Reviews for Battlefield 3 Premium Service (NA)


Tons of Content, great price

Highlander9782 | Feb. 19, 2014 | See all Highlander9782's reviews »

All expansion packs are included, if bought separately, it would be $60, so already you saving money, and you get new guns to use as well. Each expansion pack offers something different, for fans of COD games, the Close Quarters expansion is for you, for fans of massive maps and vehicles, Armored Kill has you covered. End Game has two person dirt bikes which are fun as well and After Math has earthquake aftershocks happening around you in the middle of the game. Until they fix the bugs of BF4, this is going to keep you happy and busy, definite buy.


Battlefield 3 with everything

M3NT4L5 | Feb. 16, 2014 | See all M3NT4L5's reviews »

This premium service adds every expansion pack and some early unlocks to your Battlefield 3 game. It has gotten extremely cheap recently and you should buy it now! It's definitely worth the money as you save so much over buying the expansion packs separately.


Battlefield 3, Expanded

analytalica3 | Sept. 24, 2013 | See all analytalica3's reviews »

BF3 Premium brings a lot to the table for the base game BF3. Every expansion pack, from Karkand to Endgame, is unique on its own and provides something for everyone to enjoy. Close Quarters is all about, well, close quarters engagements, whereas Armored Kill is the opposite with it's ginormous maps. With each expansion, the map design is never a let down and always comes with the same level of quality and detail that all the BF3 vanilla maps contain. At a price of $30 (which is $20 less than the launch price), or the cost of two expansion packs, BF3 Premium is a steal if you enjoy the base game and want to get a hold of at least two or more DLCs. It also comes with extra goodies like dog tags and exclusive double XP weekends, which are always nice.


worth the wait

umirza85 | Sept. 5, 2013 | See all umirza85's reviews »

I had been wanting this for a very long time since each pack came out one by one, but couldn't justify buying it for the insane price of another new game. For $15, it is totally worth it. Fun modes, more games to choose from and get connected back with the bf3 community. Well worth getting if youre going to wait until BF4 comes down in price. There will still be a lot of people playing this for the foreseeable future!


The best of the best

nightassassin1 | Aug. 22, 2013 | See all nightassassin1's reviews »

Do you have Battlefield 3? Then stop reading this review and buy this upgrade. You can not play Battlefield the right way if you do not have this pack. It adds so much content to the game it is unbelievable. The Premium pack adds maps, weapons, vehicles, game modes, dog tags, and even assignments. There is even construction vehicles like you see from CAT that you can drive in one of the expansions. The first time I got ran over by one I was wondering what just happened to me. If you don't buy this you will hate yourself for it. My friend had it and when I bought Battlefield 3 on sale my friend tried so hard to convince me to buy the premium and I am very glad he did. I love every bit of this expansion set and I know any other Battlefield 3 player will too. Ratings: Audio: 10 Graphics: 9 Amazing graphics Single player: 8 Very good single player despite being multiplayer focused Multiplayer: 10 Very little hacking if any Customer Support: 3 EA sucks with support. Took 3 hours to try and have them fix a problem that their supervisor was able to fix in 7 minutes. Over all for the game play: 100 Over all for support: -40, however I will not let that impact the main rating for the game itself, so I will give it a 98 due to possible problems with game glitches that put me on the phone with support to begin with.


The way Battlefield 3 was meant to be played.

scg84 | Aug. 15, 2013 | See all scg84's reviews »

Battlefield 3 Premium edition adds all five expansion, with loads of new maps and weapons. Honestly, if you're coming in at this stage of the game and you DON'T buy Premium, you're really hampering your experience with BF3 multiplayer. There just aren't that many people playing on servers without at least one of the expansions anymore. Plus, Premium comes with access to the Battlefield 4 beta, so you'll be sure to be a part of the largest possible player base all the way up until BF4 drops.


A must have

PhatChocobo1 | June 11, 2013 | See all PhatChocobo1's reviews »

One of the best shooters on the PC. High end PC's will enjoy the detail this game has to offer. Game matches can be fun and exciting and the gun play is always keeping you at grips at what you're doing! Flying, driving or shooting this game is a blast! Totally recommend!


The Best Way to Play Online

thegaminglyfe | June 11, 2013 | See all thegaminglyfe's reviews »

Without the premium service, you are really missing out on Battlefield 3. There are lots of maps, guns and other little extras. Without premium you really feel like you're missing out and this will fix that. The maps are amazing and lots of fun. Definitely get this if you are buying Battlefield 3.


More Great Battlefield 3 Action

Hardtarget | June 3, 2013 | See all Hardtarget's reviews »

This is a surprisingly great expansion pack for Battlefield 3. Now that all of the content from the premium service is out you actually get more maps than the base game had for half the cost! Assuming you enjoyed BF3 this is really going to complete your experience. Almost every new map is great and there are a ton of new vehicles and weapons to use as well as lots of new challenges to achieve. It's definitely 'more of the same' but for me this is exactly what BF3 was missing. A definite buy, especially if you can get it on sale.


Head over heals in content.

literalage | May 28, 2013 | See all literalage's reviews »

TONS OF EXPANSIONS. Multiplayer stuff galore. Can be overwhelming to just dive in this way but its not the real game unless you have all the maps and all the exclusives this pack provides. Take on of the most impressive mainstream war games, add everything you can. Join Now and get the most of this fantastic game, before BATTLEFIELD 4 drops in and steals the player base. Amazing for fans of military shooters, esspesially since the price dropped.


The only way to play BF3

Supraballs | May 25, 2013 | See all Supraballs's reviews »

This is one of those services you must have to experience the full BF3 game. It comes with tons of maps and content and is highly recommended if you want to play this game for awhile. They add maps that are more close quarters, more open to flying, etc. Simply enough, if you want to play for a long time and get the FULL experience, get this pack.


Must Have

WildStrikerz | May 5, 2013 | See all WildStrikerz's reviews »

I gotta say when I first got BF3 awhile back I didn't get the premium edition which i regret so much... It was ridiculous how dead it was when trying to find a good online match specially if you just wanted to fool around on an unranked match pretty much nothings around. These maps are awesome definitely added replay value to a game I thought I'd never go back to but I wouldn't say its worth its full retail price wait till its on sale and pick this puppy up if you didn't yet