Reviews for Spore: Galactic Adventures (NA)


Expands the game and allows creation of adventures

mahon | Aug. 16, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

Spore: Galactic Adventures is an expansion to Spore. And although not perfect, it is surely good enough, and for a Spore fan - very good for sure. The thing about it is that it doesn't just add more scenarios which would only repeat the same gameplay schemes from the base game. It doesn't only expand but also alters the game well. Now you will be transported on different planet surfaces to complete some missions there. And while short, there's plenty of them. Although gameplay may seem similar, the new tools that allow you to build your own adventures and possibility of progressing your captain to new levels are surely welcome additions to the game, which improve replayability very much. So if you feel like playing some more Spore and even creating some new adventures, you will surely appreciate this expansion!