Reviews for Max Payne 3: Complete Pack


Very well done

Verlyn | March 23, 2015 | See all Verlyn's reviews »

Loved the shooting, loved the comments, loved the game. Right from the start, I decided to play this game on Hard Mode (I believe there is a harder mode after that one). And this game was hard. You can't stay out of cover and expect to stay alive like in other games. You really need to take cover and shoot at enemies while making sure you are not flanked. The story is good. Crude and strong, like it should be. Don't expect a James-Bond-ish story, this is no fairy tale. I loved that every time you picked health packs, Max would have a different comment depending on where you were playing. The graphics were awesome and I loved the cut-scenes with all the words showing on screen. A very nice game which is definitely worth playing.


A worthy action game that EVERYONE should play..

GatsuRage | March 22, 2015 | See all GatsuRage's reviews »

Max Payne 3 is one of the most heavily action package third person shooter in the market right now.. you won't find anything like this! Is a proper evolution of the previous 2 max payne, and no, you do not need to play the previous ones (though you should) for understand the history. It has a great transition between the cut-scenes to actual gameplay without any loading screen in between. The history is solid, and tho it has a very good length, you will wish it was even longer.. thankfully after you done with the history mode, you will have the very AWESOME MULTIPLAYER (yes, MP IS GOOD) Lastly say that graphics are at very high quality even for to day standards. The only ugly thing about it.. is that you need to use rockstar social club account, which you will need to log in every time you enter to the game (tho it has an automatic log in) but still annoys a bit that you will need to create an account there in order to start the game (is not a perfect score just because of that and wasted like half an hour figuring out where to put the season pass key lol) ps. you will often find this at discounted price, here and at steam... so there's really not excuse for YOU not to get this game.


Max Payne

KeelJuice | July 19, 2014 | See all KeelJuice's reviews »

Many people say that this installment of Max Payne is one of the worst ones created, story wise. I enjoyed the story very much, and there were parts that felt very intense. The diving mechanics were very well integrated, and had much attention to detail (E.G. Max holding his hand out to break his fall) and overall, this is my favorite game in the series. I give it a solid 80.


Max Payne 3: Review Time

mrminecrafter1 | June 13, 2014 | See all mrminecrafter1's reviews »

Max Payne 3 is one of the most polished video game I've seen. The graphics are stunning and physics react accordingly. Gunplay feels great and having bullet time gives you that moment of badassness, gunning down drug dealers with dual Berettas. The selection of guns is quite decent to say the least. The story is really good and has alot of backstory, so if you're new to this, then start reading on Max Payne. Multiplayer is decent at best. Framerate is smooth with a good video card. The only cons to this game is it's multiplayer and significant download size of 35 GB.


Good Game

BossDeVos | May 6, 2014 | See all BossDeVos's reviews »

This game is quite a lot of fun. The cinematic quality of the long cut scenes is really great. I like the finding clues and golden gun parts aspect as well. Plus I got it at a steep discount, which is always great, so if you see this on sale snatch it up!


nicely done rockstar

RLFAV | Oct. 29, 2013 | See all RLFAV's reviews »

this is easily one of the best (if not the best) third person shooters I have ever played. the action is entertaining and the bullet time is undeniably fun. Rockstar has truly done it with this game. I recommend this game to any third person shooter fans out there. the scenery is beautiful and the game has plenty of cut scenes. overall, Max Payne is a great third person shooter.


Not a bad effort.

Anach | Aug. 28, 2013 | See all Anach's reviews »

A good follow-up to the Max Payne series, albeit in a slightly different style. While the combat became a little monotonous after a while, the story was good enough to keep me entertained. Unlike the first game, this time around they didn't appear to be pushing the limits of PC hardware, however, the game is still visually appealing.


Worth for the singleplayer

kubqo | July 3, 2013 | See all kubqo's reviews »

I did not play the previous games in the series but i definetelly enjoyed this one. Gritty story, very inetersting character of Max Payne, bullet time and setting are all highly above average shooters. My only complaint would be fast-paced multiplayer which is boring and lacks variety.


More than worth the wait

theevilmuppet | Feb. 16, 2013 | See all theevilmuppet's reviews »

After many years since the excellent Max Payne 2, Max Payne 3 does not disappoint. An excellent storyline stays true to the grity nature of the series and develops the character of Max more than any previous game. Rockstar have treated this game with a great deal of care in every aspect and are to be applauded. The typical console port syndrome for triple-A titles is not at all present here, with excellent PC-specific enhancements throughout. It is possible to configure this game to push whatever gaming rig you have built for yourself - an event all too rare. The soundtrack is also excellent, matching the setting of each stage extremely well whilst also being well worth listening to away from the game. The only gripe I can point out is the fact that the cutscenes on the PC version are not in-engine, instead being played back from prerendered video whilst game assets are loading. These cutscenes are critical to the progression of the story and are enjoyable but do add significantly to the download size (35 GB). Highly recommended.


Sometimes incredible, othertimes long and tedious.

actionjohnson | Feb. 14, 2013 | See all actionjohnson's reviews »

Max Payne 3 is a good game, which is weird to say because half the game includes some of the best action you can find. It's the other half that weighs the game down, it's never bad per se, but when you got from diving through a dub step laden night club as shooting from helicopters to walking through streets shooting for an hour it can be a very uneven experience. The shooting mechanics are a bit odd too, the game makes any gun feel powerful, even popping a guy in the head with one bullet from an automatic will kill him, as it should. However everywhere else on the body gets really confusing as to what will kill someone or what will let them just keep getting back up. As far as I can tell body shots do medium amounts of damage, they'll survive more than they realistically should often times but it still works, but anything below the torso is totally ineffectual. I encountered a guy who I had knocked to the ground, only the lower half of his body was out of cover so I kept shooting him there, I used almost my entire clip of ammo before I just ran up and shot him in the head to kill him. The bullet time segments in the game are completely awesome though, this is the first game I've encountered that puts an actual bullet wound wherever on the head you shoot. It's visceral and it's awesome. Like I said, Max Payne 3 is a good game, it's just weirdly uneven at times with both it's shooting and it's experience.


Highly Enjoyable Game

jaded86 | Feb. 14, 2013 | See all jaded86's reviews »

If you enjoyed Max Payne 1 & 2, this is a must buy for you. It has all the elements that made those games awesome and adds little changes to make this very fun. The new setting is perfect, it has diversity and high sense of realism, and the flashback sequences that take you back to New York, where you can discover Max's history, add a cool nostalgia effect to the game. Finally this game incorporates a thing you wanted for the other two games, a multiplayer where you can finally shoot your friends in slowmotion, needless to say it's a superfun experience. Great history, pretty graphics, perfect setting, polish and awesome gameplay make this highly enjoyable.