Reviews for FIFA Manager 2013 (NA)


A Refreshing Alternative

Kratzer | June 3, 2013 | See all Kratzer's reviews »

The obvious game for the intense simulation fan is Football Manager '13, but if you are tired of dealing with your players being drafted to fight in wars for their countries and other such nonsense that is a bit "over the toppy" than this is a good alternative. Everything about the game is a bit more user friendly, which is really just to say it's more casual. In addition to the game being simpler it adds a personal life section to a simulation game. Here, your efforts can be measured by buying yourself fancy pieces of real estate or even luxury cars. While I will grant it doesn't add much to the game and is perhaps even "not relatable" it is somewhat fun. I like that this game is a bit less intimidating.


Fun and relaxing

darksiders666 | March 3, 2013 | See all darksiders666's reviews »

I bought this game on release and have probably played about 30 hours or so. It does crash rarely for me (Win 7 x64), but you just need to save often. The GUI is excellent and the immersion is almost complete when managing a European club. The game has a few problems. There is a disconnect between tactics and what actually happens on the field. The 3D mode is terribad. It is not realistic in the slightest. The developers seem to go a step forward and two steps backward with every iteration. The 3D mode for each game never changes. Nothing you do off the pitch seems to effect what happens on the pitch. I typically use videotext mode and that seems to produce more realistic results although I am not sure if my tactical changes are effecting the outcome or if it's just player stats. The transfer market is about the same as FM12 and this is my favorite part of the game. They added some more team dynamics/chemistry menus. However, I have perused the forum for this game and people are saying that it has almost no effect on the outcome of games. Also, you can usually just get by with saying to every player "your training performance was magnificent" and their morale increases. It's repetitive for the most part but sometimes a player has an excellent game and you can tell him that. Adds to immersion.