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Remembering my childhood

Melopeico | Sept. 1, 2013 | See all Melopeico's reviews »

I can remember when i played Comix Zone in the past. You're a comic book artist who makes comics pass to reality. According opening you step you progress based punches and kicks will be times where you will have the option of going through different paths. The best thing about the game? NO EXTRA LIVES


Delightfully American Title

DeweyDTruman | Feb. 8, 2013 | See all DeweyDTruman's reviews »

There aren't that many games out there that take the idea of a comic book and try to build around that. Sure, there's games based on comic heroes, but not many have you playing as if you were in a comic. Comix Zone plays with this boundary and makes something memorable out of it. Solid gameplay, mostly just fighting enemies as you go through the various panels, really helps. It's not as well known as some other titles on the Genesis, but it is up there with the likes of Streets of Rage II and Phantasy Star IV.


If You Thought Superheroes Had It Easy, Think Again

CrimsonWizard | Jan. 19, 2013 | See all CrimsonWizard's reviews »

Comix Zone is one of the last beat 'em up games SEGA released on their Mega Drive/Genesis system, and true to it's title, is brimming with the charm and fun of an actual comic book adventure. As comic book creator Sketch Turner, you're sucked into your own comic book and must survive the drawn perils the book's villain Mortus creates, and then escape. Thankfully, you become stronger upon entering the comic book universe, and are able to stand up to the minions and deathtraps of Mortus. However, unlike nearly every other brawling game, you're restricted to only two lives (or one if Mortus is feeling very uncharitable). And thanks to the occasional platforming peril, you can easily lose after one accidental hop into a pit. Adding to those problems, health pick ups tend to be hidden and scarcely found as well, even with your pet rat tearing up the comic pages for items. So why play it? Despite the difficulty, the game is a really satisfying brawler with a variety of attacks you can use against all the henchmen and mutants. The comic page environments are really nice too, keeping with the flow of a typical comic story with outlandish scenery tailored to a fantastic adventure. Comix Zone also plays with the fact it is a comic book setting with Sketch and his pet rat routinely ripping apart the paper pages to progress through a stage or find items. Overall, Comix Zone is a very charming games that fans of superheroes and beat 'em ups will enjoy, but it isn't friendly to newcomers of this sort of video game. Hence, I can only really recommend this to experienced players of the genre, but for those who enjoy this sort of game, you will love it. Will you beat the game is an entire matter entirely however.


A Classic Treat For Comic & Beat 'Em Up Fans

AkaRai | Jan. 6, 2013 | See all AkaRai's reviews »

If you've ever played Spider-Man: Maximum Carnage, this game plays very similarly. The fittingly named Sketch Turner is a comic book artist sucked into his own work by the villain of his comic. He has to traverse the world he's created, as it's altered by his villain, who frequently draws in more enemies for him to face, with little more to help him than a trusty pet rat. Comix Zone is a stylish side-scrolling beat 'em up with 90's comic book inspired designs that sees you pummeling foes, and then moving from one panel of a comic to another to complete levels. It's a lot of fun, but some may find the difficulty a bit frustrating, and there's not much variety in the combat. If you want a classic Sega beat 'em up, and you like comic books though, this is your best bet.


Great Genesis classic

dark2025 | Sept. 21, 2012 | See all dark2025's reviews »

This game first hooked me with its unique graphics (which looks pretty good for even today) and and the idea of playing through a comic. The gameplay is really well done too, including numerous enemies and items available. The difficulty level is quite high up there, especially if you're used to today's easier games. It's quite short and maybe you can finish it in an hour or two, but if you want to experience some old-school beat-em up game, this would be a great start.


Kinda short

wraith2k4 | July 5, 2012 | See all wraith2k4's reviews »

I loved this game when I played it a while back. I especially liked the comic book style. It is, however, kind of short. You can finish it in a few hours. But, since some games cost much more that 2,5$ and last a few hours, it's totally worth it.


Classic retro platformer you never played!!

faraany3k | Aug. 18, 2011 | See all faraany3k's reviews »

This is a game that has an unfortunate luck of not attracting much of a following. The comic look stylized graphics were the most innovative of its time. You are a hero trapped in your own creation, on a quest to remove evil from the city. You travel in a comic book from page to page, eradicating every enemy that stands in your way. Sound design is also great. Game is a little short but more then make up for the shortcoming with its steep difficulty. Game becomes increasingly challenging and requires a lot of trial and error. One wrong move and you have to start over. If you are fan of retro classics this game is sure to make you happy.


Great game!

Arthan | Aug. 5, 2011 | See all Arthan's reviews »

One of those forgotten classics that didn't quite get the attention it deserved, partly because it came out towards the end of the Megadrives lifespan. Make no mistake though this is still a hugely playable, innovative game even today. If you're a fan of old school scrolling beat em ups this is unmissable.


A beautiful, but dusted, gem

Aladar | June 27, 2011 | See all Aladar's reviews »

You're a comics artist that somehow gets trapped in his own comics by a villain trying to kill you and turn your own creation against you.. well, that's about as deep as the story gets. Gameplay-wise, that's a whole other league, though! Comix Zone has amazing graphics, and quite untypical way of playing - you are literally going through one frame of a comic book to another! Enemies are usually pretty tough to kill, but no worries, the combat system is very well done for having only one button assigned to it. This game also has branching paths, with one usually more difficult than the other, so you'll have to choose wisely. Going thru this game will be a real challenge, as it's known for it's difficulty and only one lone life, after that it's game over. For this price, it's an absolute must-have, if you like retro gaming and beat'em'ups!


Under-rated gem

kuevyubh | May 25, 2011 | See all kuevyubh's reviews »

this is one of the best sega gensis games, for some reason the game went on being forgotten, and many people missed it. this is an old-school beat-em up, one of the best ones ever, you got basic combos, the ability so use items, such as bombs, knives and even rats to solve puzzles, the combat is pretty deep for a beat-em up, and actually resembles a fighting game a bit. the game is pretty short, but its also hard and the enemies are brutal, you will have to get good at the game, this is not a button masher, so it will take you time to finish it, also i should mention that if you die, you start from the beginning of the game... the graphics are top-notch gensis graphics, and the fantastic art style and game design make the game look awesome even today, and a blast to play. buy it, you wont regret.


One of the best overlooked classics.

GAMERamble | April 8, 2011 | See all GAMERamble's reviews »

Sketch Turner is a comic book artist that gets a nasty surprise when one of his one creations pops out of his comic one day and traps him inside his own drawings. Now Sketch has to fight for his life while his nemesis is on the outside drawing more adversaries. His not alone though. Along for the ride is his pet rat Roadkill and providing useful information is Alissa Cyan. Comix Zone is not your usual run-of-the-mill Side Scrolling Beat 'Em Up that's fore sure. The first thing you'll instantly notice about the game is the outstanding graphics. These must surely rank as some of the finest graphics that has ever been coaxed out of the Megadrive. Keeping with the comic theme everything is drawn in style with all the small touches you would expect to find in a comic. Speech bubbles, BOOMS! and CRASHES! are all over the place and each scene that you do battle in resemble a comic book panel to the finest detail. There are lots of humoures exchanges between Sketch and his own creations as they do battle and Allisa has her own spot on the top of the page where she keeps you up to date or provide some help on your current situation. The animation in the game is over the top with loads of cool touches. Just leave Sketch alone for a while to see him take of his shoe and smell it to see how much detail was put into the characters. The basic idea is to make your way from the first panel at the top of the page down to the last panel on the bottom. You do this by beating up the multitude of comic baddies that get drawn onto the page as you look on. These dudes are mean and have their own unique personalities. Each has a wide range of moves and to make things worse they can also block your attacks. Of course Turner himself is no helpless artist and can bust some mean moves himself. Punches and kicks are common with flying kicks and combos not thrown into the mix. Of course your little buddy Roadkill can also be unleashed once you find him to soften up your enemies. Along the way items can also be picked up to help you out like energy drinks to restore health or one use weapons like knifes and grenades. It's not all fighting though as at some points you have to solve a little puzzle to progress. These won't tax your brain for longer than a second but provide a nice break from the all reflex action. The comic book you are fighting through is littered with deadly traps and wicked foes and each location has a beautifully drawn comic background. This can be anything from a temple (where you have to fight in a Mortal Kombat style tournament) to underground lava caverns or the ruined streets of Newer York. Comix Zone is packed so full of small touches that you just have to keep playing to see what happens next. Enemy projectiles can shred parts of the page your on, little bits of paper litter the air while you beat up a foe and a whole bunch of other cool effects are everywhere. There is even one part where you frantically try to make your way down the page as it burns down above you. At certain parts you can choose your next route so there is some replay value if you want to see and do it all. Besides the excellent graphics it's clear to see that Sega spend some time on the audio as well. Besides some very cool tunes the game is packed with some of the best sound effects in a Beat 'Em Up. With the usual grunts and grounds there are also some cool speech samples and booming explosions. All of the characters has some trademark sound effect and fights really do sound like fights. The game can either be played with a three or six button controller and everything is very responsive. Busting out killer combos is a breeze and the auto blocking can help you out in sticky situations. Sketch is easy to control and except for the occasional slipping off ledges respond to your input well. All is not good and well however. It's a shame that the game is one-player only as the two-player mode is usually the highlight of these type of games. The game is also pretty short and tries to make up for this with a very high difficulty level. You only have one life and falling down chasms kills you instantly. You can restart after you die, but have to go all the way back to the start of the page. This is not that bad though as the level themselves aren't that long. With loads of cool touches (Like the way Sketch turns into a superhero with the right powerups) outstanding graphics, awesome sound and killer gameplay Comix Zone is a must have title for your collection. Sure it could have been bigger and include a two-player mode but it's still a excellent game that should not be missed... again.


Not Bad At All

Balon | April 7, 2011 | See all Balon's reviews »

Comix Zone is a challenging, specific comic-style platformer with a silly storyline. Enemies are hard too kill, for long time game can be boring. One death and you'll have to start from the beginning, like in retro games. This title isn't bad, but it's need a lot of patience.