Reviews for Painkiller: Redemption


Same as the others.

SparkWave | Nov. 22, 2014 | See all SparkWave's reviews »

Although the Painkiller series contains many games, they are just too repetitious. Every game contains levels that are repetitious as well. The game play is not half bad, but when playing, a large break is needed and players feel bored of it almost right away. This game is not like the Half-Life or Serious Sam franchise because it doesnt have a direct storyline. This is a game for when you have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do! Not recommended otherwise!


Good franchise!

Sawik94 | Oct. 28, 2014 | See all Sawik94's reviews »

Simply, oldschool, challenging game for fans of Painkiller series. As always you have to destroy demons with big guns and this make joy as always. Play and feel young again!


Could be better.

Suppression555 | Oct. 27, 2014 | See all Suppression555's reviews »

Still not as terrible as Resurrection, but still not much fun. Cramped levels (all of them based on multiplayer maps from older Painkiller games) with waves after waves of monsters spawning in slowly - this just gets old really fast. Still very evocative of Doom or Quake (and, indeed, the original Painkiller), but that's all it's got going for it. Play those other games instead.


Wouldn't even call it Iteration

drakso | May 15, 2014 | See all drakso's reviews »

For the most part painkiller games are awesome and pretty simple. You shoot, things explode and fall apart and you and up with a very satisfying face. But some of the games take that concept for granted. Much like this one. The sections are very small and the enemies that come at you is always ludicrous. The enemy types are not spawned gradually and there is not really that much ammunition for you to fight the huge hordes of enemies. It is sort of fun shooting game but nothing compared to the first.



SAAREDS | April 14, 2014 | See all SAAREDS's reviews »

Very clingy, and really inferior to the first installment in the series. Redemption is a dull attempt at make money of a solid franchise, and it shows: outdated visuals, frustrated gameplay, lots of bugs and an overall absence of fun. Not recommended.


One of my favorite franchises

k0zmo | Feb. 3, 2014 | See all k0zmo's reviews »

I have always liked this franchise, you have loads of guns, you get waves of demons and you can shoot them into pieces. Some times it might be a little bit harder tho. It's old school enough, but the engine is not bad at all, doesn't feel old, also the graphics are more than decent! Some people say it's repetitive, yes, it is repetitive. But wasn't Serious Sam repetitive ? Or Duke Nukem? And yet there were some of the greatest games ever!


Inferior to the first one

TGAlan | July 7, 2013 | See all TGAlan's reviews »

Very clingy, and really inferior to the first installment in the series. Redemption is a dull attempt at make money of a solid franchise, and it shows: outdated visuals, frustrated gameplay, lots of bugs and an overall absence of fun. Not recommended.


Good Game but Needs Improvement

thegaminglyfe | June 20, 2013 | See all thegaminglyfe's reviews »

Painkiller Redemption follows the same formula as all the other Painkiller games and it still has the same addicting old school FPS feel to it. The graphics are improved but barely, it really is something you won't actually notice unless you look closely. The game sounds good and each weapon sounds very nice. The game needs some improvement in different places. The AI is pretty bad and the level design is very repetitive. If you love the Painkiller series, don't miss out on this.


Good game but with some failure

kalil | June 8, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

The game I really loved but has the odd bug that should be resolved as soon as possible, the ia not very good but it was expected of a serious sam style games. In my opinion is a great game but with the odd failure like that in the 3rd level you get to a part that leave many enemies and people who came to that part was saying it was impossible because aparecian infinite enemies and that's a lie, in reality is that they put a lot of enemies but they are not unlimited. It's a great game that needs a patch these mistakes solutions


Could use some improvement, but fun if you enjoy the series

Supraballs | May 25, 2013 | See all Supraballs's reviews »

I like games that aren't that great. I'll say this falls perfectly into that category. It's a shoot-em-up and you'll get to experience some dark and demented places in the game, but it is incredibly repetitive and stale. I like the new Painkiller much better but if you want to follow the series, give this game a go. Don't expect anything mind blowing though as it's a typical shooter.


Action frantic and addictive

mutsuriini | May 23, 2013 | See all mutsuriini's reviews »

The first time I played a Painkiller parecion an entertaining game with many secrets but as easy, Painkiller: Redemption collects the best of the Painkiller and difficulty increases, this ceases to be a walk in the park for a game of old school are those who are surprised by these days. My recommendation is: if you want a game with addictive gameplay this is your game


Only for fun of Painkiller

panz3r88 | Feb. 21, 2013 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Painkiller – Redemption is equal to all the other titles of this series. It's an old school FPS where you must face hordes of monsters to complete the various levels. The best feature of the game are the tarot cards: these cards allow the player to choose at the beginning of a level a bonus that can help during battles. The tarot card are also a good reason to play a level many times, because you can unlock new tarot cards if you find the various secret hidden in the levels.


Oldschool shoot em up fun

rstokes | Feb. 20, 2013 | See all rstokes's reviews »

In the days before modern shooters with all their fancy lens flares and checkpoint systems, there was painkiller. Instead of some loosely held together story about something you really dont care about, painkiller simply gives you a weapon, a level, and hundreds of bad guys to mow down. Think top down shooter from a first person perspective, totally worth the price