Reviews for Binary Domain Complete Pack


A great TPS !

xghosts | June 1, 2013 | See all xghosts's reviews »

Binary Domain is a perfect mix between Terminator and Gears of War with a well balanced Gameplay and good graphics. The story is really well written and SEGA tried to do something more intelligent than just using the easy war between Man and Androids. And as it is a SEGA game, you can feel this little arcade side that is so delicious. A good alternative to the Gears of War series that I love too.


Binary Domain - review

Neapolis47 | June 1, 2013 | See all Neapolis47's reviews »

The game is set in a distant future where robots have contaminated the world living with the human species. Play as Dan Marshall, an official IRTA (International Robotics Association), sent to Tokyo with the aim of capturing Yuji Amada, the creator of cyborgs. The plot, well-structured and interesting, can be of interest, despite the cliche. Binary Domain is an extremely classical mechanics with coverage like Gears of War, with a shooting system that makes use of the aiming reticle rather than the classic visual zoom on the enemy, in full style third person shooter. Each robot, that we will face, will have its weak point. Hitting these will get very different effects and tactically useful. For example deprive a robot of his legs (or even one of them) will lead him to crawl. The gameplay, with its ups and downs, it's average, although some sections too linear and not really very successful, but with exciting Boss Fight.


Great Idea,but buggy

ClodXen | June 1, 2013 | See all ClodXen's reviews »

Well this game wasn't something I was looking forward to or kept up with, but then it came. The game starts out making it self look great you have some nice graphics and blowing apart the robots not only looks great, but is fun. Now onto what failed the squad can hold themselves well in a gun fight, unless you try and give out orders via voice command when I played this game my teammates would die trying to do something as dumb as moving up when I had told them fire on my target. That is where this game breaks using the voice commands just doesn't seem fluid enough considering it's such a big feature. A few patches could fix the problems the game is having, but since it's a port I doubt we will ever see it what it could have been. Worth playing, but you might want to wait for it to go on sell since it's feel gimmicky.


Mediocre game with poor controls

tomatoketchup | April 29, 2013 | See all tomatoketchup's reviews »

Pros: price, the entire package with coupon + trade in was $5.00 Cons: Moving the character around feels like driving the mako in me1. The port from console to PC was poorly done. Very limited weapons, each NPC has a specialized weapon, while you get to upgrade their weapons you don't get to use it. You have 4 weapon slots, your main weapon and sidearm can't be dropped or swapped, a 3rd slot is for grenades. So at any given time you can only carry 1 specialty weapon, which you lose when you progress to the next stage. Overdramatic camera shaking with every explosion does not add to the environment, it makes game play annoying. The game is made out to be more of a movie than a fps. Numerous cut scenes are sprinkled through out the game and really cuts into the flow of game play. Bottomline: Would I spend $5 to buy the entire binary domain package again? no.


A solid game with some flaws

DaiMonPaul | March 23, 2013 | See all DaiMonPaul's reviews »

Binary Domain is a game that I'm torn on. I love the atmosphere of the game, and the story feels somewhat Blade Runner-ish. There's a lot to like here, but the game is far from perfect. If you can overlook its foibles, though, you can get a lot of enjoyment out of this somewhat unheralded game. First, the good. The game plays like a standard third-person shooter with a cover system that should feel pretty familiar. It doesn't really add anything unique to this basic gameplay, but it all works well. The shooting elements feel really good, and the ability to shoot off various parts of your robot enemies is awesome. Being able to knock the legs off a robot, only to see it crawl after you, is something that never gets old. Likewise, the game gives you some choice, even if it is fairly linear overall. You can choose which members of your team accompany you on missions, you can level up team members and weapons, and you can favor one team member over another, which will result in your colleagues liking you or disliking you (and refusing to follow some of your orders). Ultimately, though, all of these choices don't really impact the game all that much. It's nice to have different options, but the game still remains relatively linear.. Mass Effect, this is not. The game also includes voice commands as a selling point, but these don't always work very well. It's a solid idea, but it's just so much easier to turn them off and use the keyboard or controller to issue commands. And that leads into my final major complaint with the game -- it is a PC port from consoles, and this shows. It runs quite well and it looks good, but I found it to be difficult to play with a mouse and keyboard. The mouse sensitivity is set waaaay too high, and any config options have to be set outside the game in a separate config program. With a controller, the game works much, much better, and I'd highly recommend using one to play. The game itself is probably an 85 or so. Why have I rated it lower? This is the "complete" pack, but it doesn't really add enough content to justify the extra cost. Very few people play multiplayer (which feels a bit tacked on to the game), and the multiplayer pack only adds one map and a few weapons. The Dan Marshall pack gives a few items and cheats for the main character, but it ultimately adds very little. These are nice to have, but the base game is cheaper and is all that you really need to have an enjoyable experience with a solid (if unoriginal) game set in a cool setting.


A good third person shooter

Xibalba | Feb. 27, 2013 | See all Xibalba's reviews »

Is a third-person shooter video game developed and published by Sega. The game is set in Tokyo in the year 2080 and features innovative enemy AI technology. The player can issue commands to their squad mates either by using buttons or voice via headset A major part of the game is the Consequence System. Trust plays a part in the story mode on how the squad views the player. Their opinion of the player is based on how the player performs and treats team members. This affects both the storyline and the gameplay, where the characters behave differently depending on trust levels.Great and interesting story


Prices does not justify content

Coolicy | Feb. 12, 2013 | See all Coolicy's reviews »

Binary Domain is a great game. Brings quite a bit of innovation to the squad-based third person shooter and is quite fun. A little overlooked by audience IMO. The game itself is solid, and would deserve an 85 score IMO. This review is scored as it is because of the way it is packaged. Minus points for calling it the complete package when it actually contains less value than the base game itself. The multiplayer pack is totally pointless. There is Not A Single Soul playing. The Dan Marshall pack is nice, adds more to the base game. However, the game is fine without it... so this doesn't really justify the increased price over the base game. You're better off waiting for a sale on the base game and save the excess on another game.


Great game

Cavalieroscuro | Feb. 11, 2013 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

Binary Domain is essentially a third person shooter like Gears of War. The fact is, the game has a story, and it's an interesting one too. You can give orders to your teammate thanks to the headset, and it's very funny because you see a lot of different reaction. The game is never boring, there are a lot of different situations and also the graphic is very good. In my humble opinion, this Sega game is superior to all the Epic Games saga.