning storms, meteors, showers of icicles and blasts of flames begin to erupt from a friend saying "I wonder what would happen if I put four fire elements on a rock..." Death is not the end, for your allies can quickly resurrect you very easily (provided they don't accidentally electrocute themselves in the attempt), meaning that accidents will be common, but not troubling in any way. The sheer depth of the spell casting system is fantastic, with so many different combinations thought out and implemented. Blasts of steam, electrified water cannons, miniature volcanoes, or even a series of reflective shields so that you can create your own deadly disco of lasers, this game has it all.


Pretty great

jellybane | Aug. 24, 2013 | See all jellybane's reviews »

Great game, fun to play with friends sadly paradox has very glitchy multiplayer support. Good on it's own, DLC adds little things but not needed. Dropping the big spells is great like comboing rain into thunderstorm etc but so is dropping basic spells like life mines to kll them with kindness.


A fun and different experience

Luckyshot | Aug. 20, 2013 | See all Luckyshot's reviews »

Waving wands and blowing up monsters is pretty much the core of this game. It's an interesting concept focused on using a combination of elements to create a variety of spells. While it might get confusing at first, once you get the hang of it, it becomes a blast to play. It also has multiplayer co-op and arena battles and it can get pretty hectic . It's a good game and fun for everyone.


Play with friends

danonpc | Aug. 16, 2013 | See all danonpc's reviews »

Magicka was one of my favourite games in 2011 as it was a very charismatic title. You play as wizards on a journey across fantasy "dungeon" style maps, lots of hidden secrets and spells to find while questing. The game is really only worth playing with friends, so I recommend buying a 4 pack. A great Swedish game that allows you to kill your friends and pretty lengthy for the money.


Really fun game!

bashscrazy | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all bashscrazy's reviews »

This game is super fun! the controls are iffy because you move and use your magic spells with the mouse. There are 8 different keys for the magic spells so there are lots of combinations to remember but if you can remember the good ones you are well off. The game is alright single player and fairly fun but when you co-op it becomes so much more better especially if it is your own friends. You can multiplayer in story mode or even do versus. You can test your magic skills against your friends in versus mode for great fun!


Some of the best Co Op fun

forgot2shave | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all forgot2shave's reviews »

Me and my wife got this a while back because we are a big fan of action RPGs and Co Op but we weren't expecting an experience like this one. The element combination mechanic is ridiculously fun and even the friendly fire had us laughing our butts off. The story is funny and actually pretty good along with great voice acting. definitely one of my favorite games.


Bombs away!

Cowsy | Aug. 7, 2013 | See all Cowsy's reviews »

This game is the best game for four people to goof around in you can do everything you ever wanted to do with magick basivly heaing mines for an example can heal you and your enemy or heal you and at the same time shoot you out of the map and kill you . You can choose to either kill your friends or actually work together and combine your powers and finnsinh this wonderful game that is full jokes that cracks you up and make your day really fun.


Very Addictive

Fuzzy_Bunny | Aug. 7, 2013 | See all Fuzzy_Bunny's reviews »

Magicka is a very inventive game with lots of humour. It is very easy to spend hours at a time playing this. The casting system for all spells is implemented really well, and overall I would say that this is a very Unique spin on the genre. I would definitely recommend this game!


Great Fun!

Trollfaceyomama | Aug. 6, 2013 | See all Trollfaceyomama's reviews »

Remarkable example of a remarkable game. Unique and successful game play and controls that blow you away. Humorous story line with numerous easter eggs. Fun and extremely challenging ( but still possible) single player action packed game play, even better when played with up to 4 friends. A virtual "Hack n Slash" but with spells and "Magicks", the combination of 8 different "elements" which all can create different unique spells by certain combinations add to the fun.


Fun game

PixalatedGhOst | Aug. 3, 2013 | See all PixalatedGhOst's reviews »

Magicka might just be the surprise hit of 2011. This $10 action-oriented role-playing game features catchy spellcasting and a lighthearted story that riffs on everything from Monty Python to Star Wars. Not all is rosy with the bargain game, however, as the laughs fall flat at times due to a ton of launch bugs and associated gameplay oddities that make some of the abracadabra stuff a little annoying. Publisher Paradox has at least admitted to the problems and is busily releasing patches to get everything up to snuff, but the many problems are impossible to overlook right now and prevent the game from receiving an unqualified recommendation. You play an unnamed wizard that is out to save the world and must do so by slaughtering thousands of creatures in the usual Acme brand fantasy realm. Magicka has a cartoonlike whimsy. Visuals are bright and colorful, with the outdoor scenery turned into the sort of lush green fantasyland that you might see painted on the walls of a kindergarten classroom. Mages in the game are also straight out of a Saturday morning cartoon, with deep hoods and big pointy hats obscuring their faces. Characters speak in a quirky language that sounds like The Muppets' Swedish Chef on 78 RPM. And the music is sufficiently bombastic, as if you're dealing with an epic that recounts the travails of a legendary hero.


An extremely unique experience when played with friends.

lucaswrite | Aug. 1, 2013 | See all lucaswrite's reviews »

Co-op or competitive, when this game is played with friends, you're sure to have a great time. This game's fun factor comes straight from it's gameplay, and it's gameplay plays like no other game I've ever laid my hands on. You play as a wizard who is capable of using a wide range of spells such as fire, water, rock blasts, electricity, and many more (my personal favorite being the lasers). The riveting aspect about the game is that the player is able to combine any of their spells together to make a variety of combinations which can potentially protect, heal, or wreak havoc on any player on the field. When four players are running around throwing spells here and there, the game is an absolute blast. There is a couple different game modes, and all of them are compatible with multiplayer (which makes the game great). You and your friends can choose either story mode, a co-op defense mode, or an all-out versus mode. Out of all these, the latter two definitely offer the most hectic, fun time. A free-for-all battle with four different wizards throwing up all kinds of spells and trying to destroy each other is one of the best things green man gaming or steam has to offer. Get this game if you have friends to play it with, there's no question.


Exceptionally Magical!

Oblaque | July 29, 2013 | See all Oblaque's reviews »

Spell casting has never been so fun! A great game that has improved greatly over time, whether it be bug fixes, the Zelda fairy, the humour, references, gibberish, the lot! A great game that I love spending time in, this game was made from an original and innovative concept, and with some very worthwhile DLC adventures, like "The Stars Are Left", be sure to pick it up sometime, preferably the complete collection.


Make the elements work in your favor. Or against it!

w0nk0 | July 27, 2013 | See all w0nk0's reviews »

Magicka uses a very creative way of casting spells, which are cast by selecting a combination of 8 elements, which you can combine completely as you please. Add Arcane (Beam) + Ice for a frost beam. Or even better: douse your enemies with water, then freeze them, then have big rocks shatter them. The possibilities are almost endless. They also include many, many ways of creative failure, a.k.a. electrocute or 'splode yourself. Or your friends, because 4-way-multiplayer makes this game a coop-failfest like no other. Unbelievable value for money for the price, and even the single player campaign is challenging and entertaining.


Great fun

celdiruen | July 26, 2013 | See all celdiruen's reviews »

Magicka is a hoot to play by yourself, and even better with friends. Alone, it might not be as fantastic as some say. You combine elements to form various types of spells, with there being many of them. There is a loose story tying everything together, and funny voice acting that's a mix of gibberish and Scandinavian languages. The fun is in multiplayer, though. There, you'll be blowing up baddies, working with your friends, and then one of you will explode because someone aimed in the wrong place or pressed the wrong element in their spell. It's amazing because you can blow each other up while fighting your enemies, both accidentally and purposefully. It will cause lots of laughs!


Fun with friends

Obrum | July 26, 2013 | See all Obrum's reviews »

Magicka is definitely a game made for playing with your friends. Though the game is still fun on your own for a while, it quickly gets repetitive. Magicka is a game where you play a wizard, who has eight elements at his disposal. The gameplay comes from your ability to combine up to five of these elements at once to make your own spells. Use a rock element, you'll throw a rock. Use a rock and fire element, you'll throw a flaming rock. It's very simple to use and greatly satisfying, though you might find yourself only using a couple of combinations that you find to be effective. You are also able to cast a spell on yourself, which is useful for healing. Not so much when you accidentally drop a meteor on your head. The story isn't the focus of this game, but the dialogue and cutscenes are definitely funny. The game also has quite a few set-pieces, a notable early one is a fight between two airships. One of the complaints I have about this game, however, is that sometimes encounters drag out for too long. Though this isn't a problem in multiplayer due to having four people, in single-player it can get a bit tedious. The screen also becomes a bit cluttered at times, which sometimes makes it difficult to see what you're doing very well, though this is a minor complaint. Onto the multiplayer - The entire game can be played single-player, or with up to four people online. This is definitely the best part of the game - With four wizards slinging magic around to defeat enemies, you'll struggle not to be killed by your friends more than your enemies, but it never stops being entertaining. There is also a PvP mode, which is basically the same as the co-op mode, except you're killing your friends on purpose. In conclusion, the mechanics work very well and are novel, but somewhat repetitive if you have no one else to experience it with. Drag in a few friends though, and it becomes brilliant chaotic fun.


Wizards with guns? Yes please.

ADUAN | July 24, 2013 | See all ADUAN's reviews »

Magicka is a fun game with many ways to kill or get killed. With a variety of weapons, from arcane beams, to swords, and even guns, there are many ways to turn your opponent into gibs... or even get gibbed yourself. The multiplayer makes it even more fun as you can aid or grief your friends with your -possibly unwanted - help.


Dying has never been so creatively fun

F4T4LV0iD | July 23, 2013 | See all F4T4LV0iD's reviews »

The concept of mixing and matching elements to create customized spells just for the right occasions in combat intrigued me, so I picked up Magicka as soon as I could. You will find recipes throughout the game to use unique spells, such as one of my favorites that creates an oil slick, which you can then set fire to with a fire spell and do insane fire damage to enemies. This game is best enjoyed with a few friends tagging along, but prepare to experience more friendly fire than an online FPS deathmatch game, but rather than be angry I always found myself laughing it off, because the penalty for dying isn't that huge, so you just dust yourself off and try again. A large portion of the fun from Magicka comes from trying to learn different elemental combinations and mastering them. The Shield element at first I thought was just handy for covering myself in a protective barrire, but found out with a few creative combinations with other elements I was able to set landmines and other nasty little treats for oncoming enemies. Aside from all the zany magical combinations you'll be cooking up, the story itself adds plenty of humor which makes it an overall enjoyable experience, and with a ton of DLC to pick up, the hours for this game keep piling on. Pick this one up if you want a good laugh with some friends as you co-op your way through or battle it out in the arena with them.


Great multiplayer

heavybear | July 23, 2013 | See all heavybear's reviews »

In my opinion, if you are really bored to play in single mode any game and you want to play a game with your friends, this game is the one you search. Dialogues, characters, variety of skills, lots of references of movies make you happy about playing this game. Also DLCs make the game longer and you can play with different special characters in different maps. So this game contains lots of fun but, i have to say, for me multiplayer mode makes you laugh more than singleplayer mode.



iamkyo90 | July 22, 2013 | See all iamkyo90's reviews »

A very entertaining game similar to diablo 2, but humorous version. It has very colorful graphics and varied gameplay I would say, because of the large amount of spells you can do. Nice coop and campaign mode.


wizard death simulator

odren | July 22, 2013 | See all odren's reviews »

you'll explode a lot. the game has a great sense of humor and is really fun coop game, with the flexible magic system which has some hilarious results well worth playing


Let's fight for sausages!

Clakosonline | July 17, 2013 | See all Clakosonline's reviews »

Even if the game has its problems (bugged on some times but playable anyway), it is just awesome! The spell casting system is really enjoyable and the humor is just everywhere! But, as some people said before, the game is made for multiplayer as some parts of the campaign are nearly impossible alone. But you can play local with friends or on the internet, so it shouldn't be a problem for most people out there. Highly recommended!


A satirically good time!

xXObyzouthXx | July 15, 2013 | See all xXObyzouthXx's reviews »

A great coop game which loses some of its enjoyment if played in single player. Mistakes can make for great laughs! You must combine different spells to defeat enemies and progress through your journey. After a few hours of play time however, the game does become extremely aggravating as you spam the strongest spells just to make a dent in the enemies, or boss' health. A great game to pick up and play with friends for a good time, but don't expect that enjoyment in it's single player game.


Awesome multiplayer!

meezo | July 13, 2013 | See all meezo's reviews »

This is a game where you are a wizard. You aren't the kind of wizard that just mouses over to a hotbar to cast "magic missile," though. You're the kind of wizard that needs to remember to push certain keys to rain down fire and lighting to destroy your enemies. If you're lucky, you also have up to 3 friends to play with. You and 3 friends can blow up goblins, trees, spiders, and a range of other enemies over the course of 21 different chapters. The story is hilarious, the combat is visceral, the griefing is incredible. Lightning bolts? Yep. Fireballs? Yes. Land mines? Yes. Cult movie references? That too. You can combine spells to work in conjunction with your friends, and you can always use your spells to kill your friends by "accident." Is it your fault that you shot a stream of lightning into the water they were standing in? No more than that time they caught you on fire, froze you in ice, and pushed you off a floating island. Don't worry if you don't enjoy playing with people, you can also play solo. The game is more difficult alone, but it's still amazing fun.


Good fun, if a little frustrating

ConorEngelb | July 11, 2013 | See all ConorEngelb's reviews »

Magicka is a good game. The story line serves its purpose: giving you a reason to go off on your quest. The characters are well-written and humorous: Vlad "Totally NOT a Vampire" appears every now and then to tell you what to do next. The combat system is clever and fun to use: experimenting with combinations of elements can either yield a deadly beam of energy, or make you incredibly vulnerable to you enemy's next attack. And the dialogue is generally quite humorous, full of pop culture references (achievement for killing 1000 enemies with firearms is called "I'm a Lead Farmer") and snarky comments ("Loading Screen Tip: Loading screens sometimes contain tips") However, all these good parts don't mesh together very well. Combat is satisfying, but after your tenth attempt to get past the heavily armoured troll you start to wonder "why bother?". Your progress isn't saved as often as you would like, so dying at the hands of said troll will force you to kill all the orcs that came before it. And their friends. Despite this, overall, Magicka is an entertaining game, despite it's flawed combat and saving systems.


A great game!

bercilak | July 7, 2013 | See all bercilak's reviews »

Magicka is a lot of fun to play, the method of casting spells is brilliant and the way the npc's talk is mostly hilarious. I have played both single-player and multi-player and they are both great, though some of the enemies are almost impossible in single-player without great knowledge of spell combos, in multi-player spell spamming is much easier. Did have some issues with part of the third chapter, it tended to freeze at the start of a battle cut-scene and then reset back to the start of the chapter, which was extremely frustrating.


Multiplayer Fun!

jengon | July 7, 2013 | See all jengon's reviews »

Magicka is very fun to play with friends. It's easy to spam spells and kill enemies, but also your own allies as well. You can customize the different cloaks you wear each time you play and there's so many different combinations of spells that you can make from just 8 different elements. You'll find soon that some spells are much better than others at defeating a certain type of enemy. My only criticism would be that singleplayer is extremely difficult. Once you're dead, there's no way to revive yourself. It's easy to tell that this game with made for multiplayer. However in the end, the uniqueness and creativity that Magicka brings is well worth the price.


Definitely a must own!

Castter | July 7, 2013 | See all Castter's reviews »

Magicka has fun and charm just oozing from every corner. From story to level design everything is done just right. The more people you have the more fun and destructive the spells become. The main star of the show is the spell mechanic, you have all the elements plus some extra at your disposal. You can queue four or five elements at a time then unleash your mayhem, and it only escalates with more people with its four player co-op option. The only struggle I have with this game is that the movement controls within the game seem a bit sluggish, so you may miss your spell from time to time when it comes to fast moving enemies. Other than that this game is a serious must have for your gaming library.


Play with friends couldn't be more exciting

lagendofdoom | July 6, 2013 | See all lagendofdoom's reviews »

At first i said "wtf is this junk ? who will play this garbage ?" well i can say for sure that i take those words back cause after you play in the Coop or multi with YOUR FRIENDS this game is a pure AWESOMENESS. Magicka is funny,fun,intresting and will make you lose track of time but the most important thing is that YOU MUST HAVE FRIENDS TO PLAY THIS GAME in order to have fun.


funny game

simodeso | July 6, 2013 | See all simodeso's reviews »

This game is very funny to play with friends, it has a story mode but also a co-op mode and a versus mode. if the story mode is too short for you, there are a lot of dlc that adds other campaigns. Magicka is very funny not also for the gameplay but for dialogs and hilarius scene and achievements! there are a lot of references from other games that can make you laugh; Use your creativity to discover new powerful spells that can make your opponent explode quickly before you die.. (yes you will die a lot if you play alone, if you play with friend they can ressurrect you very easy). So, my advice is to play it with friends, this game can give you a lot of funny hours of gameplay.


Highly addictive

mor0se | July 6, 2013 | See all mor0se's reviews »

This game requires some knowledge to pull off the spells you want, but also quite enjoyable just to spam spells and create anything, alone it is quite boring but with friends you could spend days on this game. Humorous and simple with only 6 keys to use.


It's not perfect, but it's fun!

Azralynn | July 6, 2013 | See all Azralynn's reviews »

The Good: This game gave me a lot of laughs. The characters and dialog in the main story are entertaining. Using whatever spells you want HOWEVER you want to is really great - you can make some pretty wicked combos once you get a feel for the spell buttons. Playing single player was decent, but certainly there is a lot more fun to be had in co-op mode. The friendly fire, and the "accidentally" killing my friends in co-op mode was funny (but thank goodness for revive). The challenge modes are fun too, again, the co-op is more fun than the single player challenges. The Bad: While I love the game, it does have it's flaws. Mainly, it can have some lag/stuttering issues on some PCs (even ones that more than meet the minimum requirements). These issues seem to be hit and miss though, so don't let them discourage you from trying this game because you might not even experience the bad!


Great multiplayer game!

grunts00 | July 5, 2013 | See all grunts00's reviews »

This game is an absolute blast playing as a group. From the "sim language" speech of the characters, to the accidental deaths caused by combining certain elements, to the encasement of your friends in ice, this game is hilariously fun and is definitely recommended!


I loved that strange language LOL

TGAlan | July 5, 2013 | See all TGAlan's reviews »

And yet another indie game that made its way into the light and now it is appreciated by the players. A first look into the Magicka universe will make you play it more and more and, as you do that, the fun won't cease to appear. In your journey you get to choose from a variety of elements and making the right combination at the right time will clearly be rewarding. What I loved most about this game was the strange language the characters use and the challenging aspect, since the enemies won't simply leave a fight until they (or you) are done.


Extreme fun with some friends

stalze | July 4, 2013 | See all stalze's reviews »

This game can be mindbogglingly fun if you play with some friends to cause some mayhem in this magical world. The aspect of combining elements to create spells proves to be a highly entertaining feature that really makes this game even better. Unfortunately the game sometimes falls a bit short. For example the game is not nearly as entertaining when you play it alone and the game can tend to be slightly repetitive. All in all i must say that this is one of my favorite multiplayer co-op games and for it's small price i recommend ýou try it out!


Magicka Magic

P0ul3t | July 3, 2013 | See all P0ul3t's reviews »

A very interesting game that can be as tactical or as button mashing as you would like it to be. The coop feature is really nice. I have encountered freeze bugs earlier on the development cycle for this game but these seem to be ironed out now. All in all, a great game.


Funny and novel concept, but lacking for single player

awestover89 | July 2, 2013 | See all awestover89's reviews »

Magika was definitely designed for multiplayer co-op, and unfortunately the single player game does suffer for it. The concept is very unique and interesting; you have to combine up to five of eight elements to create spells, keeping in mind how elements interact with each other. For example, water and fire can make steam, while lightning and earth will just cancel each other out and do nothing. With eight elements and up to five elements per spell, the possibilities are nearly endless. Unfortunately, the sheer number of possibilities is nearly endless. I found myself just using really basic spells because it got incredibly annoying to either look up the spell combination I wanted to do or try to memorize them all. Experimenting is a fun aspect, but for me it got old quickly. I also had a problem with the tutorial. At the beginning, before even starting the tutorial, you pick a robe to wear. Unfortunately, one of the robes (which just happened to be the one I picked) does not allow you to heal yourself. Part of the tutorial requires you to heal yourself. I was stuck for far too long getting angry at the game for not letting me heal myself before I realized that the robe having an immunity to life magic meant I could not heal myself. This was a minor issue, but throughout the game many aspects are just not well explained.


Lots of fun

bellibones | July 1, 2013 | See all bellibones's reviews »

This game is lots of fun. The different cloaks you can wear makes the game a lot more entertaining (my favourite is the Reddit one). Also only 6 keys on your keyboard to cast spells and you can mix and make new spells. Great time killer


Spam the spells !

dongzor | June 23, 2013 | See all dongzor's reviews »

Magicka is just plain fantastic. From the derpaderp speech of the characters, to the level and enemy design, to the just brilliant spell system. As soon as you get outside the tutorial, you run into a woman with a big gold exclamation mark over her head in good old RPG fashion, asking you to kill rats in her basement or something like that. You know you're on a winner when she gets attacked by goblins and the quest marker falls off onto the ground and you get down to some good old blowin' stuff up instead. Best things about Magicka? No mana. Limited inventory (you can pick up a staff and carry a 'melee' item). No quests apart from killing the next thing in front of you. GREAT spell system, where you have 8 different elementals, each bound to a key, and you can combine them in any way you want to create spells, some of which just combine effects, some of which form unique Magicks.


Dont Cross the Steams

Bronsonman101 | June 22, 2013 | See all Bronsonman101's reviews »

This game is a hilarious mockery of rpg concepts and cliches. More fun as a multiplayer game than single player as going solo is more of a grinding down enemy forces bit by bit rather than a firestorm of death and destruction. Be careful when shooting those laser beams though as they can be explosively deadly in a surprising and hilarious manner.


A cute but with many bugs

Enrioz | June 19, 2013 | See all Enrioz's reviews »

The game is excellent, very cute and funny that gives you a few hours of play, the game sound together are its gameplay are excellent, the graphics are good and the constant references to games and movies, make funny and fun game, it only bad are the bugs that sometimes is hard to play the multiplayer environment.


Crazy Game

jackyboi1014 | June 17, 2013 | See all jackyboi1014's reviews »

Magicka is just plain fantastic. From the derpaderp speech of the characters, to the level and enemy design, to the just brilliant spell system. As soon as you get outside the tutorial, you run into a woman with a big gold exclamation mark over her head in good old RPG fashion, asking you to kill rats in her basement or something like that. You know you're on a winner when she gets attacked by goblins and the quest marker falls off onto the ground and you get down to some good old blowin' stuff up instead. Best things about Magicka? No mana. Limited inventory (you can pick up a staff and carry a 'melee' item). No quests apart from killing the next thing in front of you. GREAT spell system, where you have 8 different elementals, each bound to a key, and you can combine them in any way you want to create spells, some of which just combine effects, some of which form unique Magicks. Worst thing about Magicka is that the engine doesn't always perform as well as it could. That's all there is. It's a very hard game in places, but people, there's absolute simplicity in the rest of the game so you can focus on STRATEGY. Everything is quite straightforward once you figure out what the enemy's weaknesses are, and that's half the fun. (The other half of the fun is blowing up goblins in new and exciting ways.)


Magic has never been so much fun

Demilisz | June 13, 2013 | See all Demilisz's reviews »

This game is crazy from the begining to the end. While plot is a standard saave the world, the gameplay, and magic system in particular, are what makes this game shine. You has eigh elements to your disposal and combining them you conjure spells. You want a fireball? Combine earth and fire. Freezing arcane beam of death? It is there. And the game features coop that is even crazier and more fun than singleplayer. Must buy.


Great sense of humour for a really fun action game

DunkerGZ | June 10, 2013 | See all DunkerGZ's reviews »

Using just six letters of your keyboar you can cast a lot of different combinantions of spells and pull off some really cool attacks. The game makes use of a really weird sense of humour, you can even use guns!


One of the best games to play with friends

jazzelmejor | June 9, 2013 | See all jazzelmejor's reviews »

Magicka is a game that is really fun, you play as wizards, and you have a lot of weapons and spells to use. You have a lot of spells combinations that will surprise you always, and for the weapons, you have a lot of weapons to use. In this game you have robes, they are like classes and you have a lot of them, they have special weapons and staffs (they give you active - passive abilities) and some robes have special passive abilities. You can play with friends or solo, and you have three modes: Campaign, Challengue (Or Survival) and Versus. The game is very fun and worth the price, it has a lot of content. DLC's add a lot of things too, like robes, maps or even campaigns. A must buy if you like multiplayer games.


Incredible Fun Game

mutsuriini | June 8, 2013 | See all mutsuriini's reviews »

A fantastic game, which is full of humor and and fun. Most people have thus far criticized the game (and rightly so) for the enormous number of bugs it had upon release. Having bought and played the game over a week after release, I myself only experienced a handfull of frustrations. While these were annoying, they were completely overshadowed by the sheer volume of fun and hilarity the game offers. Playing co-op with a friend, I don't think I've laughed that hard in ages. The innovative game-play, funny dialog and outrageous in-game antics made for a heck of a fun evening. As the bugs get patched and forgotten, I highly recommend the game to everyone who can find a friend to play with; I can't fathom some of those battles being handled alone!


A great, funny, enjoyable game.

chrismccart | June 7, 2013 | See all chrismccart's reviews »

Not since Simon the Sorcerer has a world of wizards been so much fun! A PC Exclusive, Magicka is easy to get into and often hard to get away from. Hours will slip by in the crazy mix of spell-combos, Star Trek/Star Wars fan humour and just general mayhem as you progress through the addictive little world, inflating goblins until they explode, encasing druids in ice and lighting trees on fire. Eight magical elements mix in dozens upon dozens of combinations, giving you the feel - as you progress - that you are in fact a wizard growing in magic abilities. It's inventive and compelling, and is well worth the cheap-as-chips price for the smiling you'll be doing for the next several hours of gaming - and playing with your friends is somehow even better! This game is HILARIOUS! (The safety word is Banana.)


Fun little game

lok0812 | June 5, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

This game contains many great things. The innovative combat have you mix in 8 types of elements in your disposal to create a new spells. Humorous storyline from start to finish. DLCs content that serves as pvp arena and story contents. Last but not least, the amazing coop feature, playing this game with a friend will enhance the experience even more. Definitely pick this up and enjoy the life of a wizard firing laser beams, fireballs, steams, water jets, and many more..... at your friends.


Unique game

ReverseKev | May 14, 2013 | See all ReverseKev's reviews »

This is quite a different game as I expected RPG aspects but as soon as I learnt there actually was little RPG elements I picked it up. It is nearly all skill and experience based so having good mechanics really helps. It is very fun as it is quite challenging to pick it up but when you do, you feel very good and can start burning through enemies like most games. The co-op actually didn't work for me despite all the good reviews praising it so I was a little disappointed.


Extreme Fun

Xiphora | May 11, 2013 | See all Xiphora's reviews »

Magicka is a very well realized game. It's got hilarious dialogue, hilarious satire stories, super fun co-op and multiplayer, and a combat system that's pure joy to play with. The only thing holding Magicka back is its bugs and weird control scheme. Magicka has had multiple patches to fix bugs, and its multiplayer is now completely playable. I've experiences four or so crashes in a month, and some multiplayer timeouts, so it's safe to say that Magicka isn't perfectly polished. The control system of combining magical elements is also a bit clunky once you're mixing with eight keys, and it can sometimes be tedious if you're spamming a spell. However, the bugs and control scheme can't take away Magicka's humor and addictive combat. It's a highly encouraged buy.


Fun game despite its bugs

Vahgrant | May 7, 2013 | See all Vahgrant's reviews »

Magicka is among these kind of games that are really fun to play but still have some flaws that may sometimes ruin your experience. It also is a game focused on cooperation, so if you don't find friends to play with it might not be that good. The game is not that pretty, but it has something special that makes you like it more or less, but this is obviously not the reason why you would buy the game, it's for its gameplay. Magicka's gameplay is based on 8 different magics, such as fire, ice, water, electricity and so on. You can also get different staff and weapons that may change your abilities. You can combine those different magics, up to 5, to use spells or random powers, it sometimes is really dangerous to yourself and your friends who might get killed because of you, so if you are a really mean and cruel person you can enjoy killing your partners right before they get the staff they always dreamed about and steal it just for fun and that's why magicka is awesome, it's because it's hilarious. The story is just an excuse to make tons of jokes that always make you laugh with notably the character Vlad. So if you're looking for some laugh with your friends get the game, you won't be disappointed otherwise you could try a demo to make your own opinion.


If you love wizards and mages, play this game!

Hexxaron | April 17, 2013 | See all Hexxaron's reviews »

I love wizards, I seriously do and Magicka is a dream come true. It gives players the feel of being a truly powerful wizard without any "balance" being thrown it. There's no mana, or energy to limit you spell casting, only you. So cast away! If you love wizards and mages, play this game! Despite started as an indie game, the graphics is beautiful and the game has a lot of depths. The spell system is complex and you can create hundreds of spells. Enemy variations are also plenty and you won't be spamming one spell all the time as you will need to cast different spells for different enemies. It is an amazing and funny game especially when played with other people. The funny thing about this game is that your friend will kill you more than the enemies, and that's the fun part of the game! Playing alone is easy, playing with other people that makes it hard, which is also fun. The game also doesn't take itself seriously, with incomprehensible yet funny speech, shout-outs to popular works like Star Wars and many more. You will laugh or at least smile when playing this game. However, the game isn't perfect. The launch of the game was riddled with bugs and although many of the bugs have been solved, some still remain. You will crash the game occasionally but it isn't too serious to spoil the game. The game itself has many updates from the committed devs as there has been many dlcs to keep you coming back for more. When you're done with the adventure mode, get The Other Side of The Coin, The Stars Are Left, Dungeons and Daemons and Vietnam dlc to keep the adventure going. In a nutshell, buy this game, and make your friends buy it too!


Great co-op game!

ultimategamer | March 7, 2013 | See all ultimategamer's reviews »

Magicka is a great multi player game that allows friends to enjoy the adventure in this game together! Use your powers to fight enemies or heal your friends. Together you can complete the story line and help save the kingdom! The best part about it is that there is a lot of downloadable content to try out and add to the game! The more content the better the game play will get as you have more skins, powers and levels. Recommended for anyone who likes top down role playing games and would like to have something great to play with friends (1-4 players).


here are the magicians!

Neapolis47 | March 1, 2013 | See all Neapolis47's reviews »

Magicka is not the classic role-playing game that takes seriously all the gameplay is based on the use of spells and the combination of the various elements together. We have at our disposal eight elements (life, earth, fire, water, ice beam, shield and lightning) that can be combined at will. The possibilities from this point of view are almost endless, the only limit is the combination of elements opposed to each other, as-ground lightning or fire-water, which often leads to very unpleasant effects for our poor alter ego. In spellcasting should also pay attention to the state that is our character. For example, casting a spell of water will wet your character making it very painful to launch a lightning spell soon after. The same principle works with the enemies, they will be more or less sensitive to the items based on their condition and the material they are wearing. If the system game may seem rather simple, actually the difficulty of the game came on the high side and it seems geared to make happy hardcore players. The large number of enemies and the need to quickly insert combinations make frantic gaming sessions and force the player to exert much their reflections leaving little time to draw breath between a collision and the other.


Grab your friends

Jorgel | Feb. 22, 2013 | See all Jorgel's reviews »

This game is great. It mix a good RPG, action, comedy and coop game into an amazing combination. The gameplay is great and intuitive(use a game pad): you mix elements to create spells, and you can combine your spells with your friend's to create even powerful ones, what leads to an awesome coop game. The history is very nice and funny, and you will find yourself laughing of some situations. The graphics are also beautiful, with an nice 3D visual, with cartoon elements. If you want to have fun with your friends, Magicka is a great game, and the tons of DLCs can make it last a lot longer


Great coop

Stebsis | Feb. 16, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

Magicka is definitely a game designed for coop. It's fun alone and I recommend playing alone to kind of get used to the game, but the best part is when having fun with 1-3 more friends. You use your A, S, D, F, Q, W, E and R keys to combine different spells like shield, beam, heal, fire, water and so on. There are probably hundreds, if not thousands of different combinations how you can use your magic. You chain up to 5 magics together by pressing the keys, and depending what you choose and in which order, it creates different spell. For example one combination creates a stone skin around you and if you put more spells into it it gets thicker but also slows you down. One spell allows you to put the spell in your weapon to do a powerful melee attack that might also create some exploding ice shards. Or create a big ice earth stone that you hurl at your foes and it does just massive damage. It's just unbelievable how many things you can discover. It's still not without its problems, there are tons of bugs even though the game has been patched. The game might crash and there are other various bugs. I really recommend Magicka but get couple other friends to buy it too, it's just a much more fun that way and you can together figure out some crazy combinations.


Amazing game

celdiruen | Feb. 2, 2013 | See all celdiruen's reviews »

Magicka is a gem. If you can get at least one other friend to play this with you, you're bound to have a good time. You'll be fighting goblins when suddenly, you'll explode. Your friend will swear it wasn't them, but deep down, you know it was. You conjure up a lightning bolt, and smite them from the heavens. Hilarity ensues. In all seriousness, there are lots of spell combinations to experiment with, and memorizing them isn't necessary for success. You can mess around and try to find new spells while playing. There's lots of synergy between many types of spells, as well. The story itself is very light-hearted and tongue in cheek, and the game has some hilarious voice acting. Pick it up and give it a go!


Excellent, polished, perfect indie game

MalekTaktak | Jan. 27, 2013 | See all MalekTaktak's reviews »

Magicka is one of the (rare) stunningly good indie-developed games. In one little beautifully wrapped package, you have a semi-top view 3D Moba-like RPG with tons of features. You play as one of the mage apprentices who have to save the world from the hands of an evil overlord who wants to dominate the world. The player can team up with 4 friends on local OR online through the whole storyline. The game is clustered with little nerdy references, hilarious "voice-actors" and lots of heavy satire which make it very unique and outstanding for an indie game, also, gameplay-wise, the player is able to control his character (and choose the costume beforehand) in real time using the mouse and keyboard, and will have to combine 8 elements with 5 at once to throw spells at enemies and smite them, which hands out very interesting results and drags the player's interest deep into discovering all of the combinations, added to the special spell books "Magicks" who will grant the players ultimate moves. Fighting is simple, yet very challenging and requires a lot of fast thinking and elaborating strategies. The graphics are cartoonish and often beautiful (especially the spells' lights + shaders) and offer a huge appeal for the game. The soundtrack is worth noting, since it's very nice to the ears and sometimes adrenaline-raising. The story, as I pointed out earlier, is nothing serious, the developers are just playing with the plot and often break the fourth wall. Added to the loads of DLC and modes, this game is a must-buy, you can't just go past it if you're a fan of good indie games.



xydanus | Jan. 21, 2013 | See all xydanus's reviews »

Magicka is action game with RPG elements, comedy and coop. Magicka makes jokes about different subjects. Magicka has many DLC packs that expand gaming experience, so i recommend to buy collection. Gameplay is very different from other games: player combines different magic skills with his/her own skills or other players skills and then happens something fancy. It sound funny and that it is. Graphics are colorful and full of effects. This also makes game quite heavy to run. One of the must-have coop games surely.


Good, but only with friends

DeweyDTruman | Jan. 20, 2013 | See all DeweyDTruman's reviews »

There's no two ways around this: Magicka is insanely fun when you have a few friends to play it with. On it's own though, it doesn't exactly stand well. The gameplay is decent enough, the story is... passable, but it doesn't really stand out at all. Combining spells is great fun but honestly it wears a bit thin after you cast laser beams for the hundredth time. Ultimately I would recommend anybody who has friends that play this game to look into it, at the very least. Just be aware it won't be as good on its own.



Donrenegade | Jan. 19, 2013 | See all Donrenegade's reviews »

This game is one of the best indie games that have ever been released. Sure it might be a bit buggy at times, but that does not take away the fun you have with this game at all! I recommend playing this with friends, but it's also a lot of fun played solo. This is the first game in which I've been able to play as a mage and combine 8 elements to kill enemies. All other games just give you certain spells like fireballs, freeze enemies spells, simple heal spells etc. In this game, you create the spells you want to use yourself. Also whether you want it to be a beam, a projectile or even a mine! The humor in this game is also very nicely done. The story will make you laugh A LOT. Don't know on which game you'd want to spend your money on? Go for magicka! It's worth double the price it is now!


Incredibly fun with friends

Teix | Jan. 7, 2013 | See all Teix's reviews »

Magicka is a top-down action-rpg set in a whimsical fantasy world, where you play as a powerful mage embarking on an epic quest. The main feature of this game is the magic system. It seamlessly allows you to combine and use different elements together and use them on the fly, aggressively or defensively. Unfortunately, as soon as you find the most powerful combinations, there's not much reason to use anything else, since you can just spam them indefinitely (mana does not exist). The single-player is certainly serviceable, but the co-op really makes this game shine. Grab a few friends and watch as the game turns into complete chaos. The technical side of things is a bit shaky, as the game is not very well optimized, and bugs/crashes appear to be frequent. The online co-op can also be ruined by the horrible netcode, so be ready to get disconnected often.


Magicka - review

carlyle | Jan. 6, 2013 | See all carlyle's reviews »

Despite the playful atmosphere of the title there is also a healthy dose of blood splattering copious when a certain spell hit opponents. So at first glance looks like a super deformed action adventure, the feeling certain situations reminiscent of Diablo and the gameplay action is rampant. In Magicka there are plot, characters and dialogue but everything is extremely simplified. Witty dialogues and atmosphere are obviously important to contextualize the deeds of our magician, but the heart of the experience is that of a pure hack & slash, where action counts more than any words. Even if you can wield a sword, the center of gravity of the absolute title is obviously the system of spells. Nine types of magic eight of which can be combined to generate a plethora of different effects and devastating. The gameplay is fast, dynamic, and once you're comfortable with spells becomes more fun. The power base is the wind and can not be combined with others, but it is essential to get rid of enemies and escape from the most desperate situations. Selected items individually can generate a stream, which can range from care to blazes, while the combinations vary in shape and type.


ITS OVER 9000 !

anonimokun | Dec. 24, 2012 | See all anonimokun's reviews »

When first seen Magicka on Steam, not imagined it could be something good or great. It seemed to be just one of several generic games that Steam sells low price. I was completely wrong. Magicka goes far beyond the generic, innovating and bringing comedy to the famous world of RPGs. In Magicka you are a mage who, following the orders of his teacher (and narrator practically the entire game), Vlad must help the king confront the evil forces following trip to Havindr. The story is generic as satire to RPGs, with various elements of comedy with references to 300, Monty Python and other famous movies. The staff of Arrowhead Game Studios has created a hilarious dialect for the characters, sounding something as disjointed as a viking drunk trying to speak English and German simultaneously.


Gold Trophy for Multiplayer Experience

DonVercetti | Dec. 24, 2012 | See all DonVercetti's reviews »

First off, this is the best title Paradox and Arrowhead made in my opinion. Next to funny and entertaining story, the singleplayer mode is lots of fun. However, when you make sure another friend of you owns the title as well, I'll bet you'll have the most laughs in a videogame ever. In the world of Midgård your robed hero will have his clumsy times when you try to create a spell that doesn't always end up being in your favor. In multiplayer, triple the fortitude. You and your friends will probably end up killing eachother more times than the enemies will. These moments ofcourse help you with creating the most fun gaming moments ever!


Play this with friends

AppleMuffin | Dec. 23, 2012 | See all AppleMuffin's reviews »

Seriously, this game is meant to be played with friends. It's not even about the story or how much you progress in the game but how much chaos you cause when, say, your friend fires a beam of explosive ice at a monster and you bring up a shield at the same time, and the beam instead reflects off the shield and back at you, exploding both you and your friend. Hilarious fun. The visuals are colorful and nice, though the enemies leave something to be desired for. Still, most of the time you'll be reducing them to chunks of meat so not a big deal. The magic system is really cool. You can combine up to five different types of magic, (fire, wind, ice, beam, rock, etc) all available to you from the start, and for the rest of the game it's like a fun experiment - what kind of combination can I think of next? This game is meant to be played with friends and as such you shouldn't get the game if it's only you playing.


Spell-slinging Spectacular!

nairume | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all nairume's reviews »

Magicka is perhaps one of the most unique games to grace gaming in years. The magic fusion system that defines the game's core mechanic allows for a nearly endless set of possibilities for players to solve their way through the game's lengthy gauntlet of puzzles, combat encounters, and traps. And for whenever a player may not be able to figure out how to progress, the spell system always allows for magic to be channeled into pure brute force to push your way through, allowing everybody to make their way through the game at their own pace. Packaged along with the game is a charming story and plenty of interesting side games that will make this purchase well worth it for any player.


Good Co-Op game!

Darder | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all Darder's reviews »

I used to have a Let's Play channel, and this is all I would play for a month. An amazing game in Co Op! Oh me and my friends had so much fun, and alot of good laughs! The game is full of references and humor and it really is a pleasure to play it everytime! The actual gameplay is very interesting as you learn which spells are good and usefull at what times. A great experience!


Only to be played with friends

rstokes | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all rstokes's reviews »

Magicka is an isometric co-op centric Action/adventure game where you assume the roll of a nameless Wizard set off to save the princess or kill the bad guy or whatever, the story isint what makes this game worth playing. What makes this game stand out is its combat system, you hit one of several hot keys to queue up a element type to unleash devastating (or useless) attacks, each element causes specific effects when placed next to complimentary elements or in the correct order. You can also use modifier keys to alter how your spells are cast, you can aoe, self cast, or shoot projectiles. While this is amazingly innovative and endlessly fun, while playing solo the game just feels like its incomplete, you soon find the missing piece after you join a online match, which is both hectic and rewarding. The problem in the game lies in that large flaw though, its really only meant to be played with other people, and since we all know the internet is full of D-bags the games friendly fire system usually makes random groups a nightmare. You will constantly be killed by new players, people will endlessly complain about not getting a weapon, and other will just flat out murder you to get whatever is in your hand at the moment. You soon learn why 80% of the online games are password locked. This game is meant to be played with actual friends, as in people you know and will communicate with. If you can get a group of 3 friends to join you it can be one of the best times you have online in a game, but without competent partners the game is just frustrating at best. If know at least one other person who wants to play the game is great, I would give it a 96 But if you are the forever alone type this may just not be worth the trouble, I would give it a 66 if you factor out real allies Total I would give it the mean of those two scores, an 81. Solid buy if you are looking for a co-op slaughter fest


A great Co-op game

ultrapwnd | Nov. 18, 2012 | See all ultrapwnd's reviews »

In Magicka you play as a wizard, with various magical abilities, as the game progresses you unlock more and more spells, they are interesting to see and the humor of the game is pretty funny, it has lots of references throughout the game to other games such as the legend of Zelda. Magicka is very fun online with friends where you can battle your friends or play the story mode. The graphics look very nice, and the music is well done. The game has a lot of DLC with various areas such as Vietnam. Magicka is a great game and if you like co-op games you should like this one.


It doesn't get better than this.

IganX | Nov. 11, 2012 | See all IganX's reviews »

Magicka is without doubt one of the games of the last years. With a simple gameplay which consists of combining elements to create spells and using your staff and sword to advance through a campaign containing tons of humor, this game is worth playing. Besides its Single Player options such as the Campaign or Challenges, you can also play in them with your friends, a very recommendable experience. With a new PvP feature besides the Co-op, this is totally an amazing game in every aspect.


Nice, relaxing, funny adventure game.

fable2 | Oct. 29, 2012 | See all fable2's reviews »

Magicka is an animated adventure game where the player must come up with different key combinations (combining magicka powers like fire, water, earth) in order to defend/attack against foes. Now add to that 100+ pop culture references and a vampire (or not) and you get a really fun adventure game. Tip: Play with friends, the game seems to be designed that way and it will take a good amount of time to play through the game by yourself. (Because other players can resurrect you) Also there are versus and challenge modes to play with your friends. Challenge maps are simply wave after wave of enemies you try to ward off for as long as possible. Sadly there are plenty of bugs in this game, but none that really take away from the game too much. Overall a nice, relaxing, funny adventure game!


Magic fun!

V2lentin | Oct. 24, 2012 | See all V2lentin's reviews »

To put it simple, Magicka is one of the funniest games you'll ever get to play. There are so many references raging from folk tales to internet memes, and so many hidden easter eggs that nobody will find them on the first playthrough. The game itself is based on the Norse mythology, but has heavy influences from other cultures too. Magicka puts you in the robe of wizard tasked to stop an evil sorcerer that tries to bring the world to its doom.The story is not the strong point of the game, but its spell casting system. There are no scrolls or spells in the true meaning of the word. The wizard has 8 elements that he can combine as he wants, with various outcomes. You can create shields of rock or fields of electric mines, not to mention the spells you find scattered around in the game world, like ressurection or even casting Death. As far as the graphics are concerned, the game looks very nice, with bright colours and rich details. That may be a problem for older PCs, because the game will not run, although it may be faulty optimisation too. The voices of the characters are some sort of mumbling in what seems to be a made-up Nordic language, but sounds funny and is pretty well done. What makes this game even more attractive is the co-op, which supports up to 4 players. The story can be played in co-op or you can battle your friends in various arenas, like a frozen lake or a tower, each one having different specifics. A funny thing in the co-op is the fact that you can cast any spell on your teammates, so you can kill them at any time by mistake. Even though the game was launched nearly 2 years ago, there are plenty of DLCs that can extend its life and add some flavour to the gameplay. Ranging from robes or staves to new quests, the DLCs shouldn't be missed by anyone who bought the original game.


Awesome coop and combat system.

DukePaul | Oct. 22, 2012 | See all DukePaul's reviews »

If you need a coop game, buy this game, the 4 players coop is one of most funniest experiences I played. The secret is the combat system, using eight keys for each elemental attack like fire, water, earth, heal, etc, you can cast a lot of "magicks" and combine them, for example to create a shield made of rocks or fire, but you can also cast a powerful beam and another player cast other and you cross the beams making it more powerful, but watch out where you aim that beam because friendly fire is on in this game and you can kill your friends. The game itself is a little adventure with a lot humour, making jokes about pop culture and internet memes, it has a lot of items with different stats and so many achievements to play hours and hours. The DLC is also nice, it gives the game more variety with more robes and items for your characters.


The humor is (sadly) half the fun.

das_regal | Oct. 2, 2012 | See all das_regal's reviews »

Ever played the Sims? Did you love how they spoke in their own little language to each other? If so: buy this game. Every plot point in Magicka is delivered in similar prose, and it's one of the strongest selling points of the game. The spell casting system that Magicka employs allows you to summon and combine elements on the fly to create intricate spells. It's pretty neat, but unfortunately it's easy to reach the precipice of skill with it early on, and the rest of the game becomes an unvaried slog through familiar encounters and cheesy enemies with gigantic health bars. The co-op feature is nice, but team killing is far too easy in a game where if you get your buddy wet and they cast a lightning spell, you've just committed physician assisted suicide.


Fun, but you need friends and a love for exploration

dark2025 | Sept. 24, 2012 | See all dark2025's reviews »

Magicka's magic system is certainly very unique and fun to play around with. However, certain spell combinations are just too powerful and the game's difficulty level is fairly uneven, making it so that the game might be too difficult for some players and too easy for others, those who are willing to try more spell combinations and who are frankly just faster with the keyboard. The humour is nice too, with many game and other pop culture references. There are many different enemies and different challenges to do. However, playing by yourself it can get boring, especially if you just resort to the same spells over and over again. If you have friends however, things become much more interesting because of friendly fire - a lot of the time you might just kill your friends because there's so much action on the screen you don't even notice them, or maybe you're just the type of player who likes to see your friends rage. Whatever the case, the chaos and destruction in a multiplayer game is really quite fun. So hopefully you go into this game with people to play!


A particular action game

panz3r88 | Sept. 13, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Magicka is an action game different from the others: it has a good graphic and it's full of fun elements, but the most original part is the combat system different from the one of other games. During the game you can cast spells using a combination of maximum five of the ten available elements to create very different magic. In this way anyone can find the best way to fight the enemies. The campaign is very long, but after some times it can become ripetitive. It's better to play the game in co-op with some friends to have more fun.


Vlad isn't a vampire !

zhack075 | Sept. 3, 2012 | See all zhack075's reviews »

This game totally worth it price. The gameplay is pretty much unique and the game itself is hilarious. There are multiple references such as 300, star wars even some movie or games you thought you were the only one to know ! I recommend to play this game with friend as the friendly fire adds a funnier dimmension to the game. However, the "robes" and "items" DLCs seems really expansive for what they add and they regulary add free ones such as the "spacemarine" robe, the tron robe or even a reservoir dog robe ! If you want to have fun a low price, this game is for you !


A both fun and funny game

CJV | Aug. 18, 2012 | See all CJV's reviews »

This game is very straightforward, with endless combinations for spells and endless victims to try them on. It can also get very chaotic when played with friends. And this game is meant to be played with friends, the campaign will become very hard to play solo from chapter 5 onward, like the developers themselves said, dying is part of the game, have a friend revive you. And without friends to revive you the campaign becomes much more harder and a lot less fun. And it is a very fun campaign, with various funny references. It's a shame it can not be properly enjoyed solo.


Fun game but meant for co-op

clachplype | Aug. 10, 2012 | See all clachplype's reviews »

Magicka is a fun 4 player co-op that has a great and decent length campaign along with a good sense of humour throughout the levels with references ranging from games to iron maiden. The game while still enjoyable in single player really shines through during its co-op and multiplayer modes what can only be described as destruction and chaos. While the game is affected by some bugs and glitches many of these have since been patched although a few do still exsist in the game. Overall Magicka is a great fantasy action adventure game and while worth the picking up. Beware of the amount of dlc with many of them adding only new robes into the game however the major expansions are worth a buy.


Buy it for the price - love it for the multiplayer

Cooberstooge | July 23, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

Have a strong interest in blowing up and/or hurting the very people you're supposed to be working with? Then Magicka is the game for you! A surprisingly long campaign is followed by endless hours of multiplayer matches, which half the time devolve into endless rage fests over being killed and killing others on your team. Just because you should work together doesn't mean you have to. Think of Magicka as the fantasy world's response to the random insanity that is GTA and Saints Row. Sure, it has a story and loveable characters, but at the end of the day, don't we all just want to electrocute our best friends?


A game meant for coop

Ninjer | July 22, 2012 | See all Ninjer's reviews »

This game is boring by yourself. It's made to be played with friends, and that's how it should be played. There are massive trolls online (people constantly harassing you at the worst times, so make sure you DO have friends with you). The friendly fire (with the game having a lot of AoE combinations) can be troublesome at times, but that's what makes the game. Die and laugh it off (only with friends though). Otherwise, the gameplay is mediocre. It's an interesting game where you have to memorize your spell combos, as button mashing won't get you too far, but once you get it down and unlock/memorize spells, the game will be a blast. Oh, and don't bother looking for major spells online, you unlock them as you progress further into your game (it unlocks for you character, so you can join your friend's game and you will still have it).


How many times can I emphasize the hialrious fun you'll have?

PM_DMNKLR | July 14, 2012 | See all PM_DMNKLR's reviews »

There is no better description that the word FUN to describe Magicka, especially when you add on the DLC's for it. The humor in it is downright epic, the dialogue holds true to that as well, and also the adventure is just gravy. Do some co-op and as long as your friends aren't total idiots, you'll have a blast! Review Kitten told me to tell you "GET IT RIGHT MEOW!!!"


An unexpected hit from an indie developer

Cynaris | July 13, 2012 | See all Cynaris's reviews »

Magicka isn't your average game, The gameplay might seem simple, but the execution is where it shows it's real innovations. Not many game allows you to tinker with different elements to conjur up deadly spell variations on the fly. Even less allows you to bring that into co-op, resulting in a chaotic, but extremely fun time. The game had a rough start, but constant patching and community feedbacks have come to fruition, ending up as one of the most clever, innovative, and fun game of past times.



Melkarth | July 13, 2012 | See all Melkarth's reviews »

This is mayhem made game, when playing with friends, everything can (and will) happen. The main con is that there are too many dlcs, but at least, the expansion packs are pretty good.


Funny but action-packed!

Dinoienugget | July 7, 2012 | See all Dinoienugget's reviews »

The concept of this game is you're a mage and you can combined elements together to create different spells, for example, combining fire and earth will make a fireball, combining water and lightening will make a lightening conducted water stream. There are elements that you cannot combine together though, like water and fire, but half of the fun is experimenting with the different elements. This game is full of humour and action, sometimes at the same time, but the controls can be hard to pick up straight away, it took me quite a while.


Absolutely amazing!

aqnickdan14 | July 6, 2012 | See all aqnickdan14's reviews »

Magicka is an amazing game! This game is about wizards who use their environment and the 8 elements of it to make spells to kill enemies and level up using experience gained from each enemy you kill! The story is really good and the graphics support the game nicely! The game has plenty of DLC so you'll be having plenty of fun for a long amount of time!


Magicka, expect rage when playing coop with friends

StewartX | July 6, 2012 | See all StewartX's reviews »

I personally loved this game, lots of fun but coop multiplayer throws it into a rage-fest. You'll soon discover that friendly fire isn't that friendly and you'll be raging at your friends to stop using the lightning spell while you are standing in front and end up screaming over the line for your friends to res you (w a space) while they teabag your shattered corpse. Aside from that the game is brilliant, I must admit the first time I played I thought I had the wrong language pack installed as they have their own dialect, don't worry, this is normal. Single player is a blast and the scenery changes so you don't keep fighting the same enemies. Some good humor in this game as well. I'd recommend this (but if playing multiplayer I suggest sticking to duels as at least then you are supposed to kill your friends). Graphics: 5/10 (Good but nothing spectacular) Gameplay: 7/10 Multiplayer: (shudders) Yes


Funny game, better with friends.

viju | June 30, 2012 | See all viju's reviews »

A funny and strange game where you have to combine different elements in order to make magic, discovering powerful and sometimes weird spells (the amount of possible spells is huge). A really original game that is funny and entertaining in single player, but definitively much better in cooperative, where you will release the true chaos and death wherever you go. But be careful, because if you don't control your power, you will end by killing your mates and make them explode in blood and flesh, making a funny and strange feeling of cooperation and competition at the same time, killing them "accidentally". Actually, you will kill your mates, want it or not, so if that's gonna happen, try at least to make it worth it xD.


Fun to play

simonsix | June 21, 2012 | See all simonsix's reviews »

It's really fun to play with friends. Solo however it's pretty boring.For an indie game, pretty good. It has a unique gameplay system, is pretty hilarious, and has some great multiplayer. Magicka is definatly a fun game. brings a lot of fun with many magics and spells you can cast, this game is very fun and very re-playable .


Grab some friends!

csg180 | June 21, 2012 | See all csg180's reviews »

Magicka gives you ton of entertainment at a great price. You get a very interesting and unique magic system. This system allows you to combine all sorts of elemental magics! For example, you can combine stone + fire and launch a fire stone for greater effect! Witty storyline adds some laughs! The characters have a weird language they speak... but somehow the writing is still well done! I feel the co-op is where the game really shines. I found I had the most fun experimenting with all the different magic combinations with a couple buddies (and accidentally killing each other).


Fun, but I couldn't really get it working

bbqeggs | June 13, 2012 | See all bbqeggs's reviews »

I had fun with this game, that is until I tried to play a lan game with my brother. We could both play the single player fine, but whenever we tried to do anything online we could not for the life of either of us get it working. Now I am sure there is some solution if we really tried long enough, but after two hours of trying to get the online multiplayer working unsuccessfully we decided to play another game. The dialogue is fun, and the gameplay really does have potential (combining spells and creating effects really interested me as a game mechanic), but it did not seem to be worth the trouble to get it working. Overall, if you can get it to work and have friends to play with, go for it. But at least for me that was not a possibility, and the single player did not interest me enough to play for more than a few hours.


Fun, long game

xgatto | June 12, 2012 | See all xgatto's reviews »

Magicka is an unique rpg'ish game, which as you can tell by the name, is completely focused on magic. You have 8 elements to combine, and make many, many things, thunderstorms, meteor storms, invisibility, teleportation, and much more. Game is long and varied mostly because of the dlc's, so its not much likely that you'll get bored before 7hs of gaming or so. Also, the story is very well done, it has little gags that add to the game fun. Adding to all this, the game counts with cooperative and pvp multiplayer, which just adds more and more time of fun. Both the pvp and coop are very well done, and work flawlessly. However, the game has some downsides, the graphics arent very well done, sometimes things glitch, or works slower on systems where it should run very fast, feeling that it needs to be polished. But anyways, for its price, its definetly a worthy game of buying, and if you plan on playing it with friends, dont even doubt on buying it.


All in all, a fun game

Geenaro | May 27, 2012 | See all Geenaro's reviews »

Considering that the price is about 10 € Magicka is definitely a game that can give great satisfaction to the lovers of this genre as long as you can get over some graphical imperfections and the somewhat badly balanced difficulty levels wich could turn off certain players from playing. It all started with a small article about Magicka. The article explained a few quirks that could happen within the world of magic. For those who don't know, the gameplay in Magicka consists of combining elements together into spells and using those spells against hordes of enemies thrown at you. There's alot that can go wrong with these spells and hilarity ensues. Try bombing the enemy, only to hit your friends, resurrecting them, then being hit by your friend's thunderbolt as an act of revenge. The amount of combinations you can make is vast and makes for a very original game. There's many ways to dispose of your enemies and it with the challenge mode and co-op that are in this game you will have countless of hours of fun. A few downsides: The game still has a tendency to bork up and you might experience a few glitches here and there, but it's mostly a case of YMMV. Though the fun powers-down a little in single player, the element-based casting in which you choose multiple elements and cast in the form of beams, sprays and bolts is still incredibly fun and exciting to experiment with! All in all, a fun game - but bring your friends!


fun little game at a great price

ternfast | May 22, 2012 | See all ternfast's reviews »

This game is great to play with friends or on your own (though SO much better with friends!). its really addictive. the graphics aren't amazing compared to big budget games, but they still work really well for the game, and so it never feels ugly - the game is actually pretty polished. it can be a bit tricky to play, but with a group of friends, you'll find the hours just fly by!



meiji | Nov. 20, 2011 | See all meiji's reviews »

The first thing to note would be the price. ~$10 isn't much. Magicka has proven itself to be a great game with an amazing spell casting system. The random weapons such as machine guns only make it better. You'll easily find yourself spending hours and hours playing, enjoying yourself and laughing away at the humorous characters.


Worth it for it's low price

RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 3, 2011 | See all RaTcHeT302's reviews »

Considering that the price is about 10 € Magicka is definitely a game that can give great satisfaction to the lovers of this genre as long as you can get over some graphical imperfections and the somewhat badly balanced difficulty levels wich could turn off certain players from playing. The game's longevity is about 10 hours long but the co-op mutliplayer and the challenges wich you face in the arenas can make it last a bit longer. It's a fun and humorous game, you should buy it if you love playing with a friend or two together.


Play This Game If You Are Bored

thespysapper | Sept. 22, 2011 | See all thespysapper's reviews »

This game is like diablo mixed with DoTA. This game is like an RPG but without the leveling up system. As you progress through the level, you get new equipments which you find around the map and new spells. The pros about this game is that this game is unique and its fun for a while. The game heavily depends on the player's hand speed because in order for one to cast a spell, he has to press certain keys in a certain pattern and press the any of the mouse button. The game offers a fair fight because the newcomer's character and the people who have been playing the game for a while have the same ability. The only cons about this game however is the repetitive enemy and gameplay. only way to keep the game fresh is by buying the DLCs. Overall, i recommend this as a boredom killing game and a co-op (or PvP) game. It is well worth the money.


Common Game but Good :D

kalil | Sept. 17, 2011 | See all kalil's reviews »

Magicka is a fun game, very simple-minded in terms of history or levels, focusing more on the spell system than anything else. Another strong point of this game is full of clichés, which make up the slack that is in history, making you have a good time. Now the game also has its problems, the multiplayer is almost unplayable, many people have problems when entering through authentication failures (server here present for example) but it seems that they will gradually patching. Crasheo several throughout the game, many playable level bugs and many deaths because of the antics of your colleagues on your team's normal in a multiplayer game. The game comes with texts in Spanish, the voices are not in English but in an invented language. Except for the narratives in the early chapters that are in Spanish.


Tonnes of Fun With Friends

Mondu | Sept. 2, 2011 | See all Mondu's reviews »

When I first tried the demo I wasn't blown away and felt like I couldn't justify the price tag, however, after buying the full game and playing with a group of friends I realised I couldn't have been more wrong. By yourself the game is nothing special, but the game wasn't built with single player in mind. With friends the game is a blast. Lasting about 6 hours or so; you will find yourself questioning where your loyalties lie as your friend kills you for the tenth time, teaming up to take down large bosses and laughing a lot at the jokes and fun multiplayer gameplay. If you were planning to get this game then I definitely recommend trying to convince your friends to do the same. You will enjoy it a hundred times more if you play through together.


Every now and then a game comes along out of nowhere

jojot | Sept. 2, 2011 | See all jojot's reviews »

Magicka is one of those games. This is sillyness and mayhem of the highest degree, nicely presented as an isometric adventure game that doesn't even come close to ever taking it's self seriously. One warning is that the game is designed to be played with friends, and without them is actually quite challenging as you frequently get knocked of ledges or one hit KO'd in the game, and obviously if you are solo theres no one to resurrect you. The central mechanic of the game revolves around being a wizard, taking orders from Vlad, who totally isn't a vampire, and combining the various magical elements in the hopes you will create a spell of epic proportions with which to crush your enemies, and not simply explode and kill yourself. There are some spells which are obviously overpowered and you will likely fall back on frequently, but over all the mechanic works great and creates for some hilarious moments when you or friends accidentally press the wrong combination and end up healing your enemies or exploding your allies etc. The game also contains a lot of pop-culture and gaming references and even goes as far as to actively promote trolling your co-op partners. This game is a blast with friends and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants som good dumb social fun.


Wonderful humor and great gameplay

Ascadia | Sept. 1, 2011 | See all Ascadia's reviews »

Magicka was one of those games that came out of no where. There were whispers of its development and a couple of funny videos but then all was silent. Suddenly out of no where the game appeared on Steam, Paradox had lent a helping hand and it was announced the game would be out in a few short weeks. From the price one would expect a short, fun but not very detailed romp and that is simply not the case with Magicka. Its combat system is dynamic, its levels are long and large and its multiplayer continues to grow and become more involved with every passing month. If you are looking for something light hearted to play with friends, look no further!


Vampires, Magicians and Humor: What more could you want?

Neohoodman | Aug. 23, 2011 | See all Neohoodman's reviews »

It all started with a small article about Magicka. The article explained a few quirks that could happen within the world of magic. For those who don't know, the gameplay in Magicka consists of combining elements together into spells and using those spells against hordes of enemies thrown at you. There's alot that can go wrong with these spells and hilarity ensues. Try bombing the enemy, only to hit your friends, resurrecting them, then being hit by your friend's thunderbolt as an act of revenge. The amount of combinations you can make is vast and makes for a very original game. There's many ways to dispose of your enemies and it with the challenge mode and co-op that are in this game you will have countless of hours of fun. A few downsides: The game still has a tendency to bork up and you might experience a few glitches here and there, but it's mostly a case of YMMV.


Good Game

ferratus | Aug. 23, 2011 | See all ferratus's reviews »

An excellent game to play with friends, and will provide you and your friends hours of adventure. it will also challenge you to come up with your own spells and combination of elements to make your spells more powerful or better tailored to your current needs. I deeply enjoyed this game and found myself challenged by it at points. The reason I gave it an 80 instead of something higher is for a number of small reasons. If it hadn't been for these issues I would have given it a score of around 93. The reasons: I did not feel that the spells were balanced and found myself just using the biggest spells instead of trying to figure out something better depending on the enemy, and because of this I felt rather limited in what I could actually do. The next issue I had was that you lost your whatever weapon you were using at the time as soon as you died. Now normally I would not complain about this, but due to the fact that it becomes a chaotic mess of spells when you play with a group of people and suddenly friendly fire starts happening and those awesome weapons are no longer yours. Lastly I was upset that there was no way to go back to get one of the books if you missed it earlier on. For instance let us say you walk right by the book to allow you to teleport and then you beat that part of the story, now you have no way to go back and get it so you are now stuck without that spell for the remainder of the game. The game's humor is really what is the selling point is. I laughed so much at the expense of the little wizards. There were so many moments that just made you chuckle.


Solid Co-Op Game

cloner2020 | Aug. 22, 2011 | See all cloner2020's reviews »

One of my friends compared it to Diablo in it's hack 'n slash gameplay, albeit much more colorful and light-hearted. I find it's best when played with 4 friends over Skype, the fun is audible when everyone is slinging beams across the screen, combining streams to create powerful combos and tag-teaming imaginative bosses. Though the fun powers-down a little in single player, the element-based casting in which you choose multiple elements and cast in the form of beams, sprays and bolts is still incredibly fun and exciting to experiment with! All in all, a fun game - but bring your friends!


I hope you have friends

Endyo | Aug. 22, 2011 | See all Endyo's reviews »

Magicka is one of those games that comes along seemingly once every millennia that manages to have great production value for very little money. For the money I can’t possibly suggest a better game to play with your friends… and as simple as it seems, the subtle complexity is what ends up making it so ridiculously entertaining. At first you’ll look at it is another isometric hack-and-slash-looking RPG. That’s just how it comes across when you first launch it, but it’s less about running through a sea of monsters creating carnage and far more about trying to keep this frail little wizard alive while conjuring up spells in a horrified panic. The game does a great job of animating the various spells and effects to make you want to combine new spells just to see what they look like. Other than some pretty spells and effects, the game is relatively basic compared to other modern games. It’s pretty enough not make you cringe and simple enough that you can play with three of your friends and still enjoy a decent frame rate on a mediocre computer. The story is actually quite funny, though it’s nothing spectacular. I found myself laughing at the gibberish Sims-like speech most of the characters generated and the jokes that were contained within. It kind of sounds like a weird Swedish drunken baby talk… if that’s a thing. It’s worth paying attention to once, but not worth holding up the universe to make sure you catch every detail. What’s truly compelling about Magicka is the gameplay. I’m going to come out at the top saying that you’re going to want to play with friends. If you have three friends that you can convince to play, then make them play. The game’s fun grows exponentially with the number of people playing. Whether it’s co-op in the campaign, or the various other multiplayer options out there, you’re going to be having a good time in the process with more people involved. In all honesty, playing the game alone is kind of boring. You’ll be purposefully and accidently killing each other and dying horribly from your own actions in the utter chaos that ensues from multiple people trying to accomplish a task, let alone the aspect of the enemies coming after you, that you will most likely spend more time dying than living. Luckily there are many checkpoints and resurrection spells are easy to conjure. The entire game is really about learning and casting spells. You can mix your own concoctions with your eight elements of spells to try and dominate on your own terms, but they are also special spells that require you to input a series of elements in the correct order and hit “space” to let it fly. Some of these are as simple as creating a rainstorm that wets everyone on the map making them more susceptible to electric attacks (though you’d better dry yourself first, or as complex as a giant black whole of death that pulls enemies (and allies) to their death. There are so many spells to be learned, created, and manipulated in to attacks as basic or tactical as you can imagine, you’ll forget that you even have a melee weapon. And of course, the melee weapons can have spells cast upon them as well giving you even more abilities. You could spend hour upon hour trying to learn these spells like an extended move list in a fighter, but in the end it’s just more fun to wing it and hope you don’t blow yourself up. Magicka is great for multiplayer, but the campaign is fairly short and single player might as well just not exist. There are also a handful of bugs remaining, though many have been patched out. However, down the line when you consider the low ball price and immense fun you can have with your friends, owning this game should be pretty easy to justify.


Very fun and amusing, at least for one playthrough in co op.

Xonus | Aug. 22, 2011 | See all Xonus's reviews »

A very simplistic yet incredibly fun (for the while it lasts) game. The magic system of it consisting of creating various spells with the usage of 8 different elements (and mixing of them all) as well as some special combinations make for tons of fun. The campaign is incredibly funny on the first playthrough, as the constant environment transitions don't make it boring either, especially if you recognize most of the references thrown into the game (which is actually most of the humor in it). Definitely worth the low price it went for for plenty of times already (and the release price too).



keysersoze16 | Aug. 22, 2011 | See all keysersoze16's reviews »

Such a wonderful idea for a game to have wizards that can combine magic skills such as wind and ice to make ice thrown swords. The gameplay is very good with lots of DLCs and gets you interacted with the game so much due to the fact that there is so much to do, so many magic skills. I really enjoyed this game


An exceptional game for lanning

Xamos | Aug. 22, 2011 | See all Xamos's reviews »

Magicka is an incredibly silly game with some real heart to it. Everything about it is completely over the top, with an incredible amount of devastating spell combinations and the most ridiculous plot I've seen in a long time. Grab this game, sit down with 3 friends and I guarantee it'll be a hilarious time. My only criticisms of this game are that its rather bland solo and online play can be buggy at times.


Co-op Goodness

lonewolf80 | Aug. 21, 2011 | See all lonewolf80's reviews »

One may overlook this little gem by Paradox Interactive & Arrowhead if they don't play close attention. On first glance, Magicka seems like just another low-budget top-down adventure game. It has your standard mages, orcs, dragons, as well as dungeoneering, and to a point, a loot system. However, what makes Magicka special is its unique spell-casting system, as well as cooperative play. Magicka's spell system relies heavily on elements, such as fire, earth, wind and water. By utilizing and discovering a combination of said powers, players can create a huge variety of spells to either help allies or damage foes. What makes this more interesting is when the concept is used in cooperative mode. Players can combine and cross spells for devastating (or hilarious) effects. You'll never know what happens until you try!


Friendly fire? Yes please!

Johnnsen | Aug. 20, 2011 | See all Johnnsen's reviews »

Magicka is a special game. The magic (k) system it features is unique, and lets you weave your own spells by combining different elements. Combine fire and rock and a projectile element, and throw lava rocks. Combine an Area-of-effect element with water and frost, and create an ice blast. But be careful, as "friendly-fire" is permanently on, which means your spells will affect your comrades. Accidentally (or on purpose) hitting your friends adds a lot to the fun. This game is best enjoyed in co-op, either offline on the same PC, or online with friends or strangers. There is the whole campaign for you to be enjoyed in co-op, and and also PVP and challenge maps.


Great bang for your buck.

gaff84 | Aug. 20, 2011 | See all gaff84's reviews »

I was really impressed with Magicka. I picked it up for cheap, and was instantly blown away with what I got gameply-wise compared to the price. It offers an unlimited amount of options for spell-casting (virtually, anyway). It is basically a crafting system where you can learn various spells (which are just combination ratios) and those combos provide a certain result, or you can just experiment and figure out different combinations on your own. I was absolutely in love with the game when within the first 20 minutes I figured out how to create a magical suit of armor made of rock. I've also spent a lot of time laughing at the assorted NPC's. It is far from a serious game. Everything is very tongue in cheek. Even the lack of a proper inventory system (which seems like it would be a negative) is joked about in the game. It is nice to see a game that doesn't take itself too seriously. I don't have any of the expansion packs, but those seem like they take some of the humor to the next level. It is a very enjoyable time-killer (there are limited rpg elements, so you won't really spend much time doing anything beyond creating crazy spells to dispatch enemies in comical and creative ways). I give it a 80/100 (deducted some points for the lack of an inventory system). Very enjoyable time-killer.


If at first you don't succeed...

theamazingshala | Aug. 19, 2011 | See all theamazingshala's reviews »

Try again with friends. This game is truly meant to be played and experienced with friends. Four wizards enter a level and after a minute only one wizard is guaranteed to be left standing. Part of the joys and frustrations come from diving in head first learning the multiple spells combos, and releasing them without ever knowing how they work or when to use them. Pick up a friend or two to play this game, you might not ever complete the game but you'll have some of the best times in a game fighting to survive against the onslaught that are your buddies.


Great fun with friends

SLE | Aug. 19, 2011 | See all SLE's reviews »

I could barely find any faults with this game. I bought it with 3 of my friends during a sale and we just ran around with the awesome campaign mode. The way you mix spells was interesting and led to some really fascinating effects (LIGHTNING ICE ARMOR MADE OF ROCKS was a personal favorite)


One of the most unique games ever.

Rzepak01 | Aug. 19, 2011 | See all Rzepak01's reviews »

Magicka is a truly amazing game. Its a hilarious and very difficult fantasy romp unlike anything you have played before. The story, which I will not spoil is full of jokes and referances to pop culture and other games. The characters speak in a quirky giberish language that sounds a bit like Swedish with some English thrown in. The game spans 13 levels, which you can tackle either solo or with three other players. How long it takes the player to complete it is really up to the said player. This game is hard due to its steep learning curve. The main feature of the game is its magic system which uses 8 elements to create different spells. So for example fire and water makes steam, the combinations are limitless. How well you do depends only on how nimble your fingers are and how quickly you think on your feet. At the time of release the game was quite buggy, but I am happy to say that at this point I have encounterd very few problems even while online. That is good news because this is one of those games that is immensly more fun with other people in no small part due to the fact the there is friendly fire in coop. Since release the game has been expanded through the Vietnam expansion and has also recived a very fun PvP mode. Really this is a game that I would recommend to everyone.


Bargain with a right price

Exige | Aug. 19, 2011 | See all Exige's reviews »

I have played this game twice from start to end, first time with my 2 foreign friends and it was pure fun and chaos. It lasted around 5-6h. Second time with same setting but also with a girl and she also like the game. This time we tried some achievements so it was quite entertaining even when we have played the game once already. I would say the game would be awesome playing with friends (even those who don't have that much experience with these kind of games). Fast paced, filled with actions and humors. Bargain for few euros.


Humorous, tongue-in-cheek game

Oublieux | Aug. 16, 2011 | See all Oublieux's reviews »

Magicka is not your ordinary game. The fun doesn't come from the game itself, but rather, the hilarity that ensues from the consequences of your own actions. These actions originate from the spell system that's in place: mash a series of elements with their own individual keys, then unleash a powerful spell composed of multiple elements to destroy your enemies. But... really, more often than not, what happens is that you end up raining meteors on yourself or your co-op partner, laughing maniacally at how ridiculous the situation is. You will find yourself planting healing mines, accidentally setting your co-op partner on fire, hitting the wrong buttons from panic (resulting in disastrous wrong spells), and even find yourself doing this on purpose because it's just so ludicrously amusing. Give this game a shot. It's not for everyone. It's not a big name game. It is, however, a belly full of laughs and hysterics.


Good game

k_g_brothers | Aug. 14, 2011 | See all k_g_brothers's reviews »

I enjoyed the game in coop mode. the game has neato/original spell casting system and an entertaining sense of humor. my main problem with the game is the repetitive nature of the levels despite their differences visually. overall magicka nonstop, roller-coaster thrill ride, for both young and old gross people!!!!


A Great Game [Spanish Translated]

KgsRoCks | Aug. 11, 2011 | See all KgsRoCks's reviews »

It's a great game, a campaign that will release the laughter more than one, many references to games such as "The Legend of Zelda." The gameplay is simple, right click the character move and throw the "magicks" or spells that are developed through magic books or creating powerful rays with a combination of elements such as earth, fire, water, ice , electricity, shield, life ... It's a game that will keep several hours with the solo campaign and many hours with your friends with the different modes.


Hilarious RPG

Bertolli | Aug. 10, 2011 | See all Bertolli's reviews »

Magicka is by far one of the most successful non-AAA company titles to ever come out for the PC. Simple yet very addictive, it shines when you play with friends in co-op and end up finding unique and interesting ways to kill each other. There is also a free update for PvP which is also loads of fun when you have acquired a nice anthology of spell combinations. The game only has one downfall and its graphics related. Sadly, Magicka only supports a ATI or NVIDIA graphics card that are fairly high end and with no ability to lower graphical settings the game tends to be very laggy/choppy on older systems.


Innovating the RPG Genre, One step at a time

faraany3k | Aug. 7, 2011 | See all faraany3k's reviews »

Its a very interesting take on traditional RPG genre. Because of its Indie heart, game had the levrage of experimenting with the traditional norms of genre and I think they have done superbly well. One of the two things that make this a remarkably fresh and innovative experience is how it handles combat. Instead of traditional Hack and Slash like Diablo or a more cerebral approach like Oblivion with managing complex inventory and Mana requirements, Magicka offers a fast rythmic experience. We are provide with 8 elemental powers which include FIRE,WATER,ICE,ARCANE,LIGHTNING,EARTH,HEALING,SHEILD. These powers when used with the comibnations of others make a devastating and surreal experience. For example combining earth and fire will give you abilty to throw Fire Rocks at enemies. Or why not try combining Water and lightning. You know what will happen? You will hurt yourself. All this combining has a realistic approach where different combinations can prove to be lethal for the enemy but they can be lethal for the caster aswell. Another great feature that is still missing in most of the modern RPGs is the abilty to go Co-op or multiplayer. But you will be amazed to see that MAGICKA is built around the concept of Co-op. There is a whole campaign which is designed for 4 player co-op mode. And is an absolute blast when there are 4 mages doing there crazy magic combinations. They are bound to be fun, hilarious and absolutely outrageous. Magicka even has a multiplayer mode with arena style Versus and Challenge. The game at the time of release was pretty buggy, but now they have patched it and bugs have reduced significantly. And with the release of 8 brilliant DLCs (I recommend getting VIETNAM DLC) you are sure that developers will support the game long after you make this essential purchase. Game is both controller and Keyboard/Mouse enabled. Its just 10 dollars come on. Go buy it asap and have a blast while playing with your friends. Its an experience you are not likely to get any where else. I have given it a 90, only because it needs to be played with friends to have maximum fun. Otherwise it is a solid 9.5 experience with price to fun ratio.


Uniquity is the key of this game being so cool!

newn | Aug. 6, 2011 | See all newn's reviews »

Magicka is a very unique game. It is unique because of the magic system it's got. Most games requires you to have 99999 mana and that's it. This game requires you to quickly press the keys, quickly remember a combination or quickly create a combination. What else is great about this game is that you can create THOUSANDS of different combinations! If you are wondering if this game is long - yes it is. You should spend around 10 hours in the main campain; more if you are a poor gamer or just too lazy to try harder. But that isn't the most time-consuming activity. The most time-consuming activity is co-op or survival! Survival can be very hard but VERY fun! You get to kill random monster waves, get random books. It's especially good if you are new to the game, you will get new books and learn the combinations. Afterwards - campain will be much easier for you! That is a lot but isn't all! There are fun DLCs available! They will add new maps, items, robes, quests and spells to the game! And all of these DLCs cost pennies... Except Vietnam. That one costs a bit more but also gives you more. Be sure to take the DLCs when you buy the game! So that's it; I think it is definitely worth those ten bucks, or ~20 if you are going with all the DLCs. I don't regret that I spend money on this game like I do after buying some other games. Hope you enjoyed reading, have fun and buy the game!


Great indie RPG

SaadKhawaja | Aug. 3, 2011 | See all SaadKhawaja's reviews »

Hilarious indie RPG with developers that care about the game and are willing to provide patches and such. Only drawback is that AA does not work with the game but game itself is quite fun and it is hilarious to test out different powers and mix them to get unique results. Some of the jokes are extremely funny and jibberish language has its own cute charm. Solid 7/10


Good Game!

etnies | Aug. 2, 2011 | See all etnies's reviews »

Magicka is a great rpg/adventure game that allows you to be a wizard and use the elements to take down enemies. The game has a pretty simple concept and should not be too hard for anyone to get into. There are lots of spells to learn and use against your enemies to advance through the game. Also Magicka offers lots of dlc's that are available that add to the game and allows you to get an even better experience. Overall great game!


Magicka, Worth to buy it

klaros | Aug. 2, 2011 | See all klaros's reviews »

Magicka is a fun game fitted with parodies and jokes, nice graphics and colors, intriguing voices in a stranger nordic language. It is not really simple using all the elements to cast magics (you'll have a key in your keyboard for each element, 8 in total) and often you could cast something wrong, like casting a huge rock falling on yourself, but it will be also a nice source for a laugh in multiplay. You'll have to play in a close space, becuase your mage is quite big respect your screen, this means both that you'll enjoy better the view of the objects, that will be a mess fleeing and casting expecially in multiplay, for example you could easily cast a fire ball against a friend, or you could push him away or down in a ravine. Again this will be good for a multiplay laugh (if your friends will take it well). All this would be great just if multiplay would be playable without problems. The fact is that can quite easily happen that connection falls (it shouldn't be based on official servers but there should only be player hosting matches and the game seems pretty sensible to little lose of connections). If you enter in a game with 4 friends could happen that one exits or get disconnected. At this point there is no chance to see her/him reconnects or to see another one taking the empty space. The story is fun and is pretty long, but played alone is quite repetitive (the jokes will keep the game alive). There are enough chapters to play coop over internet, meanwhile there are few maps only for multiplay (except if you have intention to buy DLCs). Magicka is sold with a low starting price and there are many DLCs. Some of them will add few items or just a map. Magicka could have been a much better game, but the multiplay problems transform your playing in a russian roulette: will this match last? If not how much could I play? Let's hope that no more than 2 people will lose the connection or half fun will go away. As all others let's hope Magicka creators will find a solution. Meanwhile the vote is kept low.


Very unique and fun game

teamfortress2 | Aug. 1, 2011 | See all teamfortress2's reviews »

Magicka is a very stylized and entertaining game that you could easily dump 25+ hours into (not counting the dlc). The single player campaign can last you 10 or more hours depending on how many hundreds of times you die. Since this game is hard and unforgiving. Co-op is a total blast and will make those harder sections much easier. Multiplayer is always thriving and the challenges interesting enough for you to come back asking for more. The only problem with the game is the many hundreds of bugs, some are game breaking and the optimization is poor at best. If you have a beast computer that can pump life into this game then $10 is a complete steal. Hell just buy the complete edition to support more development of the game and the next ones.


Really Fun With Friends

SometingStupid | July 30, 2011 | See all SometingStupid's reviews »

This game is an amazing amount of fun to play with friends, even by yourself it's pretty entertaining to mix and match spells in order to try and find something cool that you can do. Wandering through all the different towns you'll find some references to internet memes, popular songs, and other such wizardy stuff, it really immerses you into the world and makes you laugh when you see a blacksmiths called Grahms Workshop with a Warhammer on the Anvil (this is really early on so I'm not ruining anything.) All in all this game is really good fun, if you have even one friend who already has or is thinking about getting this game, then it's a must-buy.


A tough solo game and tougher multiplayer game

wengart | July 28, 2011 | See all wengart's reviews »

Magicka is great to play alone or with friends thanks to it's unique spell system which promotes experimentation. You have 8 elements, 5 of which you may cue up and combine to create a unique spell. For example using only the earth element will create a giant boulder, but adding fire will make it explode it flames on impact. Magicka is obviously balanced for co-op so when playing alone it becomes a challenging and unforgiving game. But if you have friends it may become even more difficult (but more forgiving) since you'll probably end up killing each other more often than the enemies do. Although it doesn't look too demanding be sure to check min specs.


Great for solo and Coop

culefinslamort | July 27, 2011 | See all culefinslamort's reviews »

It's a game that goes better and better every time you play it. It's very cheap, really fun and also has a feature that seems to be lost from years ago: local coop! It's a game meant to be played with your brother or friends in your house or through the internet! It's quite polished right know (a real bunch of updates have been released) and you can play it really well without a very powerful PC.


Fun Fun Fun

Rice77 | July 27, 2011 | See all Rice77's reviews »

Think of a fun game, now forget it and play Magicka. This game is fun in all the ways you can think of. First of all it offers quick-paced hack'n'slash combat based on 8 different "magicks" you can combine however you want, killing enemies or even your friends in Co-op or PVP with a lot of different combinations of spells. Furthermore the game packs 3 different types of maps with 4 modes available, Campaign, online Co-op, Round based arenas with hordes of enemies and lastly, PVP. Finally Magicka has an incredible funny dialogue with characters such as Vlad who isn't a vampire. Right now for 5$ this game is a bargain!


Amazing Magic-based Game

IganX | July 27, 2011 | See all IganX's reviews »

Magicka is without doubt one of the games of the year, minimum. With a simple gameplay which consists of combining elements to create spells and using your staff and sword to advance through a campaign containing tons of humor, this game is worth playing. Besides its Single Player options such as the Campaign or Challenges, you can also play in them with your friends, a very recommendable experience. With a new PvP feature besides the Co-op, this is totally an amazing game in every aspect.


an Amazing must paly game

stof12 | July 25, 2011 | See all stof12's reviews »

the game has an amazing spell casting system a lot of spells to kill you enemy with but it have some down sides like it gets a lot hard in the game that is a good thing but gtting killed a lot in a level makes you want a brake and that is a problem because if you quit a level you need to strat form the strat in the level, the game also has a lot of wepens from a sausage on a stick to a m16. the story is a lot of fun and the co-op is fun and you can kill your friend by mistake ;)


Magicka an amazing game

stof12 | July 25, 2011 | See all stof12's reviews »

the game has an amazing spell casting system a lot of spells to kill you enemy with but it have some down sides like it gets a lot hard in the game that is a good thing but gtting killed a lot in a level makes you want a brake and that is a problem because if you quit a level you need to strat form the strat in the level, the game also has a lot of wepens from a sausage on a stick to a m16. the story is a lot of fun and the co-op is fun and you can kill your friend by mistake ;)



tangoak | July 25, 2011 | See all tangoak's reviews »

Magicka is quite unique game. You play as a wizard in detailed 2.5D environment. You fight againts imp, orcs, goblins, trolls, vampires and other creatures and also many big and dangerous bosses. You are equipped with magic staffs, weapons, firearms and spells. Spells are conjured by combining eight elements and two subelements in a queue of five. All elements cannot be combined together because every elemets has it's opposites. Certain combinations are better than other and there are also magicks that are spells that you learn by picking up magic books. Magicka is called as an action-adventure game but I would call it as hack'n'magic. Some say that Magicka is an RPG game but it is simply wrong as it doesn't have typical RPG elements such as inventory, level-ups and quests. Plot is simple but it gives a good reason to cast your way through the many hilarious battles. Magicka is loosely based Norse mythology and it makes fun of RPG games and contains many humorous popcultural references. Humorous dialogue is voice-acted in part-english and part-swedish gibberish wich makes nice contradiction between written dialogue. Single player is nice in little doses but there is little problem as it is not possible to save game between levels. Multiplayer is pure fun and chaotic. Game is still from time to time little buggy and network game is laggy. Magicka is great game and really worth the price.


Original Must-Have Game

IganX | July 21, 2011 | See all IganX's reviews »

Magicka is without doubt one of the games of the year, minimum. With a simple gameplay which consists of combining elements to create spells and using your staff and sword to advance through a campaign containing tons of humor, this game is worth playing. Besides its Single Player options such as the Campaign or Challenges, you can also play in them with your friends, a very recommendable experience. With a new PvP feature besides the Co-op, this is totally an amazing game in every aspect.


Fun and good. The perfect couple.

dukenukem | July 18, 2011 | See all dukenukem's reviews »

Funny, witty, with constant dev support. What else could you ask from a $10 game? Magicka is a great game. Not even a buggy release can take that away from this little budget priced title. And the bugs quickly became a thing of the past thanks to constant dev support (patches rolled out REAL quick!) From the hilarious dialogue and stereotypical characters to the superb magic system the game exhudes quality. Buy it if you want hours of fun and experimenting. The magic combinations are truly an innovative take in game spellcasting. You discover a new spell every minute. Buy it if you want a coop game. Buy it if you want a coop survival game. and if you are unsure... Try the demo!!!!


Amazing Game

WarRocker32 | July 16, 2011 | See all WarRocker32's reviews »

I picked up this game while it was on sale on GMG, and may I say I feel as if I didn't waste a single dollar. This game is pretty great with friends, and it has a funny story, great spellcasting and a character that is absolutely NOT a vampire! (At least that's what he says) If you're going to spend 10 bucks, spend it on this. You will not regret it.


A must play

Gh0st233 | July 14, 2011 | See all Gh0st233's reviews »

Let's start by saying that Magicka is a masterpiece. Great graphics, funny story, great co-op modes (also co-op story), funny cutscenes, everything in this game is great, in my opinion. Now, the game has some bugs and can cause many rigs to lag, but I did not find that a problem, because the game just kept me literally glued to my chair, wanting to complete it. The game is worth the full price, and you could pick it up for a pretty low price.


Great and creative game!

fruitcup1315 | July 10, 2011 | See all fruitcup1315's reviews »

Nabbed this when it was on sale on GMG and I have to say every cent was more than worth it. This game allows you to combine 8 different elements/abilities together in numerous ways to conjure up different spells, projectiles, mines, shields, and even make it rain if you wish! Playing adventure mode with friends is fun even when they blow you accident, i hope. All in all, I recommend this game to everyone that loves to get creative and find new spells to blow their friends up! :P


Best 10 bucks ever

t20k | July 2, 2011 | See all t20k's reviews »

This game is awesome. Just awesome. Now that it has been (mostly) fixed, it's a must play. It has superb gameplay, perfect to play with friends. Create a server, load your game, and BAM! Enjoy the pure awesomeness of blowing up enemies, shooting and crossing beams, creating explosive mines, destroying giant bosses, laughing at inumerous pop culture references and just having fun. Playing alone is hard and not as fun as playing with friends though. Also, DLC is available and you might enjoy paying a few more bucks for more maps, magicks, and robes.


Pity for the many bugs

JackFive | June 30, 2011 | See all JackFive's reviews »

In my opinion, this game is really good, it’s a revolution of the classic hack 'n' slash. In fact, we decide what magic we need, combining 8 elements. The story is funny and it isn’t boring. Unfortunately, a lot of bugs undermine the game. At the beginning, Magicka was unplayable, but now the situation is better, thanks to the "Paradox guys" who patch constantly the game. However there is still now some drop of fps with no sense. With the new introduction of the PvP, this game is a must buy.


Made for co-op

JinPT | June 29, 2011 | See all JinPT's reviews »

This has a good concept, but there's not much in the technical department. Still, this is surely one of the most fun games I ever played on co-op. There are some annoying bugs, bug in the end you're playing and laughing a lot with your friends. The spell combinations are fun, and you have to adapt to each situation and enemies. You can combine up to 5 elemental spells, by yourself, or combine with your friend's, crossing the rays. There's also pre made combinations, called magicks, you'll earn through out the adventure mode. You can play Adventure, Challenge or Versus (PvP, which was introduced recently). The story is also very funny, filled with jokes, and a little of dark humour. In summary, if you have one or more friends to play with, buy this game right now, don't e hesitate, if you intend to play alone, it can still be fun, but be sure to get it at a discount.


A Must Play!

voskv | June 29, 2011 | See all voskv's reviews »

Magicka is one of those games you just can't ignore, you must try this fun Rpg with comedy and a very nice spell casting system which lets you combine from 8 diferent elements to create many combinations of spells. The story is somewhat a parody with lots of creatures up to very nice boss fights the game is updated often and now offers a PvP versus game mode for you to battle other players or even a wave mode to beat with your friends, this game is a must for its price.


Total Package

IdiomBlade | June 29, 2011 | See all IdiomBlade's reviews »

Fun, innovative, delightlfully genre saavy; this game manages to be both more fun and more challenging than I thought possible. This romper brings to mind games like Diablo II and Nox, while still retaining an identity all its own.


Underrated Gem

SnivMunchr | June 28, 2011 | See all SnivMunchr's reviews »

This is an excellent Co-Op RPG, with a fantastic sense of humor. Yes, it can be pretty buggy, and it does take time to get used to the magic system, but these are small irritations compared to the fun you'll have killing goblins and your friends. In fact, the unique magic system ends up being one of this games greatest assets. Highly recommend this one.


Such a great game

Annoyer13 | June 28, 2011 | See all Annoyer13's reviews »

Really enjoyable game. That is actually first hack n slash I have ever played, but it was esasy to learn to play. The story is quite good. I recommend to playing it in co-op with your friends, because then you will have so much fun. I recommend it.


Cannot connect

hotmando1 | June 28, 2011 | See all hotmando1's reviews »

Singleplayer can be fun for only so long. Even though Magicka is defined for it's "co-op action", you can barely get a game going with your friends. Even though the company has been very hard at work trying to fix connection issues, it is still not fixed. THere is no lan or direct connect. Steam browser does not help at all. Chances are slim if you wish to host and actuslly suceed. Overally, besides the multiplayer issues: the game is beyond fun. More so if you can actually get a multiplayer game going.


One of the funniest coop games!

zdenko1 | June 27, 2011 | See all zdenko1's reviews »

Magicka is one or the funniest coop game i've ever played. Solo it isn't as much as fun as coop but still OK. The graphic style of Magicka is very nice. A story is full of parody on RPG games, simple but this isn't the main part of the game. Best part of game is combat and spell system. It is intuitive, simple and unique. For 3€ is it must have.


Very good game

pngohuy | June 27, 2011 | See all pngohuy's reviews »

The thing I like most in this game is a multiplayer video game. I can play with my friends after having a full day of work. Besides, it has many good things such as unique gameplay, beautiful graphic. There are 2 things I can't give this game 100/100 : high-end PC to enjoy the game (it gets slow when I change to 1280x720 resolution) and so many patches to fix bugs.


Addictive wizard

ravenholt | June 27, 2011 | See all ravenholt's reviews »

This game is irreplaceable. The gameplay is to combined element using your keyboard. The magic that summoned is beautifully rendered. The graphic is smooth 3D game i've ever seen. this game also have fun sound theme. Try this. very recommended.


Quite good

adasikow | June 27, 2011 | See all adasikow's reviews »

At the beginning Magicka seems to be interesting and entertaining. Unusual gameplay, finding new magicks, discovering new combinations of elements and killing hundreds of enemies give a lot of fun. Plot in campaign is funny and contains a lot of references to popular films and games. Challenge mode and recently added PvP mode are also good and addictive. In cooperative mode the game gives multiple more fun. But Magicka has one major problem - despite of all positive aspects it gets boring very quickly. Also optimization is horrible - developers should focus on improving game code instead of making new DLC.


Great and Unique

Harjyot | June 27, 2011 | See all Harjyot's reviews »

Magicka is a great and unique game that is entertaining and hilarious, but best played with friends, as it is not balanced for solo play. The presentation is great and the use of magic combos really makes this game a standout, as the possibilities are quite amazing. A challenging and exciting magic-casting adventure experience with a great sense of humor. A great value for the money and I recommend it to anyone.



Antonino89 | June 26, 2011 | See all Antonino89's reviews »

Well, I just played a little bit of the demo and I think it is good. It's a little bit bugged but it will be fixed, I hope. We have 8 elements to combine and to cast magic. We can also learns some spell combining the elements (lightning, fire, earth, etc), e.g. a spell to run! It's just 2.96 € now...and if you have some shitty game to trade in, you will pay it less!


Fun as a £3 game can be!

thomasgjj | June 25, 2011 | See all thomasgjj's reviews »

This game is AMAZING! I love the unique play style and have been hooked since getting it! At a price of roughly £3 you would be very silly not to get this! It is an amazing game with hours of fun. The only bad thing about it is that it does crash a lot and can even cause your computer to randomly restart. If you don't mind the odd crash here or there then I recommend you get this game as it is one of the bests games out there!


You'll have endless fun blowing your friends up in this game.

LeafRunner | June 23, 2011 | See all LeafRunner's reviews »

Magicka is an extremely silly and innovative co-op game where you play as wizards. Using 8 different elements, you can create all sorts of spell combinations with different affects. The game is amazing with friends and asides from the great campaign, there's also a deep challenge and versus mode. Pick it up as soon as possible, well worth $10, let alone any sales it goes through.


Solid concept, but riddled with bugs

Firezone | June 17, 2011 | See all Firezone's reviews »

From the time magicka was released, i found the concept of it extremely appealing; a story oriented RPG with solid multiplayer, and endless spell combinations, however after playing it for a few hours i quickly realized that some of those things were too good to be true. The game has a fair amount of game-breaking bugs, especially in multiplayer. The immersion and feel of the game are taken slightly back when you get disconnected from the multiplayer game you were in. Overall i think the game is pretty fun, but you have to be able to tolerate the bugs and crashes that do sometimes occur.


Awesome game, sometimes too off.

iIDevvz | June 2, 2011 | See all iIDevvz's reviews »

Played this game on Steam, I must say, it looks very neat. The graphics are really neat for an Indie game. Some other 3D indie games, are looking much worser than this. So, now on to the gameplay. The gameplay is very awesome. You are a magican, who learns new spells when you get further. Magicka is awesome too, with the DLC's. There's a new DLC out for Japan, called: "Nippon". Didn't tried it, looks very promising. But, the problem is: there are too many Dlc's out, which are off the road. Like: Vietnam, Marshlands, and 1 more, which I can't remember the name off. So, it is a very nice game, but the DLC must be more related to Magicka.


Magicka - Silly, Seriousless fun

das_regal | May 27, 2011 | See all das_regal's reviews »

Playing Magicka is kind of like running a marathon: when it begins what you're doing is fresh, novel, and entertaining. You've got lots of energy and patience, every fresh breath of air is exhilarating, and you plan to take your time to finish. Unfortunately, many hours later nothing has really changed. You're still running down a path that feels pretty similar to the path you started on, and the novelty has worn. You're hoping to finish quickly so you can just do something else. Then there's the groin pain... Ok, well, there's no groin pain associated with Magicka necessarily, but the rest of the analogy is apt. The game starts by essentially giving you every single tool of enjoyment that you'e going to have from there on out one after another during the tutorial. Sure, you gain knowledge of new elemental combinations, but you don't need to "learn" those spells to cast them if you know them by heart. The end result is a burst of freedom and creativity that quickly falls to pieces as you run out of new territory to explore. Why am as positive as I am on it then? Because for what the game is, it's charming fun. The game is full of hilarious dialog voice-acted in a charming garbled fashion, and the script is pure parody. The element combining system is fun. The co-op is incredible. I just wish there had been more variety and perhaps some actual RPG-progression elements.


be a magician in magicka

satyakun | May 24, 2011 | See all satyakun's reviews »

This game is good. The stunning 3D graphics are not just very good, its also very smooth and cute. very good to entertaining when you want to take just a 1-2 hours of playing. This game has a funny sound acting, which become another fun part for the game. The gameplay is the key and very unique, it will make your finger dancing in keyboard. With some pattern to cast magic, it surely also train your brain the remember the combination. If you can play this game 3 hours without feel tired, than you just simply have a good stamina. The Multiplayer will train your co-op side wth your friend. I recommended to try out the demo first, and feel the unique gameplay. maybe this the game you're looking for.



peldik | May 23, 2011 | See all peldik's reviews »

It's fun to try different spells and combine them. Especially fun is to use them on yourself. For example, you can put yourself on fire and then save yourself with water or freeze yourself and then defrost with fire. The spells are activated with QWERASDF keys, so if you happen to forget, that character movement is not controlled with WASD keys in this game, you start casting spells instead of moving in critical situations (happened to me several times). The game is a little hard, because enemies often come in swarms and checkpoints don't happen often enough. This game is a lot more fun and easier with friends in co-op mode. Should try out the demo before buying.


For all mage fans

ramibiz21 | May 19, 2011 | See all ramibiz21's reviews »

If you always like choosing the mage class in RPGs because of all the cool spells and many different ways of killing your opponents, then Magicka is the game for you. There are a countless number of different spell combinations with half the fun just experimenting to find your favourites and unleashing them in battle. Graphics are more than serviceable and very charming. The single player campaign is tough, even for veteran gamers, due to the often high number of enemies you encounter at once, and your relatively weak defence (at least in the beginning). However the story is quite entertaining. Gameplay can be summed up as being original, and sometimes hectic due to the number of keystrokes required to cast a spell, but always a lot of fun. The only minor annoyances I found were the inability to save your progress mid level (since you will always start at the beginning of the saved level if you restart the game) and being pushed off a cliff once too often causing instant death. I have not tried multi player yet, but I would highly recommend Magicka, even for the single player alone and for the great gameplay and value for money.


Neat little game, worth a playtrough

Alaistar | May 13, 2011 | See all Alaistar's reviews »

Magicka. I like to say that word. Magicka. It sounds to appealing i would want to get girls with it. Ehh, anyway. Magicka is as you might have guessed a indie game about 4 Wizards travelling to complete a big quest. The main selling point is the games Magick system that lets you combine elements to create powerfull spells to cast, and when i say theres a million possible combinations, i mean it. This system can create a great amount of fun, specially when you send your friend flying of the screen like if he had rocket boots, and don't forget, you can steal your mates items after you kill them! The game also goes for a painterly aesthetic creating a good looking game world. While i have given much praise so far, i want to clear up a bit: is it flawless? No. There are still quite a little amount of bugs, sometimes even the game crashed during loading times and also the save system would need some work. The game also has the problem of lasting maybe 2 to 3 playtroughs, afterwards it just gets repetitive. So yeah, Magicka. A neat little indie title what while not perfect, is still more innovate and funny than most games these days. So i say: its worth the price, give it a try!


For fans of good humor.

BoilingJD | April 15, 2011 | See all BoilingJD's reviews »

This game is one huge eastern egg, If you have ever played games like Armed and Dangerous, you gonna really enjoy it, despite it's small technical flaws. Also 4 players full story co-op, what can you wish for else? It's the best 10$ investment you can make, if you like the 'real' games (not those 'interactive movies'), if you know what I'm talking about...


Good cheap fun

voltronx | April 14, 2011 | See all voltronx's reviews »

If I had to review this game when it initially came out, I would have given the game a lower score because it was honestly a buggy mess. However, the developers have been really good at fixing the bugs and the game is very stable now. Graphically, the game has a nice polished look to it and the spell effects are done very well. There's a wide variety of enemies and there's plenty of hilarious cut scenes. Audio wise the music is kind of catchy. The special effects are good. All the characters speak in a mix of Swedish and gibberish. It's kind of funny when you're reading the onscreen text and you're hearing the characters speak. Control wise, there's definitely a learning curve. You'll kill yourself with a miscast spell a number of times when you first start out. Even now at times I'll still spam the buttons because some of the spells require a difficult combination of key presses. Eventually it'll click and you'll probably rely on a certain number of spells to get you through the game. The story is very funny and interesting. There's a lot of humorous pop culture references thrown in. Single player is very difficult. Online coop is where this game shines. Everyone ends up killing each other :P I definitely recommend this game to everyone. Just make sure to try the demo first because it's not for everyone. The price is very nice as well.



xtrench | April 13, 2011 | See all xtrench's reviews »

Pretty neat game that lets you experiment with different magic spell combinations without the worrying about cooldowns. Magicka lets you combine different spells into more powerful spells but be careful, within the chaotic environment it's easy to combine the wrong spells which can result in a very negative outcome for you or your buddies that you're playing with. Magicka brings forward a cool humor and a funny made up language. The game only hurdled by the bugs which I hope will be fixed.


Great concept, riddled with bugs

rascallion | April 12, 2011 | See all rascallion's reviews »

Magicka has a great idea behind it. You mix elements to create spells, and you can then fight goblins, trolls, vampires, and various other creatures with them. There are hundreds of combinations as there are up to 5 slots for elements. The single player campaign is quite fun, as you can go and experiment with different elements, but the multiplayer is where the game comes into it's own. It's very fun blasting your friends into oblivion with three lightning merged with 2 fire, until you get blasted back. However, if you die, your friend can use the spell revive on you, bringing you back to life. However, the game is riddled with bugs, and the multiplayer lags, and the game can be quite jerky. But overall, this is a brilliant game, and I highly reccomend it.


Great game, but not really a replayable one

BDtetra | April 10, 2011 | See all BDtetra's reviews »

The concept of the game is very simple, you mix magic and kill enemies. It's basically a Hack and Slash game where the equipment isn't really relevant, but instead spell casting with multiple combination of elements adds in the blank space. The game itself is very fun, mainly a multiplayer game, although its still fairly easy to beat it in singleplayer. The major factor that adds the difficulty of this game is Friendly Fire. Basically all your friends and your spells will effect and damage each other, which creates a lot of chaos and fun when playing with 4 people. You can easily revive your teammates with no cost what so ever, so you don't really need to be afraid of killing your friends. The multiplayer is very enjoyable and good players and bad players can both play without any problem. So why isn't this game replayable? The major problem or flaw of this elemental combination system to cast a spell is that once you figure out few of the best combinations, you (and most of the good players in multiplayer, too) end up only using those limited amount of spells. Also, there are still a few bugs that bother you when your playing, even though most of the major bugs already got patched. Overall, I think it's definitely worth the price, but not much more.


Great Co-op gameplay

SeeThroughGlass | April 10, 2011 | See all SeeThroughGlass's reviews »

I found this game to be pretty unique in the very bland market of today. The diabloesque gameplay mixed with the ability to make a multitude of spells (without any significant cost or cooldown) made this quite enjoyable. I'd reccomend play with a few friends though.



neir45 | April 5, 2011 | See all neir45's reviews »

Magicka oh magicka. Very good and fun H'n'S game. Fantastic idea by the his makers parody last of the RPG games.Playin in this game is very delicious but this should be BETA Version of this Game.Magicka ha a lot of bugs freezing etc. But is still very good game.


Fun Overrated Game

GMGReviewer | April 4, 2011 | See all GMGReviewer's reviews »

First of all I'm not going to describe the game and what it is because that's not what i do. I do actually review the game for those thinking about the purchase. After writing about an underrated game, i had to write about this game. For the price itself, it's very well worth it, but ONLY if you have friends willing to play with you for an entire stage. The game itself have some things holding it back, like the ability to drop in/out of a game. What that means is that once you start a game with a few friends they must stay because they wont be able to join mid-game; also the save point is ridiculous! Another thing is that you must remember some key (magic) combination in order to advance. Also it's repetitive and there's not much puzzle elements in the game as they would like you to think in the beginning. The controls are weird at first, but you'll get use it. Overall the corky dialogue and endless magic combination is an excellent idea but the gameplay feature itself is lacking in a must have co-op game. Also the game isn't meant for single player because of the difficulty, it's very hard!


An irreverent take on the fantasy genre

Prince_of_Cats | April 4, 2011 | See all Prince_of_Cats's reviews »

Magicka is, first and foremost, just plain fun. There's nothing very deep or serious about it, no profound meaning or complex plot. It is a game to play with some good friends, definitely a case of the journey being more important than the destination. The basic game involves combining 8 elemental magic-types to create powerful attacks that burn, zap, blow up or just squish hordes of enemies. Or your friends... While not a PvP game, friendly-fire is a big part of the game; one of the first things you learn is how to resurrect your friends after accidentally immolating them or knocking them into a pit. So... Why not 100% then? Well, the game is a little buggy. It keeps getting better, but it was released a little early. Some in-jokes have popped up around this, such as the 'Crash to desktop' spell which can remove monsters (and players) from the game, which lessens the sting, but you will probably still see a couple of issues. My other big issue is that, playing single player, it just isn't quite so much fun. It is still funny and enjoyable, but you can tell that the game was made with co-op in mind. All in all, Magicka is a great game for people who want something light and enjoyable. It doesn't take itself seriously and doesn't need to be taken seriously either. For players who don't mind blowing themselves up and can laugh at themselves, it is perfect.