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Not enough payoff for your effort

darksiders666 | March 25, 2013 | See all darksiders666's reviews »

I enjoy a pretty wide array of genres when it comes to gaming. This one looked like fun. I've never tried any of the hunting games on PC or console, and the fact that this one promised DINOSAURS was enough to get me to try it. Right off the bat, I found the controls to be marginal at best. The combination of stylus and buttons just didn't flow. I tried the alternate setup and it was worse. The game started off with "shoot X deer in Y minutes" and moved onto "don't shoot any doe". I found it a challenge to discern doe from bucks on the screen. There is a variety of weapons and power-ups, but it still wasn't enough to engage me for any extended gameplay I did like the addition of predators like the moose and wolf to change things up a bit, but the wonky control scheme just kept throwing me off. In the end I never did see any dinos, but I guess thats only for the die-hard "legends" fans.