Reviews for Might & Magic Heroes VI Complete Edition


Into the past of Ashan

MarcoCav | Oct. 3, 2013 | See all MarcoCav's reviews »

Might & Magic Heroes VI is a step further from the point of view of the global series, but the balance of the single player Heroes of Might & Magic III is still light-years away. In any case, the multiplayer, within the obvious limits of the genre, it's fun and balanced. Also, the single player mode offers a fun challenge, a ton of quests, myriad of items to collect and a long and pleasant plot to follow. Fans of the series will find themselves short in a familiar world, however imperfect, and capable of bidding dozens of hours of entertainment.


Return to classics in new release

spectatorx | June 20, 2013 | See all spectatorx's reviews »

New heroes game i like as much as i liked heroes 3 which is one of my favorite games ever. Current promotion which let's you buy complete edition of game for very small amount of money is just insane xD You are getting basic game in bundle with all available add-ons. Heroes 6 is perfect combination of best things from heroes 3 and 5. Many gamers are saying 6 is full of bugs, some way they are right but ubisoft released a lot of patches which fixed a lot and added a lot of features and content. Usually i'm not saying this about ubisoft games but the game is worth to buy.


Flawed, but good

Demilisz | June 17, 2013 | See all Demilisz's reviews »

This game made a long way from release day. While it still has it's downs, it is much better than before. Good story (probably the best in entire series, though it wasn't a hard achievement to accomplish), a several long campaigns (counting prologue and epilogue) and a loved mechanic HoMM is famous for. This time there are six castles avaiable (though one comes with Shade of Darkness add on, but it is included in this edition): five known from previous games Stronghold (Orcs), Haven (Humans), Necropolis (Undeads), Inferno (Demons), Dungeon (Dark Elves) and a new one: Sanctuary, where mysterious Nagas live. There is less resources to gather: mercury and sulfur was removed. Completely reworked is also leveling system - much more cRPG like. No more choosing a skill from the ones game actualy randomly choose. You have a complete control over your hero development. Spells are now abilities too, no magic guilds.. Completely new is reputation system: during game you will make several major and minor choices that determines the path your hero walk: either path of tears or path of blood. The choice determines not only how plot ends but also what artifacts he can use. The Conflux is something worth noted. With this you can import your favourite hero and powerfull Dynasty artifacts to AI skirmish or multiplayer games. It also allow you to level up faction's unique ability. You probably heard that this game has no cities view - it is the past, now they are here and are stunning, around HoMM III quality. If you are HoMM series fun - now it is a good moment to buy this: with all DLC's and patches.